The yogurt diet is a very healthy diet, mainly because its helps by positively regulating our digestion.
There are several versions of this diet, but the one we will be talking about is the "three day yogurt diet" which can be extended up to a whole week.

Healthy digestion-aiding yogurt

You have probably heard about the effect yogurt is having on our digestion, system of digestive organs and on our digestion tract. Because it contains calcium lactate, this sour milk based product helps our entrails to digest food faster. Besides that, it eliminates harmful toxins ( detoxification of the body).

Thanks to its probiotic capabilities it is used in many diet nutritions.

Yogurt for weight loss

It can be found in many combinations, and those are: yogurt and cinnamon diet, yogurt and apple diet, yogurt and lemon diet, yogurt and cucumber diet and many more.

The mutual component for all of those variations is yogurt in large amounts consumed through the day.
three day yogurt diet

Yogurt diet the hit for the working class

The three day yogurt diet is a real hit amongst the working class people, because it is fairly easy to implement and with it you achieve great results in a short time period.
You won't feel hungry while undergoing this diet nor will you ever feel exhausted, on the contrary you will be lively and full of energy.

Three day yogurt diet menu

First day:
  • breakfast: low-fat yogurt with cereals of your choice
  • lunch: boiled vegetables with olive oil, you can spice it up with a bit of salt or pepper, for desert you can eat one light fruit yogurt
  • dinner: make a salad which contains the following groceries: one carrot, apples and 50 grams of ham, fry it lightly on olive oil, and when you are done with frying it, add one low calorie yogurt as a dressing on it

Second day:
  • breakfast:  a cucumber salad is ideal to start the day, all you need to do is to cut it into little pieces and add one light probiotic yogurt to it
  • lunch: fried turkey made on olive oil, add some fresh paprikas, tomatoes and champignons cut into little pieces, later on when it cools off add one yogurt to the meal.
  • dinner:  yogurt with wild berries, our recommendation is to make that meal yourself, mixing low-fat yogurt  and previously chipped wild berries.

Third day:
  • breakfast: cinnamon, this combination is made like this: add one grated apple to the yogurt, a bit of cheese, also a bit of cinnamon and if you like you can spice it up with salt.
  • lunch: fry 150 grams of hake fillet and later add some cucumber salada, yogurt and some mustard.
  • dinner: make yourself 100 grams of pasta and add some chopped paprikas, all that mixed with low-fat yogurt.


Whether you participate in this diet for one, two or seven days it will leave a positive effect on you. Ofcourse, you won't be able to burn up much fat if you participate only for two days but you surely will have your body detoxified. For a flat belly and the loss of 5 kilos we recommend that you do the diet for a time period of seven days.

Along the 7 days yogurt diet one must do regular physical activities which should last atleast 30 minutes a day. The three day yogurt diet won't help you to loose that much kilos, but it is a good start on the diet.

If you ever feel hungry don't hesitate to eat one light probiotic yogurt, of course stay within the yogurt intake limitations. This is a very popular diet because of its simplicity and cheapness.

REMARK: It is important to consult your doctor before doing this diet.

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