Activated charcoal for teeth and face care

Activated charcoal usage and dosage 

Activated charcoal has a medical application and is used for the purification of air and water. Its earliest recorded use dates back to the year 1550 BC. In modern times, it is most commonly used for detoxification and as an antidote. You should always have it on hand in case of spider bites, accidental ingestion of toxic chemicals and stomach problems. Also, teeth whitening with activated charcoal is increasingly becoming popular because it gives great results.

Activated charcoal is known as an antidote because it has the ability to absorb the majority of organic toxins, chemicals and poisons before they do harm to the body. Some emergency hospitals use large amounts of activated charcoal for the treatment of certain types of poisoning. In addition to the treatment of poisoning, it is also used to reduce intestinal gas (flatulence), reduce cholesterol, prevent hangovers, and treat problems with bile during pregnancy. Activated charcoal is a fine black powder, tasteless and odourless and is not toxic.

How to use activated charcoal for teeth care

Although it sounds silly, activated charcoal for teeth care really works great. It can whiten your teeth, help with the treatment of gum disease, and it is also very effective against food poisoning (especially during hot summer months) and other types of internal toxins. Since this black powder can stain everything it touches, it is understandable that you fear it will leave stains and your teeth.
Therefore, be careful when you use it, as it will easily stain clothes, shoes, tablecloths, plates, practically almost everything. Activated charcoal has the ability to regulate the level of pH in your mouth, so it is effective in preventing tooth decay; it kills bad bacteria in the mouth, and prevents gingivitis. For this reason, we suggest that you introduce it to a regular use in the maintenance of your oral hygiene.

Teeth whitening with active charcoal is very simple

Activated charcoal for teeth whitening has the same effects as if it were in the stomach in the case of poisoning. It removes harmful toxins from the mouth (thus removing the stains on the teeth), it ties the toxins to itself and then they are expelled and eliminated from the body.

A friendly warning; when you use activated charcoal on your teeth, they will first be completely black, as well as your mouth. Do not be afraid, when the rinse your mouth, ink disappears and your teeth remain extremely clean and smooth. After a couple of times the teeth will become whiter and the oral cavity healthier. Black powder can be used as follows:

Dip a wet toothbrush in an activated charcoal, lean over the bowl and put the brush in your mouth. You do this in order to avoid staining the sink. Brush your teeth gently in small circles for about 2 minutes, carefully spit and rinse your mouth. Your mouth will feel very clean after treatment, as opposed to your sink. Repeat as often as needed.

Medical charcoal, its use with stomach problems

Activated charcoal is considered to be the most effective single agent in the world. It can be used after a person has consumed almost any toxic chemical, so the body would not absorb any of the poison. It is used for an emergency decontamination of the gastrointestinal tract, which includes the stomach and intestines.

It is estimated that this beneficial black powder reduces the absorption of toxic substances by up to 60 percent. It works by binding toxic substances, which reduces its toxicity, over the entire length of the stomach, small and large intestines included. Activated charcoal is often applied after the pumping of stomach. This method is effective only if it is carried out immediately after swallowing a toxic substance (within half an hour) because pumping of the stomach does not have a same effect as black coal, if the poison passes the stomach. 

Activated charcoal, its effect on the stomach flu

This preparation will help with diarrhoea; it will neutralize unwanted bacteria in the gut, but when it comes to viral infection its effect has not been proven still. You can use it as prevention, but also for the treatment of already existing problems. For this you can use activated charcoal in capsules. Avoid combination with chocolate syrups, ice creams, etc., because its effect will be neutralized.

Also avoid prolonged use of this product, because it can absorb the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for normal functioning of your body. If used in high doses over a long period of time, it can lead to constipation.

If you are currently under any treatment, consult your doctor before using it, because charcoal can undo the effect of your treatment. If you drink it due to bacterial infection, take probiotics few hours after its intake, not to nullify their effect.

Activated charcoal face mask

In addition to its wide range of use that we have listed above, this almost magical agent is also used as a face mask. It has a beneficial effect on the skin, especially when it comes to the treatment of acne-prone skin. It draws dirt out of your pores, so before the treatment with activated charcoal you can steam your face, in order to expand the pores. We'll show you how to make a simple face mask with activated charcoal:


-Powdered activated charcoal (you can also use one of the capsules, only one half for this recipe)
-Rose water (or plain water if you do not like rose-water)
-Aloe Vera Gel - one full tablespoon,
-A few drops of tea tree essential oil,
-A little sea salt.

Mix all of the ingredients listed in a glass bowl until you have a smooth black paste. Be careful not to overdo it and not put too much tea tree oil (not more than 5 drops) because it will cause an unpleasant burning sensation and skin irritation. You can use a Q-tip to anoint the face mask.

Be careful not to stain your clothing because stains are difficult to remove. Fortunately, the skin does not stain. Leave the mask to dry on your face and rinse with water. When washing be careful not to splash your bathroom a lot, if such is the case, immediately wash the blackness because stains will remain if you do not react in time. After treatment the skin remains brightly pure, it is not surprising that the activated charcoal face mask is commonly used in cosmetics.

Where to buy it and what is the price

The medical activated charcoal is sold all around the world; rates of course vary depending on who is the producer. We recommend that you always buy capsules of activated charcoal in a pharmacy, where you are sure in the safety of products and they are also the safest.

All reputable manufacturers sell their products in pharmacies. Elephant pharma has a pack of ten capsules that you can buy for some 2 dollars, which is quite cheap; Bgb italiana sells 30 capsules for about 5 dollars. It is up to you to choose which to buy, our recommendation is to consult your doctor and a pharmacist in the pharmacy, to give you some additional information, so you can find everything you need and you will solve the dilemma.

In the end we will share with you a few comments and experiences of users themselves.

I use the mentioned product for various things. Recently the wound on my hand got infected, I applied some pasta of activated charcoal and the wound healed very quickly. C.A.
When I eat something that does not suit with me, I drink a capsule of activated charcoal to calm the stomach. I have a sensitive stomach, so I also drink the juice of aloe, to keep things under control. This combination is best for me now, great! A.T
I give my children activated charcoal when they have diarrhoea. It helps with gas and diarrhoea every time. M.S.
I used charcoal for weight loss and detoxification for one week, and I am satisfied with the results. I strictly followed the rules and I did not eat dairy products for a week and drank large amounts of liquid, to prevent constipation. I lost 2.7 kg and I am very happy. J.T.
My dad is 59 years old, he still has all of his teeth, all white and healthy. He always told us that when he was little he brushed his teeth with medical charcoal, because there was no money for toothpaste. We were ashamed when we heard it, but now I realize that it was a much better option. R.T.

If you yourself have similar experiences especially when it comes to active charcoal, feel free to leave your comment, we will publish it.