Three day apple diet experiences

The three day apple diet is a very restrictive and fast diet which is held maximally three days.
It is best held after bigger celebrations or holidays when we need to loose some kilos in a short time period.

In most cases the amount of food we take in during celebrations or holidays i much bigger than the normal amount, therefore the apple diet will be of big help.

The detoxification of the body is very important after some of those occasions.

The three day apple diet gianed its renown mainy because of the beneficial capabilities apples have when it comes to loosing weight.

Apples are very fiber rich and they give us energy and make us feel satiated which has a positive influence on our appetite. They have very little calories and require us to chew a lot which is also of importance.
They play a vital part in many weight loss diets because of the previously mentioned capabilities. The diet's participants don't feel tired, exhausted and limply, but lively and full of energy. It is important to mention that apples stabilize our blood pressure so as our blood sugar.

Apples contain polyphenol and pesticin which occasionally lower bad cholesterol in our blood, the presence of those two suplements is the strongest in the apples peel. Thanks to its ability to produce acetilkolin, the apple frees us from feelings of tiredness and enhances our contentration, which both are important in the implementation of physical and mental activities of every person.

Apple diet; lasts three days and removes 3 to 5 kilos

This restrictive diet allows you to eat as much apples as you want. If you ever feel like having trouble with your digestion or problems like a bloating stomach, then the apple diet will come very handy for you.
After this diet you will sort out your digestion problems and feel much lighter.

three day apple diet


One remark on the start: don't buy just one apple kind which you planned to eat during the three days. Get atleast 3 or 4 kinds, with different taste, smell and structure. That will help you to persist so that the diet won't feel boring and monotonic.


- a cup of tea or black coffee (sugar free), grate one medium sized apple and add lemonade and and a tiny bit of brown sugar ( brown sugar-not mandatory)


- pomegranate tea or apple peel tea ( for detoxification)


-mix two grated apples with brown sugar and add two soup spoons of yogurt
-drink plain water ( mineral water is alowed too) or pomegranate tea


-One bigger apple


-Two whole or grated apples

Implement this menu for the remaining two days

The apple diet also has its lighter version which is held for 7 days!



-breakfast:  2dl of low-fat milk
-snack: one non peeled medium sized apple
-lunch: one pre lunch apple, 200 to 300 grams of cooked vegetables, one boiled egg, a slice of rye bread
-snack: an apple
-dinner: one pre dinner apple, 100 grams of fried chicken or turkey


-breakfast: 2dl of fruit yogurt
-snack: one apple
-lunch: one pre lunch apple, 100 grams of fried chicken, 100 grams of bean salad or any other season salad, a slice of rye bread
-snack: an apple
-dinner: one pre dinner apple, 100 grams of fried trout


-breakfast: 100 grams of low fat cheese and one egg omelet, toast or a slice of wheat bread
-snack: an apple
-lunch: one pre lunch apple, 100 grams of chicken or turkey white meat (without skin)
-snack: one apple
-dinner: an apple, 100 grams of fried trout


-breakfast: 2dl of fruit milkshake
-snack: one apple
-lunch: an apple, 100 grams of pasta with 50 grams of grated hard cheese and tomatoe sauce
-snack: an apple
-dinner: 200 grams of white chicken meat


-breakfast: fruit yogurt
-snack: one apple
-lunch: one apple, 200 grams of fried sea fish
-snack: an apple
-dinner: one apple, 150 grams of roasted veal

For saturday and sunday repeat the menu of any of the previous days.


Try to drink larger quantities of liquid whether its the three or the seven day diet, the best choice is plain water. One apple before every meal
significantly reduces the appetite. Fish, chicken and veal are sorted in the low-fat meat section and along with apples build an effective method to loose belly fat and keep your muscle mass.
Though its a fast diet, and does not achieve a lasting weight loss result, the diets participants acquire one good habbit- which is "one apple before every meal". Try to do some exercise for the diet to be even more effective.