Colloidal silver water; use for face and body

How to use colloidal silver water

Colloidal silver or silver water is a traditional remedy to treat a number of diseases that was used thousands of years ago. It has been shown that this strong antiseptic composition, which has a strong antimicrobial activity against pathogenic microorganisms that are direct causes of various diseases. The main feature of this drug is that none of the microbes cannot develop resistance to it, so colloidal water as the drug has proven effective no matter what the usage.

Unlike lead, mercury and other metals, whose salts were formerly used in the treatment, the silver has the least, and certainly no toxic effects on our body. The most important feature of this metal is that it works efficiently on pathogenic cells and eliminates them, and does not have a harmful effect on healthy cells of the human body. Since it is an effective product that will certainly be part of the home pharmacies, below we will give you a better presentation of this colloidal silver, which has health benefits, and we will show you how to make silver water and what are the benefits.

What is colloidal silver and why is it good?

Colloidal silver water is an excellent natural remedy, which has an antibiotic effect and as such was used in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago during the reign of Pharaohs

In the Middle Ages in Europe pots of silver were used which kept water in it in order to avoid the possibility of people being infected with the plague, which then killed away millions of lives. It was noted among the nobility that used silver that it prevents the possibility of infections and infectious diseases.

It was later established that the silver water is a medication against bacteria, fungi and viruses and its mass production began in the 20-ies of the last century and it had a great impact on the world.

Generally speaking, colloidal silver water is a liquid containing a small amount of silver, so that for every one million particles of water it contains about 5 silver ones. Due to the fact that they cannot be affected by gravity, they do not fall on the bottom of the container where the liquid is, but remain evenly distributed.

Since the classic drugs are designed so that our bodies must first transform them into colloids, and then to absorb them in the body, silver water is the best natural remedy that can be absorbed directly into the body without losing its healing properties.

Due to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, extraordinary colloidal silver water has fallen into oblivion, but its healing and beneficial effects on health continue to fascinate people, so it is still used around the world.
Silver water uses and applications for a variety of ailments

The appropriate dose of colloidal silver depends on several factors, but most often the age of the person who uses it, and the overall health of the patient.

At the moment there is not enough scientific data and information that can accurately determine the appropriate dose and you should therefore always consult your doctor and follow the instructions on the packaging of the product if you want to use it without any side effects. Still, there is one universal rule, you should never use colloidal silver more than 14 days in a row.

As for the use in different situations, it is permissible to use 2 to 5 drops when it comes to the local application on the skin, for oral use is allowed to the maximum of 10 drops. To treat eyes use barely two drops in each eye, and the same is recommended to disinfect wounds.

Silver water for the nose can be used in the amount of 5 drops in each nostril daily, and to 10 drops you can apply when it comes to the treatment of vaginal mucosa.

There are 8 solid evidences that colloidal silver as a medicine has a beneficial effect on our health that will make you certainly interested in it.

How colloidal water is used for good health

Antibacterial activity – Ability of silver water to keep under control the bacteria in the body and at the same time not develop resistance to it is stunning and unique. It simply removes all germs and microbes, while not damaging our cells, tissues and organs improving our overall health.

Extraordinary Skin Care - Silver water for the face has a great effect and is effective when it comes to removing unwanted stains, acne from it. First of all, it stimulates wound healing and therefore it is recommended in terms of burns, and periodontitis. It is especially important to know that this product can certainly be used when you want to remove the fungus that appear on the skin surface, and in addition is effective when it comes to eczema and psoriasis.

Against colds and flu - Since ancient times, the colloidal silver flu proved to be an effective remedy. At the present time there are practical evidences that is successful against the H1N1 virus that causes swine flu, which is increasingly used as an alternative to synthetic drugs and vaccines.

Against ear infections - Modern drugs can also be used but have an effect only on a few types of bacteria that cause infections of the ear canal. On the other hand, silver water as a cure for ear infections has the most efficient and most beneficial effect, because it successfully copes with all the microbes that are being eliminated in a very short time.

A powerful anti-inflammatory effect - When it comes to the swells, sports injuries and joint pain, silver water is the best solution for these problems. If you use it locally, within 72 hours you will feel relief and disappearance of health problems. It is particularly efficient when it comes to gingivitis, but it can be used in any dental cleaning.

Against sinusitis - People who often have sinus problems know how hard it is to get rid of these health problems. In this case, Silver Spray is the right choice to help you breathe normally again. All you need is to directly apply the colloidal silver in the nose by gently tilting your head to the back and also letting it for about half a minute to work. This will solve the problems with allergies that make it difficult to breathe, and there is evidence that this product is effective against asthma.

In the treatment of patients with the HIV virus - Because of its strong antiviral effects, colloidal silver is now often used when it comes to the treatment of persons who are infected with HIV. Specifically, it reduces the activity of this virus if its presence is discovered on time in the body, so that these persons are allowed to lead a normal life with no consequences for their health and immunity. In addition, colloidal silver can be used in the treatment of hepatitis C.

Against Pneumonia - Today's drugs are effective when it comes to fighting bronchitis or pneumonia. However, in terms of forms of viral pneumonia, these drugs will not be effective. In this case, colloidal silver against pneumonia has fabulous results. All that is required is that the silver water is inhaled once or twice a day, which is directly inhaled into the lungs itself and within a few days all symptoms disappear.

How to make silver water at home

If you are interested in this phenomenal product, in the next few lines we will give you a simple folk recipe how to make silver water at home.
Add distilled water in a glass jar or bottle. Let it stand overnight, and wait at least 8 hours for it to rest. This is significant because in the first 3 to 4 hours all the volatiles are coming out of the water, and during the next two or three hours metal salts are precipitated on the bottom. After this first thing tomorrow morning drop in a silver or a silver spoon and allow it to stand for 24 hours. After this you get pure silver water that you can drink in the morning on an empty stomach, as well as at bedtime.

If in the course of two months you drink it in an amount of 1 -1.5 dl you will do plenty in the prevention of influenza and various other infections. If you have a bowl of silver, you can use it to prepare this natural remedy in the same manner.

It is important to know that the industry obtained colloidal silver which is purchased in pharmacies has significantly greater amount of ions of metals and must be consumed in smaller doses than the prepared product at home. Otherwise, larger amounts may cause serious metabolic disorders, depression and others.

What are the experiences with colloidal silver water?

We bring you experiences of our readers with this extraordinary preparation:
I had a constant stomach bloating, which is due to Candida. This is a major problem, I constantly felt discomfort, a problem I was trying to solve with all sorts of diets. Not one diet and antibiotic did help, but only silver water against Candida. I use it periodically for three years, a feeling of bloating disappeared after two days, and the bacteria itself after more than a month. - Angel, 26 
Colloidal silver water has helped me to get rid of ulcers. I lost a lot of weight, and because of it I could not eat, and doctors told me that I would need surgery. However, since I got the advice to use the silver water as a remedy for this problem, I drink three tablespoons every 4 hours daily. This helped me to eat solid food again, and ulcer disappeared very quickly. - Peter, 52 
I have been using silver water for several years now, I drink it often and apply it to the skin. My experiences have been very positive, primarily because they are no more pimples and my face is completely clean. Silver water helped me to remove all acne and blackheads, and I have no more redness and itch. - Rada, 27

Colloidal silver side effects and warnings

So far, there is no information on whether the silver water is harmful to the human body, but it can happen that in some it breaks down in the tissue considerably slower than usual, and it may take several months or even several years.

This problem is manifested by the appearance of blue-grey spots on the skin, eyes, nails, gums and internal organs. Although this phenomenon is not a serious health problem, it can be bad for one's own physical appearance and requires a constant cosmetic intervention. If this happens to you, the people who use colloidal silver should immediately stop with that and the problem will disappear very quickly.

Very rarely it can happen that excessive use of silver water causes serious health problems, such as kidney damage and neurological disorders.

You need to know that colloidal silver often interacts with drugs, especially penicillin and thyroxin. Therefore, it is important to consult with your doctor about how to best perform the therapy.

Also, taking antibiotics along with this treatment can reduce the effectiveness of the drugs themselves, so it is recommended that during treatment you do not use colloidal silver for two hours before and four hours after ingestion.

Where to buy silver water and its price

Since this is a medicinal product, silver water can be purchased in all well stocked pharmacies. Depending on the manufacturer, the price is around 6 dollars for a pack of 500 ml.

It is interesting that this product become popular in recent years, so it is possible that you order it over the Internet through official manufacturers and suppliers. Please note that sometimes the possibility that the silver water is fake is not excluded so do your research before buying anything.

Because of all the above, we encourage you to be vigilant, especially when it comes to buying products that are advertised on TV, because they are untested products, so in this case it is better to visit your pharmacist or better - make this phenomenal natural medicine yourself!

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