How to make celery and lemon juice


Celery juice has many health benefits, even though among the people it is not one of the most favourable vegetables. The healing properties of this plant come into play if you grind it in order to get a bigger dose of beneficial nutrients and ingredients.

This article will reveal why drinking celery juice is good for preventing infection and disease, as it protects your cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of cancer, cleanses your body, makes the skin more beautiful, reduces stress and helps improve the quality of sleep and lots more. Stay with us, if you want to learn more about this topic.

How to use celery as a medicine

Celery is a biennial herbaceous plant that grows from the Atlantic coast of Western Europe, across the Mediterranean and North Africa, to India. It can grow up to one meter in height, it has a fleshy stem and spindle-shaped root, with a characteristic odour. It is known to man since the dawn of recorded history. Celery played the role of a noble plant associated with the rituals for the afterlife - in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun necklaces made out of leaves and flowers of celery where found, Greeks were weaving wreaths from the leaves of wild celery for the winners of the Nemean Games, but also they made funeral wreaths and  decorations out of it.

Hippocrates used to recommend celery juice to people suffering from anxiety. The first written trace of celery cultivation occurs in the 16th century. The primary objective was to reduce the bitterness and enhance the natural sweetness of the plant, later other features were changed, and so today we have two US sub species with extremely developed fleshy stems - white and green varieties. There is also an European (also known as Oriental) celery grown with a similar white beet root and thin stems.

Due to its typically bitter taste, wild celery is considered to be toxic in some nations. With cultivated celery, only the leaves contain a certain amount of bitter substances, so they are rarely used fresh, but dry when it comes to cooking. This vegetable is highly valued in the cooking world as a component of basic foods (soups, sauces), as well as a separate food items, like baked and mashed celery root and potatoes, or fresh light salad stalks with soft cheese, tuna , olives and radish, and of course as a celery juice. Chopped celery seeds can be mixed into the dough of bread or they can be sprinkled over before baking.
Celery juice in folk medicine

Due to its healing properties, celery juice is the ingredient of a traditional medicine since forever, and its effectiveness is confirmed by modern science stating that virtually all its parts have a positive effect on high blood pressure, cholesterol, rheumatism, insomnia, allergies..

We are going to mention some useful substances: vitamins, vitamin C, then it is full with B-vitamins, choline, carotene and vitamin E. Useful minerals from the celery juice are: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus; all parts of the plant contain essential oils, which are responsible for the characteristic aroma, then pentose sugar, coumarin, essential amino acids asparagines, tyrosine and to a lesser extent it contains fat.

Stems and roots, and in particular celery seeds contain essential oil, which contain n-3-butilftalid (or phthalide), a compound which is confirmed by a modern medicine that has a very positive effect on the lowering of high blood pressure. The phthalide relaxes the muscles of blood vessels, allowing them to spread, which leads to lower blood pressure and better peripheral circulation.

The root and the celery seeds have a positive effect on the nervous system; they help with milder forms of tension, stress and fatigue.

Celery juice acts as a mild diuretic, like parsley. As a result, it can be used as an auxiliary means in treatment of rheumatism, gout, arthritis, swelling associated with cardiovascular illnesses, kidney stones and bladder, followed by urinary tract infections, as well as in regulating weight. Since it stimulates kidneys, celery is a regular ingredient in teas and herbal cocktails that help in detoxifying the body, where it removes toxins from the liver and the bloodstream.

Folk medicine recommends a remedy against asthma and persistent cough in the form of a candy made out of a densely cooked celery root with untreated sugar for calming the urge to cough.

How to use celery and lemon against cholesterol

New studies have shown positive results when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels if you drink celery juice. It showed a significant increase in the secretion of bile, which plays an important role in eliminating cholesterol from the body. This mild beverage is particularly recommended to people who have elevated levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

To prepare the celery juice you need the following:

  • 4 lemons,
  • 500g fresh celery stalk
  • 1 litre of water.

Boil the water and allow it to cool to a normal room temperature. Lemon is used with its bark that is full of useful ingredients, so it is advisable to find some organic lemons, or at least ones that you know are not sprayed. In any case, wash the lemon and cut it into pieces. Cut the celery stalks into smaller parts, insert it into a blender together with lemon and grind it to a smooth pulp. Add a litre of boiled water and let it to rest for the next 24 hours, then filter it through a clean cloth and drink 50ml of the beverage three times a day before every meal.

How good is celery as an aphrodisiac?

All parts of the plant contain androsterone, a male pheromone that stimulates sexual attraction in women. Androsterone is a product of the metabolism of testosterone and an important link in the chain of male hormones. Celery juice stimulates the large gland that releases the sex hormones - the pituitary gland.

According to some studies, the chemical compounds in celery affect the pituitary gland and regulate the level and effect of sex hormones in the body. The smell of celery is similar to the male pheromone, and you will increase the chances of seduction because celery acts as an aphrodisiac for women.

The actual effect of celery juice needs more detailed research but previous studies have shown that drinking celery juice in normal amounts can improve the sex lives of people.

How to use celery and lemon for weight loss?

Due to its low energy value, (about 100g of root and leaves have only 14 calories), celery is an excellent ingredient in diets for weight control. Fresh celery juice is used for this. Some authors even claim that celery has a negative energy balance, ie. it takes more energy to digest celery than its energy value really is.

Celery and lemon juice for weight loss and cleaning is made very easy; it is extremely effective because it helps with fat loss. Celery and lemon are a great combination to stimulate digestion and fat burning. Celery juice will help settle the stomach after eating food that is difficult to digest.

This celery juice is made from the following ingredients:

  • 400 grams of celery root,
  • 1 kilo of lemons,
  • 2 litres of water.

Grate the celery, or grind in Bender. Add 2 litres of water and grated lemon rind. Cook for 20 minutes and allow it to cool and rest for 5-6 hours. Squeeze the juice from 1 kg of lemon and add it to a mixture. Strain through a clean cloth and store in glass bottles in a cool place. Drink 1 dl of celery juice just before meals. If desired, it can be diluted with a little water.

Celery juice for weight lost – The Green Terminator

This "green terminator" will deal with the fatty deposits in your body.

Ingredients that you need to make this celery beverage are:

  • A cup of fresh spinach leaves,
  • ½ a cup of chopped cucumber,
  • 2 celery stalks,
  • Half a banana,
  • Half a cup of chopped pineapple,
  • Half a cup of water (100ml)
  • 4 ice cubes


Grind all the ingredients in a blender and add water and ice until you get a creamy mixture of green. Drink celery juice immediately after preparation. The beverage contains about 200 calories, 21 grams of protein and 5 grams of carbohydrates and it serve as a substitute for a meal.


What are the experiences with the celery juice?

Celery juice is recommended for pregnant women because of its rich vitamin and mineral content. It is gentle and reliable regulator of blood sugar levels. During the last trimester of pregnancy, celery, as well as foods rich in silicon, play an essential role in maintaining the elasticity of the skin, which is exposed to the significant pressures and stretching.

Chewing fresh celery stalk removes bad breath due to its essential oils that have antibacterial and refreshing effect. Besides that celery juice proved to be excellent for high blood pressure and against diabetes. The maximum value of raw celery is reflected in the unusually high percentage of organic sodium, which contains calcium in soluble form.

Calcium is one of the most important elements in our diet, but it is necessary for it to be in an organic form. When cooking or processing our favourite foods that contain calcium, the mineral is automatically converted to inorganic atoms which are not soluble in water and can feed the cells that are necessary for the regeneration of body.

Furthermore, enzymes are destroyed at temperatures of 60 ° C and transformed into dead matter. Such foods block the entire system and cause arthritis, diabetes, heart disorders, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, as well as the creation of gallstones and kidney. Therefore one should drink freshly squeezed celery juice because of the presence of an organic sodium, as well as other elements, inorganic calcium (which melts by itself), and thus it is more easily eliminated from the body, and thus prevents the occurrence of these diseases.