The 5 day tomato diet is ideal for this time in the year and it will certainly help you to eliminate excess weight but also to free your body from piled unwanted toxins.The fast tomato diet will help you loose up to 3,5 kilograms in the mentioned period of time. In this article we will provide the needed guidelines on how to implement this
specific weight loss diet.


For the tomato diet to be effective you need to strictly hold on to the recommended diet plan. The base rule in the given period of 5 days is to take in a higher amount of tomatoes in every meal (fresh, squeezed, cooked...). We recommend fresh tomatoes which are highly rich on vitamin C, because the processed version looses all its healthy attributes, on the other hand, cooked tomatoes have a positive effect on our body and serve as a prevention from free radicals. Recommended are four meals during the day with every meal including a bigger amount of fresh tomatoes, you can include it in the cooked or juiced version also.
If you fall in the category of people who find it hard to loose weight even with doing some other diets in the past, you certainly should try out this diet. Namely, a group of american scientist did a study in which they gathered up two groups of participants.To the first group was given a so called "magical potion" which was a simple cup of tomato juice, and the other group was left without it.The first group had to drink the juice every day. The results have shown that the participants who were in the first group lost several kilograms more by drinking the tomato juice than the pople in group two who were left without it.


This is a homemade recipe, and you need the following things for it:

* 10 kilograms of tomatoes ( you can get less, depending on your need)
* 1,5 coffee spoons of salt ( you add the same amount on every following 10 kilograms)

tomato diet


* First of you need to thoroughly wash the tomato fruits and remove their stems and all other damaged parts of them
* Chop it into little cube like shapes and put in a large cooking pot
* When you did the action mention above, your next step is to carefuly squash it with your hands and cook it on medium fire, and mix it with a bigger spoon, untill the peel falls off
* When its cooked to that point, pour it through an extractor which leaves the peel on and the juice in the other pot which you have previously prepared
* Now you return the pot on the stove and lightly cook it again until the mixture thickens
* You will notice when the time is right when the white foam which is produced during cooking, is gone
* Thirty minutes to the end add the mentioned amount of salt ( you can also add a tiny amount of sugar)...
* The last things is to store the tomato juice into sterile bottles or gallons and seal them tight.

Congratulations, the tomato diet can begin, your juice is ready for use!!!


If you combine the tomato diet with this excelent juice, the chances of burning unwanted fat stores are considerably higher- nutritionist claim even three times higher.
This drink if made without adding sugar causes a slight alkaline reaction in our organism. There is a wide list of reasons why you should combine this juice with the tomato diet and we will mention some of them:


This juice contains only 50 calories, therefore it is ideal for loosing weight and is recommended in the tomato diet.
The main trick with this juice is that besides being healthy it successfully stops your hunger. Namely, the tomato juice even in smaller amounts, provides our organism with the needed nutrients, and with that it keeps the hunger at bay and holds us far from the dining table.
In comparison, one half of a bread slice or a bit of cheese holds the same amount of calories but unlike the tomato juice, it doesn't provide you with the needed nutrients and opens up your appetie even more. Just one glass of tomato juice before every meal can lower your daily calorie intake for 136 kcal.


Almost every strict and restrictive diet is dangerous for our health, primarily because of the lack of vitamins and minerals in the nutrition.
Tomato juice not only hastens up our metabolism, it also covers the lacking vitamin C that we need for our body to work normally. Vitamins alone are very important for our organism
because they help with the production of amino acids which take part in the decomposition of fat in our body up to 11% of it. The tomato diet along with the tomato juice will help you melt up to 30% of belly fat.


This juice has an antiseptic and antioxidant effect, it contains a high amount of lycopene antioxidants, which significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and specific types of cancer.
The juice contains many kinds of vitamins like: vitamins A, B2, B6, C, E and K, folate, copper, magnesium, iron and phosphorus.
It is rich on rare microelements- molybdenum, potassium, manganese. Tomato juice is effective when used to detoxicate our organism, because it helps with the digestion of food and it prevents the water retention in our organism, all facts that are important for the healthy maintenance of our organism.
It is scientifically proven that it prevents complications with type 2 diabetes, one of those complications can be a leg thrombosis. It augments the creation of erythrocytes, and therefore recommended against anemia, it regulates our liver and bile activities, invigorates our organism and soothes our thirst.




* two smaller slices of dark bread or toast smeared with a thin layer of butter and one small spoonful of honey
* black coffee or light herbal tea, both without sugar


* Tomato salad with cheese- a hefty portion of 150 grams of crumbled low-fat cheese, fresh tomatoes ( 350 grams), olive oil (one spoonful), half a spoonful of basil and oregano.
Mix all those ingredients and add one slice of wheat bread toast which you previously crumbled into little pieces. Before the actual serving, the salad is put in the fridge for fifteen minutes for it to taste better.

Afternoon snack:

* one apple or orange


* Tomato sauce with pasta. Cook two whole carrots ( cut in little slices) on olive oil, and add tomato juice to it (50 ml), fry all of it for five minutes.
Add 400 grams of tomatoes cut in small pieces, add some salt and pepper and one spoonful of sour cream ( 12% milk fat). Cook them all for 10 minutes on medium fire. You will get a delicious dressing
which you will pour on the cooked pasta (60 grams). Our recommendation is oatmeal or barley pasta.



* One cup of yogurt up to 1,5% of milk fat mixed with oatmeal cereals ( two spoonfuls) and honey ( one spoonful)


* The tomato diet recommends the greek salad: cut an onion in circular slices, also two tomatoes in larger slices, one larger cucumber cut into bigger pieces, lemon juice ( two smaller spoons of it), olive oil ( one spoonful), pepper, salt, 2 to 3 black olives and a little bit of thyme.
All the mentioned ingredients must be mixed good and left to stay for 10 minutes. In the end add some crumbled sheep cheese ( 30 grams) and some cut cube-like pieces of rye bread.


* Coffee with nibbles made out of wheat flour or a piece of season fruits


* Tomato diet recommendation - one light soup and one fried hake. Fry  two sliced onions on a bit of oil and add two sliced tomatoes and 2,5 dl of vegetable soup. Cook it for ten minutes on light fire.
After that strain it trough a smaller sieve, add pepper, salt, a bit of sugar, cooked brown rice (125g) and one fried hake fillet. For the last touch you can add a bit of sour cream.



* A light pastry made from wheat bread with two spoons of cheese (low-fat). On the first half of the pastry put cheese, one tomato slice, and some spring onions ( hacked in little pieces), and on the other side smear honey.


* Delicious torilla: cut a tomato (300 grams) and mushrooms (100 grams) in bigger pieces. Mix two eggs,  4 spoonfuls of light mineral water, two spoons of verdant, pepper and salt. The next step is to on a previously heated and oiled frying pen add  tomatoes and mushrooms, dressed with a mixture of eggs, all that fryed on a light fire untill it all merges.
The dish is served hot on two slices of rye bread. It is also delicious when cooled down.


* roll in two medium sized carrots (previously cut into tiny sticks) in 30 grams of turkey ham
* it is important that you drink atleast 1dl of cooked or fresh tomato juice


* Tomatoes with meat: Fry up to 125 grams of beef steak in the frying pen without adding any fat and season it as you like.
Fry half an onion on olive oil and add the cut tomatoes to it (up to 400 grams), add some thyme if you want. Fry it for a couple of minutes on stronger fire. Alongside this dish, the tomato diet
recommends one slice of rye bread toast.



* Put light cream cheese and one slice of ham per slice on two slices of wheat toast
* Drink a fresh tomato juice (2dl)


* Gazpacho recipe: Cook half a kilogram of tomatoes, one paprika and one bigger cucumber (cut in cube-like shapes) and mix all that with garlic, a spoon of olive oil and two slices of toast (crumbled). Add pepper and salt to it and cool it before serving...


* One sandwich made of one slice of toast with sesame, one slice of turkey ham (smoked recommended) and a sliced tomato


* The tomato diet recommends: Tomatoes filled with rice: Cut the top of two tomatoes, take the innards out and put the tomatoes in a fireproof bowl.
Make the filling out of: 125 grams of cooked brown rice, 50 grams of cheese (medium-fat), a bit of garlic, basil and a tomato cut in cubes. Fill the tomatoes with the mixture, pour cheese on it and
put it in the previously heated oven. Cook it up to 15 minutes.



* 2dl of cooked tomato juice
* two toast smeared with a bit of melted cheese and tomato slices


* Italian salad recipe: cut 400 grams of tomatoes and toast bread into cube like shapes and green salad to them. Pour vinegar to it and two spoons of olice oil, add some salt and pepper. And on the top of it put the toast cubes.


* kiwi, an apple and mint
* cut the kiwi and apple into cubes and a few drops of homemade honey. Add some mint leaves to it.


* Delicious ratatouille: Cut 200 grams of potatoes in small cubes, add 2 leeks, 4 medium sized carrots, 4 celery stalks and 100 grams of quality mushrooms.
Cut two cloves of garlic and two onion heads and cook it on two spoonfuls of oil, later on add the potatoes and vegetables. Spice the ratatouille with pepper, salt and oregano..Now add 1dl of vegetable soup and cook the whole mix for 10 minutes (seal the pan)...
In the end add 2dl of cooked tomato and cook it on a medium fire for another 15 minutes.


The feedback with this method of loosing weight has been overall positive. You can loose up to 3,5 kilograms if you stick to the guidelines listed in the article. Every meal trough the day in pair with the tomato juice has a limited amount of calories so you don't need to worry about that.
Regular physical activities must be implied, you can't be passive all the time because the tomato diet isn't almighty. We recommend bycicle rides, slow walks in parks and easy exercises. You can always drink tomato juice between meals if you feel hungry. There are some speculations that if you put a small amount of pepper to the tomato juice, the fat burning process should be empowered, but theese are just speculations, it may or may not be true.

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