The recipe for the pine needles and honey syrup


Pine needles syrup is an extraordinary natural remedy for strengthening the immune system against all types of flu, colds, coughs and other respiratory illnesses. In traditional medicine it is a particularly prized recipe, which we will be happy to share with you. Also this outstanding natural remedy has several versions, so it can be made out of the light-green needles of spruce and fir.

What else you need to know is that we must not use any type of sawmills to produce syrup, because some are toxic like yew and should be avoided. If you are a person who is into the pines, and who can easily recognize the white pine or spruce, then there are no problems, if the situation is reversed and you do not have a lot of experience, you need a guide to get you started in the harvesting of young shoots. Never take too many shoots from only one tree, because where you break them they will not grow again in the same year. At the very beginning we will give you some more information about Scots pine.

How to recognize young pine needles

Before we share the recipe for the pine needles syrup, we will give you some of the most basic guidelines about this plant. White pine has a Latin name Pinus sylvestris, its other names are pine, wild pine, forest pine, CAM, recrement. Pine tree can grow over 10 meters in height, and its stepped roots stretch deep into the soil. Trunk and branches are covered in a brown youth-reddish, later gray-brown bark. The branches are spread over time in the form of an umbrella. Gray-green pine needles are long as 5 to 6 cm, made in tufts two together. The flowers are single-chamber, and the female flowers form a small cone, initially reddish, later brown and woody. The smell and taste are like resin, similar to turpentine.
Today, this tree is especially appreciated because it is used to make pine needles syrup for cough, which has already been proven that it is a great natural remedy for all the problems of the airways, especially for the treatment of bronchitis. White pine is widespread throughout Europe, we find it in lowlands and in the mountains. It blooms in May, and the ripening of seeds happens in the October the second year. In medicinal purposes used in addition to needles and cones are bark and resin. If you pick a larger amount of young pine needles, you do not need to use them all at once for making syrup, but only a part of them, feel free to leave some aside, to dry. From them, you can later prepare tea from pine needles, whose recipe will also share with you in this article.

How can we use pine needles as a medicine?

Pine needles syrup with honey is an exceptional drink rich in carotene and vitamin C, and is effective with colds, and in treatment of scorbutic. It is especially recommended after the loss of immunity or after recovering from long illness, because it returns the strength and enthusiasm. Pine needles are used fresh, preferably immediately after harvesting, because the lengthy storage may lead to the reduction of their medicinal properties.

Pine buds are in fact its cones, but fully mature and woody they have phytotherapeutic value, so use only fresh. They contain valuable bitter and medicinal substances. They are successfully used to treat a sore throat, persistent cough, bronchitis, catarrh of the pharynx. Baths of young pine buds are recommended for people who suffer from rheumatism and arthritis.

The resin of pine, which is located inside the tree is abundant in bitter substances and exceptional essential oil, which are contained in medicinal turpentine. Therefore, with the pine needles syrup in folk medicine commonly used is the preparation of pine resin, which is used mostly for the treatment of skin diseases. If you plan to use pine resin make sure that the dosage is right and use with caution. Also pine bark for its medicinal flavones and many other tannin substances, is very successfully used for treating open wounds, because it very quickly stops the bleeding, and has a good antiseptic effect. It is best to use the bark of a mature pine, and it is best that it be removed from the upper parts of the tree.

How to make pine needles syrup with sugar and honey

For starters make an important decision. Take one day off, escape from the city noise, smog and polluted air right now in the early morning. It would be best to sit on a bike and ride to the nearby forests rich in conifers. We just give you instructions on how to recognize young needles of pine, if you're still not sure about it, take someone who knows. For cough syrup fir and spruce can be used. When you return home the preparation process is very simple, for starters it would be advisable to wash the pine needles with cold water and wait for a while for them to dry. This is what still follows:
  • In the appropriate glass jar first put a row of sugar, then place a row of freshly picked pine needles, and keep going until the top of the jar. The final layer should be sugar. Close the jar and take it in a sunny place in order for sugar to slowly dissolve. To make it completely dissolve, and to use the pine needles syrup it will need to rest for at least 40 days. Thus obtained syrup is a natural remedy for immunity and is made in the spring period.

This natural medicine became known as honey from pine needles, whatever you call it, it is completely irrelevant, because the recipe is the same and it is extremely good for the above mentioned problems.

The recipe for pine needles syrup No. 2

Here is how to prepare it:
  • Two kilograms of fresh pine shoots need to be boiled in 9 litres of water, covered and then let it stand for 48 hours. After that, strain it through a cloth and well knead it well. The resulting liquid in addition to 1 kg of sugar and 0.5 kg of honey is boiled and while still hot poured into the appropriate glass containers (not in bottles), which should be tightly closed at the end with a double parchment paper or cellophane. Care should be taken that the young shoots are harvested when it is sunny.

Whichever option you choose, be careful about the dosage, it would be best syrup to take two-three teaspoons and not more than that during the day. It is best to eat alone, but you can add the chilled tea, no way hot, because it loses its valuable properties.

If you do not like this combined together, you can make the syrup with honey, for which you will need a slightly larger amount of local honey. If you opt for honey - not white sugar (which is definitely on a bad reputation), be aware that a syrup something spoils quickly, and you have to keep it in the fridge. Also, many add a few slices of lemon to this recipe.

How to make tea from pine needles

As we promised at the beginning we will share this recipe also.
  • Take twenty pine needles from the tops of twigs and thoroughly wash the dirt from them with cold water. Chop them and add to boiled water and cook them about fifteen minutes. When third of the liquid has evaporated, remove from the heat. Cover the bowl and put it aside to cool for about thirty minutes. Filter the tea obtained from pine needles if not hot add a little honey and lemon juice. The colour of this beverage should be slightly-reddish and you can drink it several times a day. Nursing mothers and pregnant women should not take it.

The curative pine infusion

The proportion is 1/10. It used in similar manner as a medicinal tea from pine needles, sweetened with homemade honey - this natural medicine is very good with problems with respiratory tract, sore throat, cough, bronchitis or for inhalations. Young shoots of pine should be picked in the early spring.

Pine medicinal therapy

People with gout and rheumatism with the arrival of spring need to be subjected to the following natural treatment:
  • Collect 30 grams of fresh pine shoots, and they should be mixed with a litre of hot milk. After an hour, filter and drink throughout the day.

How to use pine resin

If you have gallstones and frequent spasms create this natural medicine
  • 5 grams of fresh pine resin need to be dissolved in 20 grams of ether and should be taken once a day. 5-10 drops on a sugar cube should be used and eaten.

As you can see the pine needles syrup is not the only healing recipe that you can make from sawmills, and we recommend that you try other recipes. Some older children can also use pine needles with honey, but it would be advisable to first consult with a paediatrician, also honey pine needles during pregnancy should not be taken without prior agreement with the doctor.

Where to buy pine needles syrup and what is the price

If you decide to look for a finished product, the choice is not so great, but it can certainly be found. Today natural pharmacies and some better-equipped Internet stores have it – where the product can be ordered online.

Price for pine needles syrup that can be given to children is about 6 dollars for a pack of 410 grams. We repeat again, do not use it prior to consulting with your doctor.