Lard as a cure for lung and haemorrhoids

How to use lard for medicinal purposes

Lard has long been an integral part of the traditional cuisine, and lately it has been undeservedly neglected because it has been mistakenly considered unhealthy. Besides being used in cooking, it has its own special place in cosmetics, but also in folk medicine. The research by numerous medical experts showed that this domestic product contains saturated fats which may be one of the causes of high cholesterol. However, the fact is that if consumed moderately and appropriately, has an extraordinary healing and beneficial effects on our entire organism. Therefore, this natural product is now increasingly used in various ways.

We will present how lard is used as a medicine, how to make it, what are the domestic cosmetic products based on it, as well as for what health problems you can use it.

Making lard at home

In the past preparation of lard was left to the experienced and professional people who have performed this work flawlessly. The reason for this is the fact that this natural balm represented the basis of every local cuisine, and has been used as a remedy for many conditions.

If you want to know how to make lard, the most important rule is not to let it burn or to be insufficiently baked which would lead to its deterioration.
  • Preparation of this domestic product is done when you first slice the bacon into pieces thick as hands, which then must be cut into cubes. Then bacon is inserted into a heated pan or kettle in which the amount of water is poured to cover its bottom. It is necessary to mix this mixture constantly on a strong heat and then to decrease its intensity as soon as you notice that the diced bacon is starting to take on a yellow colour.

Thereafter, the container is removed from the fire and allowed to cool, and then it is necessary for it to be filtrated into a special container or pot. The remains of bacon that did not melt can be used as greaves, from which you can make numerous local dishes.
Pig fat as a medicine is incredibly good for overall health, although it is often given the epithet that is harmful to the human body. In fact, this natural balm is most responsible for the longevity of our ancestors who lived through old age, because they did not have health problems, such as is the case today.

We can safely say that the lard is a great way to prevent heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, arthritis, and malignancies.

Why is it good to use lard?

As mentioned above, an excessive intake of saturated fats, found in this product can lead to elevated blood cholesterol. This often results in the occurrence of many degenerative diseases, and atherosclerosis. As an alternative to lard, margarine based on vegetable oils was taken into usage. We can freely say that this is a big mistake, because it contains high levels of trans-fatty acids that are very harmful to your health.

Margarine raises the levels of bad, and lowers good cholesterol very quickly, leading to a risk of heart attack. In addition, given that this "replacement" for our domestic product is used almost every day, we increase the risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, the development of vascular disease.

On the other hand, pig fat contains no trans-fatty acids and therefore is far healthier than margarine, and if used sparingly and in the right way it has a beneficial effect on your body.

For healthy bones you need calcium, which today we rarely consume through food. For those who are lactose intolerant, the right choice is lard for joints and bones because it contains large amounts of vitamin D.

Namely, it has an important role in the absorption of calcium, so the use of this natural product is important for bone health and prevention of various diseases of the whole skeleton.

Use in respiratory infections

As it has a beneficial effect on the bones, for the lungs it acts as a real natural remedy. It can be used for the treatment of bronchial inflammations, and it will eliminate the problem quickly.
  • Lard as a remedy for bronchitis is prepared using by cooking a pint of milk with 2-3 leaves of coltsfoot. When it boils, it is necessary to add a teaspoon of fat. This drink should be drunk every night before bed.

When it comes to children, dry cough can be very problematic and can lead to suffocation attacks. To avoid this, the best solution for this are the packs of lard that are far more efficient than any syrup.
  • It is necessary to take a teaspoon of fat and put it on a towel to rest a little at room temperature. Before bedtime put the lard on the chest and gently rub, and then cover with a cloth or towel that you heated previously. 

Already in the morning the ejection of accumulated secretions from the lungs will start to occur and repeat the same treatment again until it reach full recovery.

For troubleshooting sinus problems, lard can also be used as a medicine. Although these are pains that are not innocent and that lead to constant headaches, eliminating them is quite easy with the help of old folk remedies. 
  • It is necessary to take two tablespoons of fat and put them in a cup. Then pour the water, shake it and then discard it. Repeat exactly nine times, after which you can put it in a plastic bowl or empty box of cream. Take a cotton swab and apply it to slide on the entrance to the nostrils and completely close them. Lie on your back in order for lard to take effect and reduces the existing problems.

Repeat this procedure several times a day until you notice the first signs of improvement. This recipe, known popularly as the "9 times washed lard", has been applied for centuries, it is particularly appreciated in some areas. 

In preparing these kinds of treatments for lung problems and airways you need to pay attention to whether the fever is present. You need to first resolve this problem, the best to use is vinegar or cabbage leaves, then it is safe to use lard as a cure for lung cancer.

Lard as a remedy for haemorrhoids and varicose

The occurrence of haemorrhoids is very uncomfortable and is usually caused due to constipation, or irregular bowel movements. As a consequence, there is bleeding from the anal opening, which for the vast majority of people is an unpleasant experience. If you are looking for an effective cure for this health problem, lard for haemorrhoids can safely help and bring positive results.

Avoid unnecessary expenses and costly creams that are not effective and apply this natural remedy:
  • Take two tablespoons of unsalted pork fat in a cup and wash it nine times. Then put it on a clean gauze and before bed adjust it on the sore spot and leave it overnight.

Repeat the process at least two weeks, after which you will safely eliminate this health problem, and lard against haemorrhoids will bring you a much needed relief.

Effective tool in varicose veins

When it comes to problems with varicose veins, you can also use this natural balm. This health problem affects women after the age of forty, especially if dealing with a job that requires long standing.

The pain caused by enlarged blood vessels are very unpleasant and difficult to treat. For many people this is the problem of an aesthetic nature, because it is visible and leaves characteristic traces.

To help yourself, or someone who has this problem, lard against varicose veins is safe and effective choice, here's how to make it:
  • Take a pound of fat and pour it into a deep pot and wash nine times. You can use the mixer to get a creamy texture. Then put on the heat to boil and at that moment, add twenty calendula flowers. Remove the saucepan from the heat in order for the mixture to cool down, it is best to rest overnight. The next day, once again put it on a low heat to melt slightly, then pour the product into clean glass jars and store in refrigerator.

It is recommended that the lard against varicose veins is used at bedtime, so that the painful areas are oiled with a thin layer. Please note that it is not necessary to massage the legs, but only to allow the skin to absorb the balm.

Application in Obstetrics in Gynecology

Inflammation of the ovary is a very serious health problem and it is necessary to always react immediately, to prevent further complications.

If the disease is not treated properly, it can result to a painful bleeding, and ultimately infertility in women. Therefore, you should know that for the best results with the prescribed therapy lard can be used against inflammation of the ovaries.
  • All you need is to take two teaspoons of this mixture, wash it in nine times and spread on the gauze. Apply it on the lower abdomen and leave it for about an hour and a half or overnight and repeat the procedure until healing.

In addition, the domestic composition may be used in cases where there is an occurrence of fungal vaginal infections. In these circumstances, this natural medicine can be applied to the sanitary pad or tampon.

Lard as a remedy for women's diseases such as these is very effective and works quickly, so is often used in gynecology. This procedure can be repeated every time, it is completely safe and you will be satisfied with the results.

The use of lard in cosmetics

What is interesting in the world of cosmetics is that lard as a face cream has a much better effect than is the case with various precious preparations and ointments. Since it does not contain any chemicals, it is very beneficial and is especially recommended for those who have problems with pimples and acne.

If you properly wash it in water and apply to problem areas, lard will surely delight you with its effectiveness. After a few days you will notice a withdrawal of these unpleasant phenomena, and the skin will be softer and brighter.

Make a homemade soap for hair

The problem of dry hair often comes with cracked edges, itching scalps and dandruff. If you get tired of looking for the right solutions to help you in this case, homemade soap out of lard will bring splendour, exuberance and liveliness to you hair. 

Just before washing take this natural balm and freely apply it from the vertex to the ends and let it sit for about half an hour. Then rinse with warm chamomile tea and then use the shampoo you normally use.

Since it is a natural product, lard can be used regularly before every wash, because it will not lead to the increased greasiness of hair. 

Successfully removes stretch marks and tightens the skin

After birth the appearance of stretch marks is imminent. These marks on the skin are not picked up so easy, and in many women they cause discomfort because of their appearance. No need to despair, because for this problem we have a safe solution.

Lard is effective against stretch marks and it was used by our grandmothers in order to restore softness and elasticity the abdominal area of their bodies. 

Use it every night before going to sleep and rub it on problem areas. This domestic fat will restore the skin and will make it better hydrated and elastic.

What is the price of lard in stores?

When it comes to its price, we will tell you only that it is very affordable. For 1 kg of this product you will pay only 5 dollars and you can always buy it in larger packages, because it is cheap.

What you should pay attention to is whether the lard is organic, or whether its composition has added chemicals. Therefore, you can purchase it in all markets, and it is best that you make purchases on the open market or in butcher shops.

If you want to know whether lard contains any calories, you should know that in 100 grams contains about 885 kcal. However, it is the food that is healthy for your body, so if you use it in the nutrition it creates a long-lasting feeling of satiety and, most importantly, it is not fattening if eaten in moderation. It is safe to be used by those who hold a diet limited to 2000 calories.

This healthy and effective product must be present in your kitchen, but also in the home first aid kit and the domestic cosmetics. Take advantage of all its benefits, because you will certainly feel better, look better, because lard as a medicine should be an integral part of your daily life.