Damp in the apartment on the windows and walls; solution

Damp in the apartment is a health hazard

Did you know that damp in a home can cause many serious consequences for the health of you and your household? This problem is present in almost all homes that do not have adequate insulation, but also in those where regular ventilation of rooms is not done. Mould on the walls is the ultimate indicator of this condition, when it is necessary as soon as possible to respond and remove it. Although it seems simple, it can be a time consuming process, especially if you are not using the right tools.

The removal of damp can often require serious construction work in the home, so it is very important to regularly check whether there is damp in the house. However, in most cases, it is necessary to use certain funds that will remove mould and root of the problem.

Moisture absorber perfectly operated in all households. This solution will make your home safe from the appearance of these dark spots hazardous to health. Below we will explain what damp in the apartment is, why it occurs and how to remove it from the walls.
Why mould appears on the walls

If you notice mould on the walls, to start you need to know how damp starts in an apartment and what is its cause. The root of this problem is usually poor insulation of the house, which is the most important external factor that would influence the temperature change in the household.

In general, damp inside the home can be the result of showering, drying laundry, watering flowers, and cooking, and even breathing. It is most common in the bathroom and the kitchen, but is not unusual on the walls in the rooms and hallways.

In the beginning it is completely invisible, because it is the evaporation of water and is more common in places where the air is warm. If the temperature drops, on the window panes there is condensation. This is precisely the cause of mould on the walls, and is easily noticeable in the corners.

In addition to internal factors, on the outside lie many phenomena that can lead to mould on the walls. These are, above all, the rain and snow that penetrate the interior of the house. Most often, the water is reserved on the walls, especially if the waterproofing is worn. In addition to this, another problem that causes moisture in the apartment is shooting of water pipes.

In addition to the above, the most common cause are people themselves. Another startling fact is that the average family of four through everyday activities, which includes cooking, showering and even breathing, produces over 12 litres of water in the air every day? This does not need to be surprising, given that the human body produces and consumes significant amounts of water.

In addition, negligent treatment of the space we live in leaves a mark on the walls, but also on ourselves. Optimal humidity in the apartment should be between 45 and 60 percent, and in order to remain within normal limits, any excess can be removed by simple ventilation.

How does humidity in the flat affect our health?

Many people often do not pay attention to this phenomenon, which is very wrong, because it is an extremely dangerous phenomenon. First of all, if there is damp in the apartment health of household members can be disturbed. Whether it is a low or high humidity, it has the same negative impact on people.

It usually causes respiratory diseases, from ordinary cough, to asthma and bronchitis. Of course, the most sensitive group includes children, pregnant women and the elderly, as well as those who already have problems with the respiratory tract. Distinctive signs of ill health due to the presence of damp in the apartment are laboured and shallow breathing, red eyes, dry cough, stuffy nose and sinuses, irritation and skin rash.

There is another very dangerous thing lurking in the darkened corners of your walls. It is a carcinogen aflatoxins, which is actually a poison produced by mould on the walls! How serious of a problem this is, is the fact that 20.000 people in Asian countries on average die from it every year.

In addition to these problems, the humidity in the apartment causes rheumatic diseases, which are dangerous for older people and most vulnerable. This phenomenon is most favourable for the development of mites, whose presence may cause the allergic reactions in humans.

One should not ignore the fact that constant increased humidity can create a wrong perception of warmth of the room in which we find ourselves. Therefore, the room may seem a lot warmer or cooler as compared to the real state, which in some people can cause nervousness.

How to remove damp from the walls with a simple method

High-quality thermal insulation on the outside, as well as the correct position of the windows are essential in order to avoid damp in the apartment. Or, to remove it from your home completely, it is necessary to adhere to certain norms, councils, or the use of certain funds.

First of all, to start the best way is to ventilate the room. The best method is to simply open the windows that stand opposite to each other and leave it like that for a few minutes for an alteration of the air in the room. This is especially important to apply in areas that have been recently painted, because the damp in the apartment usually occurs immediately after painting of walls.

The bathroom and the kitchen are also very important to regularly ventilate. However, since these areas are most vulnerable to mould, aspirator is recommended. Aspirator is usually present in the kitchen above the stove, and its role is to discharge the condensation out of the house.

In certain situations, to remove damp from the walls one hundred percent alcohol can also help. Specifically, in an extremely simple manner use the spray on problematic parts of the wall and let it work. Next to it, you can use a 5 percent solution of hydrogen that can be used as a means of eliminating mould.

However, all these solutions are preventive and temporary. Since you constantly need to be on guard, the best is to get a tool that will be helpful in solving this problem. For this purpose, moisture absorber is recommended which has proven highly effective.