Chickpea recipes calories


Chickpeas recipes are far better choices than meat in every way many nutritionists claim. They are less caloric, have almost the same number of protein as meat that is not harmful and does not contain hazardous substances in its composition, and has a lot more iron. Other name for this food is salt beans. Vegetarians cannot imagine their diet without these foods, because it is abundantly used in all major vegan menus. Recipes with chickpeas are numerous and are present in the countries of the Mediterranean, North Africa, India and Turkey. Its welfare for health is manifold, more below.

Chickpeas Calories

If you want in some future period to restrict the intake of meat, and you support the concept of a vegetarian diet, or it comes to some other reason, chickpeas recipes are an ideal choice for you. Chickpea stew goes well with other fresh or boiled green vegetables, and for many years is on the menu of vegetarian cuisine and not just this recipe, but also many others, such as for example, hummus, which is very popular in some countries. What is good is that today the beans are readily available, we have them at all markets and a very important issue is that they are not expensive. 100 grams of chickpeas, contains 364 calories, which makes it a very desirable food item for many popular diets for weight loss. It will not only remove kg, but it will speed up the work of internal organs, it is convenient for the digestion. Has a lot of energy, enough to mention just that in 100 grams of chickpea there is 1522 kj of pure energy, and just 364 calories, of which the fats are only 6.04 percent (trans fats are 0), 19.3 percent of protein (ideal substitute for meat), 60.65 percent of carbohydrates, 10.7 grams of sugar and extraordinary 17.4 grams of fibre (very useful for our digestion). This foods have a low glycaemic index.

They are extremely rich in plant fibre, this food reduces bad cholesterol and provides health for our heart and blood vessels. With its appearance this plant is similar to soy. It has many medicinal properties, it has an extremely nutritive value and is a good substitute for meat. Chickpeas are a natural source of calcium and magnesium, which, according to the latest scientific research of relevant institutions have an important role in the binding of calcium for our bones and prevents osteoporosis. Simply put, the daily consumption of chickpeas, provides the necessary amount of calcium in your body. In addition, magnesium will regulate your heart rate, lower the levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood, and if you are pregnant, chickpeas during pregnancy can significantly reduce the risk of premature and even spontaneous birth. Salty beans contain the same amount of protein as meat, but unlike meat it has a lot more iron and less damaging and harmful fats in its composition. It eliminates toxic substances from the organism. This exquisite food has the unusual property that from our body it releases sulphate, (very harmful compounds that are commonly used as preservatives during food processing.)


Chickpeas recipes are abound with useful plant fibres, which helps us with bad cholesterol, strengthens the weak heart and ensures the health of blood vessels. Fibre food like chickpeas are a boon for our digestive system, because they allow quick and easy bowel movements, speed up metabolism and prevent uncomfortable constipation accompanied by rare and hard stool. Salty beans are one of the hypo caloric foods (low GI), which are accepted by many diets and are an excellent choice for those who want a healthy and normal food, while losing weight and take off the fat around the waist. It is rich in a complex of B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus. Chickpeas recipes are often used in vegetarian, as well as being prepared by professional athletes who require foods that are rich in energy. Since it does not contain gluten it is free to consume by people allergic to protein. More in Articles in what is celiac disease, gluten free diet. Also, it rarely causes allergic reactions.

Chickpeas Recipes

To us it is generally known as a snack, chickpeas recipes are represented in many well-known international cuisines. Chickpeas are often found in soups, seasonings for meat, vegetables, salads, and for making humus in the form of flower. Those who love them say that chickpeas are an inexhaustible source of culinary ideas. They can be cooked like beans, grind and use as minced meat for meatballs or healthy nutritious creams, which are certainly better than all the industrial pates that we find on the supermarket shelves, can be ground and used instead of white flour for thickening soups, as a roux, for mayonnaise and the like. Before cooking chickpeas should be soaked in water to stand overnight, much like preparing beans.  The chickpeas stew or hummus combine with healthy grains, it will provide you with all the essential amino acids you need during the day. It can be prepared in many different ways, and some specialties are known worldwide.

Chickpeas stew Recipes 

To prepare the soup of chickpeas you will need about an hour. Chickpeas are now easily available. Take into account that if the salty bean stood for a long time, it will become harder and you will need more cooking time.

For our chickpeas recipe you will need the following:
  • 200 grams of chickpeas
  • 2 potatoes
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • pepper, salt
  • 1 small teaspoon of red pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of parsley leaves 
  • 1 dl of mashed tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • one bay leaf


First, we need to put the beans in water and let it rest until the next morning. If your choice is canned chickpeas, then soaking them in the water will not be needed. In one dish put a tablespoon of olive oil, over which you will put finely chopped onions. After it softens a little, add a finely grated carrots, and when carrot softens add finely chopped garlic with chickpeas. When you feel that garlic lets its fragrance pour it all together with water. One potato medium size peel and chop into small cubes and add it to the water only after forty minutes you cooked chickpeas. After that that stew of chickpeas season with pepper, salt, red pepper and cook until the chickpeas and potatoes soften. At the end of cooking, add the chickpeas to the soup, stewed tomatoes, try the dish and add more spices if necessary and remove from the heat. Our recommendation is to serve this dish of chickpeas with bread, fresh salad and is healthiest without meat .There and many other combinations such as: chickpeas stew and chard, leeks, barley, etc.


Chickpeas cream (hummus) is made as follows:
  • A cup of chickpeas dip in the water and leave it for the night. In the morning pour all the water out and put the new one, and begin to cook the beans for a while and gently remove the foam. After 90 minutes, the time it takes to soften chickpeas, take five tablespoons of water in which the chickpeas are cooked, then drain the grains well. Mix the cooked chickpeas with five tablespoons of water, half a cup of lemon juice, one-third of a cup of sesame paste, two crushed cloves of garlic and a pinch of salt and grind in a blender so until you get a nice, smooth paste.

With this phenomenal hummus, Mexicans prefer to serve a fresh cheese, a little hot pepper oil, and put everything in warm tortillas and often add a bit of tequila and that is a typical Mexican meal. We gave you just one example of how the beans are used in one national cuisine. There is a lot of recipes like this one, all over the planet.

Chickpea patties
  • A pound of chickpeas soak and leave to rest in water to soften, then grind in a meat machine or in a blender, along with onions, four cloves of garlic and one potato. To this mixture add finely chopped parsley, two eggs, salt, pepper and a pinch of baking soda. Stir well and form patties. Fry in hot oil on both sides of the stove or in the oven on baking paper.

Chickpea mayonnaise 
  • Buy baked chickpeas and grind it into flour, and two spoons stir in half a cup of water and let it cook. Constantly stir and top up a little water if the mixture starts to thicken. Cook for 10 minutes, then leave to cool. Mixture should be as dense as possible, because after cooling then add liquid ingredients - juice of half a lemon and half a cup of olive oil cold pressed one. Add a pinch of salt and whisk in a blender, you can also add two cloves of mashed garlic.

We hope you liked the chickpeas recipes.