Homemade nettle juice recipe


The juice of the nettle is traditionally used by herbalists to clean and improve the blood, but the drink is becoming increasingly popular as a refreshing drink if we add oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits with a little ice. It is considered to be one of the healthiest herbs on the planet. How to independently prepare this juice in your house? On this occasion, we give you four excellent suggestions for healing juice and syrup, as well as a recipe for nettle tea, tincture and medicinal bath. Whichever option you choose it is up to you, our recommendation is to try all of them - because with nettle you can never go wrong.


Nettle is a very widespread herbaceous plant. Moist and nutritious soil is excellent place for her to thrive. It can grow up to one meter in height. The leaves are oblong (3-15 cm) egg-shaped, the edges are serrated, green in colour and they grow opposite of each other. Both sides of leaves are covered with short, soft hairs. The stem is square. And the leaves and stems are covered with a fragile, long hair, full of acids (histamine and formic acid), which burns, stings and causes irritation.

Nettle plant is harvested in the spring and in the fall. As soon as it grows to about 20cm in height, it should be cut, precisely because its young leaves are the best as well as the top of the plant which are used to make a nettle juice for anaemia. It grows in the lowlands and in the high mountains, you can always find it in the most neglected places around towns, near the road, next to the fence, abandoned orchards and fields, marshes and other similar places.
Nettles are also specific because they most often grow in groups. They bloom in the period from 5th to 9th month (May - September). Other names for this plant include: grilled, common nettle, horse nettle and its Latin name is Urtica Dioica.


All parts of nettle have healing properties: stems, leaves, roots and flowers. This plant would disappear from the earth if it did not have its stinging hairs -simply because insects and other animals would eat it. Natural juice of the nettle is the best medicine for cleaning and improving blood in your body. It has a positive effect on the pancreas and helps to reduce the felling of high blood sugar. Nettle plant treats urinary infections and stimulates better bowel movements and improves the entire digestive tract. That's why it's recommended for a spring cleaning of the body.

In herbal medicine, nettle tea achieves excellent results with liver and gall bladder disease, as well as sleep disorders, tumours of spleen, stomach cramps, ulcers, and other lung diseases. Nettle tea is drunk for 28 days. Never let it boil, as this will destroy the most precious ingredients. Drink one cup every day. You can preventively drink it throughout the year, because it is perfect for the prevention of all the listed problems.

It helps with bacterial and viral infections. If you are anaemic, have a lack of iron in your body, you are often apathetic and during the day mainly feel listless, this plant is just what you need, because it contains a lot of iron. Nettle juice for anaemia is a generally accepted remedy, which is recognizes by a modern medicine.

Whether you drink tea or a healthy nettle juice, after a while, you will feel a lot of energy and health. In severe diseases like benign prostatic hyperplasia - enlargement of the prostate, this plant has proven to be more than efficient. Individuals who have consumed preparations of nettle had far fewer health problems - study was made in 2013.


Our recommendation is to always make your own juice at home, despite better offers in supermarkets and shops; this is by far the best choice. Completely clean nettle juice is obtained from young leaves and stems. You just have to put a cup of water and two cups of nettle leaves in a blender and thoroughly grind it. From four cups full of leaves you can get about half a cup of pure healthy juice. As you can see, it is not complicated to make.

Nowadays, with this recipe, nettle and lemon juice combined with oranges and other argums, is getting more and more popular. Here is how to make one.

You need:

  • 30 young nettle tops,
  • two lemons,
  • three oranges,
  • limuntus (not necessary)
  • 800 grams of sugar,
  • 3 litres of water.

Wash the nettle and citrus fruits, which have previously been cut into slices, put them in the water and leave them all day to stand. After that mash it well and your homemade nettle and lemon juice is ready to drink. If you do not want to drink it immediately you can heat it later, but just to a boiling point.

If you do not like the idea of putting large amounts of sugar into your juice, then as an alternative you can use large amounts of quality clover honey. It is a slightly more expensive recipe but it is certainly healthier. Make sure that the honey is not to be heated, but added exclusively to fresh nettle juice, the prepared recipe has a slightly shorter shelf life, so it is best to drink it on the same day.

Opinions are divided concerning this recipe, because greater amounts of sugar are characteristic for nettle syrup and it lasts longer. In case you only need a refreshing drink, it is much better and healthier to use honey.

Nettle juice without sugar is a very good choice for people with arthritis and rheumatism, because it contains a lot of iron and is a great help in the fight with anaemia. If you have skin and hair disorders, problems with a persistent cough and phlegm, and if you have problems with bladder make sure to use this beverage. Nettle can also be added in your favourite dishes.


  • a kilo of young leaves
  • two and a half litres of water,
  • sugar (500 grams for every 0.5 litres of liquid).

Here is how to make homemade nettle syrup: Wash and drain the young leaves, soak them in water and let them simmer gently for 60 minutes on medium heat, as soon as you notice that the water is starting to cook add a new one. After an hour, filter it well and add sugar proportional to the amount. Now it is important to stir the syrup until the sugar completely melts. When you have completed the nettle juice pour it into a pre-sterilized glass bottles and close them tight. There is another variant of the same recipe, which is to mix nettle leaves and leaves of berries in a proportion 1 to 1.

There are many variations of this recipe, and we will use this opportunity talk about one:

Nettle and mint juice


  • thirty young nettle leaves,
  • thirty mint leaves,
  • litre of water,
  • citric acid - a small teaspoon,
  • a kilogram of sugar.

How to make nettle and mint juice?

Allow a litre of water to boil, and then wait until it cools. Soak the leaves of mint and nettle in the water. Leave it to stand for a whole day (24 hours). Stir it occasionally during the day. The next day, add citric acid and sugar and stir until it completely dissolves. Pour this juice into clean jars, you can drink it right away, or you can keep it in the refrigerator.


At the very end we have prepared some other outstanding recipes from this plant. We already talked about the healing properties of the nettle tea and here is the recipe:

  • In one cup of water put one full teaspoon of nettle (stems and leaves). Pour boiling water over the nettle, cover it and keep it like that for the next five minutes. After that, filter it well and drink it in several smaller sips.

How to make a tincture out of nettle?

In addition to the health benefits that tea and homemade nettle juice gives us, do not skip the extremely healthy tincture. Here is how to make one:

  • In the spring or autumn dig out the nettle root, clean it with an appropriate brush (do not wash!) Finely chop it and place it in a glass bottle. Pour it over with an 80% alcohol (medicine alcohol). Leave the bottle for two weeks in a warm place, and occasionally shake it.  After 14 days, filter the contents through a coffee filter, pour it in a new bottle and keep it in a dark and cold place.

Healthy nettle bath

  • Put a full cup of nettle in a larger pot and pour it with hot water. Cover the pot and allow it to rest for about fifteen minutes. Filter and pour it into a pre-prepared bath with hot water. The water in the bath should be pleasantly warm, so you can immediately use it. Spend twenty minutes in the water and do not shower after getting up, but just gently wipe with a towel. After getting out of the tub, be in a hot area at least for an hour.

If you combine this healthy bath with nettle and lemon juice, you will feel strong, healthy and well rested.