Fast 5-2 diet experiences and recipes

How effective is the fast 5-2 diet

In the past year, 5-2 diet has awakened a great interest and attention of people around the world. First of all, we all know how many other diets seem really exhausting, requiring strict adherence to some norms, are not fit for your body and you do not move at the end of the scale in the manner that you want.

If you are tired of experimenting and unsuccessful attempts to lose weight, we will present diet that is not too different from the everyday habits of an average man when it comes to food, not restrictive and, most importantly, it gives great results. Therefore, below you will find out what 5-2 diet can give you and what are the experiences of people who have tried it.

What kind of seven-day diet this really is?

The name itself 5-2 diet stands for that it comes to a whole week, during which five days you eat the foods you normally eat, and during the two days you reduce the intake of foods and their caloric value at a low level. If this seems strange and confusing, you do not need to worry, because in fact it only lasts during these two days that represent a particular type fasting.

The principle of this diet is to reduce the intake of calories that are the biggest culprits for the deposition of fat in the body. During the five (aka. The ordinary) days, it is necessary that their level is 2000 kcal for women and 2400 kcal for men a day. Of course, one should not strictly count every calorie and it is quite normal that you sometimes partially cross that figure. As far as the food is concerned, it must be varied, so that your body has enough vitamins and minerals which are responsible for its proper functioning. Therefore, 5-2 diet does not mean starvation or waiver from your favourite foods!
The hard part of this diet are fasting days. First of all, you must know that just keeping the classic fasting for the human body is the healthiest and most natural way of cleansing the body of toxins, without any unintended consequences.

Select any two days in a week that will be reserved for the fasting, because you will be allowed to consume 500 calories (for women) or 600 calories (for men). It is important that those days are not connected to one another, but between them is a gap of at least 24 hours. To help determine which foods fit the most into this framework, the following text will give an example of a regular menu, as well as the menu for the lean days that 5-2 diet recommends.

It is very helpful if you are physically active, so apply some form of aerobic exercise, cycling, and walking daily. Of course, it is essential that the daily diet contains at least 2 litres of water, which will provide a regular hydration of the body, and it is desirable that the consumption of alcohol is completely eliminated during the application of this diet.

How does diet have to look during the regular days?

As already mentioned, during the five days of this diet you can eat the foods you normally eat, just as the daily intake should be 2,000 calories for women and 2400 kcal for men. In order to succeeded, and not bother with counting calories, all you need to do is pay attention to what you eat; less artificial sugars, fats and alcohol.

Enrich your diet with foods that are rich in easily digestible fibre, protein, and if you are a fan of sweets, eat them with natural sugars.

As always, follow the principle that you have three meals a day, because 5-2 diet gives the best results if you just do not skip meals and thus wean your body to properly digest all the food. Healthy snacks are of course desirable, and you are advised to choose fruits or a cup of low fat yogurt.

Avoid fast foods, because they are very unhealthy and harmful to your blood vessels, due to the fact that such foods are prepared in oils that are saturated and do not change regularly. You will be delighted by the fact that the 5-2 diet allows eating a piece of cake during the regular days, some chocolate and homemade ice cream, but it is desirable to do some of the sports or physical activity in order for your body to use up all the energy it consumed through food.

Adjust the menu for two feasting days

Fasting days of 5: 2 diet can represent a real challenge to some individuals, given the fact that the daily food intake should be no more than 500 calories for women and 600 for men. At first glance it may seem quite difficult to get through a whole day with this small energy values. However, it is not impossible.
  • During these days for breakfast you can eat: a non-fat yogurt, boiled eggs, apples, oranges, pieces of black bread, omelette of two eggs, grapefruit;
  • Lunch: soup from a bag, smoked salmon, cauliflower, tuna salad, tomato, chicken breast;
  • Dinner: rice, eggplant, peas, asparagus, lots of feta cheese or salmon.

To illustrate the ways in which you can prepare your meals during these two days, we will give you a meal suggestions to help you meet your daily needs, and at the same time you will not feel hungry or uncomfortably malaise.

If it happens that during the fasting days you exceed the limit of 500 calories, you do not need to despair. It is normal that during this period you enter up to 700 kcal, because it will not have a big impact. However, please note that this should not be your regular habit, but strive to hold the prescribed daily amount of calories. Fast 5-2 diet is only effective if you have a strong will, and if you are persistent in order to get rid of excess weight.

Recipes for the first fasting day; total of 479 calories

To start this first day of fasting, 5-2 diet suggests a daily menu.

Breakfast: 94 kcal

Prepare an omelette from two eggs and add a few leaves of spinach. This meal provides you with a sufficient amount of protein, healthy cholesterol, fibre and iron, which are a great combination for a healthy start of the day.

Lunch: 132 kcal

Chicken miso soup that requires only ten minutes to prepare. You will need to get 30 grams of Japanese miso seasoning, which can be found in health food stores. Then one chicken fillet, clove garlic, ½ a teaspoon of ginger, 8 shiitake mushrooms (or ordinary button mushrooms), soy sauce, if desired, and a quarter of a cabbage head.

Put 0.6 litres of water to boil and add the miso seasoning. Add the remaining ingredients and allow it to gradually heat for about 10 minutes. Then add the chopped kale and cook for 3 minutes, after which you can serve the soup.

Snack: 42 kcal

For this snack you can use two mandarins that your 5-2 diet suggests as they will eliminate the possible occurrence of famine with their vitamins and natural sugars.

Dinner: 211 kcal

For dinner we suggest a delicious and easy meal that is very popular in the Mediterranean countries, and it is a tomato stuffed with rice the Moroccan way. For its preparation it takes about half an hour, and you will enjoy it. You need to get four large tomatoes, a flask, two tablespoons of pine nuts, one onion, 6 dried apricots, 250 grams of cooked rice and Mediterranean seasonings according to your taste.

Preparing the recipe:
Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, and during that time, wash and cut the tops of tomatoes so that the top part remains to serve as a lid. The interior needs to be carefully scooped out with a spoon and be mixed with other ingredients. In a pan, pour a little olive oil and add the grated gourd, pine nuts, finely chopped dried apricots and spices. Fry this mixture in oil for about five minutes, then add the central part of the tomatoes and leave for about a minute on the fire and then remove. Add to the pan cooked rice and stir until it all blends together. Take a spoon and fill the tomatoes with this mixture and place in a baking pan to bake 15 to 20 minutes at 180 degrees. 
The second fasting day: 493 calories

For the second day of fasting of 5-2 diet the following recipe is recommended:

Breakfast: 94 kcal

Make a mixture of 4 cleaned and chopped almonds, one tablespoon of raisins and half a cup of fat free Greek yogurt (or a whole cup of kefir). Fibres and bacteria will start and prepare the digestive system, a natural sugar from grapes will provide a great amount of energy.

Lunch: 107 kcal

Spanish tortilla with Jerusalem artichoke is the perfect choice for healthy and light lunch that will also saturate. It is necessary to obtain 300 grams of Jerusalem artichokes, 500 g of larger potatoes, one white onion, six eggs and parsley if desired.
First clean the Jerusalem artichokes and potatoes and cut them into cubes, then add them to the pan with a little olive oil and fry over medium heat. Then add the garlic, a little salt and cover for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. 
Meanwhile, beat the eggs in a large bowl, add them to the mixture from the pan and mix well. In the larger pan add a little olive oil and warm over medium heat. Then add the mass from the containers in it and sometimes remove the edges from the pan with the spoon. After five minutes, reduce the heat and cover and leave for about 3 to 5 minutes. Then remove from heat to a stand and when it cools enough to hold the cover and rotate the pan so the tortilla remains on the lid.
Snack: 42 kcal

The same as in the previous feasting days, you can use two mandarins.

Dinner: 250 kcal

Prepare chicken breasts with pepper. You need to get half of chicken breasts, one red and one green bell pepper, 250 ml of chicken soup, salt, pepper, oregano.
Season the chicken with salt and pepper to taste, and in the larger skillet heat the oil. Then add the meat and fry it until it becomes brown on each side for 5 minutes until it takes on rosy colour. Then take it out and put it on a larger plate and cover it. 
Wash, clean and cut both peppers into cubes. In another pan, add chicken soup and let it boil, then you should add the oregano and paprika. Cook for about 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Prepare the gustin in a special container with 2 ml of water and then add it to the pan and allow it to boil stirring constantly. After two minutes, the pan needs to be removed from heat and pour the sauce over the chicken and serve.
5-2 diet experiences and users results

I feel really satisfied, mainly because I lost 5 kilograms. The first days of fasting have been very challenging, but I have a strong will to beat the hunger pangs. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a healthy way to lose weight, and to be healthy and fit at the same time! - Bojan, 26

5-2 diet helped me to cleanse the body of toxins because of the medications that I had to drink for a couple of months. Besides improving my blood count, I decided to reduce the excess fat around the waist so I lost 6 kg for about a month and a half. - Jacqueline, 32

A few months ago I decided to get back in shape, but a big problem for me was to find a suitable diet. I could not lose weight as much as I wanted, I tried various diets but without success. The instructor told me that there is a diet called 5-2 and to be sure I need to try it. I must say that in three weeks I lost 4 kilograms, and at the same time I have not undermined any health or lost muscle mass. I continued to further apply it and I am very satisfied with my appearance and health. - Peter, 40

After the delivery, I was quite troubled with excess weight, and I tried various diets that were very exhausting and at the end it always happened that the pounds came back. The doctor gave me the advice that the best diet for weight loss is 5-2. After two months I lost about 5 kg, but I did not give up, but I have moved on. Now, after half a year I was lighter by 12 kilograms, and I plan to continue with the application until I manage to get into the same clothes as before birth! - Ivana, 29

What are the main benefits of the seven days diet?
  1. Analysis of British experts has established that this diet can help you improve your memory, and in extreme cases can prevent the occurrence of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
  2. Fasting days seem beneficial to the digestive system, because it helps the intestine to rest from digestion and better absorption of nutrients carried.
  3. 5-2 diet helps accelerate metabolism, and many nutritionists believe that this may result to have an extension of life expectancy.
  4. Significantly reduces the risk of many chronic diseases, especially type 2 diabetes.
  5. It works on revitalizing your body, because 5-2 diet decreases hormone levels that lead to accelerated aging, causes the body to eliminate the toxins, which significantly reduces the possibility of contracting malignant diseases.

Important notes and advices
  • Make sure that after the fasting days you do not exceed the planned caloric intake, because otherwise there will be a binge that will shock the body and result in unwanted weight gain.
  • The diet should be rich in foods containing vitamins and minerals, in order to avoid the occurrence of side effects such as insomnia, bad breath, dehydration, anxiety and so on.
  • It is not advisable to apply 5-2 diet during pregnancy because it can have negative consequences both for the mother and the child.
  • People suffering from Type 1 diabetes are also not advised to apply this diet because it may seem exhausting on the body.
  • 5-2 diet is favourable for those who need to lose weight before surgery, while on the other side it is not recommended for persons undergoing post-operative period and recovering from intervention.

This diet is one of the simplest, it can be applied by both women and men, and the results provided are quite surprising. The fact is that you are only during the fasting days of a diet and during the rest of the week you are on a regular diet.

If you follow these simple method 5-2 diet will yield results within five days. You can lose up to 6 kg, and most importantly, the kilograms will not come back because there is no appearance of yo-yo effect!