Kumquat fruit for faster weight loss and good health

Why kumquat fruits is eaten together with bark

Kumquat’s Latin name is Fortunella japonica and is very tasty, healthy and interesting fruit. It is reminiscent of the mini orange, but has a more acidic taste. It is much smaller, and by proportion corresponds to the size of a kiwi. The main feature of this fruit is that, unlike other similar citrus plants, is eaten together with bark that is full of nutrients and is very useful for health.

These mini fruits are a phenomenal source of healthy nutrients, so we are sure that this kumquat fruit will become part of your daily diet. You can learn more about it in the following article.

How to grow mini oranges at home

Kumquat plants can reach a height of 5 meters, and at its branches there is a handful of fruit. Its origins are in the Southeast Asia, where the British researchers brought it to Europe in the mid-nineteenth century.

This tree now grows around the world, and for the successful growth of kumquat fruit most favourable is warm climate, so it is mostly found around the Mediterranean, but also in California and Florida.

Growing kumquat is possible in the Adriatic region, because it corresponds to a warmer climate. Optimal summer temperatures are 27-35 degrees, while in winter it should not fall below 10 or so. During the winter the leaves are falling, and this is further contributed to the strong wind.

At somewhat lower temperatures mini oranges needs to be taken inside in the room and can be grown in large pots at home. Try to expose it to the light because it is great for the plant, but be sure not to put it directly in the sun.
If grown in a container, in ambient conditions it can grow up to 3 meters in height, so make sure you provide it with enough room and lighted space, and regularly cultivate and maintain it.

Kumquat fruit ripens during the winter months, and is a great natural remedy for seasonal diseases. Its pleasant sour taste shows how much it is beneficial to our body, and after the first bite you will surely love it.

Surely you will be attracted to its unusual appearance, as well as beneficial properties. These small fruits are the right choice for lovers of sour-sweet taste in food and juices. Below you will get to know this interesting fruit which is also known as mini oranges.

Calories, composition and nutritional value

When it comes to calories kumquat contains 71 kcal per 100 grams, making it one next to the grapes. However, this fruit is one of the best sources of phyto-nutrients. First of all, Fortunela contains plenty of dietary fibres which favour the digestive system. In addition, plentiful minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that cleanse the body of harmful substances, preventing malignant diseases.

This fruit is a great source of copper, iron and potassium, which will ensure that your body is functioning normally throughout the day. It will help that all bodies have enough oxygen so as to better distribute the red blood cells. Potassium will make sure that your heart is working better, and blood pressure is normal.

As mentioned above, the kumquat is eaten together with its bark, making it different from other citruses for which is necessary to remove the outer layer. The reason for this lies in the fact that it contains large amounts of essential oils, fibres, and antioxidants. Therefore, these mini oranges are recommended for those who want to do a thorough detoxification of the liver and the whole organism.

To all this we add the fact that the kumquat fruit contains significant amounts of vitamins, and most common are A, C and E. Their combination represents an ideal combination of medicinal substances that your body will protect you from colds, flu and various kinds of inflammation. In addition, their strong activity against toxin immunity provides sufficient strength to protect against the development of serious diseases, such as diabetes, increased blood pressure and colon cancer.

What are the health benefits of kumquat for your body?

It helps wounds heal faster

If you happen to be injured, whether in terms of external wounds or injuries of tendons and ligaments, we encourage you to be sure to consume mini oranges together with bark. The kumquat fruit thanks to the high concentration of vitamin C allows cells to rapidly divide and thus contribute to faster wound healing.

Strengthens the immune system and invigorates the body

In addition to a large amount of the aforementioned vitamin C which helps with injuries, it is also important when it comes to strengthening the defence system of your body. It will effectively help you if you want to protect yourself from all bacterial and viral infections and inflammation. As is available during the winter, kumquat fruit is an ideal ally in the fight against colds and flu.

Against malignant diseases

Since it contains a lot of antioxidants, such as lutein, carotenoids and tianin, a feature that is very important for your body is that it successfully fights against the development of tumours. Flavonoids which are rich in kumquat fruits prevent mutations that lead to the occurrence of cancer, and in the already affected individuals will help in the development and further expansion.

For a better and healthier skin

When we talk about antioxidants, we need to mention how good kumquat is for the skin. In fact, it protects the epidermis and in particular you are advised to consume it if you expose yourself to sunlight. It will block harmful UV rays and prevent damage to the skin, and it will protect you and melanoma. It is very efficient when it comes to removing wrinkles, and in the elderly it removes age spots.

Improves vision and protects your eyes

To its healing properties we add the fact that the combination of vitamin A and beta carotene, which this fruit is abundant in has a very positive effect on eye health and vision alone. If you have problems with the sense of sight, the best solution is to regularly consume kumquat fruits. It will prevent any degenerative changes, and you'll notice significant progress and improvement, and also will reduce the risk of cataracts.

Against sore throat and cough

The fruits of this plant are full of natural sugars and acids, in particular essential oils. Their combination helps with expectoration of secretions from the lungs, it breaks easily and eliminates a very short time. In addition, it will protect the lining of the throat and defend it from all viruses and bacteria that cause inflammation.

Use the mini orange for weight loss

If you are searching for an effective and healthy way to lose excess pounds, mini orange is a safe choice that will delight you. Include it in your daily diet and help your body get rid of excess salt, water and fat. Kumquats for weight loss are an effective solution, but keep in mind that you need to be physically active in order to achieve the best results.

Against kidney stones

The acid from the fruit will help you to prevent the growth and development of kidney stones. Prepare the kumquat juice daily to provide your urinary tract with much-needed minerals and vitamins. They will also prevent the formation of foreign bodies in your kidneys, and if they are already present they will effectively eliminate them from your body.

How to use mini oranges in the diet

There are several ways to consume this delicious fruit. In addition to what can be eaten as fresh, very interesting is kumquat marmalade, and it is possible to find liquor from it.

Because of its characteristic taste, mini oranges are an excellent choice for making cocktails, jelly, and candy, sweet and delicious cakes.

In the southern regions of China since ancient times kumquat liqueur has been prepared and used, which is used as an aperitif but also as a healing potion for the airways.

Kumquats can be added to salads, vegetables or fruits, because it fits very nicely and gives them a nice flavour. Particularly interesting are the ice cream and cakes, which are refreshing and you will surely prepare them for yourself and your family.

Kumquat marmalade recipe

We recommend that you make this cute domestic product and that it occupies a special place in your kitchen. The ingredients you need:
  • 1 kg of kumquat
  • 0.6 kg of sugar

First wash the fruits well and it is best to leave them in the water to stand for at least an hour. Then cut each fruit in half and remove pits. It is important to remove them all because they are very bitter and can ruin the taste of marmalade. Cut kumquat fruit into small pieces and inserted it into the blender to get a soft mixture.

In a saucepan put the fruit and sugar and stir constantly until you notice that the mass is becoming dense. Then reduce the heat and leave it to cook for an hour. When the kumquat jam is ready, pour it into glass jars to the brim. Close them tightly and store in a dark, cool place to rest for at least two days.

Kumquats price in supermarkets and markets

Kumquat price is around 5 dollars per kilogram, so it is a more expensive product. You can get it in supermarkets, as well as in markets with sellers of fruit. If you only want to grow it, you can always get kumquat plants that will make you happy every year with a lot of healthy and tasty fruits.

When it comes to buying a mini oranges, it is necessary to look for fruits that are fuller, and lighter in colour. This is important to know, because only such specimens are mature and full of medicinal and nutritional ingredients which act beneficial to our body. In addition, be sure that you avoid those fruits that are tainted, damaged or where you notice the first signs of rot.

If you are going to eat kumquat fruit in the next 2 to 3 days after purchase, feel free to keep it at room temperature, without fear of rot. However, it is important that you know that it is subjected to deterioration if it is in a warm environment for to long, so we advise you to dispose of it in the refrigerator, and always in a sealed container. This will keep all its freshness and nutrients, and can be consumed at any time in the next two weeks.

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