Garlic as a remedy against bacteria and fungi

Garlic as a cure for all ailments

This wonder of the natural drug should be an essential component of our daily diet during winter, but also as a therapy for strengthening the immune system. Garlic as a remedy is proven to stew blood pressure and regulate blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, reducing the risk of unpredictable vein thrombosis, improves circulation and effectively purifies our blood vessels. It is very specific and has a somewhat "unpleasant" smell, many of us reject it and that is the only reason why it is not consumed more often. In our article, except an exceptional healthy and medicinal recipes which we will gladly share with you, dear readers, we offer you the solution to neutralize the smell of garlic. So let us start.

Garlic against bacteria and candida

Information about the healing effects of garlic date back to the distant past, but many scientists of modern times called it the drug of the future, because it has many incredible healing properties. Besides being used in its original form as a food additive, it can be used to make medicinal tinctures, healthy teas and various ointments. Garlic, lemon and honey are a perfect combination for health, because they successful kill most microorganisms, but in recent years this magical trio proved to be effective in suppressing cancer cells.

Garlic as a cure against bacteria is considered to be one of the strongest and most complex natural antibiotic, killing or disabling at least 72 kinds of bacteria – helps with diarrhoea, tuberculosis, encephalitis. This miracle of nature, except antibacterial it has extremely antifungal and antiviral properties.

Garlic against Candida is known and obvious remedy. It is successful in the treatment of genital, intestinal and oral candidiasis, and in cases of vaginal fungal infections, and even used locally, as natural pessary. The best effect for health and immunity is achieved if you eat it completely fresh, no more than two or three cloves a day.

It is believed that garlic helps in pregnancy because the fetus gains in weight, and can be recommended for pregnant women. Many mothers have no reason to avoid consumption of medicinal garlic, because they believe the baby later will not want to suck because of its very specific smell, which can later be transferred to the milk. However, advocates and admirers of alternative medicine claim that garlic further boost appetite in babies, and that lactation will be much better.

If moms are accustomed to eat it during pregnancy, babies will be accustomed to this smell. In addition it will be a great prevention for future mothers against colds and flues, as it helps to strengthen the immunity, prevent seasonal diseases, but also to ease the discomforts caused by respiratory infections. Our grandmothers used garlic as a remedy by cleaning the garlic clove and dipping it in honey and eating it.

Against high blood pressure

There are a multitude of national preparations against hypertension, but healing garlic is number one when it comes to treating high blood pressure, it was confirmed by official medicine. To achieve the reduction of blood pressure, it is necessary to eat several cloves a day.

This valuable vegetable contains adenosine, which relaxes the smooth muscles of blood vessels, and spreads them lowering the blood pressure, and to achieve this, it is necessary to consume two to three cloves a day. Raw and cooked it successfully lowers the pressure, but it is much more effective fresh. Garlic as a cure is a great protector of the heart and blood vessels, because in addition to lowering the pressure it reduces blood cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of thrombosis, improves circulation and purifies clogged blood vessels.


It is known that some components of garlic are toxic to cancer cells and that they can destroy similarly powerful chemotherapy drugs, but without negative consequences for the organism. One of the most powerful anti-cancer substances in garlic is allicin, which targets the cancer cells, while it leaves healthy ones intact. Garlic as a medicine for the most severe disease is more than effective because it contains diallyl sulphide, a very important substance that destroys the malignant cells, which is particularly effective in the case of breast cancer, and colon cancer, and lung cancer.

Make a cure for cancer in the following way:
  • Grind 400 grams of sprouted wheat and 12 peeled garlic cloves. Grind five unsprayed lemons with rind and mix all in the enamel pot. Squeeze ten lemons and add it to the mass. Stir well to obtain a compact homogeneous mass and then pour a kilogram of real local honey and additionally stir. Pour everything in the jars, put in the fridge and after three days start to consume an extraordinary remedy. In the case of cancer take every two hours, and for preventive purposes garlic as a remedy with lemon, honey, wheat and nuts take three times a day, half an hour before the main meal.

The garlic has more than thirty different enemies of carcinogens. In animals they block nitrosamine and aflatoxin, the most dangerous carcinogenic, which is in particular associated with malignant tumours of the lungs, liver and stomach. Studies have shown that older people who regularly eat garlic as a cure - every day are exposed to far lower risks of developing any type of cancer.

The German study performed on human cells, has shown that the ahoin, ingredient in garlic is toxic to cancer cells. Sulphur compounds from garlic increase the anticancer activity of macrophage and T-cells, components of the immune system responsible for destroying tumour cells.


A famous Tibetan recipe that we wrote on our blog is a remarkable drug that many of you have tried and we are happy to recommend it to you, which is very good. For those of you who still do not know it, we can use the solution of garlic as a remedy along with lemon for the elimination of blood lipids.
  • Three hundred grams of garlic and one kilogram of lemon (previously well washed) grind together. Prepare a litre and a half of water and let it boil. As soon as the water boils, reduce the heat and therefore deliver a prepared mixture of garlic and lemon and put a cover on. So cook it covered for the next fifteen minutes, remove from the stove. Leave the mixture aside to cool down, then pour in the appropriate glass jars. This potion of garlic and lemon drink always on an empty stomach, half a decilitre (preferably in the morning) the next twenty-five days, after which a break of ten days needs to be taken but again you can continue with the therapy. Lemon and garlic as a remedy for cholesterol are extremely an effective combination.

How to neutralize garlic odour

Now that we know that garlic as a cure has multiple benefits for our health, and the only obstacle is its strong smell, this time we give you a few suggestions and solutions on how to neutralize it.

A strong smell of garlic will be neutralized and almost completely eliminated if you nibble fresh parsley leaves, but it is not the only solution, our second proposal is that you chew clove buds (cloves), third proposal is chewing well washed peels of lemon, and the fourth proposal is sucking 2-3 drops of essential oil of tea-tree.

At the very end we left another recipe since seasonal colds are occurring, and due to that we reach for antibiotics that on one side cure, and on the other cause numerous problems. We suggest you definitely try our recipe, because it does not cause side effects and thereby will restore the disturbed intestinal micro flora, which is crucial for the health of the immune system.

Turmeric with garlic for a strong immune system

In addition to garlic, the secret is in turmeric which contains curcumin, a polyphenol which is attributable to more than one hundred therapeutic properties, and is valid as a healthiest spice in the world.
  • The recipe: mix a tablespoon of turmeric, five cloves of blended garlic, salt, honey and the juice of one lemon. Mix three times a day by stirring a teaspoon of the mixture in a cup of warm water and drink it.

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