A bath for the feet against fungi and tired legs

Footbath to make your step light as feather

Warm and fragrant foot bath refreshes, nourishes and very successfully treats tired legs. First of all it will eliminate all unpleasant pain and prevent excessive sweating. This is why it is considered excellent in preventing athlete's foot, calluses, cracked heels, nipples, hangnails, ingrown toenails, corns, and many other problems that occur in this part of the body.

In order to make your legs healthy, happy and well rested, all you need is a bowl, warm water, a little sea salt and a few drops of fragrant essential oil. When the bath for tired feet is ready, you are left with no option but to relax and enjoy your own Spa treatment.

Foot care at home does not take much time

Foot care does not require a lot of money and time, and therefore this part of your hygiene should not be neglected. Proper care of this part of the body is essential, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for the general health of the body, because they can become quite unattractive to look at and certain changes on the feet can become a serious health problem.
For this reason, you need the time to take control and not allow tired and aching legs to become part of your everyday life. If these problems are not eliminated at the beginning they will cause pain that can create bad habits when walking and cause bad effects in the joints, lower pelvis and the curvature of the spine. Over time they can make it difficult or impossible to do any movement.

So do not ignore foot problems, solve them today, in order to walk easier tomorrow, all you need is a good hot bath for feet which you need to apply every day, and we will gladly share with you the prescription in this article.

If you struggle with painful hangnails, ingrown toenails and corns, you can do summer pedicure yourself, very easily in your house. If at the same time, you want a perfect and neat appearance of your feet, then you need to spare a little more time in order to further scrub and moisturize your feet. Learn more about this in our article on how to heal cracked heels.

How to make a warm bath for fatigued feet

You do not have to have an electrical tub with hydro massage to enjoy the home spa treatment. Plain basin, lukewarm water and a refreshing foot bath will be sufficient for you. Instead of finished products, in the water you can pour a few drops of your favourite essential oil and sea salt. Our choice for foot baths is lavender, because in addition to excellent nourishment of the skin it does wonders for tired legs.

If you put your feet in warm water in which you have added a few drops of the extract of this plant, you will solve the problems, and scented bath will considerably lighten the mood.

To prepare a refreshing foot baths, you will need the following ingredients:
  • 1/2 a cup of Epsom salts (Epsom salts or magnesium sulphate)
  • 1/4 of a cup of a fine Himalayan sea salt,
  • 20 drops of lavender essential oil,
  • Little twigs of dried lavender (optional).

Hot to prepare a lavender bath. 

  1. Put Epsom salt in a bowl (Epsom salts or magnesium sulphate) available in all pharmacies, at a price high. Note: If you are pregnant or have any health problems, before using Epsom salt, consult your doctor.
  2. In the basin add sea salt (preferably a Himalayan pink salt, but is not necessary), and pour hot water to fill the basin around two quarters.
  3. Then add twenty drops of lavender essential oil and add a dried herb as well if you have any. Put your legs inside and get comfortable for twenty minutes. As the foot bath cools gradually, occasionally pour hot water.
  4. After the bath, you can do foot scrub to restore softness to cracked and irritated skin. Apply the peeling on them prepared by two tablespoons of almond oil and a tablespoon of sea salt, and gently massage them. Then rinse the feet, dry them and use the cream on the basis of almond oil.

Fragrant foot bath with lavender is a real piece of heaven. In addition to alleviating pain and stops sweating, it will make your legs nice and rested.

Feet problems that should not be neglected 

Continue reading in order to learn more about the most common problems that affect this part of the body, and how to solve problems efficiently with the best natural remedies.

Unpleasant Athlete's Foot

This nasty fungal infection which according to the research of statisticians affects about 70 percent of the adult population, and causes redness, itching, flaking and unpleasant foot odour, sometimes even bubbles filled with purulent fluid.

What to do?
  • Take 40 grams of ginger and finely chop it. Place it in boiling water, lower the temperature to a minimum and let it boil for 20 minutes. Allow it to cool, then apply a liquid to clean the feet. Antifungal properties of ginger will help solve this persistent problem.

Our recommendation is that when there is a problem with athlete's foot to daily use baths for the feet against fungi infections besides the mentioned remedy above. 

Calluses are not all pleasant

Pads that hurt, which are well-known, are formed usually in the folds of the fingers, feet and Achilles' tendon.

What to do?
  • Pour vinegar in a plate and then soak it in a piece of bread. Leave it to stand until it completely absorbs vinegar. Then, put the soaked part of bread on the blister and wrap it all in a bandage.

Sore warts cause problems

This is caused by a viral infection, so it is best to start treatment on time, to avoid it from spreading to the other parts of the body.

What to do with this problem?
  • In the treatment of warts a great help can be a banana peel. Cut a piece and place it so that the inside of the peel is in contact with the wart. Then put gauze over it. Change it twice a day in order to speed up the healing process.

An excellent remedy is a foot bath and garlic and olive oil mash.

Excessive sweating of feet and odour

There are more sweat glands located on the square centimetre of our feet than in any other part of the body. A bath for the feet made out of sage herb prevents the development of unpleasant odours and nurtures feet.

How to make this healing bath?
  • In boiling water (about one litre) put a sprig of sage. Allow it to boil for a good ten minutes, then turn off the burner and let it cool. When applying the resulting liquid on a foot, be sure to use a sponge.

Coarse and cracked heels

This is not only an aesthetic problem, because it can cause itching and dull skin that is unpleasant.

What to do about it?

The most effective is certainly a foot bath with lemon, which is easy to prepare:
  • In a basin of water squeeze the juice out of one lemon. Soak your feet in the bath and leave them inside for 15 minutes. Then give the damaged skin a good rub with a pumice stone.

Warm and fragrant foot bath is a real piece of heaven, which will eliminate pain, stop sweating, eliminate fungus and make your feet look nice and rested. Foot care at home will only take you little time, and it is our recommendation that you try these tips and recipes.