Rotten teeth and caries; effects

Rotten teeth and cavities - great risk for a heart attack

Rotten teeth and periodontitis are not to be neglected, because they are time bombs which usually lead to serious health problems. Neglecting your oral hygiene such as brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, irregular use of dental floss or mouthwash, will not only cause bad breath, but will eventually lead to more serious problems, and even cause cardiovascular problems. Again on the other hand, daily care, proper nutrition and regular dental checks can prevent the most common dental diseases - such as cavities of the teeth, gingivitis and pyorrhea - but indirectly very serious diseases, such as cardiovascular, respiratory, eye, and kidney diseases. In this article we will give you more proposals, suggestions and examples of how to easily fix your oral hygiene, and how to acquire healthy habits, which are among other things dental control at least twice per year, and not go only when we have pain or already rotten teeth.

Rotten teeth in children and adults

It has long been know that bad teeth are nothing new in the world. Latest research by the Institute of Dentistry shows that the citizens in some South Easter European countries are at a top of the list when it comes to poor oral hygiene and general condition of the teeth. Young people up to 30 years on average, do not have 4-5 teeth and cavities in young children is present and something more in boys than in girls, and already at the age of 3-8 years, of course these are dairy teeth. It is about the time for us to awaken the awareness of oral hygiene and to accept that going to the dentist is as important as going to your GP. Some will laugh at this, because it is a common practice that we go to see the doctor only when something bad happens or we are in pain. Aside all of this, dental diseases cause more serious health problems and this is something we do not need.

How does dental caries occur?

Dental caries is not a disease in the true sense of the word, but a process that is developing for a long time, and starts due to the operation of plaque on the tooth surface composed of bacteria - dental plaque. Certain bacteria feed on carbohydrates in foods, disintegrate them and produce acid which acts on the surface of the tooth and weakening in. Saliva contains a number of defense mechanisms for neutralizing the factors that control the growth of bacteria, but if you have frequent meals, this fluid is not able to neutralize the acidic environment on the surface of the tooth, and at one time the enamel weakens and creates damage and rotten teeth appear. This area is further populated by bacteria and destroys the depth of the teeth, and this process sometimes takes three years. It is therefore very important to regularly go to the dentist, who will assess the current risk, rewrite specific preventive measures and prevent the occurrence of caries. Basic symptoms are tooth pain and swelling, which are progressing according to the same extent as dental caries. Initially, a person feels pain or irritation (when eating sweet or cold food), and if the cavities is not removed in time, the infection is transmitted to the dental pulp (dental nerve), and then results are irreversible when painful inflammation occurs. From the pulp, through the root, the infection spreads to the bone and can lead to chronic painful process, but rotten teeth in most cases, must be removed, that is it is necessary to remove the teeth which are rotten.

Rotten teeth; Consequences 

Cavities in the teeth, infection in the oral cavity, (this is especially true for those chronic conditions), which occur due to tooth decay and periodontal disease, can sometimes become a serious condition and jeopardize the overall health, but mostly it will affect the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and locomotor system, and affect skin and eyes. Research has shown that people with poor oral health, who are accompanied by rotten teeth are almost twice as likely to develop myocardial infarction as those with a healthy oral cavity. It has been shown that this bacterium (Streptoccus salivarius) originating from the oral cavity contributes greatly to the formation of thrombi (blood clots), a major cause of heart attack. The association with stroke and mouth has been demonstrated in recent scientific papers in which the existence of arterial plaque in people with periodontal disease and high incidence of dental caries has been studied. Scientists believe that inflammation in the oral cavity can lead to the formation of arterial plaque and thrombus. Rheumatoid arthritis and periodontal disease are very similar, if we consider that both diseases are inflammatory in nature and that they are manifested in damage and loss of tissue. It is assumed that the similarities are not accidental and that they may indicate the possible interconnection of these diseases, so there is a possibility that periodontal disease causes rheumatoid arthritis and vice versa. The bacteria in the mouth, with the blood can easily be transferred to the lungs and respiratory tract, and thus increase the risk of developing respiratory infections, or exacerbate chronic lung disease (e.g., emphysema): Every day hygiene and good health of the oral cavity is a prerequisite of a good health of the entire body. Rotten teeth during pregnancy are also not new, because it often happens. It is important to note that regular checkups are important to avoid some serious surgical procedures and interventions, everything should be done after birth.

Rotten teeth and loss of hair

One of the consequences caused by rotten teeth is alopecia, which will be discussed further. We first need to determine what favors the development of caries and bacteria in the mouth. Carbohydrates of almost all types favor tooth decay - free sugars such as brown and white, lactose from milk, honey, and also readily soluble starch from the product obtained from processed white flour. Do not forget the hidden sugars, which can be found in snacks, soft drinks and medicine. The most dangerous combinations are readily available and they are stick, so our saliva has a much more difficult time to remove it from the surface of the tooth, which means that in this way our teeth are for a longer time available to bacteria. Sweet bakery products of puff pastry are dangerous for the health of teeth. This is precisely because the chocolate is considered less dangerous for our teeth than pastry. In this group are unavoidable fizzy drinks, where in addition to sugar, have another danger and that is the acid that destroys directly tooth enamel and helps further development of harmful effects of bacteria. It is important to say and that rotten teeth that are inflamed for a long time, can even cause the loss of hair. It is not a rare case that after treatment, tooth extraction and other interventions by the dentist the hair regenerates and grows back again.


In addition to these bad foods there are helpful foods that are recovering our tooth enamel, and in this group we include milk and milk products, which act positively in several ways: they are rich in phosphates and calcium, which are essential for the recovery enamel crystals; it includes casein - a protein that provides that the calcium and phosphate ions stick to the surface of teeth for a longer period of time and thus encourage their re-mineralization (i.e., recovering the enamel) and neutralizing the acidity which occurs as a consequence of taking many carbohydrates in the body. Dairy products, in particular cheese, better stimulate saliva production, while probiotic yoghurt positively influences the composition of bacteria on teeth surface (rich in phosphates and calcium), raisins, cranberries, raw vegetables and fruit, as well as freshly squeezed juices. These "vitamins for your teeth" are the best prevention for good health, because when we comply with council of dentist, go regularly on checkups, clean teeth with the end of the brush, we reduce the risks of much more serious diseases. Rotten teeth bring nothing good and always observe these recommendations when it comes to a healthy diet.

What is periodontal disease and how to treat it?

Periodontal disease is the disease of the supporting tissue of the tooth, and after dental caries – it is the most widespread disease of the jaw. Even 90 percent of the population has some form of periodontal disease, a pathological process leading to gradual but progressive disease and the ultimate loss of one or more teeth. In the early stages the gums can be extremely red, soft and slightly swollen, and bleed to irritation. Later stages result in receding of gums, tooth bone decay, teeth become weak and fall out. Paradontopathy is usually not painful until complications occur. Except for people who do not maintain oral hygiene, are exposed to this condition are smokers and important is a genetic predisposition for this disease. Caries on the teeth is now easily eliminated if you see it in time and contact your dentist immediately, you will almost certainly avoid tooth extraction. While periodontitis is somewhat demanding it is needed to monitor it all the time and be consistent in therapy and nutrition.

Rotten teeth are often associated with these disease. Read more in the article inflammation of the gums, and we recommend the related text bad breath.

Baking soda for teeth; recipes

Baking soda for teeth without aluminum

Baking soda for teeth has been used for over 150 years and we would like to say that this is nothing new. No matter how you use it; for cleaning or teeth whitening, it achieves outstanding results. It was long thought that this product is abrasive, due to its activity on the tooth enamel, but recent studies oppose this. The total RDA value of baking soda was 7, while the average toothpaste had more than 35 RDA. Relative Dental Abrasiveness or RDA value if it is high, is more damaging to our teeth, so baking soda for teeth is the least harmful of all.


Sodium bicarbonate is a crystalline, white powder that is slightly alkaline. When it comes into contact with water it releases free radicals. When you put baking soda in the mouth, it will connect with molecules that make up the enamel and result in the oxidation reaction. Thanks to this reaction it will remove dark spots of coffee, yellowed stains on the teeth caused by cigarettes etc.. There are many reasons why baking soda is recommended for teeth hygiene.  You can clean your teeth with it, it will whiten and make your smile more beautiful, it kills the bacteria in the oral cavity, removes lime deposits and thereby significantly helps improve the health of mouth cavity. People who have problems with frequent inflammation that is accompanied with embarrassing bleeding gums should use it every day as well as all those who want to improve their oral hygiene. You exclusively use soda without aluminum - pharmaceutical, not one that can be purchased in stores, etc.

Brushing with baking soda

Baking soda for teeth is really effective, we will share with you a few useful tips and tricks. Let’s start step by step.
  1. Sodium bicarbonate pour into a small bowl, and replace every few weeks. In this way you will avoid unnecessary creation of small lumps, which occur due to contact of baking soda with a wet toothbrush. This solution proved to be very practical.
  2. Slightly wet your toothbrush and put it in the pot. If by any chance you do not like the taste of baking soda you can always apply a little of liquid mouthwash on your toothbrush.
  3. Try to put a larger amount of baking soda on your toothbrush.
  4. Brush your teeth at least 2-3 minutes, make sure that the brushing lasts this long, keep time if necessary. Pay attention that soda is mixed with saliva because if you apply it directly to the gums it can cause irritation. Brush your teeth properly, spend at least 10-15 seconds on each tooth and brush from all sides. 
  5. Do not forget to brush your tongue for at least twenty seconds, in this way baking soda will effectively eliminate bacteria on the tongue.
  6. Finally rinse your mouth with water, then spit it out and with a corresponding mouthwash refresh the oral cavity.

Soda for teeth whitening

Here are some methods for teeth brushing with baking soda to make your smile shine.
  • Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with a few drops of apple vinegar and a little salt. The resulting mix will slightly will be slightly bubbly and then it is okay to put it on the toothbrush. Brush your teeth well and then rinse. Thus prepared soda for teeth may be applied only once a week and not more than that. Its purpose is solely for bleaching of teeth, not for daily washing.

On this occasion, we will give you another recipe that is designed just for whitening of teeth:
  • One teaspoon of baking soda is mixed with a teaspoon of 3 percentage hydrogen and spoon of water. Mixture is applied to the brush and then used to brush the teeth. In this mixture major role besides baking soda is played by the hydrogen. Also be careful not to swallow this mixture, if it happens by chance, immediately drink a glass of water or more so it dilutes in your stomach.

This combination of baking soda with the addition of hydrogen and water should not be applied more than once a week.


We believe that it is always better to use products that contain natural ingredients as opposed to the latter which largely contain preservatives. Unfortunately such products fill today’s market. People who do not like the taste of baking soda should mix it with regular dental toothpaste. Make sure that the toothpaste does not contain excessive amounts of fluoride because in addition to high levels of RDA it is very detrimental to our health. Also we would like to mention that toothpastes can cause a lot of different allergies, as well as the diseases of mouth cavity. Our recommendation is still baking soda as an excellent choice for good oral hygiene, as it slows down the proliferation of bacteria, removes unpleasant odor, is not harmful nor abrasive, will increase the pH value in the mouth, reduces the risks of complications of periodontal disease, gingivitis, whiten teeth and remove stains and despite all baking soda for teeth is economically profitable, which nowadays should not be ignored.


Medical soda without aluminum can now be purchased in almost all pharmacies. In this text we have just suggested to use baking soda for teeth and that is very cheap, and you can improve your oral hygiene. As a remedy baking soda can be used in many ways, more on that in our next articles. The price of medical soda for 10 pill is about 1 dollar.

White discharge (white wash) in women; Symptoms and treatment

White washing and vaginal infection symptoms

White wash and vaginal infections are successfully treated only with regular and proper maintenance of intimate hygiene, as well as with the help of medication, but healthy recipes from nature should not be forgotten. In order to maintain normal flora of the vagina, which is in fact, a protective barrier and prevents penetration of harmful microorganisms in the reproductive organs, mucous membranes of the vagina secretes a colorless or whitish liquid whose production increases during ovulation and before menstruation. On the other hand if this flora is disrupted, the bacteria begin to invade causing inflammation, causing the mucous membranes of the region to produce more vaginal secretions and mobilize both granulocytes and lymphocytes, trying to overcome the harmful micro-organisms, resulting in a white discharge known as washing or leucorrhea. In this article we will give you some great tips on how to treat vaginal infections with the help of medicinal herbs: sage, chamomile, yarrow and many other natural recipes.


The disorder is called white wash and it can be seen as a thick discharge of white-yellowish color and quite often has a bad smell, almost always accompanied with itching, and the result is inflammation of the uterus, fungal and viral diseases, stress, and even the operation of certain medications . Excessive discharge and itching sometimes occurs due to mechanical irritation (wearing too tight trousers, synthetic underwear and panty liners) or due to poor circulation. If laboratory analysis does not indicate the presence of pathogenic bacteria in the discharge, this problem can be solved by increased hygiene measures and preparations of medicinal herbs that we are going to talk about later on. In most cases, a white wash in women is a symptom of low immunity caused by increased stress, lack of sleep, poor diet or nervous tension. Especially prone to it are women who suffer from diabetes, and common causes are hormonal imbalance and taking the contraceptive pills. It usually occurs before menstruation but can also occur during menstruation, pregnancy or menopause, due to natural changes in hormone levels.


Vaginal infections are not rare in pregnant women, but the most common are bacterial vaginitis, vaginal candidiasis or chlamydia. Many women with bacterial vaginitis have a normal pregnancy, while the other complications are associated just with this infection. If inflammation occurs, pregnant women should contact a gynecologist who will determine after analysis an adequate therapy. Fungal infections of the vagina are common during pregnancy, because it facilitates an increased amount of estrogen in the blood and returning often despite adequate therapy. For treatment prescribed are antibiotics and vaginal, which will be implemented from seven to fourteen days, and you should know that this type of inflammation can harm the baby. If you experience brown discharge during pregnancy, be sure to immediately contact your gynecologist, to prevent further complications, which can be dangerous for you and your baby. The most important is not to panic, but to be calm, because stress is far your biggest enemy. Arm yourself with patience, since almost every disease of the mucous membranes including white washing during pregnancy is very persistent, and consistently apply the prescribed therapy by experts.

Vaginal infections; NUTRITION AND HYGIENE

A common cause of leucorrhoea is eating and nutrition, especially in the case of excessive intake of milk, flour and rice. Spicy and fatty foods and large amounts of sugar also exacerbate this problem. Try to avoid all of the above, as much as you can. Frequent consumption of foods containing simple carbohydrates creates an ideal base for a vaginal infection, because there is an increased acidity of the vagina which enables the growth of harmful bacteria. In many cases, the white washing completely withdraws, but after a change of diet. The most important thing is hygiene of vagina. It's not recommended to use chemical products for the hygiene of the region, because it can disturb the flora and pH of the secretions. For flushing of the vagina it is best to use warm water or chamomile tea, and it is necessary to avoid the daily pads as they prevent "ventilation" and create a warm and moist environment ideal for the development of fungi and bacteria. This applies to underwear that has to be cotton because it provides a good "ventilation". Tampons are allowed, provided that they are changed every three hours.


There are many folk recipes for teas, baths and wraps that treat vaginal infections, we have prepared more of them. In beginning there was olive oil with the addition of medicinal marigold which is particularly effective for a white discharge. Apply olive oil and leave the mixture for few days to rest on a sunny and warm place. You can use sunflower oil, but it is important that everything is completely natural, without additives. Also as a replacement for marigold, you can use St. John's wort, which is common in medication exactly for this purpose. Also St. John's Wort oil is often recommended for these problems. Therapy is conducted in the following manner, apply prepared oil on your intimate region, lie down and make sure that the content stands as long as possible so it can act. This is plausible and best done during the night while you sleep.

For the treatment of white washing recommended are some excellent tea blends:
  • Mix two tablespoons of finely chopped sage leaf and a spoon of marshmallow flowers, nettle leaf, blackberry leaf, elder flower, leaf and milfoil flower, leaf and flower of St. John's wort, chamomile flowers and willow bark, and pour everything with 1.6 liters of boiling water and leave it covered to stand for 90 minutes. Strain and drink a cup of 2 dl of tea three times a day before meals. The rest of the tea is used for washing in the morning and evening. Repeat the treatment every other day, and therapy lasts for a total of 10 days.
  • For increased discharge and itching of the vagina make the following tea: Mix two tablespoons of leaf and flower of milfoil, elder flower, nettle leaf and marigold flower, and pour over with 1.6 l of boiling water and let it stand covered for 120 minutes. Strain and drink the cup (2 dl tea) three times a day, always before meals. The rest use for rinsing before bedtime. Repeat therapy for the next four days, every other night.
  • For white discharge make the following mixture: mix 2 tablespoons of knotweed the aboveground part, the above ground part of night and day plant, chamomile flower and sage, and pour it with 1.6 l of boiling water and leave it to stand covered for two hours. Drink filtered 2 dl of tea three times a day, always before meals. The rest is used for washing in the morning and evening. Repeat the procedure for the next four days, every other night.

At exactly the same way white discharge in women is treated with these natural recipes:
  • Mix two spoons of leaf and flower of teucrium chamaedrys, nettle leaf, and blackberry leaves, pour it all together with 1.6 liters of boiling water and leave it to stand covered for 12 minutes. Strain well and consume 2 dl of tea three times a day, before the main courses. The treatment is repeated for the next four days the every other night.
  • Mix two tablespoons of walnut leaf, rosemary, lady’s mantle and nettle leaf, and all pour with 1.6 liters of boiling water and leave it covered for two hours to stand. Drink well filtered three times a day, always before eating. Treatment is performed every other night, no longer than four days.

As an excellent natural remedy for white discharge rosemary tea provided great results with which you can wash daily intimate region and preferably drink the tea. Apply tree drops of tea tree oil on the tampon that you will insert into the vagina, stand still for 3 hours and repeat therapy two times a day. In addition to the mentioned products wild oregano oil, as well as bath with apple cider vinegar showed great results as well as garlic (especially good for the treatment of candida) that you need to finely chop to obtain a thick paste, which is then applied on the affected region.

Itchy skin on legs and arms; causes

Itchy skin on arms and legs

Itchy skin is very uncomfortable, irritating and almost unbearable that we must scratch. This occurrence in many ways complicates our daily activities. Scratching of the skin is the most unfavorable instant quick solution for unpleasant itchy skin - "when you get the itch - scratch it." What causes it and how can sodium bicarbonate, oatmeal, beans and lemon in a completely natural way relieve these unpleasant symptoms.

Itchy skin all over the body

Itchy skin is a very common occurrence that does not have to be caused by a serious dermatological disease. It can be caused by various infections and allergic reactions, because of some mental disorders – itching of skin nerves or even systemic diseases. To determine the cause of itching and determine adequate therapy, it is necessary to go through a medical examination, and then to apply a universal rule, that is - do not scratch - it sounds easy when you write it like this, right? All of us who experienced mentioned difficulties already know that this is too difficult to do and urge to scratch is strong. When we exclude all pathological causes of itching, it can be assumed that stress is responsible, and the disease is known as neurodermatitis, which is manifested as an occasional attack of a strong itching of the skin always the same place, especially in the afternoon and evening. When you discover what causes itchy skin of legs and arms, face, head, neck (whole body) and start treatment to relieve these very unpleasant symptoms you can use various preparations made from medicinal herbs.

Itchy skin; CAUSES

In most cases there is itching without the skin rash when our skin looks perfectly normal, while sometimes the symptoms of itching are followed by redness, roughened skin, bumps and blisters. Also it may occur on a smaller area of ​​the body (arms, legs, neck, head) and whole body as well. The causes of itchy skin can vary, here are a few words about this issue. Dermatological itching of the skin occurs by activating or irritation of dermal and epidermal receptor, which occurs as a result of inflammatory processes, due to dry skin and other damage. Systemic itching caused by the disease of other organ systems, or organs such as the liver (cirrhosis, gall cholestasis and general increased bilirubin), kidneys (chronic renal failure), blood (Hodgkin syndrome, lymphoma and chronic leukemia) and a multifactorial condition (metabolic syndrome). Neurological itchy skin occurs as a result of activation of certain components of nerve pathways of itching and may be induced centrally, but without signs of nerve damage or pathology of some components of the nerve paths. A combined itching is when there are multiple causes. For example, itching of the skin that occurs after burns is particularly irritating complication because such dermatological skin injuries are extremely unpleasant for each patient.

Itchy skin in pregnancy

If a pregnant woman notices some of the following symptoms: very intense itching of the skin, urine is of darker color, lighter color of stool and yellowish eyes or skin, then she urgently needs to go and see the doctor. If the analysis of blood and urine tests, ultrasound examination certificates listed complaints then those are the symptoms of cholestasis. Then with the recommendation of doctors we begin the treatment that will alleviate itching in pregnant women and in many ways alleviate everyday ailments. On domestic portals for pregnant women and babies you can find numerous debates and discussions about what you can do or should not do and examples and experiences are given. What is common almost for all of them is that they describe their itching as totally unbearable to the extent that they want to tear the skin with their nails. Also it is understood that symptoms may be milder and in this case it is not this disease. Since the skin of a pregnant woman stretches for 9 months especially in the area of ​​the belly one of the problems that may occur is itching of the skin. Pregnant woman are recommended to cool the area cooling and showering of the affected area. If the itching of the skin after washing is still present, do not cover your stomach so that your skin is able to breathe freely, because it will only be further irritated by the fabric.

Treatment of itchy skin

There are numerous medications, powders, recipes from nature, cream against itching but remember one thing - it all falls apart if you stop and scratch. Namely each scratch irritates the skin area and you deepen your problem. Sometimes not scratching is a real challenge and we fully agree that it is not easy, and simply arm yourself with patience, and hang in there. Here are some great recipes that will certainly help ease discomfort:

Sodium bicarbonate is best known cure for itchy skin. It has a mildly soothing and antibacterial properties and it's seems to act as a natural acid neutralizer. However, soda should not be placed on open wounds. Application: Prepare a paste by mixing baking soda with water in proportion 3: 1. Apply this mixture on the affected areas and hold until the skin calms down. More details in the article baking soda.

Another great cure for itchy skin is oatmeal because it contains antioxidant compounds that have a strong calming effect. If you do not have colloidal oatmeal, use unprocessed oats flour, which you can grind in a coffee mill or blender. Application: Mix the oat flour with water to make a smooth paste. Apply on irritated region, cover with a cloth and let it stand for 20 up to 30 minutes.

Beans against itching: In three liters of water put a kilo of white beans. When everything cooks well, drain and rinse with this liquid parts of the body affected by the itch. After a few days there is a noticeable improvement.

An inevitable lemon - comprises of citric and acetic acid, which have a strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Freshly squeezed lemon juice apply on the irritated area and leave it to dry.

Tea against skin itching

In the end we left one excellent tea mixture:
  • Make a mixture of 20 g of flowers and leaves of thyme, hawthorn, olive leaves, lemon balm and Teucrium and 10 g of rosemary leaves. Chop and mix, then 5 grams of mixture put in a liter of boiling water and cook for about 30 seconds on light heat. The cooled tea, strain and sweeten to taste with honey or add a bit of fresh lemon or orange juice, which makes it more effective. Drink three times a day, before and after meals in the amount of 1 dl and the remaining amount of 4 dl drink between meals during the day.

We hope that you find this text useful and that you will be glad to share it with your friends. We also recommend related articles: lichens on the skin, what is psoriasis?, and seborrheic dermatitis.

Solar Yoga | watching the sun | Sun gazing


Solar Yoga or sun gazing is the process of looking at the sun, which at the beginning requires that we take only ten seconds a day, and as we progress the time period increases and benefits increase. Watching the sun or the source of all life on Earth, allows each of us to experience real psychophysical rebirth. How was sun gazing method developed and how it applies in practice, find out in this article.


Solar yoga or sun gazing is the technique of filling the body with solar energy, which in recent years has gripped the whole world, mostly thanks to Hira Ratan Manek, and it proved to be a big hit for overall healthy body. This Indian claims that he lives exclusively from sunlight and that for decades he was not taking food and water. The official science has confirmed his statement and in the meantime new cases like Manek’s are being discovered. What is a good news of course is that the modern - the official medicine somewhat slightly moved towards the alternative, Ayurveda and other Eastern methods and is more accepting of these methods. Of course this is far from the whole of the story, but the appreciation towards natural healing, meditation, yoga, acupuncture and even though Sun yoga tells us that things are moving in that direction. For the pharmaceutical industry things are a little different, but now we will not bother you with them since we do not want to spoil the mood. Ono what is most important in the entire story with Sun gazing is that a growing number of those who claim that they using these methods addressed a variety of health problems, which prompted us to write about this topic.


Sun gazing therapy is practiced an hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. It is necessary to choose appropriate and pleasant place from which the sun is best seen and stand barefoot on the ground, rock or sand, but you should avoid damp and wet surfaces. If there is no possibility that the solar yoga is performed outdoors you can watch the sun from the apartment, but in that case the effects will be much weaker than usual. Be sure to remove glasses or contact lenses when applying this method since otherwise there will be no effect. The first day try to watch the sun for just ten seconds, and then daily extend the time for additional five seconds. After this you should close your eyes for some time while you can still see colors and images. A key factor when viewing the sun is consciousness that is, consciously absorbing sunlight and understanding this process. That is why people who are "unconsciously" exposed to sunlight, do not achieve the effects of solar yoga. Sun therapy will in the first three months significantly reduce tension, increase optimism, eliminate psychosis and depression and stress, and will lead you to the perfect balance of the mind. Constant watching of the sun is the next stage for a period of half an hour, when physical illness disappears because the brain has already reached all the colors of the solar spectrum to ensure the proper functioning of the internal organs. Solar yoga is not a joke and only gradual training and understanding of the methods can achieve this, otherwise any forcing and exaggeration will not bring results. Auto suggestion is very important in practicing sun gazing and it is reflected through visualizing healing of some diseases. The retina of the eye is the only place in the human body where blood directly contacts the light. During the 45 minutes all the blood from the body will pass through the eye, while watching the sun this precious liquid is exposed to medicinal effects of the source of life.


It is known that all life energy comes from sunlight that enters the eye and stimulates the pineal gland, which has a beneficial effect on the whole body and is a key factor in the creation of vitamin D, which helps create protein (an integral part of muscle cells), provides elasticity of blood vessels and prevents them-closure, reducing the risk of high blood pressure, and therefore heart attack. Solar yoga and watching the sun provides huge amounts of this vitamin of which bone health depends on, because vitamin D helps the absorption of minerals calcium, which is responsible for the strength of the skeleton. In addition, it has a very important role in the functioning of the nervous system, strengthens concentration, helping us to cope with the stress and stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. Recent studies have shown that this vitamin contributes to maintaining optimal body weight because it provides the exchange of sugar and fat, causing a faster burning of calories and fat loss. The results of recent scientific studies have shown that it prevents the uncontrolled division of cells and slows the growth of malignant tissue, blocking the formation of blood vessels that supply the tumor with blood. The effectiveness of vitamin D has been demonstrated in cases of breast cancer, cervical cancer, thyroid gland, intestines and stomach. The solar yoga is more than desirable in this case.


For solar yoga to strengthen its effects and action recommended is the use of solar water which has a beneficial effect towards the whole organism, the recipe is made in a very simple way. Fill water glass bottle and leave it to stand for at least five hours in the sun, cover the glass cup, on the ground, not on the grass which prevents filling of the bottle with energy. Solar water should be drunk immediately after preparation, and can be applied to the diseased part of the body or used as a massage. It turned out that this energized water soothes inflammation of the skin, removes pimples, and reduces wrinkles. People have used colored light since ancient times for therapeutic purposes. Also special rooms with colored glass windows were designed, to give the desired spectrum of light to be used in therapy. Each color has its own field of action:
  • Red is used in the treatment of pimples and rashes on the skin, 
  • orange in the fight against cellulite and wrinkles
  • yellow solar water in addition to encouraging optimism, significantly reduces the appearance of stretch marks
  • Green soothes irritated skin and changes caused by eczema, while blue one reduces weight,
  • purple solar water is effective for the lymphatic system, and is excellent for removal of excess fluid from the body.


Solar yoga intrigued many people in the world, who started using it. Yes sun gazing is not some fabrication, marketing and passing trend and proof of this can be found on forums about natural healing, as well as videos on YouTube. Experiences are generally positive but there are also some negative ones but in much smaller numbers and are usually transient in character. Important note: Solar yoga can only be applied with experiences practitioners every individual sun watching without consultation can severely damage your health and harm your eyes. Practitioner will give detailed instructions when and how to look at the sun, and what are the safest hours to look at the sun (the time when a person is protected from the most powerful brightness, because it is extremely dangerous to the eyes). The time that is safe to freely look into the sun, is the hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset ... In both cases sun gazing is doable, but again it all depends from an individual.


Do not just stare at the sun - it is very dangerous for your vision, and you can even circle around the sun, what is important is contact of retina to sun rays - says H. R. Manek. Sometimes due to sun therapy headache occurs and despite the fact that we complied with the instructions, it is necessary to make a break from sun gazing. There is a rare number of participants that have major problems with insomnia when it is also necessary to take a break. What is extremely important is that after each viewing of the sun you keep your eyes closed, rub your palms and cover your eyes with them. Do not remove your palms as long as you can see spectrum of colors and images before your eyes. In this way you will achieve faster and better results. Experiences yogis claim that watching the sun leads to immortality, and that only a few months of sun therapy separates us from liberation of all physical and mental diseases.

If you are intrigued by solar yoga and interested in this article, we encourage you to further educate yourself and get professional literature, follow exact instructions and find many sources online. Do not start the practice on your own because it can be dangerous. Use your web browser to find additional information about it and inform yourself.

Meteopath; symptoms and treatment

Are you a meteopath and how are you affected by weather changes?

People affected by weather changes are on the increase and only in Europe it is considered that almost 30 percent of the population suffers from this condition. According to some reports the number in recent years has been increasing to an even 50%. What causes meteoric headaches, dizziness, irritability and insomnia, find out below.

Who are meteopaths?

Remember when you accused weather change for you moodiness, nervousness, irritability, and other health problems. Sometimes it may have been the only excuse, but that the weather really affect people, has always been know. Even Hippocrates in his writings wrote that in certain weather situations we should not take knife in our hands. In the seaside it was recorded that there was a significantly higher number of crimes when the winds from the south occurred. When the changes of weather are sudden and frequent, the only mitigating circumstance is if you are not meteopath, but then you would be among the rare ones. Every fifth person is affected with this problem (and this is a large number of people) can have a very adverse symptoms that impair the everyday life. One of the causes for the emergence of a growing number of these phenomena are more frequent and longer stays in enclosed, air-conditioned rooms, without contact with the nature. In such conditions the body simply forgets how to cope with weather changes. Meteopaths are usually educated people who spend their everyday lives sitting in the office, as opposed to the less educated that work mostly outdoors.

Meteopath; SYMPTOMS

In most cases, symptoms occur a day or two before the change of time and can last 24-48 hours. Strong headache, joint pain and aching bones, feeling that the body is not yours, fatigue and problems with lack of sleep - many of these symptoms are familiar to meteopaths. Chronic patients are most affected. Changes of time influence to a large extent general mood of people - namely, they become nervous, excitable bothered by insomnia and the like. That these are not mere speculation and traditional beliefs connected to time with human health, tells us the fact biometeorology was created as a separate part of meteorology. Sudden change in mood is very often associated with bio prognosis. Weather changes affect all people just before the arrival of a strong front when pressure drops significantly, strong wind starts blowing and there is a presence of high humidity and heat. This is an extremely unfavorable WEATHER FORECAST to meteopaths and certainly they should be careful. As the situation changes in the atmosphere, it also changes in our brain. In the midst of a passing cyclone the brain increasingly secretes ACHT or stress hormone and simultaneously releases less endorphins, a hormone that acts as a natural painkiller. Because of this our defense capabilities of the organism are declining, but also our mood. With drastic changes of weather there is an increased number of heart attacks and strokes, since blood clots are easier to form, while persons who have problems with peptic ulcers are at a higher risk of bleeding.


For meteopath best prevention is spending time in nature for at least an hour in all weather conditions. All who are forced to work in a closed environment are more often affected and cranky. Our body reacts violently to any type of stress, the one caused by the change of weather cannot be avoided, and although no one disputes this there are people who regardless of their age, illness and problems watch weather changes with a smile on their face. Make an effort and allow yourself to be such a person as this is by far the best prevention not only for a good mood but also for your overall health. To be a meteopath is not so tragic, if you know how to deal with it. The weather forecast report by itself may be counterproductive, people see it on television, read the newspaper, listen to the radio, and thus directly harm themselves because they start to feel bad, and there is an old saying "any knowledge is a disease," agrees with our story. Ailments felt by meteopaths affect about 30 percent of people, but in addition to the obvious effects that cause drastic changes in the weather, there are many invisible health impacts that are caused by abrupt climate changes.


One of the prerequisites when you are a meteopath is to regularly monitor the weather, so that you can help yourself, here are some useful tips for you:
  • In case you there is a change of weather, strong wind, the rapid convergence of the clouds, teas can be used to relax nerves and muscles, as well as curative Ginseng. These natural teas are most effective with the transition from autumn to winter.
  • Meteopath should always have on hand chamomile tea, hawthorn and linden because it will reduce nerve irritability and tension. If you drink some of these teas, after seven days you will feel relaxed. Physical activity is simply necessary, stretching exercises especially because it will make your muscles and nerve elastic and much more resistant to changes in weather and climate fluctuations that may occur. 
  • Breathe in slowly lavender oil - a few drops a day, will relax you and clear your head.
  • Tea made from valerian is one of the finest natural beverages for the treatment of insomnia, ideal for meteopaths who have a problem with lack of sleep, be sure to use it.
  • In case of heavy fog and high humidity, chronically ill especially suffer primarily people suffering from asthma. If this is your case do not go out, stay warm and drink teas from angelica, ginseng because it improves better blood circulation.
  • Do not warm yourself too much in cold weather, because it will slow down your circulation. Make an effort that the temperature in the living room is about 20 degrees if you are a meteopath. In addition to intense headache, high temperature in the rooms can weaken your immune system, because the mucous membranes are far more susceptible to infections in a warm conditions and reacts badly to a large temperature difference.

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How to use a zeolite mineral


Zeolite mineral very successfully neutralizes hazardous materials and toxins that we are exposed to in our everyday life. When you take into account that today's experts - toxicologists define the current state of our environment as very toxic, with the intensive analysis of soil, air and food, this mineral presents a real treasure and boon for our health. Bellow learn how to use zeolite for human consumption, what are its medicinal properties, where to find it and how is it used in agriculture and other things.


Zeolite mineral is of volcanic origin, originates in ancient times during volcanic eruptions when the lava came in contact with water from the ocean and water from underground rivers and streams. This mineral has a lattice structure with exceptional characteristics, and it was applied in the ancient civilizations of India, China and Russia as a way to improve the general health. Zeolite in medicine today is used as a complementary therapy, since it is not a drug but a supplement that improves health, specifically reinforces the natural functions of our organism. Today we know that the zeolite clinoptilolite is an extraordinary detoxifier and even better antioxidant which preserves, protects and improves our immune system. Zeolite ​​in agriculture also achieved outstanding results, namely, if it is added to the soil, it will improve the yield, fruit will becoming healthier and larger than usual , as confirmed by the experience of farmers, on numerous national portals that talk about zeolite as fertilizer. Granulated zeolite is environmentally friendly fertilizer, also used in livestock production, because it is given to the animals, which are in turn far healthier and live longer. Zeolite ​​mineral successfully solves the problems with aflatoxin in cow's milk, if added as a food supplement to these animals.


Zeolite clinoptilolite can be an excellent use in agriculture, livestock industry, construction, and what we are most interested in is improving the health of human beings. Structure of zeolite acts like a honeycomb in its cavities, due to differences in electric charge it can attract heavy metals, pesticides as well as biological causes of diseases. As we mentioned in the introduction we live in a toxic world and literary we are exposed to tens of thousands of toxic substances, every day. Laboratory findings show us that even children are born with over 200 different toxins in their blood before they are generally exposed to the outside world. Today there are various therapies especially in alternative medicine, in which prospective parents before they decide to have children start to use natural zeolite mineral, in order to completely clean of toxins. Todays practice shows that the body takes up to six months to expel toxins with the help of zeolite and to completely detoxify and remove heavy metals. Natural medicine believes that diseases occur due to intoxication and inappropriate diet. It is interesting that complementary medicine is very popular in the world today, so today we can successfully mix traditional natural and conventional medicine, which is nowadays happening in Mexico, Cuba and Russia. In this way it is possible to include zeolite mineral and practice it as a complementary medicine.


Not so long ago zeolite mineral was used exclusively in agriculture, water treatment or as an additive in food. From the mid-70s (last century) its other hidden and magical powers for body detoxification and treatment have been discovered. This mineral is rich with trace elements such as calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium. It has an extraordinary ability to eliminate toxins and fully absorb them, and in this way it is used to remove lead, arsenic, mercury, aflatoxin, pesticides, nicotine, various carcinogenic substances, and yeast alcohol from our body. Zeolite ​​mineral balances the relation between the acid and base environment in the middle of our organism that is it establishes the perfect pH balance of the whole organism. This is an extremely important information, given that it is known that cancer cells as well as many dangerous viruses simply thrive in acidic environment which is a prerequisite for the toughest ailments. Zeolite ​​clinoptilolite is one of the most powerful antioxidants, effectively eliminating free radicals from the body and activates specific p21 gene that is known to effectively stop tumor progression. With patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, it eliminates unpleasant ailments such as nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and severe headache and therefore stops weight loss, and enables much faster recovery. It has a positive effect on our nervous system, helps with senile dementia, Alzheimer's disease and autism. It eases the symptoms in asthmatics and provides an even better prevention for allergies because it has hypoallergenic properties (effectively neutralizing challengers that is causes of allergy. You can purchase it in tablet, liquid form and as zeolite powder.


What most of you are interested in is how the zeolite mineral is prepared and dosed. We use this opportunity to give you a simple recipe, completely safe and harmless for human consumption, which will in many ways improve your immunity, detoxify your body and help protect and strengthen overall health. Here is how we drink zeolite powder:
  • During the day take up to 15 grams of micronized zeolite mixed with 2 dl of water. I would be best to take zeolite with a wooden spoon and with the same stir it in a glass. Thus prepared potion of zeolite is completely harmless and above all safe to use.

This drink can facilitate the state of impaired health and improve it. It would be interesting to see zeolite mineral being increasingly introduced as a regular drink during the day to people which would lead to people detoxifying from everything that affected them in the last 20-25 years. It has been scientifically proven that zeolite as a drug can lead to big health improvements.


Zeolite mineral contributes to the improvement of health in people, there were cases when it was administered to people in a very critical state of health, in cancer, arthritis, diabetes, allergies, where there has been a significant improvement after the use of zeolite. GMO food and toxic dusts which we are daily exposed to are the main causes of these diseases. In our environment (due to the time in which we live) we cannot know what kind of agents and pathogens we are exposed to, and in this case one extra preparation, diet supplement that is zeolite clinoptilolite is more than welcome. Patients suffering from cancer after undergoing therapy with zeolite showed significant improvements. Also in the center "tree of life" which is in Arizona, zeolite mineral is introduced as a regular therapy for the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases. In the treatment of these diseases in addition to the introduction of natural organic food, cleaning of body with micronized zeolite is also performed. Results are very good and promising.


Zeolite mineral is thoroughly examined by the relevant world health authorities and its use as an adjuvant in the treatment of various health problems is approved, safe, and proven not to cause side effects, contraindications and adverse effects on human organism. As soon as you drink the beverage, within six to eight hours, without any delay accumulated toxins are excreted through the urine. Important note: after using the drink, drink more fluids, avoid the use of other drugs, and if you have to do it (if you are on a therapy) create a gap of 4 to 6 hours between a medicine and zeolite. Asian women use zeolite in pregnancy as well as during breast feeding. Latest research confirms that zeolite mineral protects the baby in the mother's womb, primarily from the harmful effects of toxins, which over the years have piled up in the mother's body. If you are pregnant we definitely recommend consulting a doctor who follows you and the baby on the use of zeolite. Also it is recommended to use it after childbirth, during breastfeeding, etc..


There are a number of specialized stores and pharmacies who sell zeolite for human consumption. Zeolite ​​mineral can be easily ordered online. Always make sure that the seller has an authorized certificate for sale of this mineral. Today all sorts of scams are possible, such is the world we live in, so be careful.

It is recommended that you type in your search browser "zeolite sale" or zeolite+ place where you want to buy depending on where you are and to further inform yourself about everything. We offer you, dear readers, that in the comments you write your experiences with the aforementioned product or the manufacturer, but without sharing links. Every direct link to a sales page will be sanctioned and removed, because it is just a spam, which are especially prevalent these days.

Pumpkin seeds for the prostate

Pumpkin seeds for health

Pumpkin seeds are a lot more than the cool snacks that we like to eat while watching movies, series, and sports. We will make an effort that you discover all the health benefits that are hidden pumpkin seeds, and I sincerely hope you will nibble on them with a lot more respect.

Pumpkin seeds as a medicine 

Pumpkin seeds have been used for thousands of years used in medical purposes. They are a great source of magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin K and zinc. If you have problems with lack of sleep, insomnia there is a simple solution and that is for you to eat pumpkin seeds. They are very rich in tryptophan, an amino acid, without which it is impossible to create serotonin - the hormone of happiness, in charge of good mood and what is very important – a quiet sleep. Relax in the evening, feel free to nibble on pumpkin seeds, it will calm you, relax and allow you to fall asleep like a little baby. Since a healthy sleep is basically a prerequisite for the functioning of the whole organism, pumpkin seeds improve our overall psychophysical state and health. Researchers have found that they have a remarkable effect in stress reduction relieve anxiety symptoms and depression. They have an effect on confidence and the latest research shows that they are a great aphrodisiac and increase libido.
Pumpkin seeds alleviates menopausal symptoms

Magnesium is important for relaxation which abounds pumpkin seeds, it relaxes the nerves and is very important for heart health and is the best prevention for almost all cardiovascular diseases. Pumpkin seeds is a great option to relieve symptoms of menopause, in addition to improving good mood, it will keep the hot flashes, migraine attacks under control, will relieve joint pain and other. Women in menopause have another problem, and that is weakening of bones - osteoporosis, which is caused by the lack of vitamin D and zinc deficiency. Pumpkin seeds are great because they are rich in zinc. Just a quarter of cup contains as much as 17 percent of the daily requirement for this mineral. Seeds have an anti-inflammatory effect and alleviate many symptoms of arthritis. 30 grams of seeds a day will mitigate adverse symptoms. Scientists have demonstrated that the phytosterol is the component that can be found in pumpkin seeds and it is very important for shooting down cholesterol and particularly of the bad (LDL) one, up to 13 percent, while on the other hand it raises the level of good (HDL). With sunflower seeds and pistachios it is the best prevention in hypertension, heart attack and stroke because it reduces the risk of unfavorable and unpredictable blood clots.


The pumpkin oil from the seeds is rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids that have been shown to prevent prostate enlargement and help to reduce it if it should come to this disease, and the high content of zinc is great for male health. Pumpkin seeds as medicine have shown that consuming pumpkin seeds has the same effect as indomethacin, a drug that is administered against severe inflammation, pain and swelling, just as seeds do not cause any side effects. Pumpkin oil contains antioxidants and phytochemicals that scientists have found that reducing the presence of free radicals and prevents the danger of cancer - particularly important for prostate cancer. German scientists concluded that the pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds reduce the risk of developing cancer by more than 20 %. Similar research was conducted and in it women during menopause ate pumpkin seeds, namely by 23 percent they reduced the risk of developing breast cancer.

For a healthy prostate - recipe
  • 500 grams of unroasted seeds of the pumpkin grind in a meat machine and pour into 200 grams of domestic honey. Mix everything well and make ten to fifteen equal balls about 1.5cm in diameter. A couple of balls put in a glass jar and keep in the room, while others put in the fridge. Daily before the main meal, suck them like candy. Combine balls with seeds that you should also nimble on during the day, until difficulties persist and until improvement of health.

Pumpkin seeds; Calories

Pumpkin seeds are easily digested, are beneficial for digestion because it speeds up bowel movements, and also contain healthy proteins and are the perfect choice for a quick snack at any time of the day. They normalize blood sugar levels and, consequently, contribute to easier loss of weight. Besides proteins it contain healthy vegetable fibers that are crucial for healthy weight loss. In 30 grams of pumpkin seeds there are 5 grams of protein that will fill you up and you will not feel hungry for hours after eating them. However, do not overdo it because in the cup of seeds there are 285 calories, so they should be properly dosed. Unlike sesame and flax, pumpkin seeds do not have to be ground. They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, used for making bread and cakes, but it is advisable they are milled and mixed with honey and eaten every morning on an empty stomach. Feel free to briefly bake them in the oven no longer than fifteen minutes at a temperature of 170 degrees. It is said that good things come in small packages, and pumpkin seeds certainly confirm the accuracy of this saying. Do not ignore them, and if you consume them, know that they are the healthiest in their raw state, when their nutrient and medicinal value is raised to an even higher level.

Salty pumpkin seeds we buy packaged in supermarkets are not a good choice, eat them without adding spices. They are combined with grains, legumes, vegetables, honey, dried fruit and nuts.

Dill herb for health


Dill plant is also known as an extraordinary condiment that enhances the taste of food, but is also very effective as a cure. Dill tea facilitates digestion, disinfects the oral cavity, and eliminates stress and insomnia. Since ancient times it is known that this plant helps with sleeping.

Dill plants as spice

Fennel or dill is most commonly used as a popular spice in cuisines all over the world, because of its aroma it enriches many international dishes. It comes from eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where it is used as a remedy for many ailments.

Thanks to the intense flavor and low price, dill herb has been domesticated and used in our kitchen. It is added to many salads, soups, meat dishes, fish, mushrooms, vegetables, along with the eggs. Particularly popular is dill sauce. Recently used are various butters of spices, and alcohol solution of these plants which are highly concentrated and should be used in very small doses (in the form of drops, one or two per liter of fluid).
Its herbaceous stem and fresh young leaves are mostly used to prepare, delicious dishes. Mature fruit contains important essential oils that consist of limen, carvone - even up to 50 percent of feldandren and many other substances.

For treatment herbalists recommend ​​dill tea, which proved to be excellent remedy for many health problems. Dill Latin name - Anethum graveolens.


Dill plant prevents cramps in the stomach. Namely this cheap and quality spice still has a lot of healing properties. Dill is rich in vitamins A, C, beta-carotene, folic acid, riboflavines, niacin. Vitamin A is important for healthy skin and mucous membranes, and acts preventively in the case of lung and oral cavity cancer.

The plant dill when fresh is rich in vitamin C, which plays an important role in fighting infections. Spice is a natural source of minerals such as calcium, copper, manganese, calcium, iron, magnesium.

Copper plays an important role in the production of certain enzymes, while potassium affects the blood and body fluids pressure. This herb is rich with antioxidants and contains dietary fiber, which control the level of cholesterol, preventing the formation of gas, bloating and indigestion.

Dill tea accelerates peristalsis and is an important ingredient of the tea mixture against constipation and for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The essential oil of dill is excellent in neutralizing bad breath, soothes tension, relaxes the nerves, prevents insomnia and encourages better secretion of breast milk.


Use 20 grams of dill, anise, fennel, angelica and cumin and mix well, and pour a tablespoon of tea with half a pint of boiling water only. Cover, and let it sit for at least half an hour, after which you need to strain and drink after meal. Dill plant will certainly speed up metabolism and improve digestion.

Dill plant stops hiccups

With 2.5 dl boiling water pour four small teaspoons of dill seed or 2 teaspoons of chopped plant (fresh or dried) and leave covered for 3 to 4 minutes. Strain and drink the tea without adding sugar. More recipes for the treatment of hiccups, read the text how to stop hiccups.


Ten drops of essential oil put on a sugar cube, eat and then drink a glass of water. In case of bad breath recommended is to chew fresh dill. We recommend the article; how to eliminate bad breath.

Dill tea against insomnia

Mix 25 grams of spices, lemon balm, hops and valerian. Spoon of mixture pour with 2.5 dl of boiling water, then cover and leave to stand for at least half an hour. Strain and drink sweetened with honey, an hour before sleeping. Dill plant will soothe and provide good sleep. Read more in article on how to treat insomnia.


Teaspoon of ground dill pour with 2.5 dl of boiling water, cover well, let it sit for half an hour and strain. Drink tea in sips 3 times a day after meals, unsweetened in case of gastric problems and sweetened if you have some disease of the lungs.

Wine dill tincture 

Three branches of dill pour with 1 dl of white wine, close the jar and let it sit for five days in a dark place. Strain and drink one glass after a meal in the case of problems with digestion.

As you can see dill plant is highly beneficial for our bodies, and certainly should be included in the diet.

Climate change on Earth

How climate change affects our health?

Climate change on Earth can be seen by everyone and every day we feel the consequences of it. We are witnessing that these are not short-term changes; the seasons hardly differ from each other, there are frequent droughts, floods, tsunamis and other weather conditions, which in previous years were rare. In this article we will not deal with conspiracy theories such as chemtrails (spraying from the air), the HAARP systems and weather control over the Balkans. We admit these themes are very attractive, as well as global warming issue, and many are interested in these topics. We will deal with the consequences of climate change on people’s health.


The effects of climate change are becoming more obvious, but the question is how they specifically affect human health. A detailed analysis and assessment of the consequences that climate change has on health is still not done in some parts of the world, but effects during extremely hot or cold days are being registered which help doctors more frequently seek chronically ill, the elderly and children. It would seem that meteropathy (worsening of symptoms of chronic diseases, and in completely healthy people it causes: chronic fatigue, mood swings, decreased concentration, apathy, insomnia, phantom pain ...) ceased to be a medical syndrome with abstract causes and conditions and become a disease that, according to the world health organization, affects as much as 30 percent of the world population and is on the 'everyday increase, which certainly is not good, nor promising. However, apart from the obvious effects caused by drastic weather changes, there are some "invisible" effects on health, which will only manifest in the coming generations to come, so the protection of the environment is of crucial importance for the general health of the population.

The importance of monitoring climate changes and their impact on humans is a topic that has occupied the scientific community around the world. To what degree the population is able to adapt to climate change and what determines its vulnerability to the impacts of future climate change? Vulnerability (susceptibility to infections) of population, which is caused by changes in the meteorological factors can stimulate the change of certain diseases. The main role in this have direct effects of exposure to low and high temperatures, the effects on health in times of extreme phenomena (floods, strong winds, droughts), increase of the frequency of diseases transmitted through water and food and geographical changes. Priorities of lesser importance are other diseases that are transmitted by ticks, then encephalitis, Lyme disease, Toscana virus, aeroallergens, specifically pollen, diseases carried by rodents, Hantavirus and leptospirosis, harmful algae and bio toxins.


Scientists believe that there is no health aspect that climate change does not affect, starting with the most obvious, such as cardiovascular disease (increase in mortality during the heat waves and death due to heat stroke) or allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma (meteorological parameters affecting the distribution and seasonal producing allergens). Since weather conditions and climate changes in the world affect the concentration of air pollutants, in the long run, as a consequence this may increase the number of people affected by cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. In coming years, due to climate change the experts expect the increase in the incidence of various infectious diseases (malaria, a disease carried by rodents and ticks, and diseases that are transmitted through contaminated food and water), because high temperatures shorten the development time of pathogens in vectors and increase the risk of transmission. For example, because of high winter temperatures certain survival of certain organisms that cause disease, but on the other hand, extreme precipitation can affect the transmission of disease agents (floods contribute to the growing population of mosquitoes and bringing of an epidemic). Also due to natural disasters pollution of water sources can occur as well. Climate changes directly influence the supply of water and its quality. However, one should not forget the psychological aspect of climate change, because situations like floods, when people are afraid for their lives and property, increase post-traumatic stress and cause a variety of mental disorders. Therefore, our environmental protection must become a priority.


Although these predictions are acting as an apocalyptic horror story, it is a certainty to which we can prepare a detailed analysis and a plan that can eliminate the worst scenario. This plan includes a systematic approach to protection against natural disasters, control of disease vectors (insects, rodents ...), building sustainable systems for irrigation and drainage, education about the population, as well as the personal responsibility of the individual (health education, hygiene, environmental and social responsibility). In the coming years an increase of the frequency of various infectious diseases is to be expected, because climate change, primarily high temperatures shorten the development time of pathogens in vectors and increase the possibility of transmission.

Scientists claim that dangers do not end here. In fact, we should not forget complex health problems such as hunger, malnutrition and micronutrient deficiency. All these things may occur due to flooding or drought that can cause food shortages or reduce the nutritional value of agricultural products. We recommend you to read the article: are you a meteopath?