How to use coconut oil for hair


Coconut oil for hair is more than helpful when it comes to damaged, falling or grey hair. This oil is hiding a lot of healing properties, that are of interest to many in the last few years and the demand on the market is increasing for it. When it comes to health, nutrition, natural cosmetics, coconut oil is unique and has found its application everywhere.

Until recently, its benefits were known only to the inhabitants of the Pacific region and in the last ten years, the interest spread to the rest of the world, particularly to countries of Western Europe. It is almost impossible to share all the recipes in one article but we will be focusing on the application in cosmetics and we will give you advice on how to use coconut oil for hair, and we hope that we will in the following text give you couple of useful advices.


When it comes to coconut oil for hair it should not be neglected that it acts as an excellent conditioner, encourages new growth, renews ends that are cracked, gives hair a healthy and groomed appearance with a beautiful glow, even delays the onset of grey hair. Rubbing and massaging the scalp, gives the skin elasticity, nourishes and softens it.

Coconut oil stimulates the growth of new hair follicles in a way that it literally penetrates the inside of the hair, unlike many products on the market that do this only on the surface. This ability of coconut oil to penetrate into the hair owes to its chemical structure (lauric acid is present almost 50%), as well as to the shape and size of the molecules which are the perfect size for this ability (very small and have a rectilinear structure).

Numerous studies behind these claims are supported by the evidence. One reason for this extensive research was and that woman of Pacific rarely lose their hair, even at old age. It is very easy to find out that even as little girls they began massaging coconut oil in the hair, which is typical in all the tropical regions.
The cosmetic industries learned all of this and literally began to race each other - who is going to make a better and more "natural" product of coconut oil. As usual, there are still some compromises nonetheless and is quite hard to find a high quality and completely natural product that does not contain chemicals in it, so make sure you are buying what you are looking for, an organic coconut oil for hair. Hair care is one of the strongest "niches" in cosmetics manufacturers and brings the most money, scams are always possible, stick to those tested.


In 2012 in the Indian capital a study was conducted in which women used coconut oil before and after washing the hair to determine if it works better on split ends and other damages. It has been concluded that coconut oil for hair acts as a conditioner in both cases, but with somewhat better results if it is applied before the actual washing. This can be explained very simply - a large number of mechanical damages to the hair occurs when washing the hair and even drying.

If coconut oil is previously rubbed on the scalp evenly along the hair, the hair will surely be better protected. The research even went to the extremes where some individual young Indian women held oil up to 14h on the head? This will certainly not be recommend to anyone, though in practice it is feasible if you apply it on the head right before going to sleep, and the next day, rinse the hair with lukewarm water. Maybe you will not reach these 14 hours, but you can certainly try.

Do not overdo it with coconut oil, but dose two tablespoons and apply on hair roots, massage and spread to the ends, because larger dose will unnecessarily stain your pillow and bed linen, and the effect will be the same.


The use of coconut oil for dandruff is nothing new, here is how to apply it yourself:
Rub into the hair a mild herbal shampoo and wait a few minutes to act, then rinse the hair with warm water. Note: Do not use conditioners or regenerators because you will only make things worse. Dry the hair with a towel and then apply a small amount of coconut oil to the scalp gently in a circular motion with the fingertips.

In the case of dandruff, coconut oil for hair is not applied as a conditioner, on the contrary just rub it on your scalp. Leave it for ten minutes, then rinse under running water.

Apply coconut oil each time after washing the hair (2-3 times a week), in the case of severe dandruff or seborrhoea contact a dermatologist, and we recommend that you read our text treating seborrhoea.


Coconut oil for hair can be applied in many different ways. One of them is this recipe to regenerate damaged and split ends.

You need:
  • unrefined coconut oil (cold pressed)
  • half a banana
  • acacia honey or forest honey (2 tablespoons)


In a coffee cup, put a spoon and a half of coconut oil. Now put the whole cup into a larger sauce pan with hot water for it to warm up. When coconut oil melts it is ready for further use. Note: water in sauce pan does not have to be hot or just boiled, hot water from the tap is enough. Now in the second pot mash the bananas and add the tablespoons of local honey and mix well.

When a homogeneous mixture is free of lumps pour coconut oil. Make sure the mixture does not have veins of banana and remove everything that you notice, it is better to remove them there, so they do not end up in the hair, making it difficult to wash and even harder to comb.

Use a strainer to separate small bits or lumps from the mixture. Also stir everything a couple of times more with a spoon to break the remaining lumps. This mask for hair with coconut oil is applied over the entire hair and is kept together with a bag on the head for 40 minutes.

Then rinse and wash your normal shampoo. Coconut oil for is an especially remarkable conditioner. Apply at least twice a week. Try the recipe because it is effective, and in case you do not have time for its preparation, it is enough to apply coconut oil directly to the scalp and spread over the regions and allow it to stand throughout the night as we have said before. Coconut oil for faster hair growth is used in the same way.


You have it everywhere and it is very easy to obtain. Every better equipped herbal pharmacy, health foods and the like have it. Try to get one in its raw form, because only in this state it has all the healing properties of its ingredients.

Somewhere you will also find the term coconut fat, do not confuse it is also coconut oil in its solid state, and as soon as the temperature exceeds 23 degrees it liquefies.

The product is exactly the same, only avoid refined oil which is a lot cheaper, but ask for an unrefined coconut oil because it contains mentioned medicinal ingredients. The price of coconut oil is around 10-12 dollars for a jar of 300-330 grams, depending on the package, there are larger and smaller.

Strong bids for vegetable oils, creams and ointments exist on the Internet, we would say every day they are getting better, and we recommend that you definitely check them before buying something of these sites, because discounts are common. We hope that our article helped you learn something new and interesting.