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Liquid diet recipes and experiences

The liquid diet falls in the category of fast diets, it is very efficient for loosing weight fast.
But you need to watch not to be on the diet more than 14 days, because it can seriously affect your health.


As you can already figure from it's title the liquid diet is based on liquid products like: soups, natural juices, milk and milk based products (yogurt,kephir), mild herbal teas and of course water.
The amount of liquid taken in during one day should not precede 3 liters. The liquid diet exists in several variants, we will list on of them and give you an example menu for one day in this particular diet.
LIQUID DIET MENU (example for one day)

* 9:00/AM - oatmeal porridge ( one soup bowl of it)
* 10:00/AM - vegetable soup (one bowl)
* 11:00/AM - 2,5 dl of hot water
* 12:00/AM - fruit juice diluted with water (one cup of it)
* 13:00/PM - 2,5 dl of hot water
* 14:00/PM - 2 dl of milk
* 15:00/PM - 2 dl of yogurt
* 16:00/PM - soup with lean meat - unsalted
* 17:00/PM - 2 dl of hot water
* 18:00/PM - 2 dl of hot water
* 19:00/PM - fruit juice diluted with water ( one glass)
* 20:00/PM - a cup of hot boiled water
* 21:00/PM - a cup of kephir with less than 2% fat - homemade kephir is recommended

Because this is a fast instant diet, you can't hold it more than 2 weeks, it's best held through a period of 5 to 6 days.
Right after the end of the diet you should easily return to your regular nutrition and you should do it by following theese guidelines:

* First day after the diet: eat exclusively little portions of vegetables
* Second day: besides cooked vegetables you can also eat a slice of wheat bread, while for dinner you should eat cabbage and a raw carrot.
* Third day: you are slowly returning to your regular nutrition, try to avoid fatty food and don't consume more than to slices of bread.

Liquid diet


This diet isn't meant to be a long term thing for loosing weight, nor is it efficient as an extended method of weight loss, there are several other less dangerous and less restrictive diets which far better and healthier.
With this radical method one can loose up to 10 kilograms with ease. Some participant managed to loose even 15 kilos in just 14 days. We certainly don't recommend you to do that kind of extreme undertaking. The best way to start with this diet is by doing it firstly on weekends, and than extend it further as
your body gets used to it. If you want to loose anywhere between 3 to 4 kilograms, you will need to undergo this diet for 4 to 5 days. We mentioned that after the diet, through the next 3 days we slowly return to our regular nutrition. During that period you can add some dietal cookies after your meals to regain your energy faster.
Avoid a harsh transition from liquid to solid food!

An important remark: the liquid diet can be implemented only after you had a consultation with your doctor or nutritionist. It is recommended that only healthy persons are safe to undergo this diet, but they should also seek out a proffesional before implementing it.
Every other scenario could pose a risk to your health. This way of nutrition is used by doctors when a patient is to be operated, or he recovers from one. Physical activities are not recommended when on this diet, because the diet itself is draining your bodies energy.
A lowered intake of calories, slowed metabolism and an often feeling of hunger are the reasons that deter participant from doing this liquid diet, who right after a couple of days quit and don't achieve any results. This is also the biggest flaw with this kind of nutrition.

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