The atkins diet is very different from all the other weight loss diets. This high protein diet is characterized by the
large intake of fat and fat sourced groceries, especially meat. The creator of this diet is dr.Robert Atkins.
The thing that we must hold on to during the diet is to never take in any carbonhydrates whatsoever, that way our organism is forced
to burn up a big part of its fat resources to provide the needed amount of energy. We balance out our blood sugar, stop with the intake of carbonhydrates and in the end we
prevent overeating and sudden feelings of hunger. The atkins diet is perfectly made for obese persons and the ones who want to loose some weight.

Atkins diet; phases

There are 4 phases in total, which will be explained in the text to follow (three base ones and the fourth which is implemented through lifetime)
atkins diet first phase - atkins induction

* lasts three weeks
* the total amount of carbonhydrates we take in is 20 grams a day (this is really demanding, because the normal amount of carbonhydrates we take in is around 200 grams per day)
* avoid the next: cakes, cookies,chocolate, potato chips, pastries, all soda based drinks
* in the first phase, avoid bread, rice, pasta, milk and milk based products and most of vegetable kinds
* we are allowed to eat the following: eggs, chicken, fish (canned also), red meat ( all meat kinds exept fried meat, hot-dogs and similar to those), butter, sour cream, salad
* it is of importance that you take in vitamins: A,B,E and C as well as magnesium and calcium so that we can compensate for their absence in food

atkins diet menu

Atkins diet menu (an example for one day in the first phase)

* breakfast: 2 eggs
* lunch: grilled steak
* dinner: cooked fish

Atkins diet; phase two

What should you eat?

* in the second phase we slowly increase the intake of carbonhydrates but not more than 5 grams per day in the next seven days
* we do this untill we find the optimal amount carbonhydrates for our organism to work flawlessly.
* the best way to slowly introduce carbonhydrates is trough vegetables
* the intake of 25 to 50 grams of carbonhydrates per day equals the amount of loosing 1-3 kilograms a week just in this phase of the atkins diet

Atkins diet; phase three

* we are still in the proces of increasing the intake of carbonhydrates (10 grams) and are slowly preparing for phase four
* the minimal intake of carbonhydrates in phase three is 60 grams
* in this period we usually loose about 1 kilogram per week and we slowly introduce pasta and flour in smaller amounts to our diet

Atkins diet; phase four

* maintaining the lost weight with a correct nutrition
* the intake of 100 grams of carbonhydrates a day, an amount that is two times lower than the usual amount.
* this represents a low-carbonhydrate nutrition for the rest of your life

Atkins diet; Planning

* discipline is very important, if you return to carbonhydrates and fail in only one day, all our efforts will go down the river...why?
* with the intake of carbonhydrates we set our metabolism to the pre-diet state and so the fat reserves stop disolving themselves.
* we don't have to limit the meals on only 3 per day, we can eat during the day, whenever we want but only the food that is given in this diet

Atkins diet; risks

This diet is followed by some controversy which is the following:

* grouchiness, sluggishness, tiredness during the implementation of the diet
* a risk of increased blood fat, triglycerides
* people who suffer from hypoglycemia shouldn't be doing the diet because their body can't maintain a normal flow of glucose, which is needed by the muscles and the brain and when not present leads to severe headaches,dizziness and fainting.

Always consult your doctor before begining the atkins diet.


In the first two weeks, namely in the induction phase one does normally loose around 6 to 10 kilograms. In the second phase during the next seven days
we loose 1 to 3 kilograms, and if we extend the second phase onto two weeks, we could achieve loosing up to 8 to 16 kilograms. We can extend phase two even more if we like.
In the third phase in which we mostly maintain the lost weight, we can loose around 1 kilogram a week, so with that being said the atkins diet represents a way to loose up to 20 kilograms with ease.

Atkins diet; Recipes

Watch this short clip about preparing a dinner: white chicken meat with broccoli and asparagus!

When compared to other diets, the atkins diet showed the best results, but we got to admit that it has many restrictions and is not easy to implement.
Feel free to choose to do this effective diet or some other you prefer.