Noni juice against cancer and experiences

How to use noni juice from Tahiti

Have you heard of noni juice, medicinal drink, which is obtained from the fruit of the same name? While it is appreciated for its properties, in Tahiti it has been used for more than 2000 years and lately has become popular around the world. Many experts have confirmed that this is a miracle of nature which has a number of positive qualities and characteristics, and as such is advised against a number of diseases.

We know that from Asia only the best products come, and what makes them all known is their aroma and taste. The same is the case with the natural syrup, and in it are hidden ingredients that will be very useful. If healthy life is something you aim at, below we will tell you more about what is good noni juice, how to drink it, as well as the experiences related to its use.

Noni plant composition and main features

Noni plant Latin name Morinda Citrofolia originates from Southeast Asia, Australia, but mainly it is found on islands of Polynesia. This great and shrubby tree for centuries has been cultivated in these regions and as such has a special place in the culture of the people who find it very healing. Its flowers are white, and the fruits are yellow-green in colour and in appearance it resembles large, somewhat elongated berries.

A tree can grow between 3 to 10 meters in height, and is specific because it bears fruit all year round. Thus in Polynesia this fruit is harvested 12 times a year, which is really a phenomenon.

When it comes to the noni fruit cultivation it is not so difficult. Most of its favour places that are sunny and where it can get enough water. Try to evoke conditions that prevail in its habitat noni plant will bear fruit with an extremely pleasant aroma and taste.

Speaking about its origins, it must be said that in these areas it is used as a therapeutic tool, particularly organic noni juice, which is very popular. Its wide application owes to its rich mineral and nutritional value. So Polynesian noni fruit is used to prepare the products for hair, skin, nails, pain and inflammation, to treat digestive problems and so on.

Although it was used for centuries, only recent medical analyses have established that these fruits contain more than 150 medicinal active ingredients, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, amino acids and various enzymes.

What makes it stand out is that this is a kind of super food, because it is rich in vitamin C, but there are also vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6, which fully justifies the epithet. It is one of the few sources of amino acids that have an important nutritional value, and more than 18 proteins are in these fruits.

We should not ignore the fact that significant amounts of magnesium, sodium, iron and potassium are present, which is especially visible when it comes to the processing of noni juice. Therefore, this drink is considered a best way to meet the daily needs of your body with valuable minerals.
The medicinal properties of noni are incredible

What makes these strange fruits unique is that it allows a better stimulation of work of the thyroid gland. In addition, they are very soothing and healing as they influence the levels of serotonin and melatonin. Above all, noni juice is considered one of the most effective protector of the health of the heart, because it successfully reduces high blood pressure. In this way it prevents many cardiovascular problems.

Its preventive use is recommended to prevent heart attack and stroke. The noni syrup has a very positive effect on improving blood circulation in all tissues in the body, and in addition prevents the formation of blood clots. Therefore, it is useful to use this drink, and fruit for having a healthy heart and blood vessels.

Strong and powerful antioxidant from the nature

The beneficial noni syrup has strong antioxidant effects, it protects against free radicals, neutralizing their damaging effects on your body - which should not be ignored. Numerous clinical studies have shown that the drink is very useful for cleaning the lungs in smokers. It simply removes all toxins from the body and prevents attacks of suffocation. If you want to help yourself and solve the accumulated harmful substances, noni juice will be extremely useful.

Make yourself noni juice as follows:
Submerge in water dry noni fruit and leave it for a couple of hours to rest. Remove it and cook for 30 minutes on light fire. Drain it well, add a little lemon and homemade honey and drink always before main meals.

Noni syrup can be taken 6 months in this way. If it comes to more serious problems, increase the dose.

Noni juice for cancer and other diseases

Since this is a powerful antioxidant, noni juice is very successful in the fight against cancer. Even modern medicine justifies the confidence that cultures of the regions gave it where this plant comes from. This should not be a surprise, since numerous studies have shown that noni syrup helps in the prevention of various forms of cancer, such as lung cancer, liver and kidney.

Going into deeper analysis, it was found that this phenomenal drink inhibits the binding of tumour DNA in people who are already sick, and the malignant tissue will not spread further. Women should be sure to drink noni juice against cancer, because it is one of the best protector of the breast and mammary glands cancer.

It helps with gout

To the list of great medicinal properties of this drink and super foods is that it successfully fights against gout. Modern medicine by no means calls into question its effectiveness in the treatment of this disease, because in Tahiti it has been used precisely for this purpose.

Indeed, in the modern world natural and alternative solutions to this problem are being sought after. Noni juice is one of the few that will in very little time relieve you of the accumulated uric acid, a pain in the knees and joints will disappear as if by magic.

It relaxes tense muscles and prevent spasms

This precious drink from the Polynesian islands has a very positive effect on the muscles. As such, the noni syrup helps them relax, but often can be found as a supplement for bodybuilders. Muscles need to rest because without it they cannot develop properly and maintain its firmness, and for that purpose there is no better drink than this.

In addition, if you have cramps in the legs and arms, it is a sign that you have a deficiency of potassium in the body. Noni juice is rich in this mineral, as well as iron and calcium, so your muscles will get a much-needed dose that will enable their proper functioning.

Strengthens the immune system and makes the necessary energy

Another useful thing that will be interesting is that noni juice strengthens the immune system. It is well known that it is necessary to protect the body from various diseases, flu, colds and inflammation.

If you have trusted different effervescent tablets and believe it will help in this - you are wrong. For this purpose, it is best to use noni drink for immunity, and as we said, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. This medicinal combination will protect you from all the bacteria and viruses, but if you are already ill, it will help you heal faster.

How noni juice is used in cosmetics

From ancient times to the Polynesian Islands noni juice and syrup has been used for more beautiful and cleaner skin, and for these needs it is still applied today. The secret conveyed by this wonder of nature is that it contains anthraquinone, a protective factor that stimulates the production of collagen. Therefore, it is considered a kind of anti-aging preparation, because it very successfully prevents the formation of wrinkles on the surface of the face.

In addition, its antibacterial properties help with acne, but also burns and stains. Essential fatty acids that noni juice contains will help your face to be softer, brighter and younger.

It eliminates the problem of lazy bowels

People who have problems with the stomach and '' lazy bowels '' are recommend this drink for the regulation of digestion. The Tahitian Noni juice stimulates the digestive tract, encourages proper food processing. This property is due to the fact that it is rich in phytonutrients and fibre, which stimulates the production of digestive enzymes. It is important to mention that this drink best helps people suffering from constipation.

In addition to all the above medicinal properties, it has a very relaxing effect on the whole body. In fact, when it comes to his homeland of Tahiti noni has long been used there as a drink to calm nerves, because it eliminates stress and relieves from nervousness.

If you have trouble sleeping, and feel chronic fatigue, it is enough to drink a glass of this traditional medicine. Not only will it provide better sleep, it will also give your body a stimulus for the release of energy that will be used the next day.

Why should you drink noni syrup and what are its effects

If you are interested in this healing potion and you want to buy it, you should know one important thing. Namely, it has positive and beneficial effects and in any case must not contain any dyes, flavourings or preservatives. Only in this way will it preserve all medicinal substances and antioxidants of which we speak.

It will give your body what it needs in order to cope with many diseases, and therefore it is very important to drink this potion. When it comes to the effects of noni juice it has multiple forms, it regenerates cells and successfully rejuvenates them. It can be drunk by both children and adults, one teaspoon in the morning with 2 dl of water and half an hour before meals. You will love the taste and you will be protected from all the diseases that lurk.

If you want to buy and drink noni juice you should pay attention to the dosage. A general recommendation is to consume once or twice a day up to 15 ml. This amount corresponds to one tablespoon, a syrup can be drunk dissolved in a glass of water, although it is more useful to use without it.

In some cases when you drink noni juice dosage can be increased if it comes to a serious health problems. In any case, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will properly instruct and give you advice.

Noni syrup user experiences

When it comes to noni juice experiences are very positive and it pleasantly surprised users who have used it. Since it is applicable for the protection and treatment of many diseases, we have singled out several reactions of people who testified how this is a beneficial beverage.
I had surgery of malignant colon cancer that has spread to the gallbladder and liver. I lost weight and my health has been seriously affected. I was ready for anything that would be chested against this terrible disease, I learned that noni juice for cancer bared results. Right now I'm on the second chemotherapy, and this great drink helped me to restore my weight, I generally feel better and very well with the whole treatment I receive. Even the doctors were amazed when they saw my blood work, and the value of tumour markers was zero! - Viktor, 38 
For a long time I struggled against cysts on ovaries and did not know what to do. I regularly went to the doctor, saw the prescribed therapy, but progress was nowhere and situation remained the same. Quite by accident I found out on the internet for this fruit and syrup, so I intensively for three months used noni juice. At the last ultrasound examination it turned out that I do not have any ovarian cysts! They have subsided and disappeared, and a doctor was really surprised. I am very pleased and I really recommend it to all women who have these problems. - Irena, 47 
For years I was tortured by gastritis, and migraine came causally on and off. In addition to numerous prescription drugs, I looked for an alternative solution. I found out an organic noni juice, a beverage that is produced in Tahiti, but I was drawn to the exotic origin and medicinal properties. I did not make a mistake, after less than a month symptoms of gastritis completely stopped, and migraines never occurred again. - Renata, 30th

Side effects and disadvantages of noni syrup

Attention should be drawn to the fact that certain clinical studies have shown that one should be careful when consuming this beverage. The noni juice causes side effects in some people who take drugs for high blood pressure, which can lead to hyperkalaemia in the body. As a consequence, it may cause nausea and cardiac arrhythmias. In addition, according the latest findings it should be avoided by people who have kidney disease, as it may worsen their health status.

Do not consume noni juice during pregnancy because it has not been fully tested. Historically, in Asian medicine it is used as a regulator of menstruation and therefore can cause miscarriage. In addition, it is not recommended to use even during the period of breast-feeding. If you have calcium deficiency, look for a better alternative that will not harm you.

This drink in some cases causes bloating, bad breath, as well as the appearance of pimples. Although it is rare, there are checked and recorded data on attacks of coughing and unpleasant smell of urine in some people. This happens when body does not accept noni syrup, so in that case reduce the dose and increases water intake, or completely stop its consumption.

Since it is used as a cure for constipation, one should know how noni juice can cause side effects in the form of diarrhoea. It is very important that you use the recommended doses, because in that way you will be safe and will not get any other adverse reactions of the organism.

Where to buy noni juice and what is the price

If you are interested in this medicinal product, you can buy it in herbal pharmacies, and is also available in health food stores. Lately, its popularity is enormous, but it can be ordered via the Internet, in different ways.

When it comes to noni juice price depends on the manufacturer, so draw your attention to the fact that you are looking for a product that costs 35 dollars or more, because everything underneath is of questionable origin.

In addition, we turned our attention to another important fact. On the market appeared numerous products by unverified manufacturers, whose packaging says genuine product of noni. It is important to know that copies cannot be beneficial to health.

Therefore, look for only those containers on which it is clearly stated that this is a noni juice of organic production, and it is desirable that the country of origin is Tahiti. Only in this way you will be sure to buy a tested and true drink that will be of great help for your body!

There is another option and that is to promote a particular product after its purchase, because social networks are simply overwhelmed by false products. Groups on Facebook and different sites will testify precisely about it. It is important to be careful when ordering organic noni juice, and always do your research.