Preparation of lemon balm tea, use and effect

Lemon balm tea has many health benefits

Lemon balm tea is good for those who need healthy and also very aromatic beverage with a pleasant and mild taste. Lemon balm herb (Melissa officinalis) is a perennial plant that belongs to the family of mints. The leaves, which have a mild aroma of lemon, are used to create extraordinary natural remedies.

As such, balm is used alone or as a part of various herbal medicines. It can be used for healing wounds and scars, and is very effective for improving cognitive function, regulation of digestion, and if used regularly gives positive results both in terms of the heart and lungs function. In the following article, we will present this plant in detail, especially what makes a good lemon balm tea.

The lemon balm herb, medicinal properties

In the countries of southern Europe and North Africa, this plant is grown for more than two thousand years. It is often used in a Mediterranean cuisine as a spice because of its medicinal and beneficial effects on the human body. You can find it always in places where there are many useful insects - bees. They just love her, so it is considered that this plant got its name because of them (also known as bee balm). It grows in gardens, often in parks, forests and so on.
If you have your own garden or a couple of unused flower pots on the terrace in your apartment, you can easily make your own small garden in which to plant herbs and be your own doctor. If you decide to take that step, then balm herb is an ideal solution for beginners. It can be grown as an ornamental plant, but when you find out about its healing properties you will surely be delighted.

Lemon balm flourishes throughout the summer, from June to September. Because of its flowers, which are small, white, yellow, blue and pink in colour and smell irresistibly like lemon, it is often referred to as lemon grass.

From the leaves and flowers of this plant different natural products can be made, such as essential oil, often used for massage, and it is extremely effective in removing herpes. However, the most popular and most effective is tea balm. It is made from the dried leaves of this plant, and is beneficial and recommended for removing various diseases; it also improves concentration and memory.

Lemon balm tea, its properties

Numerous medical analyzes and folk medicines have proven that balm tea is good for the treatment and elimination of a number of health problems. Let us give you a few examples in which the beverage proved to be right and natural solution.

It cures the problems of anxiety, if consumed daily. People who have these psychological problems in acute basis should take it regularly, because it reduces the symptoms of nervousness, irritability and impulsiveness, and improves overall mood.

It eliminates stress, particularly if lemon balm tea is consumed every morning because it improves mood and makes it easier to cope with everyday problems and duties. In addition, it is recommended if you have severe headaches and migraine.

It relieves the symptoms of PMS. When combined with lavender, this hot beverage successfully helps when it comes to premenstrual syndrome, in addition, it also helps with menstrual problems as it eliminates the pain and cramps in the lower abdomen.

It is useful for insomnia, especially if you drink it along with valerian herb; it relaxes the nerves and helps you fall asleep more easily. In the morning you will feel strong and well rested.

It will help if you have poor concentration, especially if you are studying, preparing for exams or working on solving difficult tasks. In such situations, the tea stimulates the proper functions of the brain and improves memory function.

The warm beverage has a preventive effect on heart disease

It must be noted that lemon balm tea will be the right solution for heart issues especially for people who have any kind of cardio-vascular diseases or disorders. In fact, this plant has a very soothing and healing effect on the heart and blood vessels, and can solve various problems connected to arrhythmia, high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood clotting. Healthy people are also advised to drink lemon balm tea as a preventive, as this will significantly reduce the chances of getting a heart disease.

Other ways to use it: 

It speeds up the process of healing when it comes to colds and flu, because in combination with honey reduces body temperature, strengthens the immune system and helps the body to recover.

Lemon balm tea used against dementia produces excellent results, but only after four months of daily consumption. Therefore, it also reduces the possibility of getting Alzheimer's disease.

It helps with stomach problems, because when used in combination with mint and chamomile it regulates the normal secretion of gastric acid, prevents cramps, nausea and vomiting.

Cleanses the body of toxins, eliminates substances that are harmful to our bodies, especially when it comes to removing the damage that was caused by oxidation.

How to prepare lemon balm tea

What goes in our favour is the fact that the lemon balm tea is prepared quite easily:

Just take one teaspoon of dried herbs poured with 2 dl of boiling water and cover it to rest for 5 minutes. Then you need to filter it and after that the beverage can be drunk three times a day.

Use this lemon balm tea against bloating and cramps.

This mild tea proved that it can reduce bloating and eliminate all harmful gases from the digestive tract. In addition, it removes the pain in the stomach and helps to digest food much easier and faster. Be sure to use it if you have problems with digestion, slow metabolism or constipation.

Apart from this herb, you need to get chamomile and mint in order to make a phenomenal natural cure for flatulence; here is how to make it:

Take a handful of each plant, mix everything together and pour boiling water over it. It is not necessary to sweeten it further. Tea prepared in this way needs to be drunk in small sips with controlled daily dosage. 

Babies and young children, who have frequent stomach cramps, are recommended to precisely use this mixture for healing, but at a lesser dose. Prior to usage, consult with a paediatrician who monitors your child.

Who should not drink this beverage?

If you are wondering does the lemon balm tea have side effects, you should know that they are very rare. However, we would like to draw your attention to people who are taking treatments based on sedatives, and those who have problems with the thyroid gland, they should not use this beverage without first consulting with their doctor. The reason is that it relaxes the nerves and induces mild drowsiness, which can be problematic in combination with tranquilizers, even if they are plant-based.

There is often a problem for pregnant women when it comes to food and drinking liquids. Since a more detailed analysis does not exist, it is not recommended to drink lemon balm tea during pregnancy and during the period of breastfeeding, but to replace it with gentle chamomile, which will have a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

Price and storing of lemon balm tea

100 grams of lemon balm costs about 2-3 dollars, and you can get it at any healthy food store, and lately it is available for purchase via the Internet. Lemon balm tea can also be ordered as a finished product in tea bags - although we recommend that you take it in bulk.

If you have decided to grow your own, or to pluck its leaves, we certainly recommend that. You should know that they should be kept exclusively in a glass jars or in cloth bags, not in metal containers.