Zinc paste for pimples, acne and scars

Zinc paste for the face without acne and pimple

Zinc paste is a very useful product, which can be a huge help in the fight against the adverse effects on your face, but also when it comes to preventing and eliminating various irritations, cuts and scratches.

However, in addition to the benefits of mineral zinc for good health, it is extremely beneficial for beauty, especially when it comes to acne and pimples. Today, the market has a handful of products of this type, and below we will explain in more detail what zinc paste is good for, how to use and where you can acquire it.

Why do we need zinc in our diet?

Zinc is one of the most important metals which is important for the proper functioning of the body and virtually all living creatures in the world. For a man, it is a very important basis for maintaining and strengthening the immune system, as well as improving the overall health status.

Its inclusion in our body is recommended for the prevention of seasonal diseases like fever, colds, flu and many viruses that occur during the fall and winter. Zinc in the diet is an important element of strengthening the immune system, so you should try to choose foods that are rich in this mineral.
An important feature of this mineral as an element in nature is that it very successfully fights off viruses and infections, acts as an antioxidant and eliminates free radicals. It is very important that you consume it daily to prevent hair loss, reduced fertility, vision and problems like skin diseases, while you on the other hand zinc paste against pimples certainly gives resulted.

If you want to enrich your diet with this mineral, and to strengthen your organism, you can eat foods such as oysters, beef, pork loin, lobster, peanuts, walnuts and dark chocolate.

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How to use zinc paste?

When it comes to its local use, the product based on this mineral - zinc paste is the ideal cure for many skin diseases and solves skin problems. In the first place, there is the fight against acne, pimples and other phenomena caused by irritation of the facial skin due to accumulated dirt and sebum. These irritating and unpleasant growths can be frustrating, and the problem can further deepen if you do not respond on time or, even worse, if you do not use the right product.

Zinc paste against acne is an effective means to remove them because it does not act only on the surface and in the short term, it deeply cleanses pores and removes dead skin cells, dirt and excess sebum. The most important feature of these creams is that they promote the regeneration of skin in the area which is treated, so as to obviate any possibility of the appearance of scars.

All bacteria that cause this problem are being eliminated and, most importantly, you will not develop resistance to this drug. Zinc paste will reduce and normalize sebum production and excessive greasiness of the skin will not be present.

In addition to having a significant role in the elimination of acne, pimples, redness and blackheads, zinc paste is proven to be effective when treating herpes. It is known that herpes occurs as a sign of a decline of the immune system.

Although this problem is more of an aesthetic nature, is not so harmless, so it is necessary to act as soon as you notice its formation on the lips or in the region around them. Zinc paste removes herpes quickly and efficiently, and even better results in treating this problem will be achieved if you consume foods that we have already proposed.

The very use of zinc paste is pretty simple, and it can be used several times a day depending on the symptoms which you are experiencing. Places that are irritated, mild redness is treated by a cream containing a concentration of 15% zinc, and serious irritation and rashes are treated with a product with a 40% concentration of zinc.

How to properly use zinc ointment

Before you use it, it is necessary to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the instructions located within the packaging of the product itself. To know how to properly use zinc ointment, it is necessary to observe the following guidelines:
  1. Before each use, wash hands with a soap. Then wash the area of ​​skin that you want to put some cream on and thoroughly dry it with a clean towel.
  2. Zinc paste is exclusively for external use. Take care that the cream does not come into contact with the eyes, nose or mouth, and if this happens, rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  3. It is recommended to use it as soon as you notice the first symptoms of rash, redness and irritation, especially in babies and young children.
  4. Applying zinc ointment before dressing diaper is required if you want to be sure that your child will not get a rash.
  5. In adults, the use of zinc paste is allowed in unlimited quantities, until it comes to a complete disappearance of all symptoms or skin diseases being treated.
  6. It is safe to use zinc cream for the treatment of abrasions and burns by applying a thin layer on the troubled area and if necessary, wrap a bandage for better effect.
  7. After each use, you need to wash your hands again.

How to make a zinc paste - Recipe

This cream is easy to make in home conditions, and for 100 grams of the product you need:
  • 25 g of zinc oxide,
  • 25 g of wheat starch,
  • 50 g of white petrolatum.

Mix zinc and wheat starch in a container and pour it onto a metal tray so that it forms a thin layer. Then store it in a warm place and let it stand about 3 to 4 hours. In the meantime, take a white Vaseline and melt it, and then mix the ingredients together with the trays to obtain a creamy mixture. Take a plastic container with a lid that fits the amount that you have prepared, and transferred the paste in it. 

Zinc paste should be kept tightly closed at a room temperature in a dark place.

What are the user experiences of this product?

We bring you a few comments:
  • I bought zinc paste when I started to notice the appearance of acne on my face. A dermatologist recommended I use it every night before going to sleep. After twenty days, I noticed that the acne have completely withdrawn, my face was smooth, and the skin was soft to the touch. - Zeljko, 25
  • Herpes on the lips is my nightmare, because it appears whenever you catch a cold or a flu. I have a very weak immune system, so it just appears as a necessary consequence, which I am very irritated by, because it affects the appearance and my mood. Before I used a variety of methods, and the only thing that helps is zinc paste for herpes because it heals it in just two days. It even withdrew the redness, and most importantly it does not leave any scars on the face. - Dragan, 36
  • In adolescence, I had a major problems with changes on facial skin, and visible pimples were killing me. I tried a variety of products from which they withdrew, but were reappearing elsewhere often leaving scars. These products were very expensive and inefficient, relatives told me that zinc ointment is a good. I was sceptical mainly because of the price that is very low, but I still tried it in the end. I was not wrong because after three weeks I noticed a gradual withdrawal, and after two months pimples were gone and not returning. - Peter, 20

How much does zinc cream cost in pharmacies - price

As we have already mentioned, today you can find a wide range of creams that contain zinc, as well as those who have in them the addition of various vitamins and other minerals. What needs to be noted is that these products are very important, and when it comes to zinc ointment the price is around 5 dollars or higher.

These are creams that are domestically produced and are available in all pharmacies, so before buying, you can consult with a pharmacist about how to use it and how often.

Does it cause any side effects and what are the precautions?

It is important to know that zinc paste can cause side effects usually when it comes into contact with the mouth, or when a certain amount of it is discharged into the body orally. Poisoning symptoms may occur such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and you need to see your doctor.

If you are allergic to any of the compositions of this product, do not use it, ask your pharmacist for a suitable replacement.

Zinc paste during pregnancy and breastfeeding can be used safely even in the first trimester. If it comes to the treatment of severe infections, it is necessary to consult with your doctor who will prescribe the exact dose you need to use.

Young parents will be appealed by the fact that the zinc paste is very beneficial for babies and their delicate skin, especially when it comes to removing rashes caused by wearing diapers.