Un diet for loosing weight

The un diet is also globaly one of the more popular diets for loosing weight. The key to success with this diet is persistance and self-discipline.
We note that the un diet is a very demanding diet and you won't see any overnight results at first.
This diet lasts for 90 days, after which we experience a total change in our metabolism and the lost weight isn't returning anymore. If you don't stick to the un diet menu, the mentioned things in the text above won't be achieved.

Un diet recipes and a complete diet plan:

* breakfast is the same everyday: a handfull of dried fruits or a combination of two fruit sorts

Un diet protein day

Breakfast: the same as the one mentioned above

Protein day lunch:

  * 1 bowl of soup (without noodles)- substitute, switch between milk and yogurt (never drink the both)
  * grilled, stewed or steamed meat around 250g- substitute, cooked eggs (not more than 3) or soya
  * as much salad as you want with one spoon of oil in it
  * one slice of wheat bread

Protein day dinner:

  * same as lunch but without the soup and the wheat bread

NOTE for the un diet protein day:

* You are not allowed to mix up different kinds of proteins trough your meals, for example if you had eggs for lunch,
*  eat the same for dinner, that goes for meals which include meat. The span between meals must be atleast four hours, also try not to eat anythhing past 8 p.m.
*  But you are allowed to drink tea (without sugar) or water.
Un diet starch day

Breakfast: always the same
Lunch: peas, lentil, beans, boiled potatoes, spiced rice, cooked potatoes, a slice of wheat bread, salad in an unlimited amount
Dinner: make a 3 hour break between meals and than repeat and eat one half of the amount you ate for lunch, after 8 p.m. solid food is not allowed.

Un diet carbonhydrate day

Breakfast: same as before
Lunch: pasta with a ketchup dressing or pizza- substitute, two or three croissants or something similar to them.
Dinner: one or two pieces of cake or two or three scoops of ice cream with one bar of cooking chocolate.
* as earlier keep the time between meals in a period of three hours atleast and after 8 p.m. eating is not allowed.

Un diet fruit day

Breakfast: same as before
Lunch, snack and dinner: a fruit mix sorted in more meals in unlimited ammounts.
* time between meals should be atleast two hours and after 8 p.m. you can allow yourself a cup of tea.
Un diet experiences

* try to drink atleast 2 to 2,5 liters of liquid like water, sugar free juices or herbal teas.
* the un diet repeats itself in a cycle of 4x7 days. after a whole cycle you begin the water diet, on the twenty-ninth day you only drink water and than you continue on with the protein day
* the total duration of the un diet is 90 days and not a day longer.
* after a 3 month period, you can repeat the diet again
* don't forget that fruits for breakfast are mandatory
* you can have coffe and tea but only without sugar
* only drink home squeezed juice and not the sugar loaded commercial ones
* you can also take some vitamin pills after lunch to replenish your intake of vitamins and minerals.
* don't forget about chocolate, it protects us from possible alergies and is to be consumed every third day
* forget about soda and alcohol becouse they are strictly forbidden
* bananas in the un diet are allowed only twice a day

Persistence pays of and after 90 days with the un diet you will be more than satisfied with the results.