If you have conditions like gastritis or heartburn this Gastritis Diet could help you. Heliobacter Pylori is a bacteria that can cause infection of the stomach. This infection can contribute to the development of diseases such as a heartburn, gastritis and ulcers in the stomach and duodenum. Following a gastritis diet can help you get relief from gastritis in the long run. Here are a few simple tips you can keep in mind to get relief from gastritis and learn how to plan your meals.


The main cause of gastritis is irregular diet, smoking, medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, bacterial infections, excessive alcohol consumption. The signs and symptoms include: nausea, vomiting, feeling of fullness in upper abdomen, burning ache or pain. If gastritis is not treated properly it can lead to stomach ulcers and stomach bleeding. Rarely, gastritis may increase risk of stomach cancer. Because of all these things gastritis diet is necessary forr everyone who feels discomfort after meals. Also, this diet combined with medications can bring positive results.

First and the most important rule of gastritis diet is that you have to plan your meals. The important thing is to eat smaller morefrequent meals and to avoid overeating. Intervals between meals should be 3-4 hours depends what we ate before. For example; if you eat fruit you can have lunch half hour later. But, if you decide to eat chicken breast you should wait at least 4 hours so the food can be digested properly. Gastritis diet has one important rule: do not drink water with meals, or immediately after a meal. You should also have fruit for breakfast. And do not combine fish or meat with bread, rice or potato because this combination can slow digestion.



If you suffer from this condition you should avoid : ham, bacon, sausages, meat products ( pate, salami) cheese, milk, margarine, products of white flour, sugar, alcohol, coffee, tobacco products, spicy or salty food, mustard, ketchup and mushrooms. You should eat peas and soup with pulses. You should also avoid overcooked vegetables. Gastritis diet recommends fresh cabbage juice. Always replace white bread with whole-wheat . Avoid fried food!


Gastritis diet recommends alkaline food. The alkaline diet reduces the acid load, helping to reduce the strain on the body's acid detoxification systems, such as the kidneys.For example: amaranth, quinoa, broccoli, cucumber, kale, lettuce and onions. Some experts recommend that you eat cooked fruit instead of fresh. For breakfest have whole grains, almonds, ground seeds and low-fat yogurt or probiotic yogurt. Drink kombucha or fresh cabbage juice. Use alkalizing spices : cinnamon, curry, ginger, mustard.


Gastritis diet recommends drinking herbal tea just after you wake up. 20 minutes after you should eat fruit for example one apple. And half an hour later you can have breakfast.

Gastritis menu:

Monday- Gastritis diet

-Breakfast: toast with plum jam
-Snack: fruit
-Lunch: Stewed chicken breasts, carrot or cabbage salad
-Dinner: rice with carrots and brocolli

Tuesday- Gastritis diet

Breakfast: millet porridge ( you can add raisins, honey or almonds)
Snack: cup of kombucha, fruit
Lunch: pumpkin soup, rice and tofu 
Dinner: banana, probiotic yogurt combined with oat flakes

Wednesday- Gastritis diet

Breakfast:  whole bread, cheese spread with rocket salad 
Snack: lemon balm tea, banana
Lunch: baked trout, green salad with olive oil
Dinner: polenta with pumpkin seeds

Thursday- Gastritis diet

Breakfast: oat flakes with almonds, honey, banana, pumpkin seeds or sesame seeds
Snack: camomile tea and apples
Lunch: chicken breasts with onion and garlic, carrot salad or beet salad
Dinner: spinach and whole-wheat pasta

Friday-Gastritis diet

Breakfast: semolina porridge (with soy milk) and stevia
Snack: almonds 
Lunch: eggs, potato, leek salad or beet salad
Dinner: banana shake, alfaalfa sprouts, honey and raspberries

Saturday- Gastritis diet
Breakfast: dried fruit and buckwheat salad
Snack :carrot jucie
Lunch: mackerel with coleslaw
Dinner : steamed vegetables with mayonnaise, whole-wheat bread

Sunday- Gastritis diet

Breakfast: cornflour bread and probiotic yogurt
Snack: banana and kombucha
Lunch: chicken thighs and drumsticks with onion
Dinner: muesli balls ( mix oat flakes with orange juice, almonds, raisins, honey, cinammon and coconut. Roll this mixture into balls.)


In order to cure gastritis you should change your nutrition and fitness habits. You should avoid alcoholic beverages amd fried food. Take a walk every night and sleep before midnight. Treating the cause of gastritis is the most effective way to reduce gastritis. For example, if the cause of gastritis is Heliobacter Pylori, then treatment with appropriate antibiotics. If NSAIDs are the cause, then stopping the drug should be effective. Other treatments are often used in addition to those that treat the specific cause. These treatments may reduce or stop symptoms of gastritis and allow gastric mucosal healing. If you have chronic gastritis you may want to talk to your doctor before starting this diet.