Exercises for the face against wrinkles and double chin

The best exercises for the face against wrinkles around the eyes

Exercises for the face against wrinkles in the last decade became a hit in the world, they are done every day and for them it is enough to take only ten minutes of your time. They are not recommended to people under 17 years of age, while older can apply them always, whenever you have the opportunity.

Gymnastics for face harden your facial muscles, which will at the same time fill all the space under the skin. If you combine it with the massage, you will increase the production of precious collagen and the results will be even better and more visible. Do you want to look youthful and have a fresh looking skin? Be sure to stay with us, you will learn how to perform the exercises for the face without wrinkles and how efficient they are if you apply them every day.

How to tighten your face naturally

The face is the most exposed part of our body, it is like a map and its surface is easy to read, and it gives information about us. Emotions are also the first you notice on the face: joy, anger, sadness and fear.

Often when holding some rigorous diets, which impose sacrifices and renunciation it leaves marks on your face and skin. In such cases the skin changes have already occurred, facial rejuvenation exercise are really necessary.
It is known that after the age of forty, the muscles on the face and neck lengthen and relax and tone the skin significantly decreases. This time, we suggest you to start a program called “Face Gym” - these are excellent exercises for the face that are effective as a prevention, but are used to "repair" already formed wrinkles around the eyes.

Want a new youthful and healthy appearance, then simply do daily exercises for the face and neck. They will help you tighten your facial muscles, but also prevent the appearance of unsightly double chin and visible wrinkles on the forehead, nose and around the eyes.

Remove wrinkles by making grimaces

Often, especially after a diet face and neck look tired and lifeless, and face exercises are just what you need, they will preserve your muscle tone and postpone aging for several years.

How to do facial gymnastics in 10 steps

Facial gymnastics are based on simple movements twisting and bending of the nose, lips and cheekbones, which tones the deep layers of the epidermis. Hereinafter, we will explain how each of these exercises works individually, here we go:

Effective exercises for the neck

Stand in front of a mirror. Keep your head in a stable position and fold the corners of the mouth downwards. Do five sets of eight movements.

Tighten the chin

Lower and lift the chin as long as you can. Repeat this movement (x10).

Exercise nose and lips

Say sound “O” as if you are singing it and hold it for five seconds. Repeat this five times.

Exercise for cheeks thingtening

Slowly but strongly yawn, opening the mouth as much as possible. Repeat the exercise for the face (x5).

The best gymnastics for lips

The head is straight, in a stable position. Squeeze the lips and push them forward, as if you want someone to kiss. Repeat this eight times.

Avoid wrinkles under the nose

Clench the teeth and lips, and move lips down, up, to the right and to the left side, this exercise for face wrinkles has to be done exactly one minute.

Exercise your eyes and eyelids

Blink twenty times. Do two sets of movements, counting each time up to 20.

Eliminate wrinkles around the eyes

Close and open the eyes ten times, count to ten each time. Do up to a total of two series of movements.

Exercises for a smooth forehead

Imitate alternately morose and happy expressions. Repeat alternately five times each one.

And finally relax

Close your eyes and breathe deeply, relaxing all the muscles of the face for about one minute.

Facial massage against wrinkles and double chin

The concept of such exercises for the face wrinkles will not take much time, but will certainly achieve the desired effects, if you are persistent. Be consistent and do daily all 10 exercises, with the specified number of repetitions. After gymnastics, on the face and neck, apply a layer of oil which strengthens and revitalizes the skin, much faster and you get a visible progress.

  • When you put some oil on the root of the neck set hands in the shape of a butterfly wings and allow them to slide up through the chin and the rest of the face, this is an excellent massage that will definitely do you good.

Do Face Gym exercises in front of a mirror

Get used to doing them every morning, as soon as you wake up. Stand in front of a mirror, so you can better control the movements, and follow the changes that will be manifested on the face. Already after one week of application of “Face Gym”, you will see that you will have a better skin tone and compactness.

Practice your facial muscles every day, because only then you will prevent the occurrence of nasolabial wrinkles, and double chin. The above method is completely free, it will not take much time, and in contrast to the expensive cosmetic treatments, it quickly delivers good results.

Be sure to try the anti-wrinkle exercises for the face and recommend them to your friends!