Broccoli diet experiences and broccoli as a form of medicine

The broccoli diet is devised for everyone who enjoys eating vegetables. Even nutritionist and expert in the field of nutrition recommend the daily consummation of
broccoli, because if we lead a healthy diet we reduce the risk of getting many diseases. Therefore, broccoli as medicine is very effective. If you stick to the diets menu you can loose up to 8kg in just 10 days.
You will agree that it sounds quite amazing! The broccoli diet implies 5 regime changes during its practising. Exmple: the first regime lasts 2 days, the next 2 days you find yourself in the second regime, then 3 and so on untill the end of the diet

Why is the broccoli diet so good and effective?

Because it is so vitamin C rich, broccoli hastens our metabolism and forces the body to loose weight. It is sorten in the group of the most useful and healthiest vegetables. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium which is famous for its weight loss abilities.

Broccoli recipes:

When on the diet, you should eat the next groceries: potatoes, fish, red meat, poultry meat, rye bread, pepper, green vegetables, fiber rich food, black onions, olive oil.

broccoli diet

Broccoli diet menu!

Lets begin by order

Broccoli diet; first regime (lasts 2 days)

  • breakfast: cook 200 grams of broccoli seasoned with salt and drink sugar free tea ( up to 2 cups)
  • lunch: 250 ml of chicken soup lightly seasoned with salt, after that 150 grams of cooked chicken meat and 100 grams of cooked broccoli, all of the mentioed lightly seasoned with salt
  • dinner: 250 grams of cooked broccoli with a bit of salt, sugar free black tea

Broccoli diet; seconed regime (the third and fourth day of the diet)

  • breakfast: 200 grams of stewed broccoli on olive oil and with garlic and paprika added to it. Stewed for about 20 minutes.
  • lunch: again, stewed broccoli on olive oil but this time add a tomatoe and a black onion to it.
  • dinner: repeat the breakfast recipe

Broccoli diet; third regime ( fifth and sixth day)

  • breakfast: broccoli salad, coocked veal and low fat sour milk
  • lunch: 200 grams of steamed broccoli with some salt added to it
  • dinner: 150 grams of cooked veal, lightly seasoned with salt and one glass of plain water


The first three regimes are the most important ones, precisely the first 6 days. The fourth and fifth phase are just extra ones.
When practising this diet, try to drink a lot liquid, especially plain water and low fat milk based products. Also, when hunger occurs drink a lot of liquid between the meals.
Broccoli as a medicine is ideal as prevention for many diseases. Because it contains beta carotene (provitamin A), broccoli is very nourishing for our eyesight, our skin and it strengthens our immunity.

Broccoli diet; comments:

Even though it does not fall in the group of diets which give you a lasting result and a whole metabolism makeover, which is you will agree with us nearly impossible in just 10 days with any diet, the broccoli diet has its benefits when helping you stay healthy and loosing weight is in question. If you have any of your own broccoli recipes, feel free to share it
with us on our website.
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