How to use linseed with yogurt


Linseeds with yogurt is a real blessing for our body, especially for the digestive tract: it improves digestion, cleanses the intestines of harmful substances, eliminates phlegm, speeds up the metabolism and softens the stool. For this purpose milled flax is recommended with yogurt as a natural therapy for constipation and it greatly helps with treatment of haemorrhoids.

This is not the only health benefit that linseeds provide, there is a lot more and we are going to tell you about them in this article..


Some scientists consider linseeds as the most powerful food item in the world. There is an ample of evidence to support this fact that eating linseeds reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. In its structure linseeds have a multitude of useful substances (vitamins E and B, calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc, phosphorus ...), but for its healing properties particularly important are:

Lignans - phytoestrogens that have antioxidant properties and show good effects in the treatment of hormone-dependent tumours.
Fibres – In the composition of linseed we have soluble and insoluble fibres, beneficial for digestion, intestinal health, maintaining ideal body weight and cholesterol regulation..

Omega 3 fatty acids – are good fats that have been proven to prevent heart diseases and the diseases of blood vessels. These acids and lignins reduce inflammation that follows Parkinson's disease, arthritis and asthma, by blocking the secretion of specific anti-inflammatory agents.

This is of a great importance for those who exercise regularly, since this reduces the inflammation of the muscles and shortens recovery time. Thanks to the positive effect of fibres on the digestive tract, they regulate intestinal flora eliminating the toxins from the body and linseeds are also highly recommended against constipation. They control your body weight and reduce the feeling of hunger.

They protect the lining of the stomach and reduce the problems with increased stomach acid.  In addition, linseeds are beneficial for the health of hair and skin, and can alleviate the pain in the chest during the menstruation period. Doctors often recommend linseeds as a cure for fibroids – as an additional treatment and prevention.

They have a positive effect on the nervous and immune system (alleviating allergies and symptoms of lupus). They play an important role in the metabolism of calcium and they have a mild diuretic effect. You should always eat milled linseeds as an addition to your breakfast cereal or yogurt or it can be used as linseeds mucilage, which can be obtained by a twelve hour soaking of the seeds in water. The mucus is then filtered and drunk. This is great for the regeneration of the gastric mucosa and for digestion.

how to use linseed with yogurtLINSEEDS WITH YOGOURT, RECEIPE  

If you are struggling with constipation linseeds with yogurt can certainly help you speed up your metabolism and regulate your digestion. It calms the bowels and helps with digestion. This simple and healthy recipe can be prepared every morning. Instead of yogurt you can use homemade kefir, you will achieve similar or even better results with it. If you have linseeds, mill them just before consumption.
If you have already purchased milled linseeds, keep it out the light, in a dark and cool place, otherwise there is a high probability that they will go bad. With the whole seeds this is not the case, they can last longer without going bad, but we recommend that you keep them in the fridge just in case. We will share with you another useful advice, from our personal experience.

If you buy linseed that have already been milled, never take large amounts of it, because once the bag is opened, they should be consumed for no longer than three weeks, otherwise you risk it going bad. Therefore, if you plan to be the only consumer of these seeds, buy fewer amounts in order to use it before they go bad. Additional note: some people have an allergy to linseeds, if this is your first time to use it, please take that into the consideration.
  • Linseeds and yogurt for weight loss: Mix a large tablespoon of milled linseeds with half a cup of yoghurt or homemade kefir. Drink it always on an empty stomach, half an hour before eating. It is also recommended to take the same dose half an hour before going to sleep. A completely identical recipe is made for the purpose of dieting, weight loss, constipation, etc.. Use this recipe for 21 days, and then take a seven days break, and then start over.


Pregnant women who are breastfeeding should not use milled linseeds with yogurt, kefir, juice or other. This is a general recommendation by nutritionists, just to avoid the possibility of allergies and other adverse effects. If you have bowel problems (constipation), contact your doctor, who will certainly propose an alternative to linseeds, do not do anything on your own.

Unfortunately, digestive problems and constipation in pregnancy are a fairly common problem, even the appearance of haemorrhoids especially in the last months of pregnancy, when there is the most pressure on the rectum is a common thing. Take better care of proper nutrition - increase fibre intake, fluids intake, and we suggest that you read more in the article: nutrition during pregnancy. It is also important how you go to the bathroom, more crouching down-less sitting. Lean forward and lift the legs on a stool or a small chair, so that the contents could pass easier, this is a natural way for bowel movement.


Here are some of the recipes that we should not forget.
  • Pour 8 grams of milled linseeds with 2 dl of boiling water, leave for at least half an hour to rest, filter it and drink throughout the day (it is best to drink it 3 times a day before main meals). This recipe is recommended for the improvement of gastrointestinal tract functions.
  • Add 40 grams of linseeds in 3.5 dl of boiled and then cooled water. Cover the pan and wait for the next 3 hours to rest. Shake well before use. Linseeds that are prepared in this manner are recommended for diabetics, as it reduces the levels of sugar in the blood and improves the function of pancreas. 


Linseeds have found its application in cosmetics, this time we have selected a recipe for face-lift, which is easy to make at home. Additional good news for all of our readers is that linseeds contains valuable phytoestrogens, which greatly help our skin to remain elastic and smooth for a longer time, and makes our body healthy and vital. Here's how to make a face mask out of linseeds: 
  • We pour one-third (1/3) of a cup of boiling water over a tablespoon of linseeds. Mix the mixture well, then cover (preferably with a clean cloth) and leave it to rest until the evening, when the mask will be applied. In the evening be sure to clean your face and with a cotton swab gently apply the mixture. Let the mask dry, and then repeat the entire process four more times. Afterwards, rinse the skin with water and apply a mild moisturizer cream.
Milled linseeds can be used in many ways in the kitchen. Feel free to add it to your favourite dishes or salads. If you are doing it for the first time we recommend linseeds with yogurt for the start, which can be consumed by children. Be careful not to overdo it, but to follow the instructions. In addition to seeds, linseeds oil proved to be very healthy as well.