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Graviola remedy for cancer

Graviola in the last few weeks has been a hit on the Internet! Numerous magazines, Internet portals, groups and pages on FB write about the miraculous plant originally from Central and South America as a natural remedy for cancer. Usually this kind of news "leaks" only after an event related to the pharmaceutical industry. Following these news, we came to stunning information on research related to this plant, but we will write about that later.

Graviola treats cancer

Annona muricata or graviola is a plant that is originally from the rainforests of South and Central America. Its secretion as well as various parts of the tree, including roots, leaves, bark, seeds, and fruit have been used for centuries in folk medicine of the indigenous Amazonia population. Graviola is used for heart disease, arthritis, liver problems, also for the treatment of asthma and etc. All of this was documented by the pharmaceutical companies and was held in the greatest secret. What is known today is that graviola destroys cancer cells in a natural way and selectively destroys cancer cells and has a 10,000 more powerful effect than chemotherapy.
Treatment with graviola - how this miraculous plant works?
  • Destroys cancer cells without side effects (strong nausea, hair loss, sudden weight loss).
  • During treatment graviola noticeably strengthens and protects our immune system.
  • Enhances the life energy of cancer patients and establish the normal function of the internal organs

Many laboratory tests were conducted on extracts from Graviola and one notable laboratory has reached the following results:

Graviola kills and destroys cancer cells of 12 types of cancer (breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic, prostate). On its trees it contains an extract that is 10.000 stronger than cancer drugs which are most commonly used in chemotherapy. Graviola as the drug is effective against fungi, various types of bacteria, parasites, helps with nervous tension and for the treatment of depression, regulates blood pressure and etc. Of course these findings were not easy to come by. In the world we live in a decade or so is needed for this kind of information to leak. Pharmaceutical companies release such news only after they already have their own patent of that drug. Only then it is in their interest is to inform the poblic about the miraculous cure.

With graviola it went a little differently - as in the Spanish novellas!

Graviola against the drug mafia

Pharmaceutical companies that wanted to materialize this discovery encountered a problem in their federal law that says that the natural ingredients cannot be patented, so the company has no way to draw a serious profit from the Graviola tree. In secret they experimented and after 7 years invested in research, tried to synthesize the strongest Graviola ingredient directly from the tree and produce a Graviola clone!!! With such GMOs clone they wanted to enter the market which would certainly earn them a profit. They ran into a wall and millions of dollars were wasted.

Graviola and its original fruit was not replicated, the nature claimed the victory. The entire project was stopped and the company decided not to release a single result, as you will agree is the worst in the whole story. To the public the news leaked because of a man -researcher from the abovementioned Graviola team, who could not apparently live with that and risking his career turned to associations and companies involved in the protection of the Amazon forest and medicinal herbs. Thus the world learned of the miraculous plant from the Amazon. Looking at the documents that were hid from the public for decades, in 1976, the first survey was conducted by the National Centre for Research of cancer. A part from their report said: "Graviola" stems and leaves are effective in attacking and destroying malignant cells. This was never published in internal reports or in public. After this report many others followed also out of the public’s eye.

This could be used to make a real Hollywood blockbuster! The stars themselves in it would act - philanthropists, protectors of the forests ... After that we would after a few years get a completely natural graviola capsules for the treatment of cancer! That's how it usually goes today and is repeatedly confirmed in practice!

Graviola, experiences 

Graviola can now be found in Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and Africa. It thrives in humid climates, in areas with relatively warm winters, because the plant cannot survive in temperatures below 5 degrees.

Graviola juice is made from the fruit that can also be eaten raw. The taste resembles a combination of strawberry, pineapple, coconut and banana – a sweet taste and according to the sources it is very aromatic. 

NOTE: Graviola seeds are toxic and if you acquire this plant, take a particular care to remove them properly.

If you have experience with graviola plant feel free to write your comment!