Beef gelatine as a remedy for joints and bones

Beef gelatine; how to drink and prepare it

Beef gelatine is one of the daily ingredients and condiments that were mostly used by our grandmothers. Often you can find the recipes that involve it for the preparation of cakes and other homemade recipes. Although at the time, healing properties of beef gelatine was not known but presently we know that it has a beneficial effect on our joints, cartilage, connective tissue, making them stronger and more resistant to injury. In addition, it strengthens the heart muscle, regulates metabolism, improves memory, makes the skin healthier and gives it better elasticity.

In the following article, we will introduce you with the facts of what makes a good beef gelatine as a remedy, and you will find out more about how to adequately prepare it in your home.

What is the composition of beef gelatine?

Simply speaking, it is a colourless powder which is extremely rich in collagen, because it is actually its purest form. It’s extraordinary healing properties are present because of the presence of dietary collagen, then proline, glycine, and proteins which are less present in vegetable gelatine and in much smaller quantities.

Therefore, now beef gelatine is increasingly used for face and hair - as a cosmetic product that gives fabulous effects when it comes to skin tightening and wrinkle removal and is also known to be effective in weight loss, and it contains a number of supplements for that purpose.
As we said, it contains valuable proline, glycine, and a number of proteins and therefore has a phenomenal impact on our health. The combination of these materials means that beef gelatine for cartilage knee is a very good natural remedy and has a positive effect on tendons, muscles, skin, bones, hair and nails.

It is of an animal origin as it can be assumed from its name. More specifically, it is made by processing of cartilage, tendons and bones, and is available mainly in powder form. The most common is an integral part of many foods and products such as ice cream, rubber and jelly beans, yogurt, etc.

Beef gelatine as a remedy for many health problems

The healing properties of this healthy food are numerous and you will surely be interested in how beef gelatine works as a remedy and how is normally used and consumed. Its use is manifold, so we will explain each of them individually.

Excellent tool for skin care

It helps cell regeneration of the skin, giving it an even complexion, elasticity, shine and softness. Since our body requires constant protein intake in order for our outward appearance to have pleasant and exuded health, be sure that the beef gelatine for your skin is the right choice, because it is rich in collagen, a key ingredient in removal of wrinkles, blemishes and pimples.

For teeth, hair and nails that do not crack

Beef gelatine contains minerals that are lacking in our daily diet, and which are of great importance for our health. It is rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus that enable you to have healthy and white teeth, stronger and shinier nails without white patches.

It is great against the fat and excess weight

If you want to lose weight and solve the excess weight problem and you are suspicious of many diets that are exhausting and unhealthy, you will not go wrong if you decide to use beef gelatine for weight loss. Namely, it contains proteins that are nutritious and that also promote the burning of fat, this product is an ideal choice for those seeking a healthy and effective diet.

In addition, there are studies in which beef gelatine and cholesterol are associated. In fact, this extraordinary food has a positive effect on blood lipids and reduces them.

It achieves good results against cellulite and stretch marks 

The use of beef gelatine prevents the appearance of stretch marks giving skin firmness and elasticity. It eliminates the most persistent ones that appear on the stomach and hips. As for cellulite, the main advantage of this food is just collagen, which improves burning of fat cells under the skin.

If you have tried many expensive cosmetic products which did not give the desired effect, we recommend that you try beef gelatine against cellulite and the results will not fail.

The best natural remedy for joints and bones

The skeleton is one of the most important organs of our body and Sciences believe that the bones see our overall health. If you want to avoid bone fractures or, if they occur, to heal, drink every day a cup of beef gelatine to make them stronger.

Besides being rich in calcium, it contains a valuable vitamin D which increases bone density and quality, and therefore will reduce the possibility of re-fractures and injuries. In addition, it will decrease the possibility of getting arthritis, and when it comes to natural remedies for osteoporosis it gives great results.

If you want to strengthen your tendons, we recommend beef gelatine as a remedy for joints, as part of this text you will find out how to prepare this natural medication.

Use it for better digestion

The complex of amino acids that are found in bovine gelatine mildly increases levels of hydrochloric acids in the stomach, which are needed for digestion.

The level of HCL in the stomach decreases as we age so it is advised to take this natural remedy for digestion. In addition, you will avoid the risk of malnutrition; especially you will avoid the possibility of diseases such as anaemia.

It is very effective against allergies

The use of bovine gelatine can alleviate allergic reactions and sensitivity to a number of allergens. Specifically, it creates a kind of layer of mucous membranes in our bodies which prevent substances that cause allergic reactions from entering our body. 

It is more than good for the muscles and heart 

Since it is known that it strengthens bones and tendons, beef gelatine for muscles is a true elixir of vitality and health. First of all, it is advised for those who have heart problems, because his regular use strengthens the myocardium, which significantly reduces the possibility of getting heart attacks and strokes.

The preparation of beef gelatine is not complicated. 

If you want to personally find out the healing properties of this phenomenal mixture and help yourself or someone we will share with you the instructions on how to prepare the beef gelatine and you will see that it is simple and easy.

First of all, you need to get the package of this powder mixture, and if you like fruity taste, you can always get flavoured gelatine. It's best to buy a pack of 150 grams, because it is sufficient for a period of one month, this is also the length of the therapy. 

Here is the recipe on how to make gelatine:
  • Every evening, take two tablespoons of the product and pour them into 10 ml of cold water. Leave overnight to swell and turn into a jelly. In the morning on an empty stomach, drink the prepared product, and if you want, you can feel free to add honey, yogurt, sour milk or your favourite freshly squeezed juice. 

You need to repeat this procedure for exactly one month, and then take a break of six months. Beef gelatine as a remedy will help you renew the cartilage of the joints, you will have more beautiful hair and skin, and stronger nails that will not get damaged or crack.

The same treatment is advised for people who have symptoms of arthritis, as well as those recovering from bone fractures.

Hair mask with gelatine prevents further hair loss

In addition this natural remedy can also be applied as a mask or gel for hair, which offers excellent results.

If you are tired of buying expensive products and conditioners that can achieve little results and are quite a cost, we will share with you a simple recipe for a treatment that will exceed all your expectations.
  • Take a spoonful of beef gelatine and mix it with half a cup of cold water. Stir well until it gets united, and then add another half a cup of warm water with one teaspoon of honey and a little apple cider vinegar. Thus prepared gel needs to be massaged into hair, all from the root to the end of hair. Let it rest for 10 minutes, after which you simply rinse it under lukewarm water.

Beef gelatine will make your hair more vivid, brighter, and firmer and will reduce hair loss. The treatment can be repeated every night until you achieve the desired effects. Alopecia is very common today, so this natural solution will help a lot of people.

What are the experiences with beef gelatine in practice?

Probably it will sound incredible to you that this ordinary product can help you when it comes to weight loss. If you did not know, beef gelatine for weight loss is often used by athletes and bodybuilders, because it stimulates the secretion of growth hormone and metabolism. Therefore, it is also a great diet product that will help those who want to lose weight to reach the desired goal.

If you are determined to get rid of excess weight, beef gelatine must be used every evening just before bedtime.
  • You have to prepare 1 tablespoon of the powder with a glass of water or tea, to allow it to create a gelatinous mass and then drink it. 

This will create a feeling of satiety; the body will get the necessary proteins to prevent sudden hunger pangs at night so you will not need to overeat.

In addition it will regulate digestion and bowel movements, and will thus eliminate toxins and excess water from the body. If this treatment is repeated every night for a period of one month, you will lose up to 7 kilograms. 

Now that you have learned how to drink beef gelatine we will share with you the experience of one of our readers.
I had an excessive weight that I could not get rid of with diets, because it kept coming back through the so-called yo-yo effect. I decided to start with fitness exercises and instructor gave me the advice to take a beef gelatine because it will be required to strengthen the bones, joints and muscles. Along with the daily training I used this preparation with a little squeezed orange and a month and a half later I was lighter by as much as 10 kilograms! After that I improved and muscle definition and I can say that I am more than satisfied with the results. - Elena, 28.

Where to buy it cheaply and what price

The supply of beef gelatine is pretty simple, as you can buy it in all stores and supermarkets. However, we advise you to be careful about whether it is of pork or beef origins and what is its lifetime. Therefore, we recommend that you buy it in the health food store where it is acquired regularly.
You can buy beef gelatine in bulk or in a pre-defined package. For 100 grams you will pay about 5 dollars.