How to raise low blood pressure naturally?

The first step in treatment of hypotension is the change your personal food menu and living habits, certain groceries can help you resolve this problem. Find out how to raise the low blood pressure without using any medication – in a completely natural path. What are our most common mistakes in nutrition, and because of those mistakes we get hypotension(low blood pressure)? How do daily activities, and playing sports or any other outdoor practise help us? Does black coffee really make our job harder or easier with hypotension? Which teas, spices and preparations of medicinal herbs are usually recommended for raising our blood pressure - you can find out all this in the continuation of our article...

What are the symptoms of low blood pressure

Even if we know today that low blood pressure(hypotension) isn't that harmful for our health as high blood pressure is, it can still lead to a series of very unpleasant symptoms, which makes it tough for human organism to deal in everyday life. Before we give you some practical suggestions for increasing the low pressure , with the help of natural remedies, we will deal with the basic signs and symptoms of disease. Low blood pressure is usually manifested by symptoms such as chronic lack of sleep , fatigue , dizziness, headache, low - difficulty concentrating and memory loss, anxiety, increased heart rate at rest...

In the morning “hypotonics” usually get up really slow, sometimes they need up to two hours to get up from bed, and even later after they got up from bed they are feeling tired, and are most enthusiastic in the evening. Summer heat is also very difficult to them, and in the spring they are usually prone to depression. If  low blood pressure is present during a long period of time, it can lead to heart and kidneys damage, and it's certainly necessary to pay attention to it and to seek council from a doctor.
If you are asking yourself how to increase low blood pressure fast, you need to know that the first step of treatment is the complete change in nutrition, and changing life habbits. Certain groceries have the power to increase blood pressure and alleviate these symptoms, which we will mention in the following text.

low blood pressureRaising low blood pressure in just 8 steps

1. Walking to health

In a fight against low blood pressure, it helps to walk more, because it encourages better circulation in the legs. Everyday walking, swimming, jogging are the best practices for hypotonic. Avoid exercises with sudden changes in body position and those exercises in which the head is below the level of the heart

2. Energy food raises pressure

Start your day with foods which have high glycemic index, like cereals.honey, fruit and dry fruit. Great choice for healthy breakfest are fruits with nuts in combination with oat or barley porridge.

3. How to raise pressure with salty food

People that have problems with hypotension in a case of falling pressure usually reach for salt. And indeed, salt does help in these situations, because it binds water in the body. It's recommended to use iodized salt, because iodine is great at giving you better circulation and production of thyroid hormones which stimulate. Ofcourse, that doesn't mean that you should eat salty food all the time.because it can be very disastrous for our health.

4. For raising our pressure it's necessary to drink plenty of fluids

Dehydration of the body is a very common cause of blood pressure drop and to prevent that, it's necessary to drink water, squeezed juices and herbal teas all day. Fluid will raise the volume of blood, and therefore will raise the blood pressure

5. More frequent meals are preferable

Skipping meals can make us more tired, and overeating during the day will give us even lower blood pressure and we will feel even far worse. If you still have a dilemma how to raise blood pressure, our best advice is that you eat frequent, but moderately

6. Spices instead of drugs for pressure

Some herbal groceries have the power to raise blood pressure, and they should be included in the regular diet. Among them the best are turmeric and ginger, but there is also garlic, parsley, celery and horseradish

7. How to raise low pressure with juice of beetroot

You may have noticed that after drinking beetroot juice you get an amazing influx of energy. The fact is that the juice of this beneficial vegetable can free you of fatigue and other symptoms associated with low blood pressure, and only after a week of regular use. It's enough to drink one glass of this juice on a daily basis, best to drink in the morning.

8. Food for the heart and blood vessels

People with hypotension should eat food that is recommended to people who have hypertension.These are the ones that protect the heart and blood vessels from damage and disease, and offer us the solutions to raise the pressure without any medication. In first place that means fish-it's rich with precious omega-3 fats, then the fresh fruits,vegetables,especially garlic and onions, nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds), legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas, soy), olive oil, coconut oil, as well as food rich in vitamin C and E and precious beta-carotene

Black coffee and pressure -YES or NO

People with low pressure can't imagine starting the day without a cup of  black coffee. Given that it is a diuretic, this favourite morning beverage is going to raise your blood pressure fast, but will soon have the opposite effect and aggravate existing  symptoms. That is why you should drink only one or two cups a day, you should avoid espresso, 2 in 1, 3 in 1 coffee and NES, and after the first one in the morning you need to eat some salty breakfest

Rosemary tea for raising pressure

Apart from medicinal rosemary,  which is known and proven natural cure for low pressure, more precisely for its raising, we recommend also tea of hawthorn and nettle
Whichever medicinal preparation you choose, know that you can drink up to three cups throughout the day. Here's how to prepare them

Pour over a small teaspoon of dried herb, a full cup of boiling water, cover with the top and let it rest for ten minutes. Finally strain and drink immediately unsweetened...

It's recommended to not drink tea of rosemary in late hours, because it will cause problems with insomnia

We hope that you were able to find your answer on how to raise pressure fast and simple, without the use of drugs and chemicals, if you liked our article, feel free to share it through social networks.