10 Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath (malodor or halitosis) is an embarrassing health condition caused by bacteria in your mouth. Bad breath can be an indicator of unclean dentures, gum disease, abscess or decaying tooth. Also, patients who suffer from lung disease, kidney disease, diabetes, metabolism disorders or cancer, have a higher risk of bad breath. Proper oral hygiene is the most important to fight this condition. Below you can see 10 most common ways to get rid of bad breath.

1. Brush your teeth regularly. Plaque on your teeth collects bacteria that cause bad breath. Trapped food is also a cause of this problem. It is important to brush your teeth at least two times a day, but we recommend you to do it after every meal. You should not brush your teeth too hard because you can make them vulnerable to decay. It is also important to brush your teeth for the right length of time (3-5 minutes).

2. Floss every day. You should also use floss at least once a day, because flossing is very important for reducing bad breath.

3. Clean your tongue. Apart from brushing your teeth, you should also clean your tongue. There are a lot of bacteria on the top of the tongue, which can cause bad breath. In order to avoid it, you can swirl water around the mouth after eating or you can use tongue scraper when you brush your teeth. Also, you can brush your tongue with your toothbrush.

4. Eat healthy snacks. When we talk about bad breath, it is also important what you eat. There are many foods that can help you to get rid of bad breath. You can eat apples, carrots, lettuce, pears or raw cucumber. These foods also contain antioxidants that can boost your dental health.

5. Use herbs. There are many herbs that can help you to get rid of bad breath. You can simply chew raw parsley or you can use cardamom for preparing cook meals. In order to get rid of bad breath, we also recommend you to drink black tea, green tea or peppermint tea.

6. Avoid foods that sour your breath. Onions and garlic are the foods number one which cause bad breath. They contain substances which come into our bloodstream and travel to our lungs and then we breathe them out. It is very important to watch what you eat. You should also avoid other spicy foods. Studies have shown that people who regularly consume garlic have not only bad breath, but also body odor. Bad breath caused by onion is called onion breath.

7. Avoid sugar. It is proved that refined sugars provide a food source for bacteria. The bacteria in your mouth use sugar to make acid, which causes bad breath and wears down your teeth. Because of that you should avoid sugary foods and drinks. Also, you shouldn’t add sugar to your coffee or tea, because coffee and juices with sugar can worsen the problem. Good idea is to chew sugarless gums.
8. Drink water. Dehydration can also be one of the causes of bad breath. If your mouth is dry, you can get tooth decay. You should increase your daily intake of water, in order to keep your mouth clean and to avoid bad breath.

9. Use mouthwashes. One of the ways to avoid bad breath is to use mouthwashes. You should only avoid mouthwashes with alcohol, because they can worsen the problem and make the mouth dry. We recommend you to choose mouthwashes which contain chlorine dioxide, because it can neutralize bacteria. A fresh minty taste of mouthwash will make you feel great.

10. Stop smoking. Smoking is one of the most common causes of bad breath. It damages your gums and stains your teeth.

These are some of the advices how to get rid of bad breath on natural way. You should also know that some diets, for example low-carb diet, can cause bad breath. The most important is to eat balanced and healthy diet and to eat regular meals. But, if bad breath continues despite your efforts, then you should consult your doctor. Maybe this problem is related to some serious medical condition. It is also important to get dental check-ups twice a year.