Dukan diet recipes

The dukan diet: it gained its popularity firstly in France then it went global, all that 10 years ago to the present day.
It is sorted as one of the most efficient and popular weight loss diets of all times.

Following the statistics, around one and a half million women in France keep their slender lines and good looks with exactly this diet.
The diets founder is nutritionist-dietist Pierre Dukan who published the famous book "The Dukan Diet" which sold more than 10 milion copies.
Don't forget to mention that this particular diet intrigued many Hollywood stars into trying it, competing, and bragging how they lost weight with it. Amongst those stars are:
Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz and many others. But that is just a thing to mention so we won't be loosing much time on it and start talking about the actual diet.

Dukan diet; the concept

The main goal of the dukan diet is the return to a healthy and natural nutrition, to achieve the same we must go through all four dukan diet phases.
Dukan diet; recipes for the first phase

In the first phase or as they call it the "attack phase" the nutrition is based on a high intake of proteins. Especially the presence of fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna... We know that fish is full of unsaturated fat.
Besides the fish we also have sea fruits ( best to be cooked or fried), then we have poultry meat ( chicken, turkey and others, but duck meat is excluded), and beef. High protein food also includes eggs and soya. As for beverages, we should avoid carbonated beverages and alcohol.
With this much intake of proteins side-effects like a dry mouth and bad breath can occur, so to counter that you need to drink water as much as possible. And because of the lack of fruits in this diet you should think of taking effervescent vitamin tablets for the replenishment of your daily needs for vitamins and minerals.


Dukan diet; phase one

The first phase of the dukan diet lasts about five to seven days (depends solely on you and your will to loose weight) and on average, you loose between three and five kilograms. Which, you got to admit is a very good result.

Dukan diet; phase two

We slowly introduce vegetables to the diet. The plan is the following: we alternate the days when we eat pure protein meals with the days were we include vegetables ( cooked in their raw form). Thereby we must take care that we only eat vegetables with no starch in them.
Some of those vegetables are: green salad, cucumbers, potatoes, spinach, celery and more. Steam it, include it in soups, chowders, as a stew or eat it raw. The weight lost in the second phase is around one kilogram during one week.

Dukan diet; phase three

You maintain the results achieved in phase one and two! And if you reached your wanted weight, phase three is crucial.
We continue with the intake of proteins and vegetables with one "phase 3" novelty- we now include a portion of fruits and 2 slices of wheat bread per day. And the thing that we think will surprise the most of you is that the dukan diet also allows one portion of carbonhydrates a week. Recommended is pasta or rice.
And the surprises don't end with the previously mentioned, after a couple of weeks during phase three the so called "celebrate meal" is introduced, where you eat everything that your heart desires. In the late stages of phase three this feature is implemented twice a week.

Dukan diet; phase four

In the final phase you return to your normal diet with the exeption of one pure protein day a week, like in phase one. On all the other days you eat normally- the food you usually eat and like.

Dukan diet; menu

You will find many things online but our recommendation is to make your own meals following the dukan diet phases, and sticking to the diet plan.

Dukan diet; experiences

* separate your phase based meals correctly
* drink a minimum of two liters of liquid per day, especially water. You can also drink herbal teas, sugar free coffee. Alos mineral water is allowed but only the salt-free one.
The detoxification of our organism- the liquid helps our kidneys because the disintegration of proteins creates a lot of uric acid, so larger intakes of water during the day are recommended.

Dukan diet; risks and disadvantages

* similar to the Atkins diet, while undergoing the dukan diet we can experience "ketosis", especially in the first phase- a high intake of proteins in a short time span. As we mentioned the occurrence of
bad breath and a dry mouth.

* problems with digestion may occur (constipation as a consequence of low carbonhydrate intake)
* it is strongly advised for you to use multivitamin pills to balance out the lack of vitamins and minerals that are missing in the diet.
* the dukan diet isn't flexible and you have to stick rigorously to the diet plan, and it isn't a cheap one either.

Dukan diet; Benefits

* The experience of very good results in a short time period, which represents the key thing to raise the moral of the participants.

Dukan diet; conclusion

The dukan diet rules help and shape us and guide us to accept the facts and to work on ourselves.