Red meat in the diet yes or no


Recently, we often have the opportunity to hear how red meat can cause a variety of health problems such as cancer and heart disease, and that it should necessarily be out of the diet, if we want to preserve your health. However, some recent studies suggested a completely different scenario, when it comes to organic products, these foods are recommended in the diet 2 to 3 times a week. What is truly happening and why was it like this for decades, find out in the article.

What are the health benefits of red meat?

Red meat is essential to our body, but this applies only to that of organic origin, which is not industrially processed because it contains many beneficial ingredients. It is one of the most nutritious foods, rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and many other valuable elements that we need.

Raw ground beef, for example, with vitamin B12, iron, zinc and selenium, as well as other important nutrients such as creatine (substance that supplies energy to muscle cells) and carnosine (amino acid dipeptide known for its beneficial antioxidant properties) is great for us and these substances cannot be found in other types of foods.
The lack of these nutrients, according to the experts, may adversely affect the various aspects of health, including muscle and brain function. That's why it is important for red meat to be included in the diet. We should not take into consideration the quality of the food, but also take into account its quantity - it is enough to eat it two to three times a week.

Today there are a few "primitive", indigenous groups of people in the world, characterized by the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. These tribal cultures live apart from modern civilization, such as the Masai tribe in Africa, as well as the Inuit (Eskimos) in cold, northern regions of Canada. Easily their diet is rich with raw meat, they do not suffer from obesity, acne, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

In situations where this culture gradually adopted foods like sugar, refined foods and oil - are quickly becoming susceptible to the diseases of a "modern man", suggesting that the industrial processing of foods is one of the major causes of various diseases.

Red meat (not) causes cancer

In many studies done in the last decade of the 20th century featured a possible link between red meat and cancer. The authors of the study published in the journal "Cancer Research" in May 1994 - pointed out that people who eat beef, pork, lamb or other red meat, have a slightly increased risk of illness. But this information lacks concrete description of the foods themselves - whether they were crude, have been prepared or processed.

It should also be brought to mind that the animals are mainly fed with various food concentrates, with the massive use of antibiotics, and we are rarely able to consume in the daily diet healthy organic products.

What is the effect of red meat on cardiovascular problems?

The ways in which red meat can affect human health, has been studied in many studies, and some of them support the fact that it is harmful and can cause cardiovascular disease, diabetes and premature death. In contrast, in a review of 20 studies performed on this, published in the journal "Circulation" in June 2010, the authors concluded that, in fact, only the consumption of processed meat products may be the cause of the aforementioned problems.

Preparation of meat is the most important

The method of preparation greatly influences its health benefits. Namely, if it is exposed to high temperatures, red meat may in itself form harmful, cancer-causing components. In a study published in the journal "Cancer Science" in April 2004 - it was pointed out that research has led to the discovery of a series of mutagenic and carcinogenic heterocyclic amines, which are formed during thermal processing of meat foods at high temperatures.

In order to avoid these carcinogenic and mutagenic factors, experts recommend that the meat dishes are prepared at moderate temperatures, as well as certain products are to be consumed even in its raw state. If you cannot avoid this kind of preparation, make sure that you do not burn the flesh and remove the charred parts before eating.

Therefore, if you follow these instructions - preparing this food properly, be sure to incorporate high-quality red meat in your menu. You will get all important nutrients, but be careful about combining groceries. Do not overdo it, and serve it twice a week and make sure that you obtain it from the well checked place.