How to accelerate the growth of hair in a natural way

How to accelerate the growth of hair in a natural way

Healthy and beautiful hair, long, thick and without damaged ends is the dream of many of us. Unfortunately, it is rarely seen, and we are increasingly faced with problems such as alopecia, dandruff and damaged ends. If you have such problems, do not despair too much, because there are several methods to accelerate the growth of hair in a natural way, without chemicals and costly preparations. All you need is to change entrenched eating habits, the use of medicinal oils in treatments, regular massage the scalp, eliminate stress and other.

Want to know how to speed up hair growth for the month, we offer you more excellent solutions. Learn how to stop its decline by argan oil and nettle. These are just two of many natural products that can make your hair thicker, make sure you stick with us.

How much does the hair grow per month on average?

The normal hair growth for one month is one centimetre, although minor deviations are possible. To further encourage it, you need to use package based on rum and argan, whose recipes, like many others we will be happy to share with you a little later in this article.

Thanks to the fact that hair constantly grows and falls off, renewing every day, hair like a mirror reflects our general health. Reveals to us and our eating habits, the amount of toxins in the blood, hormone balance, and - no less important - stress levels.

In all cultures, thick and glossy hair has always been considered an inevitable factor of beauty. Ancient Chinese medicine teaches us, for example, that healthy hair is an indicator of vitality, because it is related to the kidneys that is bodies that govern energy and physical strength.

The question of how to speed up hair growth in men and women, and for it to be healthy and strong has been asked for centuries but nearly every culture offers some of its natural solution.

Weak and greasy hair is typical for intoxicated and exhausted people. Thus, under its care usage of cosmetic products which correspond to the nature of the hair does not give permanent solution - but also taking certain supplements helps too.

Preparations for faster hair growth can be found in pill form, and are used due to imbalances that from time to time occur at different levels.
How proper hair care affects faster growth

Every hair is in addition to the visible part consisted of the root, which is located inside the hair follicle and bulb that is a set of cells from which the hair grows. During this process, a more keratin is created, an important protein that provides firmness to the hair.

By restoring hair, since its inception, to the loss of vitality and thereby decline, is managed by alternating cycles of growth and mode follicles. They perceive its physiological acceleration in the spring and fall.

The average young person usually has 90,000 to 150,000 vital hairs, and this number is reduced over time by an average of 30 percent. This loss can significantly be reduced if you properly eat and use some useful plants, and thus will accelerate the growth of hair.

Like all cells of the body, the hair needs to be fed in order to grow and develop, and that food hair bulb drawn from reserves that are found in the blood.

Keratin, which constitutes its base, is composed of two amino acids - lysine and cysteine (mixed with a small amount of fat, trace elements, and water and colour pigments). Both these components should not be absent from the diet, are important primarily for hair growth. See how to ensure adequate supplies of this precious protein.

What is necessary for the growth of new hair?

Lysine is an essential amino acid which the body uses for tissue regeneration, the production of antibodies, hormones, enzymes and energy. In the event of its deficiency the hair bulb gets damaged and significantly reduces its scope.

Cysteine ​​is a sulphur amino acid that acts against aging. When metabolized it releases sulphur, essential for detoxification and liver cells in general. It helps in excretion of toxins forming agents such as cigarette smoke and free radicals. Due to the lack of sulphur, hair becomes dry, weak and thin, and the growth of new hair growth can be slowed.

Of great importance for the growth of hair are vitamins A and E, but primarily vitamins from group B. To take advantage of all of these medicinal ingredients, take every morning (for a month) a sugar-coated tablets of castor oil and one capsule of yeast. Drink in the morning before breakfast with a glass of water.

To maintain healthy hair, you should take copper (prevents the appearance of grey hair), iron (provides a good blood supply to the scalp), and zinc, selenium, manganese and magnesium. Taken in the form of ampoules oligoelements, every other day, for at least two weeks.

Which vitamins are recommended for hair?

Vitamin C: is extremely important to build collagen, unless it is consumed in sufficient quantities, the hair gets thin, dry and breaks easily. For faster hair growth use foods that contain it in abundance, and they are: spinach, broccoli, peppers and various citrus fruits.

Vitamin A: a powerful antioxidant, contained in egg yolk, fatty fish, green leafy vegetables and dairy products. It is necessary to our skin, and thus makes the scalp healthier.

Vitamin B2: is located in eggs, peanuts, nuts, wheat germ, brewer's yeast, dairy products, and broccoli and french beans. It regulates sebum secretion and promotes the exchange of cells and helps in case of greasy hair.

Vitamin B4: it is contained in cereals, meat, egg yolks, potatoes, cabbage and tomatoes. It regulates the operation of the hair follicle.

Vitamin B5: contained in eggs, peanuts, mushrooms and broccoli. It strengthens the hair and promotes faster hair growth.

Vitamin E: is found in vegetable oils, fruits rich with oils, whole grains, fish oil and wheat germ. It has antioxidant effects, which opposes the free radicals responsible for aging and hair loss.

These vitamins for faster hair growth, achieved much better results if combined with the following minerals:

Iron: it is essential for tissue oxygenation and scalp. Red meat, spinach and dried fruit are rich in it.

Copper: stimulates the production of melanin, important for hair colour. It is found in spinach, shellfish and potatoes.

Selenium: is contained in wheat germ, brewer's yeast, meat and fish. It helps in case of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

Zinc is found in dry legumes, meat and fish. It promotes the physiological hair growth.

Brimstone: which is rich in wheat germ, makes hair shiny and softer.

What are the most common causes of hair loss?

In order for preparations for hair growth to make sense, you must first discover if you have alopecia or not. Excluding the lack of nutrients and the case of increased hair loss in spring and fall, sudden hair loss can have many causes. They include: breastfeeding, and diseases caused by the weakening, heavy metal poisoning, drug abuse, hormonal disorders.

Specifically, within the hair follicles are receptors of sex hormones, both male and female, which directly affect the functionality of the follicles. With hormones androgen hereditary baldness is closely related - typical of men and is induced by hypersensitivity of follicles to androgens, such as testosterone.

Hair loss in postmenopausal women is related more too psychological aspects, except in exceptional cases. On one hand, stress encourages hyper androgen hormones, on the other this depressing experience reinforces the decline of female hormones, followed by sudden endocrine imbalance, which is reflected on the skin and hair.

Normally, right after declining new hair grows, but this cyclicality can be done all its life. It is quite normal to find fallen hair on a pillow, and after washing, it does not automatically mean that you will go bald or that your hair growth slowed.

It is common that more hairs are falling in the shift of seasons, because certain hormones are triggered primarily by changing the number of light hour and triggering synchronized processes increases hair loss. It is a physiological process that cannot be the cause of baldness.

What is the best food for your hair?

Consume greater amounts of protein

Include vegetables in your meals, fruits and even twice a week eat fish. If you think that you mentioned food does not offer a solution to accelerate the growth of hair, believe that this is not so. The hair is made of protein and so the foods that are rich in them, are very much needed.

Anorexic and nervous people, who are dissatisfied with themselves, and all those who use rigorous dieting programs express one of the main symptoms that is commonly repeated and that is slower hair growth. Therefore, do not bypass beans, nuts, eggs, lean meat (turkey, chicken, and fish).

It is not unknown that the onion juice for hair growth is very good. All these foods are useful, because they produce valuable keratin.

Do you know which fats are good?

For a healthy and strong scalp and thick hair that is not easily damaged, it is best to consume omega 3 fats. You need to distinguish them from harmful trans-fats, which we are daily exposed to. Healthy fats will help you consume through the food enough vitamin D, K, E, A, and all of them are very important for faster hair growth.

Snack on pumpkin seeds

As zinc is necessary to our body, except for supplements, it can easily be replaced by healthy foods. This primarily refers to the pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, cocoa or and wheat germ. This mineral is a real food for faster hair growth, as it helps the regeneration of tissue, whereby careful glands around the hair follicles are working flawlessly.

Sunflower seeds in the salad to revitalize hair

These healthy snacks include essential fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamins of group B and selenium. A balanced diet and proper nutrients will make your hair strong, prevent the decline, and the hair grows faster.

How to speed up hair growth in men naturally

There are a few basic guidelines to be followed by members of the male population, some of them we have already mentioned, but it is not bad to mention again:
  1. Greater amounts of vitamin B group, then C, D, E and A,
  2. Remember minerals like zinc, iron, selenium and copper,
  3. Eat foods rich in vegetable proteins, but be sure to turn to lean meat in your diet. (Fish, turkey, chicken)
  4. Engage in physical activities regularly and stay in the open air,
  5. Avoid stressful situations at work and at home,
  6. Enter at least 2 litres of fluid every day,
  7. Keep your hair neat, regularly mar,
  8. Completely remove cigarettes
  9. Use healing massage oils.
  10. Sleep at least 7-8 hours,

Revitalising massage for faster hair growth

Micro-massage the scalp daily and it will improve the blood flow to the scalp, here is how to perform it:
  • Lean fingertips on top of the hair and gradually increase the pressure three to five seconds, with mild circular motion. Wait a few seconds and repeat this until you rub my whole scalp.

This is an excellent treatment for hair growth in men, but also members of the fairer sex, because it brings results.

Make the shampoo for faster hair growth yourself

As we are daily exposed to advertising on television for shampoo, packaging and masks, after which the hair grows quickly and each one of us receives this information in their own way. It is recommended that you do not believe everything that is sold, and even better our suggestion is to turn off the TV for a longer period of time.

The pharmaceutical industry also recommends a variety of methods to accelerate the growth of hair, but such preparations themselves often have a lot of chemistry in them, which is bad, but their price is high. By contrast, the Internet provides enough information on each topic, people are glad to be included in the discussion and give their opinion about everything.

So you can find out that the castor oil for faster hair growth is generally accepted, or in combination with nettle result are even better. This is the recipe:

You will need:
  • castor oil (50 ml),
  • pantheon solution (100 ml),
  • AD drops in aqueous solution (1 vial),
  • Nettle shampoo (750 ml, it is best to take a litre pack)
  • Nettle drops (30 ml).

How do you make a shampoo for hair growth?

Take 250 ml of nettle shampoo and pour it into another container and use it for another time. So you will have 750 ml bottle and add the oil, pantheon solution and ad drops. Shake vigorously, in order for ingredients to unite better. Thus made shampoo, you should use every time you wash your hair, but it is necessary to massaged it well into the root hairs, wait up to 5 minutes and rinse.

Each element of the shampoo is good for hair growth itself - in combination, the results are even better and more visible. Thus prepared products still need to be shaken before use.

The mask for healthy hair growth 

Here is another online hit, for it you need one egg, grape seed oil and lavender oil.
Preparation: After you whisk the egg, add a few drops of lavender oil and four tablespoons of oil from grape seeds. Mix well and gently rub it on your scalp and hair. Keep the mask for thirty minutes, and then rinse your hair regularly.

The recipe with olive oil

Of the two egg yolks and two tablespoons of olive oil (extra virgin), make a soothing blend for hair growth. Gently rub it into the scalp, wait up to 20 minutes to work. Rinse first with cold water and then wash it off with your shampoo.

Packages for seasons shift

Here is how to make it:

Twice a week, apply to dry hair two tablespoons of argan oil (restores the hair structure), a tablespoon of rum (revives microcirculation) and 20 drops of tincture of nettle (stimulates hair regrowth). Wrap your head with a towel, and after 15 minutes wash with shampoo.

Use soap for better shine

To make your hair shinier, once or twice a week, wash it with the regenerating creamy soap with olive, especially with laurel oil. Such soap nourishes the hair structure and prevents premature appearance of grey hair.

Awesome recipes for every type of hair

In addition to frequent questions to speed up hair growth, we have received a number of inquiries to similar themes, this time we give you a few suggestions on what to do:

If your hair is oily:

Ginger soups reduce sebum, and vitamins of the B group regulate its secretion. Miso soup with ginger improves hair growth.
  • Boil a cup of water with half a carrot sliced ​​into rings (you can use the celery, onion, courgette, etc.) and grated ginger. Add a teaspoon of miso, wait until melted, remove from heat and immediately drink this proven recipe for oily hair.

If you have dry hair:

Monounsaturated fats hydrate root hairs. Therefore extra virgin olive oil and nuts you need to incorporate into the diet, and sulphur completes this treatment. Dry hair may result from strict diets and / or lack of monounsaturated fatty acids and sulphur.

Wheat germ is very rich in vitamin E and vitamins of group B, which are absolutely necessary for the health of hair. You can include them in the daily diet without fear that you will gain weight.

In the case that everything is okay:

To make your hair thick and healthy, take calls and oilier fish. Vitamin B5 and selenium should not be left out. Beans, rice, alfalfa, soybeans, etc. should not be left out as well, as they work revitalizing and improve hair growth.

Complete your nutrition with omega-3 fatty acids: four times a week eat oily fish, such as mackerel or sardines, or take the appropriate amount of selenium
The best advice for your hair with various ailments

Take supplements if you must

When your hair is suffering in any way, you should primarily influence the proper functioning of the internal organs using the natural resources. With the recommendation of a dermatologist use supplements for faster hair growth.

Lebanese cedar prevents hair loss

If your hair is lifeless and thinning, drink 20 drops of tincture of nettle twice daily. If your ends are getting damaged, use Lebanese cedar, 50 drops once a day, before breakfast. Finally, to facilitate the rapid growth of hair, take wheat germ during lunch and a vial of selenium in the morning on an empty stomach.

Velcro removes dandruff

If you have this problem, for one month take 20 drops of liquid extract of thistle before lunch and dinner; if you experience itching on the scalp, drink 50 drops of glycerine macerate of birch before breakfast to get rid of toxins that cause inflammation.

Dandelion for thinner hair

For remineralisation of thin hair take 25 drops of liquid extract of horsetail with 20 drops of dandelion - twice a day, three to four weeks. In combination with this treatment, every night drink savoury tea (tablespoon of this herb to a cup of water).

Birch extract prevents thinning of hair

Of the young shoots of birch obtain the extract that promotes faster hair growth and prevents hair thinning. Birch is a very rich in detoxifiers and revitalizing substances.

Since this is the first tree that starts budding in late winter, the buds are filled with vital energy and salt, as well as enzymes that act just on the authorities responsible for beautiful hair. This is primarily the kidneys (birch promotes excretion of urine and the removal of toxins), liver (bitter substances strengthen the liver and help it to regenerate the blood) and circulatory system, in charge of the health of the scalp.

Prevents grey hair and its decline

Walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts are rich in vitamin E, which improve blood circulation to the scalp and help the absorption of pantothenic acid, e.g. Vitamin B5. This vitamin delays the gradual emergence of grey hair and prevents hair loss. Only four fruits a day will help your scalp

Frequently asked questions about the health of the hair

At the very end we have selected some very common issues that are important for proper hair growth, maintenance, care and health of the scalp. First things first:

To what extent, hair loss is considered normal?

It is normal for a day to lose 80 to 150 hairs.

If I cut my hair hair, will it be thicker when it grows?

It will not, because its density is determined genetically. However, it can visually look thicker, depending on the type of hairstyle you are planning.

Why my hair does not grow beyond a certain length?

Even the maximum length of the hair depends on the total cycle, which is also a question of genetics, so hair growth is not the same for all.

Is it possible that more hairs are falling out when washing the hair?

Washing is not the cause of premature decay. Hairs that you find in the drain were ready to decline before that.

Why are hair ends getting damaged?

Due to the lack of the most important molecule in your hair - keratin, ie. Fibrous protein responsible for the density and strength of hair.

Why hair loses its shine?

The hair usually loses lustre due to the lack of minerals, vitamins and keratin.

Dear friends, we hope that you are happy with the given answers, and that you learned how to speed up hair growth, strengthen the scalp, eliminate dandruff, and revitalize damaged ends and much more. If you think that offered recipes are good and useful, share articles with friends.

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