Wheat grass juice recipe


Wheat grass juice can be one of the best "super foods" for cleaning lymphatic fluid. So, if you suffer from lymphatic congestion associated with conditions such as throat inflammation or swollen lymph nodes, everyday use of this extraordinary juice can be a solution for you!


The most common wheat grass is cultivated with mineral nutrients, in water, without soil - it is easy to grow at home and we would even say it is extremely simple. Wheat is sown with a little earth in a bowl, we put a thin layer of grain, which before this process is deposited on wet paper so wheat germs can appear. The grass is regularly watered and the most appropriate time for harvesting is about 9-10 days after sowing. So it is harvested in its early stages of growth in order to obtain the highest quality contents.


After sowing and harvesting, now it is time to make wheat grass juice. Wheat grass, which is strained in a quality juicer, provides a wealth of nutrients (including chlorophyll, a full range of proteins, and many vitamins, among others Vitamin A and C). In the developed market of Western Europe and North America, it is possible to procure juicers just for this purpose. Especially popular is manual juicer for wheat grass but do not despair if you cannot obtain it at the moment, in order to make a drink, your current juicer-blender, which you have in your household, will serve its purpose.
Wheat grass juice


The benefits are multiple because this drink brings a number of health benefits; potentially acts as a cleanser of the organism, due to the high content of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll gives wheat grass a green pigment and can improve circulation. This means that wheat grass can help optimize the functioning of the organism during infection:

If you consume wheat grass juice every day, you will help your body with the following conditions:
  • Infections of the mouth and throat or purulent angina-you can try to calm down and cure throat inflammation by gargling wheat grass juice.
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes (which can be found on the neck, pegs and armpits) due to the accumulation of bacteria in the lymph nodes.


Do not give up because of the color or its name: wheat grass has a pretty pleasant taste, which resembles the taste of sweet peas!
If you are new to preparing wheat grass juice, you can choose a very interesting taste mixed with some freshly squeezed juice: orange or banana, while in time - when you get used to the pure taste of wheat grass, you can drink pure juice made from green wheat grass. So, in order for your body to fight against infections (e.g. throat inflammation), try the wheat grass in small sips! It could be the perfect natural remedy for optimum general well-being. Wheat grass in powder can now be easily purchased in virtually all health food stores.


It's an interesting shake, which is prepared in 5 minutes. You need:
  • wheat grass - 100 grams
  • two bananas
  • 1 green Smith apple
  • Half a cup of water

Put the grass in the juicer, then put the pre-peeled bananas in the blender and add apples and water as well as the previously obtained juice from the wheat grass. When the mixture is well mixed and seated, cover it in the appropriate container. If necessary, keep it in the refrigerator. Also read the text dieting against cancer.

Oily skin; natural face mask


Oily skin of the face is sometimes really problematic to take care of because one wrong move can cause disaster. Among the most basic types of skin, the greasy skin is the most sensitive. Although the fact that you have oily skin diminishes the possibility of early wrinkle formation, it will compensate for the acne, pimples. This is due to the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, which increases the possibility of puffing the skin on the skin. If dirt and impurities enter the pores, dead cells of the skin and bacteria will result in swelling and red bulges on the skin. Here are some tips.


Carefully take care of what you are putting on the face, oily skin of the face can be highly susceptible to irritation. This makes it difficult for you to choose products that will not irritate your skin and make it more difficult. In spite of the use of these products, there are those types of facial skin that are extremely allergic to some of Ingredients. Keep away from fat-based and oil-based products. Instead, water-based skin treatments for water-based facials achieve much better results and do not cause the allergy. Also, these products are much easier to remove and do not cause additional irritation of your face.


Proper face treatment is extremely important, before using creams and facial masks, with frequent washing you will prevent the accumulation of fat on the skin, which will prevent the appearance of acne. Thorough hygiene is the only solution for the problem of acne on oily skin.

Makeup removal and oily skin 

Regularly remove makeup and avoid sleeping with it. This is bad for all types of skin, and especially for those with oily skin.

Face treatment at home 

Most people with oily skin will be recommended to first use cleaning agent for face and then face tonic. Peeling is also popular because it helps to remove impurities and dead cells from your skin. Hydrating facial creams are sometimes not used, because oily skin is sufficiently moist by itself.


Mask for oily skin is prepared from the following ingredients:
  • 1.75 dl of plain yogurt,
  • 2 drops of thyme oil
  • juice of one lemon,
  • 2 drops of orange oil,
  • 1 packet of yeast,
  • 2 tablespoons of potato starch (leave the potato in water for several hours and take two spoons of water and soak it in water).


Mix the ingredients in the blender. Apply the whole mixture to the entire face, and especially pay attention to the places where the pimples are. Natural face mask is kept for 10 to 20 minutes, and then the skin of the face is washed. Each of the ingredients of the face mask has a very effective effect. Thyme oil is a natural antiseptic, and the oil from the flesh has a refreshing and calming effect, so it acts like facial tonic and disinfects the skin. Yeast also has an antiseptic effect and regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands, while starch has a good absorption power and soothing effect especially when it comes to oily skin of the face.

natural face mask


For this simple recipe you need the whites that you need to separate from the yolks and moisten in the foam. Add 2 tablespoons of corn flour to the flask and then apply the mixture lightly to the face that you have thoroughly cleaned beforehand. Leave for the next 30 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. This peeling for oily skin removes pimples and tightens the skin. In addition, oily skin of the face and pimples can also be treated with oat flakes, yoghurt, pineapple and others.

Integral grains | integral flour in nutrition


Integral grains until the beginning of the 19th century were an integral part of the nutrition of our ancestors, when the new technology developed a flour mill with wheat processing rolls, so the integral flour from whole wheat grains was replaced by "white one." This discovery led the modern man degrade all that our ancestors cultivated for their diet.


After replacing the integral flour with white one, the modern man made only one in a series of mistakes in creating a substrate for the development of many diseases. It is easy for white flour to be better prepared for the preparation of fine pastry and cakes, we must be aware that it contains only starch, and that it is poor in nutritious ingredients which are in abundance integral grains. Integral grains represent a blend of seeds and fruits and are a treasure trove of materials necessary for good health, as well as a long healthy life.


Regular consumption of whole cereal grains reduces the risk of many very serious and widespread diseases, such as high blood pressure, increased blood cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, diabetes, gastric cancer, colon and prostate cancer. Also, integral grains help maintain ideal body weight because they contain plant fibers that give our body a sense of satiety, and thanks to its complex carbohydrates that contain fibers, help the body burn calories faster. In addition to containing dietary fibers that are useful for better digestion and complex carbohydrates, depending on the type - integral grains, contain from 7% to 14% protein, various minerals (magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium ...), vitamins (A, B, E ...), protein, folic acid and an enviable amount of antioxidants, which are an ideal combination and necessary for human organism. On the other hand, day-to-day consumption of white-flour products deprives the body from essential ingredients that are contain whole grains of cereals. The human organism will never adapt to such a diet.


Wheat is one of the most integrated integral grains in the world, and is used for the production of bread and pastry. Whole wheat grains contain 70.7% of carbohydrates, 10.2% proteins, about 2% fat, 1.7% of minerals, vitamins B, E, D, K and provitamin A (which can only be found in wheat). When it comes to minerals, we can find phosphorus and potassium, then calcium, iron and magnesium. Wheat is mainly used in the form of flour, but it can be cooked and mixed with other cereals and consumed for breakfast, with the addition of dry fruits and nuts, honey, cinnamon. It contains gluten and is not recommended to people with celiac disease and who have allergy to this protein. Read more in the article celiac disease symptoms.


Integral wheat grains strengthens immunity, promotes the growth and development of the organism, it is beneficial against abnormalities and exhaustion in anxious people, it treats rash, lichen and inflammation of the skin, regulates digestion and is used against inflammation of the throat and cough, poisoning and pain, heart disease and premature aging.


Millet is very special and valuable for human consumption. It falls into rare integral cereals that do not contain gluten, and it is equally unique for its pH. It is known that acidic pH of blood is suitable for the development of all diseases, and it is advisable that a person consumes 80% of basic and 20% acidic foods, and the millet has alkaline properties. Read more in the article on alkaline diet, which also contains gluten-free grains in the article gluten-free diet. It contains as much as 15% protein, large amounts of vitamin B, E, silicon, iron, but also magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. It is easy to remove its shell, it belongs to integral grains, and since it is very easily and quickly prepared, it is suitable for modern housewives who want to provide their family with healthy and fast meals, and the recipes are quite present in everyday life. You can add it in soup and instead of noodles, mix with boiled vegetables as a supplement to the main meals, prepare it in the form of a delicious porridge for breakfast, pudding, cake.


Thanks to its composition, millet strengthens hair, skin and nails improves the work of the heart, stomach, spleen and pancreas, restores the cells and intestinal flora, is useful in the treatment of anemia, nervousness and depression, alleviates fatigue, positively affects immunity and is very important for diet of diabetics.


Oats are one of the main foods in the menu of people who want to eat healthy. Indeed, oats are extremely useful and can be eaten without fear of weight gain. Nutritionists claim that oatmeal is the best choice for the beginning of the day, as it supplies the body with the necessary energy. Oat in grain is rarely used, probably because it requires more time to prepare. Oat flakes are extremely nutritious, because almost all natural ingredients in the grain are preserved. Due to the high content of minerals, especially calcium, phosphorus, iodine, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, manganese, sulfur, sodium, fluorine, E, B, H, and amino acids, which stimulate the growth and the formation of red blood cells - oats are more medicine than food. These integral cereals are also known for their high content of easily digestible proteins, and they contain 7% of fat, but without cholesterol. Flakes can be eaten with milk (plant or animal), yogurt, crushed juices, water, dry and crisp fruits, honey, nuts, or added to the soup.


It cleanses the blood, helps in the treatment of diabetes, bile, liver, leukemia, gangrene, kidneys, bladder and urinary tract and other urinary infections, various inflammation, spleen, ovary, uterus. Oatmeal successfully stops the formation of caries, and oats tea is great for stomach problems.

Integral grains


This is the most widespread grain in the world, but, unfortunately, it is most commonly used in refined form (white rice), without callus (bran), which is absurdly used in animal nutrition. Otherwise, rice is often sink into liquid paraffin (oil derivative) after glazing, which coats and prolongs the grain shelf life. On the other hand, integral rice is very healthy, nutritious, easy to digest and healthy. They can be freely used by people with celiac disease because it does not contain gluten, and is desirable in the diet of diabetics because starch is slowly absorbed. Integrated rice can be combined with legumes and other vegetables, fish, and from it is made sweet pasta and sweets with rice. One of the common questions on our site is whether the rice causes weight gain. Read more in the article rice diet.


Stabilizes blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels, supports the function of muscles, nerves and lungs, causes satiety and provides good form. It works soothing to the central nervous system, relieves anxiety, depression and helps in the treatment of sick lungs. It can also be used by patients with gastritis - heartburn, gastrointestinal tract and duodenum, diabetes, and people with excess or gastric acid deficiency. Mitigates the problems in the digestive organs and protects against the formation of stone in the kidneys. Bran mixed with water is used to maintain skin quality and against skin diseases, and pillows are usually filled with it for better sleep.


Spelt belongs to integral grains (wheat varieties) that has been almost forgotten, but recently, for some reason became popular again. The advantage of the spelt over ordinary wheat is multiple because this plant does not tolerate chemical treatment, it contains less gluten and more vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, and is much easier to digest. It contains all the vitamins B - groups (except B 12) and has seven to eight times more calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium than other cereals. Since spelt minerals are bound to organic carbon, they can be completely absorbed in the body. It is extremely rich in zinc and has a relatively low glycemic index helping to maintain normal blood sugar levels. It is useful in the diet of athletes and those who need to regain strength after a disease.


Spelt raises immunity, it is effective in treating intestinal diseases, removing metabolic disorders, kidney disease, in case of overuse of drugs and various food allergy-related symptoms. In some clinics in Germany, these integral grains are included in the treatment program for many disorders: chronic infections such as herpes and sidewalk, bone and nerve disease (Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid arthritis), cancers and the consequences of prolonged use of antibiotics.

Teeth whitening at home using natural ways


Teeth whitening has become a kind of trend because the brilliant smile and healthy teeth have become an aesthetic imperative of the modern age especially with Hollywood stars. People with white teeth look younger so popularity of this method is not unusual. Dentists often use the term "Hollywood teeth" that more or less became unique in their profession. In this article we will give you useful tips for natural teeth whitening and we hope that we will give you an answer to the frequently asked question these days, which is to say – how to achieve white teeth?


Before we start with recipes from nature, it is up to us to write that this problem is solved by modern and aesthetic dentistry. It has found a way to please patients, so using various chemical (not cheap) treatments such as teeth whitening by lasers to achieve brilliant white teeth , but their effect lasts only a few months due to nutrition, the operation of various beverages, and especially smoking of cigarettes and tobacco. Teeth whitening agents, especially those that achieve the immediate effect, can damage teeth and accelerate the formation of caries. But some foods and medicinal herbs can help teeth in a natural way, and make them brighter by a few shades.


The color of the tooth mainly depends on the color of dentine and varies from blonde-white to dairy to yellowish-white on permanent teeth. The color change comes under the influence of various factors that affect the development and emergence of both milk and permanent dentition - metabolic disorders, as well as the structure and mineralization of teeth, jaundice in newborns, congenital heart defects. Transient dental vision and dark teeth are due to the effects of pigments from food and drink, as well as nicotine, some drugs, but also because of aging. You should avoid or minimize the consumption of soy, coffee, wine and some teas. If you cannot make it without drinking some of them, drink them on a straw.


Experts say it is desirable to eat vegetables that clean your teeth, such as beans, cauliflowers, carrots and celery for a brilliant smile. These foods not only mechanically brush your teeth while chewing, but they also stimulate the secretion of saliva that helps neutralize the acid and protect against the toothache. Milk products with high content of calcium, especially hard cheeses are great as they remove food particles, help teeth be healthy and white. In addition, such food contains lactic acid that prevent tooth decay.

Teeth whitening at home


There are many natural fruit products that whiten teeth such as lemon bark, banana bark, strawberries, apples and apple cider vinegar, as well as miswak tree about which we will talk a little bit later.


Teeth whitening with lemon is not a novelty, namely rubbing teeth with lemon peel cleans deposits of caries and bleaches their surface. However, this should not be overdone because frequent use of lemons can greatly damage your teeth. Apply this method at most once a month.


For teeth whitening at home, you can also use the banana peel. With the inside of banana peel, rub your teeth once or twice a day for a few minutes. The effect is visible already in about ten days after the application of this natural method.


Strawberries are also very effective in teeth whitening: they need to be crushed, and then brush your teeth with the mixture - it will strengthen and bleach them. Apples contain acids that will naturally remove stains from the teeth and thus maintain their whiteness. For this reason, instead of chocolate and chips, eat this fruit. Apple vinegar removes stains on your teeth, so you can use it instead of a mouthwash for several days.


Miswak is a tree that the Arabs have used since ancient times to clean their teeth, and more recently it is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Particles of this tree are soaked in rosé water to soften up, and then are used to rub gently your teeth - after each meal, in the morning and in the evening.


While looking for an answer to the question on how to whiten your teeth at home, we have come across this excellent recipe from Dr.Neumivakin - who is a doctor of medicine. Its tooth whitening paste helps with caries and it is effective for treating the gingivitis, inflammation of the gums, paradentopathy and eliminates unpleasant smell from the mouth.


Add 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of baking soda to 10 to 20 drops of pharmacy hydrogen peroxide and a couple of drops of lemon juice, and the toothpaste for the whitening of teeth is ready for use. It is necessary to soak a cotton wool in it and apply it from all sides. It's best to treat your teeth in the morning and evening before you go to bed. Your mouth and teeth will be at a much higher health and you will soon notice your brilliant smile that will definitely improve your mood and restore confidence. It's important to note that all three ingredients in the toothpaste are extremely effective. As a disinfectant for your mouth and rinsing, you can use 3% hydrogen, dissolved in 1/2 deciliters of lukewarm water.

We hope that the article for natural tooth whitening at home was good for you and that you will share it with your friends!

Tangerine calories, vitamins and health


Tangerine represent to many a fragrant, tasty and southern fruit, which is eagerly consumed whenever possible. Yet many of us do not know about its health benefits. This text will give you more information about it.


In addition to being 85% water that promotes the metabolism and detoxification of the organism, tangerine (one average fruit) has only 64 calories and no more than 0.4 g fat, which makes it an ideal food for weight loss, and is part of many popular diets: citrus diets, fruit diet for 5 days and many more.


We all know that it is necessary to consume citruses when the cold begins to catch us, as they are abundant with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, very useful for human health and the strengthening of immunity. Scientific research has confirmed that vitamin C is particularly important for slowing down the development of colon cancer, but also in the event of inflammatory conditions such as asthma, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.
Believe it or not, only one tangerine meets as much as 80% of the daily requirement for C - vitamin. Apart from this valuable nutrient, it also contain vitamins A and B, beta carotene, potassium, calcium, zinc and magnesium.


Tangerines abound in fibers that play an important role in regulating digestion, and therefore maintaining optimum body weight and detoxification of the organism. Foods that contain many fibers, such as tangerines, provide a long-lasting sense of satiety and reduce the desire to consume food, which leads to weight loss.


Like any other fruit, tangerines should be eaten on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning, at least half an hour before meals. Like all other citrus fruits, this southern fruit is extremely rich in vitamin C.


It arrived in Europe and North America only in the nineteenth century, although it is known that it was cultivated in China more than 3000 years ago.


There are many benefits from this fruit so let's find out what kind of medicine tangerine is?


Cholesterol is one of the significant risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease, and it is very important that proper nutrition is maintained within normal limits. Tangerines can help, which, by their antioxidant action, prevent cholesterol deposition on the walls of the arteries. If cholesterol levels are not regulated in time, the risk of hypertension, stroke, infarction, and liver disease increases.


Scientists at the Kyoto University have found that people with chronic viral hepatitis can reduce the risk of developing liver cancer if they drink fresh tangerine juice. In a study that lasted for a year, thirty participants who had viral hepatitis daily drank fresh tangerine fruit and eventually did not have any signs of liver cancer, while, in contrast, among 45 participants who did not drink this beverage 8-9% of them developed cancer.


Tangerine is a source of carotenoids, beta-cryptoxanthin, which significantly reduces the risk of lung cancer. A study published in the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention magazine linked foods rich in cryptoxanthin with a low risk of lung cancer in smokers by 37%. Lemonine from this fruit is still one of a series of phytonutrients that are easy to digest and released in digestion, while reducing mouth cancer and throat cancer.


Regular consumption of tangerines contributes to the health of the digestive system, as antioxidants from this fruit reduce the possibility of an infection caused by helicobacteria, responsible for gastric ulcer, and therefore increasing the risk of developing stomach cancer.


Hesperidine, an antioxidant from citrus fruits, is examined as a natural, non-toxic alternative to drugs that protects the body during radiation therapy. An Iranian study found that radiation damage was reduced by 33%.


Essential oil of tangerine has an antiseptic effect, destroys bacteria and prevents inflammation. It helps to cleanse the body from toxins, especially for cleansing the liver, and encourages the absorption of oxygen in the body. Used in case of insomnia, stress, cough and muscle cramps. It is enough to rub it in the temples or painful points.

It is important to note that this preparation is not phototoxic, so it can be freely applied to the skin before exposure to the sun.

Tangerine calories


Vitamin C, which abounds in tangerines, promotes the production of collagen, which relieves wrinkles caused by excessive exposure to the sun. Tangerine fruit is an inevitable part of natural masks for hydrating and cleansing the skin. Essential oil of tangerine is a great addition to blends that prevent the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy. It is less known that this fruit is used for the care of oily skin, as it regulates sebum secretion. Tangerine oil revitalizes the skin and expands clogged pores.

Tangerine skin should not be thrown away

If you are able to get untreated natural tangerines, then be sure to keep its skin, because it, as well as the fruit, is a treasure trove of precious substances. The tangerine skin can be cut into cubes and dried, and later added to cakes, teas, compotes, baths.

Detoxification of the body with food and water


Detoxification of the organism is necessary for every person from time to time and even to those who take special care of their nutrition. Today there are several methods for cleansing the body from toxins, some of which are detoxification with lemon, olive oil, baking soda, water, food, green clay , rice, maple syrup, zeolite, fruit, as well as various medicinal herbs.


Toxification of the organism occurs every day, throughout the life, so it is impossible to cleanse the body overnight. Harmful substances get into the body through food and water, but also through the skin (using various "body care" preparations), as well as through breathing pathways (airborne and various chemicals). Therefore, detoxification of the organism takes place through the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin, and we need occasional detoxification of the liver.

Everything that our body receives passes through the liver, where toxins are neutralized and dissolved, after which they are thrown out of the body via the intestines or kidneys. However, if the kidneys are saturated with toxins, they will not be able to process all the harmful and toxic substances, so they will be moved to fat deposits, which, causes obesity.
Irregular bowel discharge causes long-term stool retention in the large intestine, so all toxins, instead of being thrown out of the body, reach into the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body, which can cause serious consequences in the long run. Due to the body's burden, health and general condition is getting worse. Anxiety and stress also contribute to the formation of toxins in the body.


People who do not have a clean lifestyle and do not pay attention to diet must introduce long-term changes that involve ejection of harmful foods from daily eating, consumption of useful food, intake of sufficient amount of water, proper combination of food, ensure good digestion, and regular physical activity.

Only then will occasional detoxification of the organism and mini-detox treatments make sense. Some of the symptoms of body being toxic are chronic fatigue and lack of energy, frequent colds, candidiasis infection, acne and oily skin, chronic infections, constipation, depression, headaches, stomach bloating, premature aging, allergies and many other symptoms that hinder your everyday life.


Even though fasting is not a true term, many today use it as a synonym for cleansing the body using certain diets. Therapeutic fasting is actually a method by which proper psychic stability can be achieved and good results in the purification, regeneration and rejuvenation of the organism, its strengthening, normalization of blood composition, establishment of a hormonal balance, alleviation of inflammatory processes can be achieved.

Short-term maintenance of certain foods, with regular and proper nutrition, provides excellent results in achieving and maintaining good health. During fasting, the organism rests from food digestion and directs energy to diseased spots in the body, so it slowly begins to release unnecessary load.

Fasting should be carried out once a week for 24 hours. During that day, it is allowed to drink pure water, teas, water with honey and apple cider vinegar, cut juices, and in the morning and evening you can eat a portion of fresh seasonal fruit. This is just one of the methods of fasting.

Some people only decide on drinking water, but if you feel you are not ready for it, do not be bothered. It's important that the day after the fasting you do not shock the body with abundant and heavy meals. It would be best if the detoxification of the organism begins with a glass of lukewarm water with lemon and honey, a portion of fruit and a breakfast of cereals. For lunch, eat a piece of fish, an integral rice and a salad, and for dinner fruits and dry fruits. Our recommendation is also a dietary diet, because it fits perfectly into this story if it is kept every month.

Detoxification of the body


In nature there is a huge number of herbs that are excellent agents for cleaning the body from toxins, some of which are nettle leaf, birch leaf, roots, artichoke leaf, leaf of rosemary, butter root and nutmegs that are inviolable when it comes to detoxification of the body.
  • The nettle leaf and birch leaves are excellent diuretics (encouraging the removal of excess fluid from the body), and are also recommended in the case of kidney stones.
  • The root of the burdock is used to clean the liver from toxins, to cleanse the skin, including acne treatment.
  • The artichoke leaf regulates the secretion of the bile and reduces the level of cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood.
  • The root of the butterfly also stimulates the secretion of the bile, and it also promotes the exchange of matter in the body.
  • The rosemary leaf regulates digestion and has mild diuretic properties, while the nutrients protects the liver from toxins and regenerate it.

The tea for detoxification of organism must be freshly prepared according to the instructions, and it is best to drink it three times a day in the amount of 250 ml between meals or half an hour before eating.


Detoxification of the organism with green clay proved to be very successful, so we will give you this excellent recipe.

Usage of green clay

In the evening dilute a full spoon of clay in 2 dl of water - but do not use a metal spoon, green clay must not come into contact with the metal! Detoxification with clay is carried out in the morning after getting up or at night before bedtime, and if desired, you can use it an hour before meals.

Use it as follows:
  • First week: drink only water in the morning without mixing, and throw the deposit.
  • Second week: stir the clay in the morning, leave for five minutes so the deposit settles, and drink water.
  • Third week: stir in the morning and drink water immediately with clay.


Alternating hot and cold water shower for five minutes also contributes to cleaning the body from harmful substances, improves circulation, tightens the skin and releases it from cellulite. Start with warm and always finish your cold shower water. After that, apply a mixture of water, and salt, olive and linseed oil to the body, which will improve the body's cleansing.


It is very little written about this and is even more speculated about. Our general advice about cleaning the organism is - do not overdo it, especially with medicinal herbs! As well as in many of you here, you need to be moderate, and it is necessary to consult your doctor first, especially if you have a health problem. This time, we will give you some guidelines which you should include in the therapy:

During detoxification, it is not necessary to use milk and body lotions, as well as shower gels; wear cotton clothes, spend more time outdoors, exercise at home or at fitness centers, drink plenty of water (at least three hours after a meal, or half an hour before meals). Detoxification of the body also involves the use of saunas (if possible) as it will help eliminate toxins through the skin as well.

We hope that we have partially given you the answer to the question of how to do the detoxification of the organism.

How to reduce stress; symptoms | causes | consequences of stress


How to reduce stress in everyday life is one of the burning issues in the life of a modern man, because today there is rarely a person who can say that he does not live under "pressure". Each of us sooner or later faces this problem either in terms of stress at work (which is today most common) or something else. If stressful situations are everyday occurrences, they can seriously endanger our health.


The most common symptoms of stress are headaches, nervousness, insomnia, decreased working capacity, digestive disorders (diarrhea, constipation, etc.), high blood pressure, a strong and intense appetite, which is often solved by overeating. Some of the symptoms can also be sweating palms, feet and very often excessive sweating under the armpit, which makes people feel very uncomfortable and at any cost try to find the answer to reduce stress.


In essence, stress is the response of an organism to something that is perceived as a pressure or an attack, and is caused by a very wide range of situations, from family quarrels, through divorce or dismissal at work, but the most severe is the death of a close family member, and the effects of stress can be more difficult if we do not recognize it and do not cure it in time.


Stress is, in fact, an alarm for the part of the brain-hypothalamus, which through its mediators sends a message to the pituitary gland to boost and accelerate the production of hormones that enhance the work of other endocrine glands. When the pituitary gland and the adrenal gland activate, the stress hormones of the adrenaline and the cortisol are produced, while more thyroid hormones are produced by the movement of the thyroid gland and pituitary gland. Stimulation of the pituitary gland also affects the functioning of the reproduction glands, and the testosterone and estrogen production is disturbed.


Scientists have managed to determine how certain organ systems respond to stressful situations, which can be a sign of choice for specific therapies, as in this way stress symptoms indicate a problem and can significantly help prevent serious health problems. So let's start with the following:
  • Nervous system - When we are stressed, the sympathetic nervous system stimulates the adrenal gland, which then produce hormones cortisol and epinephrine (adrenaline). Constantly high levels of these hormones affect memory and learning ability and increase the tendency toward depressed moods.
  • Respiratory system - In case of high stress, breathing becomes faster and shorter, some people even get hyperventilation. If the stressful situations persist, the respiratory system is subjected to increased effort, and the person becomes more susceptible to upper respiratory tract infections.
  • Cardiovascular System - On acute stress, the body reacts with accelerated heartbeats while blood pressure rises. Long-term exposure to stress, on the other hand, can lead to significant narrowing of the arteries and, therefore, of elevated levels of cholesterol that increase the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases as well as stroke.
  • Reproductive system - Stress and menstruation: stress can shorten or prolong the menstrual cycle, but also cause painful periods. High levels of stress increase the risk of bacterial vaginosis, while severe stress in pregnancy is associated with the onset of allergies or asthma in children at a later age.
  • Immune system - In small quantities, stress stimulates the immune system and helps the body to combat various infections. However, in the case of long-term stress, the healing process slows down the susceptibility to infections exacerbates skin diseases such as eczema and acne.
  • Welding System - Extreme stress is accompanied by severe gastric nervousness that can cause nausea, urinary disorders, gases, and stimulate the muscles of the bowel causing constipation of the stool or diarrhea. People who have been following this form of stress for a long time have a greater chance of suffering from diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis and gastric ulcer
  • Muscles - Cramps in the neck, back and shoulders, severe headaches, are often the result of stress in our musculoskeletal system. Chronic stress can also be a trigger for the development of osteoporosis.

How to reduce stress


If you have often asked yourself the question on how to reduce stress, we recommend that you also read the rest of the text. In addition to mild health problems that are relatively easy to handle, the effects of stress can be much more serious and even cause much more serious problems. Some scientific studies point to the fact that it contributes to the survival of cancer cells despite the use of anti-cancer drugs, and a team of scientists at Yale University have found that stressful situations, such as divorce or fetching at work, can cause gray matter to fall in the parts of the brain responsible for feelings and physiological functions, and cause mental problems and trauma. Health is also affected by stress reactions that vary from person to person, and those who are constantly exposed to it have a much greater chance of suffering from some chronic illnesses. Also, people who are constantly tense are at greater risk of stroke and heart attack than those who are more relaxed. The Cambridge University research reveals that the effects of stress on the genes are such that they can be transmitted generational. So far, it has been thought that certain genetic features, which were created under the influence of various external factors, such as stress, disappear in the next generation, but the latest research has confirmed that they last longer, e.g. they also appear in the next generation.


Stress symptoms cannot be permanently eliminated, but we can influence how we respond to the problems we are facing. Of course it is easier said than done, but everyone should try to find an "exhaust valve" or a way to "charge batteries". You will find out the best way to positively affect your mood and ultimately answer the question of how to reduce stress at work, at home and elsewhere. For some, it's listening to music, reading books, hanging out with friends, yoga practicing or practicing some sport, as well as a lot of stress relief exercises. What everyone recommends is regular walks in the fresh air and sun.


The fight against stress, anxiety, insomnia is carried out in many ways. For starters essential oils can be of great help in solving these problems. Use them for massage and inhalation, or add them to baths.
  • Mix 1 / 4 cups of honey, three drops of lavender essential oil, three drops of essential ylang ylang oil, two drops of basil essential oil, two drops of essential oil of geranium and drop of essential oil of grapefruit. Fill the bath with warm water and add the aromatic mixture and mix well. After 20-30 minutes, lie in the bath in a hot shower.
  • Make a mixture of two tablespoons of almond oil, a spoon of wheat germ oil, 8 drops of essential oil of lavender, 8 drops of essential oil of ylang ylang, two drops of essential oil from basil, 2 drops of essential oil of geranium and drop of essential oil of grapefruit. Massage the temples, neck, chest and shoulders twice a day.

  • Mix a spoonful of chopped mint leaves, leaves of lemon balk and chamomile flowers and pour everything in 7 dl of boiling water. Cover and leave it to stand for another two hours, then strain, sweeten with quality honey and drink 2 dl before each main meal, symptoms of stress after using this tea are slowly reduced. 

  • Stir in a tablespoon of finely chopped parsley leaves, bloom and a leaf Saponaria officinalis and a bouquet and a leaf of basil. Pour the mixture into 7 dl of water, cover and leave it to stand for 2 hours. After that, rinse with honey and drink a glass (2 dl) three times a day before each main meal.

  • In 7 dl of water, put on a spoonful of chopped valerian, leaf of viscus album with root of celery or pear. Cover the mixture and let it stand for 2 hours and then strain sweeten with honey and drink 2 deciliters before each meal.

  • Mix two tablespoons of finely chopped leaves and flowers of solidago virgaurea and a tablespoon of leaves and flowers of thyme, celery and valerian root, leaves and flowers of viola tricolor, and this mixture pour with a liter of boiled wine. Leave it to stand for two hours, strain, sweeten with honey and drink 0.5 dl per hour.

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Dandelion tea as a medicine for the liver


Dandelion tea is prepared individually or as part of other tea blends, and is an effective remedy from the nature that is extremely effective. Dandelion helps with diabetes, then anemia, bile stone, rheumatic disorders, liver disease, irregular periods.

Find out all the medicinal properties of this tea.


In addition to being a great indicator of the ending of winter the dandelion plant is very healthy and it is certainly worthwhile to include it in the diet. It can be found at every step, but in the diet and therapy only plants that grow far from roads and pollution are used.

All parts are healthy: leaves are harvested before they flourish, flowers from April to May, and the root is removed early in the spring or early autumn.

Dandelion is healing because it contains plenty of wormwood, zinc, flavonoids, vitamin B, sterols, tannin, potassium, while the leaves are full of iron and vitamin C. In therapy, it is used in various forms, such as dandelion tea for liver and the like, also juice, syrup, and from leaves a very healthy salad is made.
Dandelion leaves are exceptional for detoxification of the organism, whether they are used as a salad or tea it contains vitamins C, D, A and those of B complexes, then iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium, manganese.

Dandelion salad is used in eating because of the high content of many nutrients. If it is harvested after flowering, it will be bitter, so it is always better to use young leaves.

Fresh stems dissolve the stone in the bile, regulate metabolism, clean blood, and are a good natural remedy for stomach and diabetes.

Dandelion tea recipe 

Tea from the dandelion’s root is advised for diabetics, those who are anemic, but also those who have a problem with rheumatism, stone in the bile and irregular periods. It is also good for cleansing the body from toxins, it helps with degenerative changes in cartilage and it stimulates sweating.

Also, tea from dandelion for weight loss achieves excellent results in the fight against obesity and cellulite.

Dandelion tea as a medicine

Preparation of recipe:
  • Mix one small spoon of dried leaves, flowers and finely chopped roots of dandelion, put in a bowl, cover with water, boil and leave to stand.
  • After 20 minutes, process and sweeten with a spoon of honey.
  • Tea from butter is drunk in the amount of two to three cups a day. It is best to drink it 30 minutes before eating.


Dandelion root in India is used in the treatment of severe liver disease, including cirrhosis and hepatitis, and contributes to the treatment of infections, viruses and water retention in the body.

Many studies have shown that the plant stimulates the flow of bile and has a mild diuretic effect. It purifies the urinary tract and acts beneficially on the bladder and kidneys and treats urinary infections.

Today, even some doctors recommend tea from dandelion for cleansing the liver, especially in case of excessive use of various synthetic drugs.

Dandelion tea stimulates appetite, accelerates food digestion and stimulates better digestion, it is also recommended as a medicine for lowering blood cholesterol levels.


Dandelion juice is used to alleviate stomach problems, and best results are given if it is freshly squeezed.  It is made by scrubbing leaves and roots, after which the juice is mixed with a cup of milk and sweetened with honey. It is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach for three weeks.


This jam is best taken in the morning on an empty stomach, mixed with green tea. This beverage will act anti-inflammatory as a means of cleansing the liver from toxins, and it also has a diuretic effect. Same as dandelion tea, the jam is also useful for preventing asthma and bronchitis, in which case two spoons are taken at once, in the morning on an empty stomach.

  • Pluck 300-400 yellow flowers, sprinkle with cold water and leave to stand for 24 hours.
  • The next day, drain well and sprinkle with half a liter of warmly boiled water and cook for 15-20 minutes.
  • After that, add a kilo of sugar, two finely chopped medium lemons (maybe with a curd) and a spoon of lemonade, after which the mixture is cooked for another five minutes.
  • When the jam gets the color of the honey, remove it from the heat, wait until it cools and goes through the gauze.
  • The final mixture boil for 2 more minutes. 

Dandelion Latin name is Taraxacum officinale.

Eczema | treatment | pictures | cause | fungal infection of skin symptoms


Eczema is a red or gray skin changes, which are often accompanied by irreversible itching and cannot be easily remedied. With this we will give you some great tips on how to treat fungal skin infections in the natural way.

Causes of eczema

Swelling of the skin, changes in color, itching and dryness of the skin usually indicate a fungal infection, known to the people as eczema. Although there is a fungal skin infection in the background of this problem, there are some other dermatological diseases that have a similar clinical picture, which is why doctors are reluctant to use this term. These changes in skin can also be caused by psoriasis, chronic lichen simplex (known as neurodermatitis) and many other skin diseases.  Pets are also sometimes the source of this infection. Skin lesions are best treated if the therapy is carried out both from the outside and from the inside, and certain medicinal plants can be of great help in the treatment of this dermatological disease, which we will talk about later on.


Fungi normally live on our skin and with them we are constantly in touch through various objects from the immediate environment. Fungal skin infections usually occur due to immunodeficiency, physical exhaustion, irregular nutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals. Damage to the skin and mucous membranes then becomes the place where they inhabit and reproduce causing uncomfortable skin changes.


Symptoms of fungal infection usually appear as red or gray scaly circles anywhere on the body, especially on the face, hands, shoulders and thighs, as well as rupture of rounded areas. Eczema on the head is recognized as an area without hair, which is burned and peeled. It is necessary to differentiate the fungal infection of the skin from the one also affects the nails (read more in the text fungus on the nails). Also, it is very important to differentiate skin lesions and infections that involve places with hair, because in this case the therapy is longer. Most often, fungal infection on the skin of the body begins with oval redness that begins peripherally to spread, has excessive edges and sometimes sheds. The special form of this disease, pityriasis versicolor, is seen in the form of oval, light-brown and reddish stains on the skin of body and arm.


In order to diagnose lesions on the skin other than a clinical examination, an important role is played by mycological examination (it is taken from a change in the skin and tests on fungi), and sometimes it is necessary to take cutaneous biopsies of the skin.


If it is a persistent fungal infection of the skin, it is necessary to introduce certain corrections in the diet, in order to strengthen the immunity and reduce the acidity of the organism, and thus cure the infection - the spots on the skin. Foods that favor the growth of fungi are sugar, yeast, white flour, alcohol, all fermented products, mushrooms, but also other foods that increase the body's acidity, such as meat, meat products, eggs, milk products (except kefir and probiotic yogurt) all industrial products containing preservatives, emulsifiers and sugar. We also need to treat it from the inside with lemon, fresh vegetables, and cloves, as well as raw almonds, oregano oil, garlic, and some proven supplements for strengthening the immunity, including propolis drops, Echinacea, silver water and various herbal teas.

fungal infection of skin


Although there are many products on the market today, medicine and creams against fungus on the skin, we will not talk about all of them but this time we will offer you only natural methods of treatment, so let's start in line.

  • If there is some fungal infection on your face it can be a big problem so try the next simple recipe. Apply fresh strawberry juice on your face in the form of face mask before bedtime, and after 20 minutes, wash off with water. The therapy is repeated for 7 days.

  • Two spoonfuls of chopped mint leaves, a flower of marigold and the root of dandelion and celery and put everything in a liter of olive oil. Keep the bottle closed and stored for about 5 weeks in a warm place. Use it for lubricating the affected area, which has been previously cleaned with tea from the chamomile.
  • The oil of hyssop works well on the facial skin and helps in the treatment of skin lesions. It is used so that a few drops of this oil are mixed with soy oil and applied to the affected site.
  • Squish the green peel from young walnuts until you get porridge that is applied on the skin four times a day, until eczema disappears. 
  • Plantain - 30 g of fresh leaves wash and then chop and then put in a bottle and poured with 120 ml of olive oil. The oil should completely cover the leaves. Let it stand in the sun for 40 days, then strain through the thick cloth and pour in the dark glass bottle.. This product is applied on the affected skin area.

Marigold cream against eczema
  • Pick and chop the two handfuls of marigold (flowers, leaves and stems). Half a kilogram of high-quality pork (and fat) can be placed in a medium-sized bowl and warmed up to boiling. Into heated fat insert the chopped bride and leave it to boil again, and then stir it up and remove it from the heat. Cover the dish and leave it overnight at room temperature. The next day, the mixture should only be warmed up a little so that it can be processed. Pour the grease into the appropriate bowl and lubricate the diseased skin, several times a day, until improvement. 

  • It is used to suppress various skin diseases and mucous membranes, and is applied externally and internally. However, as it is a very strong substance, the use of apple vinegar with diluted water is recommended for the treatment of fungal infection of the skin. It is recommended that you do not use the usual vinegar as it may cause the reproduction of fungi. Apple vinegar is useful for the eczema of the scalp, and in that case it is also recommended to use walnut oil.


Dermatologists point out that excessive use of soap and water, as well as some other more aggressive hygiene and care products, as well as peeling of skin, destroys its natural flora and increases the preference for a skin eczema. After each shower, moisturizing cream, milk or natural oil should be applied to the skin in order to create a protective layer. Chemical products containing preservatives and scents should be avoided, and priority should be given to natural products, which are increasingly available on our market. You can also make a mixture of olive and linseed oil, water and some salt, and thus treat the skin with it after showering. Those with excessive sweating problems need to change clothes more often, because wet and irritated skin is the perfect for formation of these problems.

We recommend that you read the following texts: fungi of nails, seborrheic dermatitis, oily skin of the face and many others.

Apple cider vinegar for weight loss; experiences and recipes

Apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Apple cider vinegar is a proven and effective method for weight loss. Diet with apple vinegar greatly accelerates metabolism and is an excellent ally in maintaining a good body weight.


Apple vinegar is becoming more and more popular today, not only due to the characteristic taste and smell, but also because of its numerous benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. It is produced by the fermentation of crushed apples, whose natural sugars are dissolved by bacteria and yeast. What is first produced is alcohol (cider - apple wine) and then vinegar.


When you squeeze the apple juice, pour it into bottles. With a smaller plate cover the bottle tip, so that the air can circulate freely, mix every day up to 4 times. After a couple of days you should notice the foam, this is a normal occurrence. Now it is necessary to stir once a day and leave the bottle in a cool and dark place for the next three months to stand. When 90 days pass strain the apple vinegar through the gauze, spill into a new bottle and cook in the fridge. Congratulations, you just learned how to make homemade apple vinegar.


When it comes to apple-vinegar diet, we will immediately tell you that there are several methods. The first and simplest variant would be nothing more than daily consuming two spoons of apple vinegar diluted with one glass of water (best in the morning on an empty stomach). This drink will burn you excess fat and after the application of therapy, after a few weeks, you will notice that you lost some weight. These treatments must be kept for at least 2 months. As there are many supporters, there are also those who condemn such a diet. What we can recommend if you start with a diet do not expect miracles overnight from the magic drink, but take the thing into your own hands and start with light exercises. The suggestion is a daily walk and stay in nature, riding a bike, jogging.


In addition to the first method, the combination with honey has proved to be very good. This is confirmed many experiences of the participants. The first step is to make 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar dissolve it in a little lukewarm water (water can be boiled), then add two spoons of homemade natural honey. Drink the dose during the day. Today, there are various tablets and capsules of apple vinegar, but we do not recommend it, but it is best to consume it in its natural form. In the event that its natural and raw form does not suit you then take the tablets.

Apple cider vinegar for weight loss


Apple vinegar is recommended as a "cure for everything". The recipe for apple vinegar which we have already given is a daily dose - a solution of two spoons in lukewarm water, with the addition of two teaspoons of honey. Such an elixir of health, besides being very tasty, helps in the treatment of the following diseases: pulmonary angina and throat inflammation, poor digestion, increased blood cholesterol, poor circulation, and is advised in the case of heart, kidney and blood vessels diseases. It has been proven to lower blood pressure and provided an excellent ally in maintaining a good body weight - which we have already written about. Perhaps the greatest benefit of apple vinegar is its effect on blood glucose levels and is recommended as a regular dietary supplement for diabetics.


Apple's vinegar improves the skin, cleans the skin from the blister, the pimples, and the acne, relieves rheumatic stresses, and helps in the treatment of eczema. Apply it in a diluted form on the skin on the skin with light massage and rubbing, whether you have skin problems or you are healthy. Recipe: Make a mixture of water and apple vinegar in a ratio of 8:1 and apply on your face up to three times a day. This treatment will eliminate irritation and itching of the skin. If you combine it in both ways (external and internal use.) it will help in expanding veins and eliminate tiredness in the legs. It is extremely rich in potassium, which significantly affects muscles and nerves, and apple juice and honey are recommended in day-to-day nutrition for professional athletes as well as recreational ones. If you are dealing with strenuous intellectual and intellectual work then feel free to use it.


Diluted apple vinegar for hair can be used as a regenerator, but even as a softener. Here's how to use it: First wash your hair with some natural shampoo (recommended nettle shampoo), then rinse well with the water you previously added one tablespoon of vinegar. This liquid can be applied a couple of times until you consume it. In this way, you will return the scalp its shine, you will clean the dandruff as well. Apple vinegar against dandruff: if you make a mixture of water, vinegar and essential oil from rosemary you will achieve better results even in the presence of a higher amount of dandruff or advanced diseases such as seborrhea and the like.

  • for chronic fatigue: mix 3 teaspoons of vinegar with a cup of honey, drink 2 teaspoons before sleeping and drink before lunch with 2 dl of water.
  • against migraine and severe headaches: dilute two tablespoons of honey and vinegar in a glass of water
  • for burns: apply apple cider to a burned spot, relieve pain and prevent the formation of blisters
  • for high pressure: dilute 2 small spoons of vinegar in a glass of water and drink three times during the day. 
  • for throat flushing: apple syrup and honey dilute with lukewarm water and sift for fifteen seconds and then swallow the mixture
  • for sinusitis: drink a glass of water every hour, in which you add little spoon of vinegar. Take the therapy for 7 hours!
  • for joint pain: soak the linen cloth with vinegar and apply on the painful wrist. Wrap with dry flannel fabric. Also drink water with diluted vinegar during each meal.
  • Carcinoma prevention: dilute two to three small spoons of vinegar in 30 ml of water and shake well. Daily drink the prepared amount and add to the diet and fresh home apples every day.

Apple vinegar side effects and consequences 

Whether used for weight loss or some other use we note that certain undesirable effects may occur due to consumption, such as: esophagus irritation, gastritis, mucosal inflammation, kidney damage, osteoporosis of the bones and teeth. The problems occurs mainly due to the consumption of undiluted apple vinegar.

However, consuming these fluids requires great caution, especially when it comes to people with stomach problems, especially those who have stomach ulcer, apple syrup in pregnancy can only be used with the recommendation of a doctor.