Sleeping sickness, narcolepsy symptoms and treatment

What is narcolepsy and how to treat it?

Narcolepsy is a disorder of the central nervous system, which greatly reduces the quality of life. It is an incurable disease but some plants can alleviate symptoms. Among them is certainly one of best known as kava-kava herb, and we will say more about it in the article.

A chronic disorder that manifests in the irresistible feeling for sleep is called narcolepsy and occurs during the day at various intervals, and it invariably ends with a couple of minutes sleep wherever the person is found. It is often accompanied by immediate loss of muscle tone, causing you to drop anything that you have been holding, knocking of the knees and even falling, while sometimes hallucinations can occur after waking up.

What are the most common symptoms of narcolepsy? 

The first signs and symptoms of the disease should be taken very seriously and immediate medical attention sought after in order for an adequate treatment to start. As it happens the patient can have six attacks of sleep during the day that sometimes last up to 20 minutes. The quality of life and ability to work are drastically reduced because of narcolepsy.

In addition, narcoleptic can be often found in situations that threaten his life, especially when driving a car, which represents a big risk.
Sleep attacks occur when walking, driving, food consumption, during job interviews and all other daily activities. A person in such situations can easily wake up.

What characterizes the sleeping sickness?

Muscle weakness (cataplexy) - most commonly caused by strong emotions such as laughter, anger, surprise, and even orgasm. It can be generalized, but localized on the face or legs. Patients are usually conscious during the attack.

Hipnagog hallucinations - narcolepsy is characterized by them, and it is a vivid, often frightening, dreamlike experience that occurs most often when the patient falls asleep or awakening.

Hipnagog paralysis - attack of disability occurs in parallel with hallucinations. Sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to talk or move when the patient falls asleep. It may take a few seconds to several minutes. Although the experience is often disturbing, this condition is not dangerous.

When the uncontrollable desire for sleep occurs? 

The narcolepsy usually occurs in the twenties and it is a genetic disorder caused by a loss of cells containing the protein hypocretin - (orexin) and is located in the hypothalamus. It is estimated that the world's three million people suffer from the disease.

Experts warn that the narcoleptics often face a lack of understanding from the family and the environment; they are losing their jobs, and are isolated from the society. Due to poor awareness of this disease, several years ago marked the European Day against narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy is a disorder of the central nervous system whose mechanism of still not precisely understood. According to the latest findings, it is the abnormal structure and functioning of certain groups of nerve cells (neurons hypocretin) in the part of the brain - the hypothalamus, secreting certain chemicals that transmit messages to other cells.

Scientists believe that narcolepsy causes disorders in the composition of these chemicals, and it may be of genetic origin. It is believed that relatives of narcoleptics may have more tendencies to develop the disease or related sleep abnormalities, such as increased daytime sleepiness, acceleration REM sleep.

Recent research, carried out in China, suggests action influenza virus, H1N1, primarily, is a trigger for the development of the disease such as narcolepsy.

How to properly diagnose it?

Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) and assessment by Epworth scale are standard tests for the diagnosis of disorders such as narcolepsy, and other diseases. When testing, the patients quickly fall asleep; they fall in REM more quickly and wake up during the night.

By using polysomnography, other sleep disorders that cause excessive daytime sleepiness can be discovered. It registers the time needed to reach different levels of sleep, as well as the speed onset of REM sleep.

Epworth scale is a short questionnaires to detect sleep disorders, in which narcolepsy certainly leads. 

Sleeping sickness can be eliminated with nutrition

Some studies have shown that the protein influence the levels of our awareness. According to the results of these studies, the level of energy that keeps us awake depends on orexin cells responsible for secretion of substances that stimulate the brain and which cause irregular sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, and weight gain.

After extensive analysis, the scientists concluded that the amino acids that are formed by decomposition of proteins further stimulate orexin cells much more than any other nutrients, including sugar.

So plant and animal proteins should be eaten, and giving the preference to non-fat meat, young cheese and yogurt, eggs, beans, soybeans, lentils and nuts.

You should exclude bacon, ham, hot dogs, sausages, cream, fatty cheeses, fat, fried and fried foods, egg yolks, salty snacks, cakes and pastries.

Light outdoors physical activity is required

People with the disease such as narcolepsy, must adopt a certain way of life, to regularly sleep in the afternoon, avoid monotonous activities and tasks, too hot rooms and warmth in general, and to exercise daily because it promotes alertness and increases energy.

Fresh air also helps so the physical activity outdoors is a great stimulus for all those suffering from narcolepsy.

How to wake up in order to study in a natural way

Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder, which influences the concentration and attention. It usually affects people in their twenties. This is why students fall into one of the most vulnerable categories, if you recognize yourself in this - do not worry, because phytotherapy has a solution for this problem. We have prepared some great recipes and useful tips, which are completely natural, so first things first.

Make a ​​rosemary tea if you constantly feel like sleeping
  • This hot drink is a great beverage for those who want to wake up and in the combination with the bath of rosemary the effects are even better. And tea and bath are to be used in the morning or during the day, not at night because it can cause insomnia.

The plant, which soothes rather than putting to sleep

An ideal choice is a kava-kava herb, which can be used during the day as it keeps you awake, but at night it gives a calming effect and provides a quality sleep, which is necessary for people who suffer from narcolepsy.

From the kava-kava root the tea is prepared, but it can be chewed or taken in capsule form. This herb should not be used without consulting a qualified person first, as it is not advisable for people who suffer from depression and those taking antidepressants, antipsychotics and barbiturates.

Popular guarana for a quick awakening

Contains caffeine and other alkaloids - theobromine and theophylline, however, it is used to stimulate the central nervous system, metabolism and acts as a diuretic. So, guarana has the ability to wake you up, but it should be used moderately in the form of natural beverages. It is not advisable to consume it in the late afternoon so as not to disrupt the night's sleep.

Eat spicy foods

By eating spicy food you will raise your body temperature and reduce the total number of hours spent sleeping, this was confirmed by numerous studies. It has been proven that these foods have an immediate affect when it comes to waking up and if you were diagnosed with narcolepsy or you are just constantly sleeping, you should definitely consume it more often.