Black radish and honey as a medicine

Black radish and honey are the right combination

In traditional medicine, black radish and honey have always been used as a natural remedy for coughs, bronchitis and other ailments of the respiratory system. This outstanding natural cough syrup has a pleasant taste and is very easy to prepare. Read on to learn all the ways you can use this valuable vegetable that is very healthy but still not very often seen on our tables. Black radish salad is especially appreciated, and juice and the already mentioned syrup whose recipes we will be glad to share with you.

Curative black radish and its health benefits

The main characteristic of black radish is a black or dark brown bark. This species is bigger than the ordinary red radish and can grow from 7 to 10 cm in diameter. Depending on the type it can be cylindrical or elongated in shape. The flesh is crunchy, white, slightly bitter and slightly spicy. Black radish is a biennial plant. It can be eaten and cooked fresh.

In addition to the black and red there is also white radish. This plant is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, especially of the airways. These foods contain minerals in significant quantities, such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium, and vitamin C, folic acid (vitamin B9) and a little of vitamin A. It can also be cooked and is usually eaten as a radish salad.
It is believed that this plant comes from Asia and is one of the earliest cultivated foods. It was used by the ancient Egyptians for the production of oil from the seeds of radish. For black radish it is said that it is healthier than red one. It is extremely rich in vitamin C.

Lack of this vitamin in the body can cause scurvy, also known as the disease of sailors. This vitamin is particularly important during the winter months, because it is excellent in the prevention of flu and colds. Otherwise, black radish and honey are particularly recommended in winter. Also black radish juice is extremely healthy, and is especially recommended for asthma and lung diseases.

How to use black radish as a drug

Black radish and honey are excellent for cough, because they alleviate it. This juice is an excellent when there are problems with the gallbladder, because they stimulate the production of bile and clean the gall bladder. However, it is important to note that in case of problems with the gallbladder do not treat it yourself, but consult with your doctor. The radish juice regulates the work of bile, but if you have stones too much of this juice can accelerate the development of stones, because it is rich in calcium.

This fact means that the black radish as a drug is very good for bones and teeth. Taking calcium is significantly good for older people, and people who have problems with lactose because they should not take dairy foods. Minerals are contained in significant quantities as we have said it contains potassium, phosphorus and sodium.
  • Calcium protects blood vessels from damage and reduces the risk of stroke. This mineral is essential for the functioning of nerve cells, and its deficiency can cause fatigue, muscle cramps, irregular heartbeat, dizziness and constipation.
  • Phosphorus is necessary for many processes in the body. It goes into the composition of the bones and teeth, it is important in the production of collagen which is necessary for skin and connective tissue. Phosphorus is also in the composition of phospholipids, and they are essential to the operation of the cell membrane and cell nutrition.
  • Sodium is also an ingredient of radish, and therefore of its juice. It is important in nutrition of cells and is one of the major components of blood and helps the body’s circulation and maintaining the blood pressure. It is also an electrolyte, which means that taking radish salad is perfect for sporting activities, when through sweat we lose a lot of water.

Radish is rich in rafanine molecules (primarily based on sulphur) which, according to research, are very important for maintaining a balance in the work of the thyroid gland. Also this component cleans the liver from fatty deposits. Black radish is rich in fibre, which accelerates peristalsis. Fibre and water that have a high percentage in radish are a great combination for people who have problems with constipation. Freshly squeezed juice of radish is good and when it is rubbed on the skin against sciatica, along the nerves. This remedy very quickly gives results.

As for people with gallstones, and people with kidney stones it is not advisable to consume this plant, because as we said there is a lot of calcium in it. Also we do not recommend black radish among the people who have problem with ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.

Honey with black radish for cough

For this recipe you will need one black radish mid-sized, local honey and a thin, sharp knife.
  • Take radish wash it off, and then cut off the top and drill a hole in the centre so it can become like a dish into which you pour honey. So, you pour the honey into the hole but not to the top. You must leave a space in which the juice of honey and radish will be created, so if you fill the radish to the brim with honey, the juice will leak out. This process requires 12 hours.

Take this juice, a few minutes before meals, three times a day. The dose for adults is one tablespoon a day.

Black radish and honey are a perfect combination for children, dosed with one teaspoon three times a day. Every night pour the honey into the radish so you have a new dose ready for the next day. Every three days replace the radish. If you cannot find a large enough black radish, you can take a smaller one, clean it, chop it into slices and place it in a jar, then pour honey in it. Do not pour honey up to the top, because we need to leave room for the juice after 12 hours.

How a radish syrup for gall bladder is made
  • Black radish needs to be washed, cleaned, grated and squeezed in the juice extractor. This juice is taken several times a day, one tablespoon. The treatment lasts four or five days, then a break for three days needs to be taken. The process is then repeated. What is important is to consult a doctor regarding the intake of this therapy.

Radish juice against sciatica
  • This squeezed juice is excellent for problems with sciatica. It is necessary that it is rubbed on the skin along the nerve, which runs from the lower spine to the feet. Rubbing this juice helps with neuralgia.

The best healthy recipes with black radish

Radish can be eaten cooked or fresh. A real natural juice can be made in combination with some other ingredients. Black radish with honey is definitely the most famous recipe. It is great as a salad. What is important to say is that it is mandatory to eat it fresh, because by standing it loses its healing properties and begins to release toxic substances. When we eat radish alone or in a salad we usually put salt on it. This is a mistake, because the salted radish becomes harmful.

Colourful salad with radish

A great salad can be made of black, red and white radish. You can take all kinds of radish and wash them well, then slice into thin rings. If you want you can grate them. The resulting salad of radish can be very decorative, as it is colourful. Optionally, you can peel them, but then you lose its colourful properties.

Black radish and yogurt

Black radish has a sharp peppery taste and because of that people do not always eat it alone. It is great when combined with something that can alleviate its taste like yogurt for example. Peel, and if you do not want to peel it, wash it well and grate it, and then add the yogurt. This is an easy and nutritious combination perfect for hot summer days, when heavy foods sit poorly on the stomach. If desired, you can cool it off, but do not overdo it, especially if it is very hot outside.

The dressing of radish and garlic

In the grated radish slice garlic and pour everything with olive oil and pepper. Mix well and leave for an hour for the black radish and onion to unite to mix tastes. After an hour apply this mixture to the toasted bread.

Black radish chips

Snacks are a great thing when your friends come over. It is known that the purchased snacks are not at all healthy, and for that matter not even a little cheap. We suggest a cheaper and far healthier version: radish chips.

For this dish, you need:
  • Two large black radishes (if there is more people you can add more)
  • wine vinegar,
  • salt,
  • pepper,
  • crushed peppers,

Warm up the oven to 200 degrees and put oil on the baking pan. Wash the radish and clean it. Then peel the radish, so that the peels are in thin strips. Black radish needs to be cut into thinner slices, because if they are thicker they will be too wet. Then put the slices in a baking pan and pour the olive oil and wine vinegar. Sprinkle he radish with salt, pepper and crushed pepper. (We said that it is not advisable to put salt on radish, but it is necessary in this case because of the taste.

If you can eat it unsalted, go for it. Set the amount so that everything is covered, but not swamped with spices. Put in the oven and let it bake for about twenty minutes until they get golden brown and until they become crunchy. Serve hot as a snack or appetizer.

To whom is this natural medicine not recommended to?

Several times throughout the text it was mentioned that people who have problems with stones in the bile are required to consult a doctor regarding the intake of the drink. In some smaller quantities black radish with honey helps the work of the gallbladder, and larger amounts produce stones. People who have kidney problems, should not take this vegetable.

It is also not recommended to those people who have problems with the stomach and duodenum, and especially those who have ulcers on these bodies. For everybody else black radish and honey are a great choice, be sure to try this combination, but of course, do not overdo it.

Where to buy black radish?

Radish can be purchased at the green market and in stores that sell fresh fruits and vegetables. We have already said that it is important that black radish salad should be fresh so it is advisable to buy it from a reliable land seller. Because of the sharp taste this plant is known as "the Paris horse radish."
In any case, black radish and honey are a combination that you definitely need to try.