Ginger and honey for weight loss as a remedy


Ginger and honey have long been used in folk medicine as an excellent natural medicine for many health problems. If they are consumed combined - we will achieve even better results, so we decided to dedicate this article to it.

How to use honey and ginger

Ginger and honey have a multiple effect on a high cholesterol and that has been scientifically proven, these two ingredients also soothe nervous stomach and prevent bloating of the stomach, they are excellent for strengthening the immune system, erectile dysfunction, effective against persistent cough, rheumatoid arthritis, reduce stress and eliminate tension, they are great in the fight against free radicals and therefore are a good prevention of cancer, and even in the treatment of cancer as part of other natural therapies.

There are numerous testimonies, comments and experiences of people on social networks that have used ginger with honey after chemotherapy and they significantly improved their health and their lives went back to normal. Ginger and honey have and anti-inflammatory effect and significantly reduce the levels of cytokines in the body. In addition to alleviating the sensation of pain, they prevent the onset of chronic inflammation in the body, and can also alleviate existing inflammation. It's great that both raw and heat-treated ginger have exactly the same properties.
Previous studies have shown that pain medication can increase the risk of various health problems, including vision problems, accumulation of excess weight, shortness of breath, cardiac arrhythmia, muscle weakness, depression, rise of blood pressure, anxiety, migraine headaches, chest pains, problems with sleeping, slow wound healing, acne and many others. Knowing all this it is easy to conclude that the honey and ginger are far better than painkillers. In the following article we will deal with losing weight. Let’s start with the recipes.

Ginger and honey against cough

This is a ginger tea to which we add the domestic honey.
  • To prepare this recipe you will need a normal size ginger root (preferably fresh), which needs to be cleaned and cut into thin circles. Put the water to boil and insert the rings and cook for no more than 15 minutes. Remove from heat, cover and allow it at least fifteen minutes to rest. Filter the tea into a larger bowl and add to it about two sizeable tablespoons of natural honey, which will significantly contribute to a better taste of this beverage.

Ginger and honey are strong antioxidants which in combination with each other enhance the effect. Our recommendation is that you add half a lemon to the chilled tea, when honey is mixed, in order not to destroy the valuable vitamin C at high temperatures.

Ginger, honey and lemon are a remarkable trio that will strengthen the immune system, prevent colds, prevent the occurrence of respiratory diseases and fix your health in general. The beverage relieves symptoms of diseases like bronchitis and bronchial asthma. Drink a cup of tea as a preventive for your health, and in case of illness ginger and honey for cough are recommended to be consumed 3 times a day.

Honey and ginger for good immunity

Almost every recipe that we make out of these two ingredients is excellent for strengthening the immune system. Here is a very simple one.
  • Take two ginger roots, wash them well and finely grate, add them to a bigger glass jar in which you already out a pound local natural honey. Take one tablespoon of this natural medicine during the day before major meals.

Ginger and honey out of the jar is best taken with a plastic or wooden spoon and metal spoon should not be used. The effects of health improvement will be noticed after a few days of consumption.

Natural remedy for the potency out of ginger

Honey and ginger are very successfully used for erectile dysfunction. Honey has long been known to stimulate blood circulation in the capillaries, and gives extra energy and strength to our body, while our other spicy condiment is able to quickly supply our sexual organs with blood. We therefore conclude that the ginger with honey is a very powerful natural aphrodisiac.

Against high cholesterol take honey with ginger.

High cholesterol along with high blood pressure is one of the most common diseases of our time. Ginger can certainly help in cutting bad cholesterol especially if you use it with the addition of local honey. Apply any of the recipes for ginger and honey that we wrote up and the results will follow.

This it is not just supposition or  speculation, it has been confirmed by numerous scientific studies that have been published in reputable medical journals, where it is explained in detail how this spice activates enzymes in the body that stimulate the body to increase the use of cholesterol, which will result in the reduction of cholesterol in the blood.

Experiments have been made on animals which prove that ginger lowers high cholesterol. For many, the taste of the spices is too hot and is our recommendation is to combine it with honey.

Honey and ginger against bloated stomach

Nervous stomach, bloating of abdomen and frequent burping are just some of the symptoms that occur with gastritis. Ginger and honey will help in the treatment of this disease and ultimately successfully remove uncomfortable and above all unpleasant symptoms. It will reduce nausea in stomach and will contribute significantly to easier and better digestion of food, primarily thanks to the ginger which soothes the stomach lining. Honey is known to be extremely good tool for the stomach so these two ingredients complement each other extraordinarily and achieved far better results if they are combined together.

Ginger during pregnancy; YES or NO

The answer that many pregnant women are interested is very simple – YES, ginger during pregnancy is safe to consume. 

Mothers who are troubled by frequent nausea are free to use ginger and honey in tea, as they will with their combined action alleviate the existing problems and will significantly reduce the gag feeling. Take care not to drink excessive amounts of it, but limit yourself to a cup a day. Either way consult about this with your doctor who monitors the pregnancy.

Ginger tea for pregnant women; preparation
  • 1/2 a teaspoon of grated ginger root cover with boiling water and let it stand for ten minutes
  • Then filter and drink in small sips, add local honey to improve its taste

Pregnant women are not the only one who can consume ginger tea with honey. Anybody who has nausea during long car trips can use it. You can read more in the article kinetose-travelling sickness. 

Ginger and honey with lemon against headaches
  • For tea you need 2 teaspoons of fresh ginger (also dried), 2.5 l of water, half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey to add after the beverage cools. As soon as you feel the symptoms of migraine, start drinking tea for at least 4-5 days.

Honey and ginger for weight loss recipes

In our previous articles, honey water, honey and cinnamon for weight loss and the like, we have found that honey is more effective than lose weight.

When you add a remarkable spice such as ginger to honey, the results are even better. The ginger root helps better digestion of starch foods, eliminates constipation and bloating of the stomach, lowers cholesterol, helps better salivation, in a word, significantly speeds up the metabolism which are all prerequisites for healthy weight loss.

Therefore, ginger diet is recommended to all of you who want a slim figure and slender waist. It is enough that with proper diet you add this seasoning in food.

Ginger tea for weight loss; preparation

Take ginger root medium-sized and chop it into rings. Place the slices in a saucepan and cover with two litres of water and cook for 25 minutes. Remove from the heat and wait until it cools down. Add some local honey and lemon juice (to taste).

Ginger, honey and lemon for weight loss are particularly effective for removing fat from the stomach, it is best to drink 1/2 a cup before and after eating.

Cinnamon, cloves and ginger for weight loss
  • Mix 30 grams of each of these ingredients, and drink every morning half an hour before meals, half a teaspoon of mixture stir in 1-2 dl of water.
  • Note: The drink should not be used longer than a month, and feel free to add a little honey.

Ginger and honey user’s experiences

We hope that each of our dear readers will find a useful recipe in this article and that they will do their best to implement it in practice. When it comes to ginger and honey we are very interested in your experiences and comments, feel free to comment here. These two components will favourably affect the thyroid gland, the body heat, increase our mental capacity, reduce pain and reduce stress. If you have another recipe freely write it down in a review, and we will publish it here and on our FB page.