Vitamin D deficiency symptoms and treatment

How to compensate for a lack of vitamin D

Vitamin D is the common name for a dozen sterols - substances necessary for the proper functioning of the body, including some food intake, while others are synthesized under the influence of sunlight. However, it is not rare that a lack of vitamin D in the body occurs and the consequences that accompany its deficits are great.

Until recently it was thought that this deficiency is associated exclusively with osteoporosis, but it is growing evidence that influences the occurrence of other diseases, such as cardiovascular and malignant. Therefore, take advantage of every sunny day for a half an hour walk, which will provide enough of this precious element of health. Below find out where to find vitamin D in food, in order to be able to compensate for the deficit in the most natural way.

What are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency?

An estimated 50 percent of older people suffer from a lack of vitamin D, because their digestive system loses the ability to absorb this compound from food. Therefore, it is not rare that individuals in the seventh decade reveal a serious lack of vitamin D, B12 and calcium deficiency.

The deficit may arise as a result of insufficient exposure to sunlight, in the case of damage to the liver and kidneys, as well as allergies to milk and lactose, or as a result of diseases of the digestive tract and a vegetarian diet. Pregnant women have an increased need for this vitamin. If they suspect a vitamin D deficiency be sure to follow some of the following symptoms:

Noticeable muscle weakness
  • Vitamin D deficiency can often cause a decrease of our muscle tissue and their weight, and if you notice that during regular exercise, you do not have enough power as before - ask your doctor.

The threshold of pain is weaker
  • Lack of vitamin D in the body is associated with the occurrence of chronic pain. When it comes to the deficit it may significantly worsen the symptoms of osteoporosis and arthritis. If you find that you can reduce the pain threshold, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

The tendency for depression and mood swings
  • Recent studies have shown that lack of vitamin D in the body, as a consequence causes bad mood, and the risks of depression is far greater. People with deficiency of this vitamin can easily and suddenly change the mood for some inexplicable reason and the slightest thing can throw them off balance.

Vitamin D deficiency in adults, and hypertension
  • For vitamin D we know from earlier that it plays an important role in heart health and overall cardiovascular system. In the event of a deficit it disrupts the balance of our blood pressure, and it is often prone to variations. It can very rapidly go up although it was not the case before.

Fatigue, and drowsiness
  • That the lack of vitamin D is directly related to chronic fatigue, we know from the study of American Scientists. If you are often sleepy during the day, no matter if you have a normal night's sleep of 7-8 hours, and also eat healthy, be sure to contact your doctor.

Endurance is reduced
  • Vitamin D is vital for bone health and to keep the health of muscles. In the case of its deficiency the endurance is reduced - as is common in professional athletes, you have to adjust your diet. Foods rich in vitamin D are extremely important for them, especially if you notice that a program of training and exercises become too demanding.


Vitamin D controls the growth of skin cells. Baby eczema and psoriasis are the result of disturbances in the reproduction of skin cells, resulting in inflammation. Vitamin D, which controls cell growth, stops inflammation and controls their reproduction, and is very useful in the treatment of these diseases and, consequently, in the fight against cancer.

Studies show that a daily intake of 25 micrograms (1,000 international units) of vitamin reduces the risk of lung cancer, breast, pancreatic and colon cancer by as much as 40-75 percent. It is known that malignant tumours occur due to uncontrolled cell proliferation and vitamin D stimulates at least three genes that can stop them from multiplying.

It regulates the production of hormones

Hormonal balance affects all processes in the body, and partly depends precisely on the amounts of this vitamin, so the lack of vitamin D in the body is reduce the level of each hormone, and vice versa. Recent research has proven that it has an important role in increasing fertility. Specifically, 90 percent of women who have had problems with ovulation showed the low level of vitamin D, and 33 percent of men with fertility problems also suffered from the deficit of this vitamin.

Since it is involved in the maturation of sex cells, many scientists believe that the lack of vitamin D is the reason for the constant increase in infertility among young people. In more details: the treatment of infertility.

It is important for immunity

Vitamin D is vital for activating a defence mechanism in the body. Almost half of the human population suffers from a weakened immune system because their T-cells are responsible for combating infection. The situation is getting worse because people are increasingly staying indoors rather than going out in the fresh air and sunshine. The researchers found that activation of so-called T-cells strengthens the immune system and it depends precisely on vitamin D.

If level of vitamin D in the blood are low, then the aforementioned cells remain dormant and do not respond well to a particular infection or pathogens, then the disease occurs in its strongest firm with full intensity. This means that the T cell must have vitamin D or, otherwise, their activation fails.

Supply your body with vitamin D through sunbathing

Sunbathing is one of the ways that the body compensates for the lack of vitamin D naturally, but you do not need to overdo it, because in this case it increases the risk of skin cancer. Just spend only 15 minutes a day in the sun, and you will avoid this risk, that is before 10 am in the morning and after 16 h in the afternoon.

It is advisable to expose yourself to the sun during the winter from 15 to 30 minutes. The skin of older people has a lower capacity to synthesize vitamin D, and sunbathing in these people can cause cancer easier, because the skin was exposed a lot to the sun in the past.

What are the foods rich in vitamin D?

About this beneficial compound nutritionist do little talk, and the reason lies in the fact that it is created in the body under the influence of sunlight. One way to make up for the lack of vitamin D in the body is to eat foods that contain it, but it is often not enough, but the best is the combination of proper diet and sunbathing and the use of supplements, but with mandatory consultation with a doctor. What foods have vitamin D?

Foods that contain this vitamin are fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines ...), egg yolk, cod liver oil, butter, yogurt and some cheeses, mushrooms, avocado, cow's milk, yeast, seaweed and other. Vitamin D in food is very important, so be sure to read the article calcium in food for more information.

Dosing of vitamin D

Currently it is considered that the daily dosage we need is around 400 U (international units) per day. This vitamin is necessary in the development of children, so until six years of age at least children need 400 U of vitamin D per day, after which the lowest dose that prevents the lack of vitamin D is about 200 U per day.

People between 50 and 70 years of age are recommended 400 U a day, while for those over 70 the lowest dose is 600 U per day. The scientists concluded that the absorption of vitamin D supplements is best taken with the most abundant and strongest meal, considering that this compound splits in fat.

Absorption will be much worse if you take vitamin D supplements on an empty stomach or with a light meal. Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy requires maximum involvement of doctors in order to reduce the deficit in order to avoid improper child development, but also numerous other anomalies.

Vitamin D deficiency in adults and prevention

The researchers said that monitoring the level of vitamin D in the body may suggest the occurrence of various diseases, or discover more of a resulting diseases. It used to be difficult to establish a lack of vitamin D in the body, because of the monitoring symptoms, which are usually non-specific (indigestion, periodontitis, insomnia ...), the only way to identify deficit. Today there is a simple blood test that measures the amount of vitamin D in the serum.

While sometimes linked exclusively to the health of bones, it is now known that this compound has a much more important role. Thus, in addition it protects against osteoporosis, Vitamin D can prevent the development of cancer of the breasts, colon and prostate, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease, diseases of the thyroid gland.

Studies have shown that people with the diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency has an increased risk of heart attack and stroke and even though over-exposure to the sun increases the risk of melanoma, a serious form of skin cancer, moderate exposure to the sun and the supply of vitamin D may protect against this malignant diseases.

Also, if children from an early age are exposed to the sun (only at times of the day when UV rays are the weakest - before 11 and after 17 hours), it reduces the risk of type 1 diabetes.

Vitamin D deficiency and health consequences
  • The combination of high blood pressure and lack of vitamin D may be deadly, experts say: in this case, the risk of heart attack is doubled.
  • It is not entirely clear how they relate to depression and this vitamin, but scientists have proved that it is more pronounced in the elderly. It is believed that vitamin D deficiency causes increased production of hormones in the parathyroid gland, while its low level, with increasing amounts of the hormone of parathyroid gland, leads to more severe forms of depression. It also stimulates the production of hormones responsible for the mood, such as serotonin.
  • US scientists have proved that with a sufficient amounts of vitamin D it is easier to lose weight. The reason probably lies in the fact that this vitamin provides optimal exchange of sugar and fat as much as vitamin D in the blood burns calories more. The effect of this "treatment" is most visible in the area of ​​the abdomen, where it melts the most fat.
  • Vitamin D has an important role in regulating proper function of nerves. With a sufficient amount of this precious vitamin - moving is more flexible, it is easier to concentrate and easier to endure the consequences of stress. In addition, it stimulates the growth of nerve cells and the production of neurotransmitters, which may explain the connection that the deficient of vitamin D leads to the risk of developing schizophrenia.

The mask made from yeast for face and hair recipes


Yeast has always been used as an excellent natural remedy for hair care and skin and is definitely not only famous as a food product. The mask made from yeast for face is a well-known cosmetic agent. In the past it was usually recommended if we want a smooth facial skin without wrinkles and acne. Today we know that the impure skin is associated with a deficiency of vitamin B group, which is particularly rich in yeast. Besides being clean it refreshes and soothes the irritated and inflamed skin, it regenerates dry and damaged hair - and for this purpose it is used. Although medicinal substances from yeast act quickly, in acute discomfort it needs to be used at least twice a week for two months.


Did you know that while you knead the dough with yeast for your favourite cake, it also helps your hands, especially if they are cracked and dry? The yeast is full of valuable ingredients that please the general health and beauty of our skin, hair and nails, and from ancient times it was used for various cosmetic products. When it comes to baking, especially popular is brewer's yeast rich in vitamins of the B group: B12, B6, B2 and B1, as well as precious minerals and trace elements including potassium, magnesium, calcium, chromium, sodium, iron, manganese, copper, phosphorus and zinc, as well as valuable amino acids.

Yeast is therefore a real natural source of health, beauty and youthfulness of the skin, hair and nails. Among other things, it regenerates, strengthens, cleans and moisturizes the skin, promotes better blood circulation and metabolism, and protects it from the effects of dangerous free radicals. Therefore, although suitable for all types, the mask of the yeast for the face is especially good for oily, youthful but also mature, dry and lifeless skin. It has an equally efficient impact on our hair - prevents its increasing decline (alopecia), but is sporadically useful and feeds, strengthens and protects against scrolling and cracking. Hair mask made from yeast can be combined with medicinal beverages that are also made from yeast, which is good for our skin and hair, but it is important for the entire metabolism of the body.


We have prepared a large number of recipes for face and hair. The yeast mask for face can be combined with milk, honey, olive oil, eggs, etc. We hope you will find a recipe that exactly matches your skin type.

For our first recipe you need the following ingredients:
  • one cube of fresh yeast,
  • three large tablespoons of milk.

Milk is slightly warmed, add a cube of yeast and whisk together until you get a cream. Brush the mixture on the face and neck, leave on for fifteen minutes, then rinse with warm water first, then cold water.

Peeling mask made of yeast and milk

  • A cube of fresh yeast,
  • One tablespoon of milk.

Gently heat the milk, add a yeast and whisk together until creamy. The mixture is immediately applied on the skin of the face and leave it for twenty minutes to work. Hardened mixture gently in a circular motion remove from the face, and the residue is washed first with warm, and then cold water.

The best yeast and olive oil mask

The yeast mask for face can be combined with honey and olive oil and in the following proportions:
  • One cube of yeast - fresh,
  • One teaspoon of local honey,
  • Two tablespoons of quality olive oil.

Olive oil slowly warm up on a low flame, add honey and yeast, all together whisk until a creamy mixture is compact. Apply the mixture immediately on your face and let it sit until it dries completely. When hardened gently remove from your face in a circular motion - very gently.

Yeast face mask, almonds and flax

This yeast mask is also used for peeling of skin.

  • A cube of fresh yeast,
  • Three tablespoons of milk
  • One tablespoon of ground almond seeds,
  • One tablespoon of milled flax seeds.

Milk gently heat on low heat, put yeast, ground seeds, almonds and ground flax seeds. Whisk everything together until creamy. If necessary, add a little warm milk. As with the other the mask is immediately applied to the face and allowed to operate three to eight min. Hardened mixture gently in a circular motion remove from your face, and the rest wash with cold water.

Cream yeast and sugar mask

  • Cube of fresh yeast,
  • Teaspoon of fatty creams,
  • A Tablespoon of sugar.

How to make yeast face mask? First, you need a greasy cream, yeast and sugar and mix all of it until it gets creamy and apply it on the face. Leave for at least fifteen minutes, and then rinse the skin with warm water.


To make a mask from yeast, you will need:
  • A cube of fresh yeast,
  • One egg.

Lightly whisk the egg, add the yeast and mix until creamy. Packaging for hair, apply gentle to the washed, wet hair. Cover with foil and wrap hair in a towel. After it stands for twenty to thirty minutes, rinse the hair with a mild herbal shampoo.

Bath with yeast and lavender

Another great recommendation is to relax in a healing yeast bath.

You need:
  • 10 cubes of fresh yeast,
  • 10 tablespoons of dried lavender flowers,
  • A decilitre of boiling water.

Dry flowers of lavender cover with boiling water and cover it. After twenty minutes, strain the liquid, add 10 cubes of yeast and mix gently until melted. Thus, the resulting mixture add to your bath water. This is the ideal bath for eliminating stress.

Yeast cream for stretch marks and cellulite 

It is necessary to:
  • Two cubes of fresh yeast,
  • Two or three tablespoons of cream against stretch marks and cellulite.

The cream against cellulite and stretch marks, which we are already using for skin care, combine with yeast. This mixture is slowly applied to the skin, massaging at least fifteen minutes, and then only rinse with hot water.

Yeast mask and wheat germ oil

For this recipe you will need the following ingredients:
  • Half a dice of yeast - fresh,
  • Two tablespoons of wheat germ oil,
  • One egg yolk,
  • One teaspoon of wheat flour.

To make a mask from yeast, you first need to warm the wheat germ oil, then add half a cube of yeast, egg yolk and wheat flour, and mix everything until you get a compact creamy mixture. Immediately apply on your face, let it harden and dry out. Thus hardened mixture moisten with water, gently remove with circular motion and excess of with wash with hot water.

Milk Cleanser with yeast - Recipe

  • Half of dice of fresh yeast,
  • Almond oil - half a teaspoon,
  • Teaspoon of honey (domestic),
  • Decilitre of milk.

Dissolve the honey in the milk, add the fresh yeast and almond oil, and stir everything. With cotton swab apply the milk onto wet skin, gently massage a few minutes, and rinse with warm water.

Yeast face mask with honey

  • Cubes of fresh yeast,
  • Teaspoon of honey.

To honey add yeast and mix until creamy. The mask of yeast and honey is gently applied to the skin, leave for a maximum of twenty minutes, after which you rinse with hot water.

The mask with brewer's yeast 

  • One dried brewer's yeast,
  • Several large tablespoons of yogurt.

Mix the yeast with yogurt, apply on your face and neck and let it work for about fifteen minutes.
After that face mask of yeast and yogurt is washed first with cold, and then hot water.

The mask with yeast and aloe juice

You will need:
  • Cube of fresh yeast,
  • Two to three tablespoons of aloe vera juice.

Cut the piece of aloe leaf and remove the juice. In the juice, add yeast and whip it. Apply the mixture on the face and leave it to act until it dries and hardens. Thus hardened mixture moisten with water and in light circular movements remove from the face, and the rest rinse with hot water.

Lotion with yeast and apple vinegar

  • Half of dice of fresh yeast,
  • A half decilitre of apple cider,
  • A half decilitre of distilled water,
  • One teaspoon of almond oil.

Fresh yeast, vinegar and distilled water mix well, and then add almond oil and mix vigorously until you get the lotion. Gently apply the lotion with a cotton swab, gently massage a few minutes, and rinse with hot water.


From it you can make a very high quality products, among which we highlight the phenomenal ointment for heels with yeast and pig's fat. Here is what you need:
  • A cube of fresh yeast,
  • Two tablespoons of lard.

Fresh yeast and unsalted lard cream whisk and apply a thick layer on your cracked heels. Leave it all night so that it works. In the morning rinse with warm water and soap, then lubricate with a nourishing cream.

Hand cream with yeast

You need:
  • Cube of yeast - fresh,
  • Tablespoon of greasy hand cream.

Mix the fresh yeast with greasy cream and a thicker layer, apply the mixture on your hands. Put them over cotton gloves, leave them all night. In the morning, rinse with warm water.

Peeling for the body with yeast and corn grits

We believe that you saw that the yeast mask for acne is not only a great product that we shared with you. To make sure of that read the next recipe, which is intended to clean the entire skin.

  • A cube of fresh yeast,
  • Lemon juice - three spoons,
  • Corn grits - three spoons,
  • Almond oil - five spoons,
  • A little hot water.

Lemon juice, fresh yeast and almond oil mix together. Add them corn meal and as much hot water until you get a smooth mixture. This mixture gently massage onto a moistened skin for fifteen minutes, then rinse well with warm water.

Homemade lip balm from yeast and lemon

  • One teaspoon of fresh yeast,
  • Two to three drops of lemon juice.

Fresh yeast and lemon juice, stir and the resulting mixture apply to lips. It is best to let it sit overnight, or you can use the balm during the day, when you remove it after a few hours. After treatment rinse the lips with warm water and lubricate them with a suitable nourishing cream.


At the very end we have prepared another excellent beverage which you can freely drink and combine with other recipes. You need:
  • 800 grams of high-quality honey,
  • 10 litres of water,
  • 800 grams of dry grapes,
  • Rye flour - two tablespoons,
  • 25 grams of yeast,
  • Two lemons.

How to prepare yeast honey? In eight litres of boiled cold water, stir in rye flour and yeast, then add local honey, lemon slices and raisins. The beverage is then left to stand for a whole day and it is covered with a clean kitchen towel. To the mixture, add the remaining two litres of boiled cooled water after it sits for 24 hours. As soon as the lemon rings and dried raisins emerge to the surface, strain the resulting liquid. Honey yeast pour into clean sterilized jars. In each further put a few raisins and close tightly. Glass jars with yeast hold flattened in a cool place. And after a few days you can use it.

That would be all from us, we hope that the recommended yeast mask will suit you and that you will try other recipes.

Mistletoe tea experience

Mistletoe as a cure for almost every disease

Latin name is Viscum album and other national titles are: whiskey, melina, glue, grinds and mops. Today it is a highly regarded plant and tea from it had achieved outstanding results in the battle against high pressure, it successfully stopped the bleeding from the nose and others. Also, mistletoe tincture is highly appreciated, which can be bought in herbal pharmacies. In addition a good and fresh juice and ointment is made from this plant.


It grows as a parasite in the form of pellets. The evergreen leaves have a yellowish-green colour. The berries of mistletoe are whitish, somewhat glassy, ​​from the inside they are slimy and sticky. Birds distribute the sticky seeds, or secrete them undigested via faeces. Like this the plant is expanding, because it turned out that the seeds will not sprout in earth nor in the water. What are the medicinal parts of the plant? We collect leaves and twigs, which after drying need to be chopped and this is done from October until December and from March until April, in other months, the plant mistletoe has no healing powers. The most medicinal properties are contained in the one that is harvested from the oak and poplar tree. Another advice when it comes to harvesting, in March and April mistletoe has very little berries, while during winter they are usually eaten by birds.

Mistletoe has always been viewed as a mysterious plant. Druids, the Celtic priests, considered it a holy plant, medicinal agent which can remove all the health problems, particularly appreciated is the white mistletoe tea or other medicinal preparations. The priests at the solemn ceremonies used gold knives for cutting it. Old herbalists have used and recommend it as an excellent remedy for the treatment of epilepsy.


Since the 5th century BC, mistletoe has been used as a medicine. Official medicine has also recognized its healing properties. Suppose also that in recent years the effect of mistletoe has been tested in the case of very serious diseases such as AIDS and cancer. It has been proven that this plant contains a number of medicinal substances. Enhances the work of gastro-intestinal tract glands and encourages the exchange of substances in the body.

If you suffer from chronic constipation, a big help will be mistletoe. In addition, it normalizes the secretion of bile and removes the causes of diabetes. But most of the attention was drawn to its performance on low and high pressure caused by interference in the bloodstream. Drug substances in this plant will contribute to the flow of blood through the body, and thus strengthen the strongest muscle - the heart. Since it leads to a complete balance of the cardiovascular system, high and low pressure, as well as dizziness, severe headaches and migraine, tinnitus, rush of blood to the head and others will stop.

Normalized blood flow will also be very convenient for women during painful menstruation, and bleeding from the lungs when coughing up blood and vomiting. Tea made from white mistletoe is used as an aid in the treatment of cancer. The plant itself contains a healing substance lecithin, from which it receives lecitinol, which in small quantities, can destroy cancer cells and restore the weakened immunity. It helps in recovery, relieves nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and solves insomnia and loss of appetite.

Mistletoe tea preparation

We prepare it exclusively as a cold mixture. Here is how to read a recipe for white mistletoe tea:
  • To the top full spoon of mistletoe leave to stand overnight in 2.5 dl of water. In the morning warm it up a bit and strain. If during the day you need a greater amount of tea then it is best that you keep it in a thermos-bottle, which we previously well washed with hot water. The tea should be drunk in small sips and do not add sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Healing tea from mistletoe is highly effective against bleeding from the nose, lungs and intestines. You need to snort in the tea through the nostrils when bleeding from the nose, if we drink it will not be useful for all internal bleeding as well as in diseases such as dysentery and typhoid. Drinking tea will balance and normalize blood pressure – it will reduce high and increase low blood pressure. Tea made from white mistletoe has helped women who have expressed PMS symptoms and stomach pains. It is excellent as an additional remedy for menopausal women, and against everyday ailments such as hot flashes - (sudden rush of heat).

How to make white mistletoe ointment?
  • It is necessary to have berries mixed with pork fat to get a compact mixture. This fat is excellent for the treatment of frostbite.

The recipe for a healing mistletoe juice

Fresh juice of mistletoe is made from leaves and fresh branches which are well washed and while still moisturized we squeeze them in the juice extractor. As a cure for infertility the following recipe proved effective:
  • From the juicer squeeze exactly 25 drops of juice and mix with a little water. Drink in the mornings before eating - on an empty stomach and repeat the treatment at night before going to bed.

Where to buy white mistletoe? 

Drops of white mistletoe are now readily available and can be bought in a better equipped herbal pharmacies, the same goes for the finished tea product. The price of tea is 2-3 dollars for a pack of 80 grams, while mistletoe tincture has a better circulation and a price is 5-7 dollars. We suggest that you still inquire about price and the manufacturer - Note: always buy proven certified products, this rule equally applies to online shopping.

WARNING: the berries of mistletoe are poisonous and should not be eaten fresh! Excessive doses of the plant can cause severe vomiting. Tea made from white mistletoe and other preparations should not be used during pregnancy even if you are breastfeeding. White mistletoe should not be used together with drugs for heart.

Healthy weight loss without dieting


Even though we listen to advice and do regular exercise, most people are facing with a number of obstacles in their attempts to reach the desired body weight. When the effort and hard work does not bear fruit, many are opting for drastic and restrictive diets. However, it should be noted that they are in most cases inefficient and even dangerous to health - with some exceptions. Therefore, if you want to take off the extra pounds, it is necessary to first turn to the experts - doctors, nutritionists, fitness coaches. In this article find out what is a healthy weight loss without diet and which foods to eat.


With the arrival of spring and warmer days, more often we get asked how to lose weight in a healthy way. What you need to know is that you cannot apply a universal model for a weight loss, because to determine the best method you need to take into account the current body weight, lifestyle, general health and the like, but it is essential to adopt a proper diet, without skipping meals and regular physical activity. In addition, as in the case of most problems, the solution for effective weight loss without dieting can be sought and found in nature. There are many plants that thanks to its diuretic and detoxifying properties efficiently melt the pounds and raise the energy needed for daily exercise. Below we present those that have proven to be the best allies for weight loss.

Green tea for weight loss without dieting
  • This tea is used by many people around the world who are struggling with excess weight. It contains catechins, which are very powerful antioxidants, speed up the metabolism, and fat gets burned more efficiently. In addition, due to the abundance of minerals such as magnesium and potassium, it acts as a diuretic, promote the excretion of excess fluids which cleanses the body of toxins. Results of the study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that people who consumed 690 milligrams of green tea extract a day for three months lost more weight than those that did not.

Artichoke speeds up metabolism and helps in losing weight
  • Artichoke leaves have a high percentage of magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium and are rich and vitamins B1 and C, which act as a strong antioxidant. Artichoke has cynarin, a substance that promotes the work of bile, speeding up the digestion. It is an effective diuretic and prevents the retention of excess fluid. In addition, this plant contains a very low percentage of fat (1 percent) and protein, and therefore its calorific value is negligible (about 22 calories per 100 g). Consumption of these foods provides long-lasting feeling of satiety, reducing the intake of excess food and weight gain.

Focus virsoides (brown algae) for effective weight loss without dieting
  • This type of seaweed is rich in iodine, protein, vitamin B complex and minerals, iron, phosphorus, magnesium. Due to the high concentration of iodine, this herb stimulates the thyroid gland, which promotes faster fat burning. It is not advisable to drink it daily but periodic consumption of tea is preferred and use it fresh, because it eventually loses its beneficial ingredients. It is advised to consume it before a meal.

Dandelion successfully melts fat
  • This is one of the most effective herbs when it comes to weight lost, and for this purpose root is used. In addition to being an efficient detoxifier of our liver and kidneys, it is an excellent diuretic, and in addition, soothes inflammation and regulates blood sugar levels.

Cinnamon is an ideal food for weight loss without dieting
  • Besides being used as a food additive in beverages, cinnamon successfully regulates blood sugar levels. This plant can raise body temperature, resulting in acceleration of metabolism, which accelerates the melting of fat. Also, encourages the bladder function.

Ginger root for weight loss around the waist
  • If you are looking for a solution on how to lose weight without dieting, but at the same time not impair your health - be sure to use ginger. The aromatic root is full of essential oils, which encourages digestion, promotes better work of our bile, and thus the breakdown of fats and excretion of toxic substances from the body. The infusion is prepared by chopping 10-20 g of ginger, pour it with hot water and leave it to cool.

On this occasion we will share with you another great and proven recipe for weight loss without dieting, which includes dandelion root and ginger, cinnamon stick and a little local honey:
  • Prepare one tablespoon of dandelion root and freshly ground ginger, cinnamon sticks and 5 mint leaves. Ingredients cook in 2.5 dl of water, and when it starts to boil, remove from heat and leave it covered to cool. Strain and add two tablespoons of local honey, and drink three times a day before each meal, every other day.

The next tea mixture proved to be excelled in removing excess weight:
  • Mix equal parts of thyme, nettle, sage, yarrow, St. John's wort, horsetail, fairy sieve and rose hip, and a spoon of this mixture pour with 2 dl of boiling water and leave it covered to rest for half an hour. Strain and drink 3 times a day a cup always fresh 

Foods with little sugar for quick weight loss

Instead of starvation or exercising and exhausting diets, the daily diet should include foods with few calories.

Fruit weight loss without dieting
  • Fruits contain a low percentage of calories, but thanks to that they do not create excess fat. Consumption of apples, oranges, grapefruit, grapes, and kiwi fruit in the form of juice or fruit salad is recommended, either before or after every meal, especially as a healthy breakfast. However, it is advisable to add mangoes and bananas in small quantities because they contain a high percentage of sugar - that's not going to help you lose weight.

Sea and river fish instead of a diet
  • This type of food is easy to digest and, furthermore, provides the necessary amount of energy. It is best to eat salmon and tuna, because they are rich in omega-3 fats, which effectively regulates blood sugar levels and boosts metabolism - which certainly helps to effectively lose weight without dieting.

Legumes and cereals for a slim waist
  • It is recommended to consume wheat, barley, rye, lentils, rice, beans, etc.

Vegetables speed up digestion and help with better digestion
  • These foods are rich in fibre which encourages digestion. It is best to eat green vegetables -broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, spinach, cucumbers. They can be prepared as a stew or as a salad.

Eggs melt fat away
  • These foods are rich in vitamin B12 and proteins essential for proper functioning of the organism. Consumption of eggs stimulates the muscle tone and melts the fat, mostly around the stomach. It is particularly healthy to prepare poached eggs in combination with vegetables or salads, ensuring a long-lasting feeling of satiety and allowing us to have a healthy weight loss without diet and strict restrictions.


There is no single universal method for people who want to practice weight loss without dieting. First of all we are not all the same, nor do we have the same needs for food. Also, many of us are not active and do not move often and we all know that no one has lost weight by sitting in front of a TV or computer.

The human body can be represented visually in the form of hot peppers, apples or pears. People who belong to the first type, have the slender stature, with little difference in the width of the shoulders, waist and hips. Most favoured is diet rich in omega-3 fats from foods such as salmon, walnuts, olive oil. A person whose body is in the form of apples, weight accumulates in the middle of the waist, while the limbs are thin and skinny. It is recommended that a diet be rich in complex carbs and fibre from fruits, vegetables, grains. It is necessary to avoid artificial sweets and simple sugars that cause an increase in insulin because people of this type are prone to diabetes. Narrow waist, wide hips, buttocks and thighs are characteristics of a pear-shaped body. These people should avoid intake of fat, because the body digests them much harder than in the previous two types. Instead, we recommend a diet rich in grains, lentils, beans and the like.

As you can see weight loss without dieting is not identical for all three types of body composition, so be sure to adjust the menu in consultation with a nutritionist, fitness trainer or your doctor.

How to use yellow tea for weight loss

Yellow tea for weight loss and health

Yellow tea has been prized in China since ancient times, but increasingly in other regions of the world. It is among the highest quality teas, including black and even green tea. It is a powerful potion for weight loss as it stimulates metabolism, and is of great importance for the prevention of cellulite. It is used to achieve a radiant complexion of the skin.

The tea is known as an antioxidant, and is also used for the prevention of many diseases, and is therefore on a par with the healing properties of black tea. It contains very little caffeine but is also used to relieve stress and anxiety. It helps with depression as it improves mood. Find out below how to prepare medicinal yellow tea for a healthy body and how it helps with weight loss.

Description, composition and distribution of yellow tea

Just like green, white and black, yellow tea is obtained from the leaves and buds of the plant Camellia sinensis. Since ancient times it was believed in its medicinal properties, but today it has been confirmed by science. It originates from China where it has a long tradition of preparation, but even in China, it is not easily available and is quite rare.

Growing this tea is quite difficult, because a lot of young leaves are harvested which are then full of antioxidants. Due to the expensive and specific technology and history it was prepared exclusively for the royal family. The tea is golden yellow in colour, and for its leaves to get this distinctive colour that varies from green tea, they need to dry much longer.

The way you handle and prepare the leaves of the plant that is to say, is of crucial importance. The leaves are much longer fermented than the green leaves, and this process is different from making black tea. This healing potion from China has a similar effect as adhesive labels and green tea.

It is important to point out that yellow tea contains more antioxidants than green tea, contains a remarkable amount of polyphenols, amino acids and vitamins B12, B2 and A, as well as vitamins C and E. Who likes the taste of green tea, will love this healing potion that has a fresher and sweeter taste.

Increasing popularity in recent years was all thanks to research that has found out that yellow tea for weight loss is very effective because of its action on metabolism. Also there is increasingly large amount of data of its positive influence on the human body.

Medicinal properties and health benefits

Yellow tea is rich in medicinal properties, and is an excellent antioxidant, rich in vitamins and is great anti-stress beverage. It is recommended, however in limited consumption, and a daily dose of 2 cups of tea is allowed. Here we will mention only some of its health benefits:
  • Regulates and lowers blood fat levels. Science has confirmed that yellow tea has the ability to lower bad cholesterol, on the other hand increasing the good.
  • It is used in the prevention of diabetes. If you have a diabetic in the family be sure to use it preventively.
  • It is a known antioxidant and is used in the prevention of certain malignant diseases, because it has been scientifically proven to inhibit the growth of malignant tissue. This feature of the tea confirms the longevity of Japanese people who daily consume green and yellow tea, and are known as a people with a very low rate of cancer.
  • This medicinal beverage reduces the risk of breast cancer and lung cancer, and it is connected by the tannins contained in the medicinal composition of the beverage.
  • It is significant for the preservation of the cardiovascular system, so it is recommended to preserve the heart and blood vessels.
  • It is recommended for people with hypertension because it reduces and leads to balance of high blood pressure.
  • It promotes blood circulation in the limbs and blood flow to the body and has a powerful antioxidant effect.
  • Because of its strong antioxidant effect yellow tea is used as a prevention of the occurrence of atherosclerosis.
  • It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, is used in the treatment of depression because it improves mood, removes and reduces stress and anxiety because it contains very little caffeine. If you use yellow tea concentration will be much better, relieves drowsiness and fatigue.
  • It is also used for dental care. Due to the high concentrations of minerals, fluorine and vitamins A, B-2, B-12, C and vitamin E prevents caries.
  • Boost metabolism and burns fat, and in increasingly recommended for the reduction of weight. 
  • Yellow tea equalizes the complexion and skin maintains vitality, slows down aging.

The use of yellow tea for weight loss from the waist

The greatest popularity this healing potion gets during the summer, when everyone wants tight body without excess weight. Yellow tea for weight loss is used because of its proven effectiveness in burning fat, accelerates metabolism and removes excess fluid from the body, which contributes to weight loss.

Yellow medicinal tea helps the digestive system and facilitates the stool. However, the tea and others like it are not a magical potion for weight loss. The full effect is achieved only by regular consumption in the long run, and the results would be visible. It is also necessary to adjust the diet and do daily exercise.

This beverage should not be drunk too much, the optimal is 2-3 cups of tea a day.

Preparation of yellow tea

The preparation is not much different from cooking other types of tea.
  • Once the water boils, remove the pot from the stove and allow it to cool slightly. Then, add to the water, a teaspoon of yellow tea, this is the amount for the 2.5 decilitre of water. At a higher water content, for example one litre put the full-sized tablespoon of tea. When you add it to the water, let it stand for at least 2-3 minutes, then strain. This is important because in this period, yellow tea releases antioxidants, and therefore has a better effect on the body.

It is important to note, tea is never sweetened with regular white sugar! However, if you prefer the sweet taste of the drink it is better to add high-quality honey. Feel free to add to it another type of sugar, such as coconut, palm or brown sugar.

Depending on taste, you can add to it even maple syrup. It was again mostly used in the USA and Canada, where it is the favourite with pancakes.

Another important information is that yellow tea for weight loss has the best effect if you drink it while fresh, that is immediately after preparation.

Yellow tea for weight loss user experience

According to what can be read on various forums, the people are getting familiar with the benefits of this beverage. It was popularized by some of the world celebrities such as Meg Ryan and Jennifer Aniston, talking about their healthy habits and healthy life.

Here we will show you the experiences of several users that were shared on popular local forums:
I got it on the recommendation and I have to be honest it will not work like a miracle overnight, nor will it melt away the fat! I love it and I had a hard time finding it. I like the taste, because it moisturizes and refreshes me. Like it does not contain a lot of caffeine.
I drink a variety of teas, I like the black, white, green. I tried the yellow tea, I like its taste. I did not lose weight immediately of course. Without exercise and restrictive food intake it does not melt excess weight.
For those bothered by strong acid in the stomach it is a real rescue. It is soft and subtle. Although care must be taken when buying it, because everything today is offered under that name.
I have to brag about how much I lost weight with yellow tea. I am not on some classic diet, but I lowered the meals, I did not eat at night and I threw away snacks. I work out, I read that the tea used for weight loss speeds up metabolism and hydrates the body. It is important to me because I sweat a lot especially in training. Using the tea alone you will not lose weight, but it will help in this process.
Where to buy it and what is the price

You will have a hard time finding yellow tea, it is rare, and it is little known to the general public. A few better stocked shops are selling it, and the price is about 3-5 dollars.

It is also available in some health food stores, but as we said a small number of stores are supplied with this type of tea and you can order it online - via the Internet.

On the other hand, if you love to travel, hop to other country because there you will certainly find this little health elixir. When shopping you need to pay attention to packaging and shelf life of the preparation.

Use caution when using this drink from China

Many of you are interested to see if yellow tea has side effects. Although famous for its healing properties and its excessive consumption it can lead to some disorders! Excessive intake of yellow drink can cause diarrhoea, high blood pressure, and liver problems

Therefore, people who already have similar problems must be careful with the consumption and should be observe their daily recommended dose of tea.

Yellow tea during pregnancy and during breast-feeding can benefit women. If you had the habit of drinking it before pregnancy it is best to consult a doctor before proceeding with further use.

If you cannot find the fantastic yellow tea in the city in which you live, as an alternative you can use an excellent green tea diet. Its composition and medicinal properties are almost identical.

How exercise affects our health


Exercise can prolong life and solve the accumulated stress - our greatest enemy! Everybody is aware of the fact that sport affects very positively overall human health. Exercise improves health and keeps your body from a variety of diseases and various disorders in the body, and that is particularly well demonstrated by crunches and push-ups, which every fitness instructor and athlete recommends that you do, at least once a day.


When we practice we cast out "negative energy" and thus free ourselves from stress, which is the cause of many diseases and health problems. In other words exercise reduces levels of cortisol known as the stress hormone, while on the other hand it increases the level of endorphins - hormone that is very much responsible for the achievement of a sense of happiness and good mood. These are just some of the diseases that can be prevented by daily exercises at home:
  • stress,
  • osteoporosis, 
  • pain in the lower back,
  • increased blood pressure,
  • increased cholesterol,
  • increased blood sugar,
  • obesity,
  • cancer and other serious diseases.

A well-known society against cancer located in the United States shows that exercise has positive effects in the prevention of some forms of cancer, and the most serious diseases, such as cancers of the colon, uterus, stomach, breast and lung cancer.

Also, regular physical activity prolongs sexual function in both sexes and affects the regulation of body weight. With exercise the body consumes far more calories, speeds up the metabolism, digestion becomes regular, and further contributes to the burning of fat - especially around our waist.

Sit-ups and push-ups

Why this exercise? These were the traditional exercises that served to strengthen our entire body. Sit-ups and push-ups can be performed anywhere, so to speak, wherever you are, and best of all is that they are free and you do not need expensive equipment and pay monthly fees for training in the gym - which today is not exactly small.

In order to improve your core strength, fitness and general health, you need to spend about 30 minutes a week on your personal training program and exercise. We promise that you will feel better, have a better opinion of yourself and be more confident in your daily life.

Penelope Cruz Diet and Weight Loss Secrets

Penelope Cruz is a Spanish model and actress and she is married to Spanish actor Javier Bardem. We all know that Penelope Cruz has a perfect body. Who would not like to have trimmed waist and toned stomach like Penelope? But, how can you achieve such body?

Which are weight loss secrets of Penelope Cruz? Can you also have a figure like her? Of course you can. You should only make changes in your diet and introduce some changes in your workout regime.

Mediterranean diet. Penelope Cruz has almost always looked great. But, she decided to have children because family has always been the most important thing for her. Of course, while breastfeeding she got some extra pounds and she wasn’t satisfied with her post baby weight. Then she decided to try a Mediterranean diet regime that is also known as a Penelope Cruz diet. This diet actually helped her to lose weight rapidly after each of her pregnancies.

When you see Penelope Cruz now, you would never tell that she is actually a mother of two children. Mediterranean diet plan is one of the healthiest and the most reliable diet plans. This diet is actually based on traditional diets of the Spanish, Italian and Greek cultures. It includes a lot of vegan foods, such as leafy veggies, nuts, beans, seeds, while lean and fish are the main sources of protein in this diet. Not only this diet helps in weight loss, but it also reduces the risk of many heart diseases and it promotes longevity. It is important to know that Penelope Cruz diet is not fast diet that will have yo-yo effects later. After this diet you won’t get some weight back.

Also, during this diet you will never be hungry, because you will get all the nutrients that your body needs. This is a healthy diet that in combination with quality workouts can give you great results.

Workout. We all know that workout is very important if we want to lose weight. Penelope Cruz hates intense workouts in gym and she considers them boring. Penelope prefers outdoor workouts, such as running or fast walking somewhere in the natural environment.

Also, she likes ballet dancing, pilates or strength trainings with stability ball or resistance ball. Ballet not only makes her body looking perfect, but it also eliminates stress and makes her feel better. Penelope also does yoga that promotes a natural weight loss and also reduces stress. So, we can say that it is very important to find a workout that feels good to you and that makes you happy.

Apart from Mediterranean diet and workouts, Penelope Cruz also decided to change her lifestyle. Not only she started exercising and meditating, but she also quit smoking and she started to pay more attention to sleep quality. At the end we can say that the only secret of Penelope’s great looking is a Mediterranean diet regime coupled with fat-burning workouts. This is actually a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

How to make buckwheat porridge; recipe

Why is buckwheat porridge healthy?

Buckwheat porridge is a treasure trove of health, it is rich in magnesium, niacin and fibre and is an ideal food for a healthy breakfast, and we would say that it was one of the morning treats, healthy and very tasty. To make a porridge of buckwheat tastier you can sweeten it with dried fruit and homemade honey, sugar because other artificial sweeteners we would not recommend.

We will give you a few suggestions on how to surprise your household with this delicious and healthy breakfast, which will give you strength and energy for the whole day, so let's go.

Buckwheat porridge for breakfast

Since it contain valuable minerals and vitamins, buckwheat porridge for breakfast will provide us all the necessary energy for the whole day, especially when served with fruit. In its composition there is about 0.2 percent of plant sterols, which effectively prevent the increase of bad LDL cholesterol. Buckwheat porridge contains up to 75 percent complex carbohydrates. It is considered an excellent source of dietary fibre, which helps accelerate the metabolism, triggering our slow and lazy bowel and thereby influencing our weight. It contains 25 percent of crude fibre in itself, which is a boon for our entire digestive tract.

Rich in flavonoids it keeps cholesterol under control and lowers and balances blood pressure, strengthening weakened capillaries. This healthy breakfast does not contain gluten, and is generally accepted by people who are suffering from celiac disease. Be sure to include this porridge in your menus, you cannot go wrong.

Porridge with buckwheat is safe to give to children to start the day, teens often in the morning skip the meal, because as we often say "forget to eat", which is not good. All of the porridge will be very helpful as a morning treat, and it can be eaten by those suffering from diabetes. Delicious and crunchy buckwheat porridge with the addition of fruit is right for the start of a long day.

Buckwheat porridge recipe with dried fruit

To start, you need to put buckwheat in the water and let it rest throughout the night. If you are making buckwheat porridge just for yourself, it will be enough to soak about handful of buckwheat, if you prepare a portion for two people take twice as much - two cups. In the morning give it a good rinse. Extradite buckwheat in a pot, add a little salt (a pinch), and pour the water so that the buckwheat in the pot is completely covered. Buckwheat mash is then cooked slowly, until you see that it softened, if necessary add a little water, so it does not boil. Continue to cook and mash by adding dried figs, bananas, plums or apples, and gently cook for another 3-4 minutes. Now turn off the heat and pour porridge with a little milk of your choice and serve.

Thus made buckwheat porridge can also be prepared with local honey and you can be free from the top to sprinkle a little cinnamon. Enjoy its full taste and smell, fantastic!

Buckwheat porridge calories

These grains have a low glycaemic index - slowly releases sugars, which will certainly give an extended feeling of satiety, which is why it is reasonable that buckwheat porridge for weight loss is recommended to obese people and those who need to take off the extra pounds of fat. This food is ideal for all of people who pay attention to daily caloric intake. Fats contained in this food are very healthy because they are unsaturated, and include lecithin, an extremely useful ingredient for the development of children. In 100 grams of porridge there is about 343 calories, is an excellent source of vitamin E, as well as phosphorus, magnesium, pantothenic acid, niacin, precious vitamin B2, iron and potassium.

Except for breakfast, buckwheat porridge can be used as a side dish like an addition to rolled cabbage, moussaka and other popular dishes. It is best to buy it in health food stores.

Milk thistle for liver


Milk thistle is one of the best conditioner of liver that nature gave us. It also protects the body and it is hard for any other product to be compared to it. In our article, learn how to make tea from its seeds, and more products that this exceptional plants gives.

The milk thistle description and habitat

Milk thistle belongs to the family of Asteraceae (aster). Hardy and herbaceous, her root is fleshy, spindle-shaped, and the stalks are upright and can get higher than 2.5 meters. The leaves are quite large, sharply toothed, dark green are the colours with dangerous spines that secrete poison. On the surface the leaf has a waxy coating. At the very top of the branched stems Savoy flowers are formed and their size is 5 to 8 cm. They are purple in colour, less often white, while the outer petals end in a very sharp spines.

Milk thistle has an elongated oval fruit, long 8 -9 mm. Veil of ripe fruit is brown with light freckles and yellow ring. The fruit is 2-5 percent flavonoids, and on the fruit there are more white flowers than pink ones. They contain valuable fatty oils.

Vegetation lasts from 110-140 days. Milk thistle grows wild in the wider Mediterranean, in all regions with warm climates. It is grown successfully in the world. It grows best on the dunghill, which are heaped in humus and other rich terrain.

When does the plant blossoms? The time of flowering is at 6th of 7th month (June and July) 80 to 90 days after emergence, the flowers start to appear.

It is best to plant it in early spring

Since it comes from warmer climates, the fruit of this plant reduces if exposed to cold temperatures for a long time or heavier precipitation. If the soil is better and richer, this plant will bear more fruit than usual but usually it thrives everywhere. As a fairly hardy plant it fits well in crop rotation, and since there is a lot of seed dropout before harvest and during it, it is not suitable as preceding crop. The seeds of milk thistle when spread throughout the land appear next year like a weed in the new crop.

Milk thistle must always be sown at the very beginning of spring (March), space in row spacing should be at least 70 cm, and in one row we plant about 30 grains, at a depth of two and a half to three centimetres. Milk thistle is harvested when all the leaves become dry, and its primary flowers are not white. This often happens at the end of the year in the 8th and 9th month (August and September). Milk thistle contains valuable flavonoid silymarin that is very effective - more below.

Milk thistle as a medicine

In medicinal purposes you can use milk thistle seeds and leaves. In folk medicine the best known is milk thistle for the liver, gallbladder and pancreas, and preparations based on this plant have been used since ancient times, as evidenced by numerous records of old herbalist. Laboratory analysis led to the fact that the thistle is nothing but "rehabilitated weeds" to be quite accurate.

In addition, milk thistle plant as a medicine is mentioned since ancient times, as it was already recommended by Ancient Greek physician Dioscorides. In the past roots and leaves were cooked to make medicinal drinks for fevers, stem against dropsy and for the absence of menstruation.

The latest laboratory analysis found that the seeds of milk thistle are active constituents containing valuable essential oils, like amino acids and biogenic amines. They are very important to us because they act on our vegetative nervous system and at the same time balance the organic metabolism and stimulate our living cells in liver. More precisely, they protect it and they are very useful for patients with hepatitis, as well as in people with diagnosed liver cirrhosis (hardening of the liver damage of aldehyde, etc.).

Milk thistle helps with heart problems, stops bleeding, it is recommended even for prostate cancer. It helps the nursing mothers for better milk production, because it works like the hormone estrogen, helps to treat psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, in various kidney diseases, perfectly balances the levels of cholesterol, is effective with allergies, migraines, low pressure and dizziness, asthma, persistent and whooping cough, sickness etc.

Tea made from milk thistle preparation

To make tea from the seeds is extremely simple:
  • One small teaspoon of dried herb pour with a full cup of boiling water, and then cover, remove from heat and let it rest for 10 to 8 minutes. After this period, strain it and do not drink sweetened and always do it before eating. You can use it directly before the main meal - up to three times during the day. Drink it slowly in measured small sips if you have mentioned health ailments or diseases.

In German pharmacology mostly used is tincture from milk thistle, which is obtained from ripe fruits and seeds, while Americans used the plant in flowers. In folk medicine commonly used are leaves from Cardui Mariae Folium, and in some regions for medicinal purposes green tea, that is the whole plant is used.

Where to buy milk thistle tea? 

You can obtain a dry extract which is prepared from its fruit or you can buy tablets from milk thistle (coated tablets), more recently in the stores with healthy food, as well as other herbal pharmacies. On the shelves you can find and increasingly popular tea from the seeds which is an extraordinary detoxifier and conditioner of liver. Soon we can expect for this product to appear online, via the Internet, this will make the order very easy. We still did not notice this tea being advertised on the Internet, but be sure to expect it in the following period.

Earlier, the milk thistle could be found only at the famous herbalist stores, while today it is natural treatment that can be found in the aforementioned stores.

The best homemade face peelings


Proper care of the face is unimaginable without a good quality peeling whose main role in addition to cleaning the skin from dirt is to remove dead cells that have accumulated on it. Natural peelings can easily me made at your home and there is a large number of available natural ingredients that you already have in your household. You do not have to think about a set of cosmetic products, for which most of us have no money for, but about the proper selection of natural ingredients from which you can make yourself more than a good cream for skin regeneration, which even removes wrinkles and minor scars. Our skin is renewed every day, but sometimes the process is quite slow, then you need just one good homemade face peeling cream, so let’s start with suggestions.

How often do you need to do it?

To this question there is no single solution nor answer, because the frequency of peeling largely depends on what your skin type is. So if you belong to people who have oily skin, it will be necessary to do it at least three times a week. If on the other hand you have dry skin, then clean your face once a week, or even once every 14 days if your face is extremely sensitive. Each treatment is done very carefully and with mild and gentle circular motion, apply a peeling cream (it is understood that the skin is previously cleaned). Try to avoid the eye area. Recommendation of dermatologists is that after each peeling you gently wash your face with lukewarm water, dry it out, and apply a moisturizer.

Why do we need a face peeling? 

In addition to a variety of creams, lotions, milk and oil to keep skin healthy and nourished it is necessary to regularly use peeling. Specifically, on the surface of the skin every day are accumulating dead cells that need to be removed periodically to encourage regeneration. Homemade face peelings prevent clogging of the pores, and aging. However, you should not exaggerate with them in order to avoid irritation, but it is enough to carry out the treatment once or twice a week, except in the case of very oily skin. Natural peels are very easy and quick to prepare, and most of the necessary ingredients you can find in your own household.

Peeling from corn flour

At the very beginning we will give you an outstanding and easy recipe.
  • Mix 4 tablespoons of corn flour with 3 dl of milk and heat on steam, with constant stirring for about 30 minutes. After that leave it to cool completely, then strain through cheesecloth and mix with a spoon of corn oil and 2-3 drops of essential lavender oil and mix until everything blends. Apply to cleansed face, as well as the neck and chest, in a somewhat thicker layer, however, keep it on the skin until it dries. Then you have to gently massage it in a circular motion and rinse with lukewarm water.

This homemade face peeling with corn flour gives visible results. This certainly is not the only recipe that we have prepared for you, we have much more.

Peeling with yeast
  • Mix one-quarter of diced fresh yeast with a small spoon of yogurt and a teaspoon of chamomile tea, then gently mix until a compact homogeneous paste is created. If it is not sufficiently thick, add a little yeast, and in the opposite case add yogurt. Apply on the cleansed face, as well as the cleavage and neck, and leave it to settle and then massage gently in a circular motion. Rinse your face with lukewarm water. Yeast is great for oily skin, and yoghurt and chamomile will further soothe and hydrate.

Skin rejuvenation with pumpkin seeds
  • A handful of peeled pumpkin seeds pour in mortar and chop them, then add a tablespoon of cream and ten drops of castor oil. Mix until a fine homogeneous mixture is created. Homemade face peeling should be applied to cleansed skin of the face, chest and neck, and then leave it for at least half an hour. The effects will be much better if you are sufficiently relaxed and you are lying down, and this will prevent leaks. At the end, peeling remove with swab or small cotton swab, and then rinse first with warm, and then cold water.

Best peelings with almonds
  • Grind in a blender 25 grams of almonds and mix it with a small spoon of honey, and add two teaspoons of walnut oil and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix until a smooth homogeneous mixture is created and then apply it to your hands and gently rub in a circular motion. Leave it on for two to three minutes, and then rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Coconut oil is an excellent choice for peeling
  • Mix half a cup of sea salt with two tablespoons of coconut oil and teaspoon of lavender essential oil. Apply only to clean face, décolleté and neck and leave it to act for at least ten minutes, and then you lightly massage the face. Rinse the area with lukewarm water.

Coconut oil is equally effective with dry and mature skin as a face peeling, because it will make the skin much softer and gentler.

Natural peeling with honey

Instead of buying expensive cosmetic products, we offer more than a good homemade recipe, tested and proven effective in practice. What is important to know is that none of these products are harmful or dangerous to the skin of your face, just because they are exclusively based on natural ingredients. The following homemade face peeling that we have prepared is very simple:
  • Mix a tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of crushed sunflower seeds, 2 tablespoons of cream and the juice of one lemon and a few drops of essential oil of basil. Mix everything until you get a smooth paste, then apply on clean face, décolleté and neck and leave it on for at least ten minutes. Then, gently massage these parts, and wash with lukewarm water.

Equally effective is face peeling made with oats

As oatmeal acts as a very mild abrasive, it is also excellent for peeling of extremely sensitive skin. Has a moisturizing and soothing effect. With this recipe a homemade kefir is also used because it has a similar effect as yogurt, which hydrates the skin extremely well, and kefir contains something more beneficial bacteria. Of course, if you do not have this food at hand, you can use plain probiotic yogurt.
  • A handful of finer crushed oatmeal mix with a spoon of kefir to obtain a compact paste. Apply to your face that you have previously cleaned and let it act for fifteen min. Then rub gently in a circular motion and wash with lukewarm water.

How to make a natural face peeling with green tea?

This tea is widely known for its antioxidant effects, as well as for having an extraordinary rejuvenating effect on the skin.
  • Pour a bag of green tea with boiling water and leave it covered until well cooled. Then mix two tablespoons of tea with two tablespoons of sugar and one tablespoon of honey. Apply on the face, neck and cleavage you previously cleaned and leave it on for longer than ten minutes. Then, gently massage your face with circular motions, and rinse with lukewarm water.

What is Roman Face Peeling and how to make one?
  • Roman peeling is prepared with a handful of dried peas that are grind in a blender. When converted into a fine flour, ground peas mix with a cup of milk. Then apply the mixture on your face and let it dry. When fully dried, remove it gently in a circular motion. The remains of the mask remove with lukewarm warm, and then cooler water.

Phenomenal hand mask with lemon and sugar
  • To soften dry and hard skin on hands, make the following mixture: tablespoon of lemon juice mix with a teaspoon of sugar and very little water. Apply with gentle circular motion on your hands and let sit on them for about 5 minutes. At the, rinse with lukewarm water.

We hope that you learned how to make a face peeling cream at home. In our article we have 10 excellent natural recipes, we are open to your suggestions, and feel free to write your recipes in the comments below, we will gladly publish them on our site.

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