Green Tea for face preparation and usage

Green tea; what is it good and useful for

As one of the most popular drinks in the world, green tea (the Latin name Camelliasinensis) certainly deserves more attention, because it is a healing gift of nature. Its effect on the body are very beneficial and we can say that is the true guardian of good health. In addition to “internal", it is equally effective when it comes to external use, which is why we often hear that it is successfully used for the face and skin.

It has a slightly bitter taste and an abundance of caffeine is what makes this healing beverage recognizable. As such, it is often used as the best alternative to coffee. If you add a little honey, lemon or ginger, you have already with the first sip, did something good for your body. Therefore, we will introduce you to this drink, its composition, what are the health benefits, and how to prepare green tea.

Composition and healing properties of green tea

This plant offers a unique taste and sensation that will delight you again and again. It contains a large number of substances which are very beneficial and helpful to our body and can do a lot to help you maintain your good health. First of all, there is a catechin which is the most important component of this drink. It is contained between 12 and 14 percent and is notorious for reducing cholesterol in the blood, helps against inflammation and diabetes. In addition, it is suitable for weight loss, so there is no doubt to whether the green tea for weight loss is good.

For the slightly bitter taste of this drink caffeine is credited, which will help you to quickly wake up. One cup each morning is the perfect way to start the day, because it will help you to easily cope with the tasks and responsibilities that await you. Therefore, the green tea in the morning is far better choice than coffee.
Another interesting fact when it comes to a lot of healing properties of green tea is that it is a great hangover cure. It will help you to collect your thoughts, eliminate unpleasant headaches and generally mitigate existing problems.

For a drinkable taste a combination of theanine, vitamins and minerals is responsible. Specifically in the tea there is a folic acid, beta-carotene, and vitamin C, B2 and E, as their concentration in the beverage provides help and protects the skin, mucous membranes, eyes and nerves of a number of diseases.

It is important to note that all of these substances have an anti-inflammatory effect, to clean the body of toxins and of free radicals. Therefore, the use of green tea for the face, if you want to get rid of acne and pimples is recommended.

How to prepare green tea at home

To take advantage of the healing properties of this drink, you need to know how to cook green tea in a bulk. There are several ways and variations, depending on your taste: spicy, sweetened, with or without lemon, etc.

How to make a tea from the leaves?
This is the simplest way to prepare green tea. It is very different compared to, say, cooking black tea and requires that the water of the temperature does not exceed 90 degrees. It is therefore very important that green tea leaves are not in boiling water, because it takes the bitter taste. 
To prepare it you need one teaspoon of leaves, which is sufficient for 2 dl of drinks. Pour the water into a suitable container and cook until you notice that it will start to boil. Then, remove it from the heat for about a minute to slightly reduce the temperature.
The green tea leaves have to be inserted into the strainer which must be placed on the cup. Through it, pour the water and leave it to release flavours into the water. For every half a minute, you can stir a little with the spoon and make sure it suits your taste. 
If desired, you can add a little honey to enhance the taste, and thus take the best advantage of this beverage.

How to prepare a beverage from powder?

Leaves are sometimes difficult to find in stores, but they can be replaced with filter bags. However, there is another way to make green tea, and powder is used.
In a bowl pour 2 dl of water and let it warm up. Of course, be sure that it does not reach the boiling point, and even if it does only remove from heat to cool slightly. Then, add the powdered green tea, specifically one full teaspoon. 
Stir a little and leave capped for around three minutes, but during that time you can from time to time check whether it suits your taste. After that, the drink will take on a darker colour, it is necessary that it is poured with the help of the strainer in a cup.

Of course, if desired, you can add a little honey, and you are free to drink green tea with ginger, and it is great combined with cinnamon.

How much green tea should you drink daily?

To make a perfect balance, which will strengthen the body, it is certainly recommended that you drink this potion. To improve health, boost your metabolism and protect from many diseases is not a simple matter. A prerequisite is to live a healthy life, and for this it is necessary to have a proper diet rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

But what many are interested in is - this how much green tea should we drink per day, to achieve the desired results?
  • If you are drink at least one or two cups of this drink, you will do the right thing for yourself. Scientific and clinical studies have shown that the drink is very healing and it is absolutely necessary to drink it on a daily basis.

You will be amazed when we tell you that you can drink even more than this amount!

In fact, the more often you consume this drink, you will better exploit the most of what it offers to your body. Let's say, for people who have frequent problems with the stomach, it is recommended to drink up to 5 cups to regulate the work of the digestive organs. And for those who want to lose weight and wonder how to drink green tea daily, clinical experts say seven cups are allowed. Pretty amazing, is not it?

What is the effect of green tea on the body?

When it comes to the use of green tea, it is really hard to say what is good for, because it is an exceptional beverage that has a beneficial effect on the human body. We have singled out the eight most important things that you will love: 

Improves overall health

Because it is not just an ordinary drink, but really a healing gift of nature that contains bioactive compounds and substances, it is good for the improvement of general health. It is rich in polyphenols, such as flavonoids and catechins, which are very powerful antioxidants. These substances reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, protecting cells and organs from potential damage.

In addition, green tea keeps the health by slowing down the aging process, thus preventing the development of diseases.

It has a positive effect on brain function and allows better memory

Not only will it keep you awake, but it will act to stimulate brain cells. The key ingredient is, of course, that there is no caffeine in those amounts as in coffee, but it is far more useful to drink this potion. In fact, it enhances and encourages the work of neurons and neurotransmitters in the brain, stimulating the secretion of dopamine and norepinephrine.

Consumption of green tea will allow you a better memory, stronger concentration, but also will prevent the occurrence of anxiety.

Weight loss is far healthier and more efficient

You have probably at least once, looked for an adequate diet and came across the information that this drink helps in losing weight. In fact, it is certainly useful to drink green tea for weight loss for several reasons.

It is proven that it increases fat burning and promotes the acceleration of metabolism, and some studies have shown that it improves physical fitness if you do sports. Therefore, the ideal is to be active and to consume this drink, because with green tea weight loss is healthy, efficient and without yo-yo effect.

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Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes

This disease in modern times has taken on epidemic proportions and now it affects over 300 million people worldwide. Its symptoms include elevated blood sugar levels with insulin resistance. Numerous studies have shown that it reduces the risk of diabetes by as much as 42 percent. Drink green tea in the morning on an empty stomach and in this way you will keep your blood sugar normal.

It prevents the development of cancer and malignant diseases

Another one of the leading health problems in the world is cancer that occurs as a result of uncontrolled cell growth. It is known to prevent this disease we should consume regularly foods that contain antioxidants.

Green tea acts in this way because of the presence of these compounds and substances in its composition, preserving you from diseases such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. Research has shown and proved that this drink reduces the risk of these diseases in a range between 22 and even 57 percent!

We only have one note - if you want to take advantage of the green tea in the best way, do not pour the milk into it. It significantly reduces the antioxidant value of this drink, which is not good.

It prevents aging and the development of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease

As we said, bioactive compounds in this healing drink significantly affect neurons and have a protective effect. In addition, it is recommended for the elderly in order to prevent a number of neurodegenerative diseases, especially the development of dementia.

Further, Parkinson's disease is another disease that is the consequence of this for the secretion of dopamine in the brain. Numerous studies have shown that compounds containing this drink effectively defend the body against these ills, and therefore there is no doubt as to whether the green tea is effective.

It has a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect

Bacteria and viruses are a daily threat to all of us, the only question is how strong are our bodies in defending against them. This plant contains catechins, which play a crucial role in the protection against the infection. They act by killing bacteria and viruses, especially those that cause flu and inflammation of the airways.

This will be particularly interesting to those who are interested to have fresh breath, because this beverage removes tooth decay and cleans teeth. Therefore, drink green tea daily and keep your health from bacteria, viruses and microbes.

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

One of the most common dangers lurking in this day and age are heart diseases. In order to better protect them, it is important to eat foods that do not contain artificial sugars and fats. It is useful to drink green tea for heart health because it reduces the level of bad (LDL) cholesterol and triglycerides, significantly reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The use of green tea for face and skin

The good news does not stop, and the following lines will delight those who care about beauty. Specifically, green tea for face you can use because it is rich in antioxidants to protect the skin from all the toxins and free radicals. Its use will achieve you younger and more beautiful appearance, will remove excess sebum, dirt from the pores, dead skin cells, acne, pimples and blackheads.

These results are achieved thanks to the vitamins A, C and E, because their combination has a very beneficial and positive effect on the skin. So, forget the expensive cosmetic supplies, medicines and ointments that contain chemical substances. Turn to the nature and use green tea for the face, and it is very easy to prepare it at home.
All you need is to take 100 grams of powder of this tea and pour it into a half-litre of mineral water. Let it stand for at least an hour at room temperature. After that, every day, you can use this tonic to clean the skin.

The Green Tea will remove pimples, acne and dark circles under the eyes will be just an ugly past. But that is not all! In fact, it can be used in another way and that is the famous Green tea mask, here is how to make it yourself:
Mix three tablespoons of mayonnaise along with one full teaspoon of powder. Apply it evenly on your face and leave on for 20 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water, and then you can use the tonic that we recommend in order to achieve the best effects.

Green Tea for the face has a very positive effect and gives the skin silky and smooth feeling.

Can you drink it in the morning instead of coffee?

This question has already been partially answered above, or follow the explanation. If you are looking for a quick way that you will awaken and be ready to go to work - forget the black coffee! Recent studies show that green tea in the morning improves memory and cognitive abilities far better than the most popular morning beverage.

Polyphenols, which are in it, will help to widen the blood vessels and thus will accelerate faster bringing blood to the brain and organs. Since it stimulates the secretion of dopamine and adrenaline, this is the best drink to give you energy for a new day. You will not feel tired, you will think better and easier to solve all the commitments both at work and at home.

It will not be hard to do anything that is related to the house, whether it comes to storage, cooking, and even ironing - although we have not met a person who loves it. About all of this, the whole study was made by the famous American doctor Mehmet Oz, who is very popular around the world.

Therefore, we recommend that you drink green tea in the morning to help you awake, be fresh, but also healthy, slender and protected from many diseases.

Side effects and adverse effects of green tea

There are a few things you should pay attention to. The side effects can occur as a result of increased intake of tannin and caffeine, which can lead to reduced absorption of folic acid, very important for pregnant women. Therefore, it is not advisable to drink green tea during pregnancy to the extent of more than one and a maximum of two cups a day. If you are a big fan of it, try to find the one that does not contain caffeine.

In addition, green tea side effects can manifest itself in a way that leads to disruption of absorption of iron in the body, but is not recommended for those suffering from anaemia. In addition, caffeine may increase the risk of bleeding, which is why those who suffer from this disorder should not drink it. 

Adverse effects in some people appear in the form of cardiac arrhythmia, so it is best to consult your doctor to determine whether green tea is good for you.

Proper use in normal range should not lead to any side effects. It is best to start with one cup a day to see how you react to it, but later gradually increase the dose.

Green tea price in stores and where to buy it

The price of green tea is very affordable, and the product itself is available in almost all supermarkets and stores. First of all, you can find it in the form of tea bags whose packaging costs just over 1 dollar. However, we recommend the green tea in bulk, because such a product is not chemically treated, and costs similar to the one in the bag. In this way, you have used the best of it, and you can always get it in health food stores.

For those who are looking for green tea powder, we must note that its price is much higher. Mostly because it comes to products originating from abroad, and are mostly from Japan. Therefore, use it for the sake of making masks or medicinal tonic for the face that we recommend in the text.

Use this gift of nature to improve your general health. Regular and moderate consumption will protect you from many diseases, and you will look more beautiful, fresher and leaner. Feel free to combine it with lemon, ginger and honey, because in that way you will get all the best green tea as a medicine can offer.