How to remove stretch marks naturally


How to remove stretch marks and cellulite from thighs, stomach and buttocks are some of the most common questions we ask ourselves these days. Removing stretch marks is nothing but a simple undertaking and believe that there are no instant quick solutions. However, in this article we will give you some basic guidance on how to alleviate these problems with the help of high-quality herbal remedies.


Stretch marks can occur at any age from puberty to old age, no one is spared. Of course, this aesthetic problem brings the greatest nervousness to a slightly younger female population, to young mothers, but also to middle-aged people. Stretch marks in men cause less stress. The main cause of stretch marks is sudden change in body weight, frequent variation of the same, as well as rapid growth (in puberty). Simply put, no one is immune to them. Fast stretching of the skin due to thickening follow the mentioned changes in the skin, which looks like cracks of different colors. Their color varies from purple to a slightly brighter shade like the skin itself. Being overweight in the stomach area, thighs, and buttocks is the main precondition for the formation of cracks on the skin. Stretch marks during pregnancy are very common and somewhat are cause by hormone glucocorticoid as well as the rapid stretching of the skin. What is a mitigating circumstance is that stretch marks do not cause serious health problems but they do look ugly.

Stretch marks during puberty

Young adolescents, especially girls, have stretch marks on legs, stomach, hands, and breasts which is a real summer nightmare. In addition to physical changes in the body, psychic life changes also follow, so stretch marks are something they really do not need. If in the whole story we include cellulite story on the thighs, increased fat deposits on the stomach, all of this can greatly affect the confidence of a young person. Our advice to these young people is - do not despair, the solution exists and you only need to be persistent.


On famous portals for pregnant women, one of the most frequently asked questions, which does not concern direct health of the baby is exactly how to remove stretch marks during pregnancy? This shows the extent to which red lines are represented in future mothers. Experience tells us that stretch marks mostly occur around the sixth month of pregnancy and equally are present on the legs, chest, buttocks and stomach. According to statistics as many as 70 percent of pregnant women suffer from this problem. They are caused by sudden stretching of the skin, which in some places is extremely thin. In the early stages of their emergence, you will feel mild itching on the skin, so it is desirable to take the necessary preventative measures. Stretch marks during pregnancy pose no danger to health, it is more important that pregnant women do not disturb their peace during this period constantly thinking about removing stretch marks after birth. The best suggestion is to immediately start with herbal creams, balms and gels that will further hydrate your skin and significantly reduce the risk of their formation. Try to maintain normal weight for 9 months, and gradually gain weight with the progression of your pregnancy. Healthy diet can help you a lot with this. Vitamin C and E are necessary in the fight against stretch marks, as well as increased intake of fluids-primarily water. This is simply necessary during pregnancy and after birth, to keep the stretch marks under control. Keep in mind that normal weight gain in pregnant women is from 1 to 2 kilograms in the first 12 weeks, then 300 to 400 grams a week - from 12 to 28 weeks and 1 to 3 kg from 6 to 9 months of pregnancy. Have a healthy diet that is rich in zinc, vitamins C, E and B6 because they help to improve skin elasticity. Today, there is a great choice of lotions and creams against stretch marks and they should be applied every day. The body massage of those places that are affected will improve your skin circulation which is also an excellent prevention of stretch marks.


If you take the necessary preventive measures, guaranteed very soon after giving birth, you can walk through the beach in your favorite bikini. Stretch marks after birth will naturally withdraw, although sometimes they can and will take longer. Some mothers do not have such problems with stretch marks although they are visible on their body, and some often joke that stretch marks are something like "medals" for motherhood. Such statements are more and more difficult to hear today because of various fashion standards. If you kept your weight under control during the pregnancy, it is very important that you do not hold a fierce, restrictive diets immediately after giving birth, because they will cause more harm than good. This will literary cause serious stretch marks on the legs, stomach, and chest. Choose a more moderate diet, which does not lose a lot of kg in a short period of time. In addition to choosing the appropriate cream against stretch marks, increased intake of water, proper nutrition, physical activity is also very important. Make sure you are physically active every day.


If you experienced intense stretch marks on your legs or any other part of the body, know that they will not disappear on their own. Often in such cases, laser removal of stretch marks is applied, which is certainly not cheap and cannot be easily afforded. What the doctor himself will confirm is that even the laser method cannot completely remove the stretch marks but they only fade to the extent that they will not be easily visible on your body. Official medicine does not yet have a 100 percent effective method of removal stretch marks. Women who have a somewhat brighter complexion, intense red stretch marks are much more visible, and many tanning creams are used to lessen the intensity of color.


This is a great balm that you can make at your house.

You need:
  • 1/2 cup of olive oil
  • 1/4 cup aloe Vera gel
  • 4 capsules of E vitamin
  • 2 capsules of vitamin A
  • A little oil of your choice (lavender, chamomile, avocado)

Mix all ingredients and then put into the blender and mix it well. Store it in the refrigerator so the balm can thicken. Put the cream twice a day on problematic and critical areas.


There is a very big supply of creams and salves that you can buy at the pharmacy, and most manufacturers claim that their products are just ideal for removing stretch marks. Take this always with a grain of salt, because creams and salves can help to completely remove unwanted red stretch marks. Also, for stretching on the feet and thighs you can also make a few interesting balms at for your own home. The creams and balms against the stretch marks are mainly composed of some medicinal herbs such as aloe Vera, lavender, almonds also olives and oils such as olive oil, coconut, and others. All this with regular skin peeling and physical activity can help soften the skin and solve this problem.


We talked about the healing properties of aloe Vera on our website and it really deserves to bear the title of queen of medicinal herbs. When it comes to stretch marks on legs and abdomen, it has showed noticeable results. It restores skin elasticity and fills damage and traces of red scars. Treatment of stretch marks with aloe gel must be done after showering every day. Aloe will phenomenally hydrate the skin and help recover the damage and will make it shiny and healthy.


Lemon juice is certainly one of the most effective natural remedies for removing stretch marks. The method is extremely simple, gentle circular movements and gentle massage of problematic sites rub with lemon in your skin. After rubbing wait for ten minutes so the lemon juice can penetrate deeper into the skin and then rinse with lukewarm water. The stretch marks on the legs and the body will be less visible after a week of treatment. The lemon is a great natural bleach and we strongly recommend that you try it before buying costly cosmetic products.


Here is another good advice for stretch marks that will not completely eliminate the problem but will significantly improve your condition. Coconut oil encourages better production of collagen and successfully restores damaged skin tissue. The principle is the same as with lemon juice, use it after showering for several weeks. For the effect to be better you can also add Shea butter to coconut oil. Try to be persistent and consistent in therapy so that the effects are as visible as possible.


Egg whites proved excellent against stretch marks on legs. It contains many vitamins and amino acids that accelerate recovery of the skin. Take whites of two eggs and whisk them until mixture is formed. Using small sponge rub the mixture on skin and those areas where stretch marks are present. Wait until it dries on the skin and then rinse with cooler water. Then apply olive oil for better moisturizing.


This oil is very unpleasant to drink and many who had a chance to try it this way, do not like to be reminded of the experience. Castor oil proved to be excellent in massages because it restores elasticity, perfectly hydrates and even eliminate wrinkles on face. For stretch marks on legs this oil proved to be very good and is used today in India and other Asian countries, where it is combined with warm baths.

We recommend that you read the following texts: body massage, nutrition during pregnancy, olive oil for the skin, fat deposits in the stomach area, dieting against cellulite.

Ayurvedic medicine and Ayurveda diet


Ayurvedic medicine has been officially accepted by the World Health Organization as a natural treatment in 1977. Ayurveda has been applied in India and some parts of Asia since ancient times and it is believed that today the population in the world is much more treated with Ayurveda than modern medicine.


Ayurvedic medicine is more than just medicine, it is actually a science of life and represents an ancient method of natural healing. It originates in India, where 6,000 years ago the first records appeared for future generations. At that time, the human life span began to shorten and the rate of illness started to grow. Rishi-wise people met in order to consider what to do in this situation.

After joint meditation in a state of heightened consciousness, Ayurveda, the treatment system, and all its principles were recognized. Therefore, this is not a product of modern science and understanding that arises from the waking state of consciousness, but the result of a deep insight into the functioning of nature, which is possible only in higher states of consciousness. Ayurvedic medicine knows eight states of consciousness, while in official medicine there are three.


Depending on the origin of the disease, Ayurvedic medicine applies an individual and very specific treatment for the diseased person. However, if we are talking about treatments there are two approaches: home and clinical. Home treatment usually consists of applying specific nutrition (according to body type and pathology), lifestyle and medication corrections, and certain exercises and relaxation methods.

Clinical treatment, known as therapeutic pancreatic karma treatments, is applied when it is necessary to reach the results faster. The patient is subjected to various purification treatments in order to establish a balance in the body. Usually several treatments are done daily, one after another, for a duration of about two hours, for a minimum of one week.
One of the main goals of Ayurvedic medicine is to achieve harmony (eliminating toxins from the body) or shamana (alleviating symptoms and calming the body's disorders), which depends on the age, sex, state of the organism and the stage of the disease.


In the approach to treating someone's condition, body types play a key role, both in determining appropriate treatment and in understanding certain habits. In the basis of the disease, Ayurvedic medicine claims that it is always a fault of the intellect which, depending on the body type, manifests in different ways.

Therefore, the understanding of your body type is vital in determining any kind of therapy. From this principle comes a very important fact: the same substance (food or medicine) does good to one person and the other bad, although it is not unhealthy in itself. However, it is not suitable for everyone.

Ayurvedic medicine teaches us that nature is governed by three basic principles – Dosha which represent energy within the body. There are three in the human organism - Vata (movement), Pitta (energy) and Kapha (structure), and they are its basic psychophysiological factor.

Body types are defined by the dominant Dosha. We all have the characteristics of all three Dosha but in different proportions. Depending on what dominates, we can be Vata, Pitta or Kapha type, then a two-body type, for example: Vata Pitta, Pitta Kapha ... Vata, Pitta and Kapha control all functions in the body, and their relationship, that is, the constitution, which we get when we are born while the relationship with the current constitution determines the type of disorder or illness.

Vata types are people of small body constitution, fast movements, active (mentally and physically), sociable, talkative, quick to understand, but quick to forget things. When they are in imbalance, they suffer from insomnia, constipation, skin dryness and the like.

Kapha types are heavy, sturdy people, while Pitta types of people are sharp, temperamental and intelligent people, good speakers and lecturers, but they have a strong ego.

Everyone can find out their type by filling out the questionnaire (Ayurveda test), which also gives an overview of the state of health in a certain life stage, followed by Ayurvedic treatment to achieve balance of the body, mind and spirit.


Ayurvedic medicine has its basic postulate: the man is a part of nature and perfect health is possible if the harmony between individual and cosmic life is achieved. In nature there are many cycles that generate those within the human organism. Consistency of individual life with cosmic cycles is very important for health.

The significance of these cycles is expressed through dinacharya (daily routine, that is, the optimal behavior of a man to maintain a harmony with nature) and ritucharya (a seasonal routine consistent with seasons). A few tips that come from dinacharaya are getting up early (roughly when the sun comes out), followed by a shower, yoga and meditation, and about seven o'clock is a breakfast, which, like all other meals, must be in accordance with the body type.

Then, a person is dedicated to the usual daily activities (work or learning). Lunch is between noon and 1 pm after which daily activities continue, followed by yoga and meditation (about an hour), dinner from 6 to 7 pm.

Before going to bed (around 10 pm) you can read, listen to music, hang out with your friends, as Ayurvedic medicine recommends. It should be kept in mind that this is a frame, it all depends on the type of activity of a person, psycho-physical condition, and disorders.


Nutrition is the specialty of Ayurveda and it is important to understand its impact and importance on health, both from the standpoint of the effect of food on the body, and both from the aspect of its preparation.

Ayurvedic diet teaches us that the course of dining is precisely the process of creating health but also diseases, depending on the way we do it, Ayurvedic medicine recognizes vegetarianism as the most supreme form of nutrition, meat is not forbidden, but it is placed in the right context in terms of quantity, choice of an adequate type and method of preparation.

Also, the meal must be tasty, as food contact has a direct effect on the body. Nutrition is individual, and in the pharmaceutical sense the principles of Guna (qualities) and Rasa (taste) are used in the selection of food.

Many spice plants have a combined effect (food and medicine) and are therefore of great importance for health. There are more than 5,000 plant species that Ayurvedic medicine uses in the treatment of various diseases, but also as dietary supplements. In Ayurveda everything is medicine, and even food, because everything that enters the metabolism organism has a certain effect.

Processing of food (Karana) changes the property of substances (Guna), and by their combination it is possible to express some of the properties of the ingredient which would not otherwise be expressed. Also, Ayurvedic medicine tells us that there are rules regarding the consumption of foods that depend on digestion and allow the food to be properly metabolized.

Ayurveda cuisine divides food by source (plant or animal), the effect on the organism, the way of consumption, taste, properties and intelligence that exists in the food, it is easy for Ayurvedic food to not be divided by energy value (calories), nor by the modern classification (protein, fat , sugars ...), can be successfully applied and adapted to modern scientific understanding.

Preparation itself requires some knowledge and dedication, fresh foods, and it is consumed as such (no freezing, reheating, and the like).


Like all instructions in Ayurveda, both are related to exercise and are also individual. Moderate Ayurvedic exercises lead to 50 % of straining and those are most often beneficial. Ayurvedic medicine also recommends beneficial massages.

All massages stimulate the Marma - the points on which meridians end up on the surface of the skin. At these points contain often accumulated stress, and almost all Ayurvedic massages are based on activating them. Ayurveda massage with oil is very useful for health, which also refers to the consumption of herbal teas, and taking Ayurvedic supplements for the occasional purification of the body. These are all ways in which a person can improve its health.


Ayurvedic medicine is a comprehensive system of medicine, and how this treatment involves a process of intense internal change, anyone who is ready to apply them can have enormous benefits. Ayurveda, like conventional medicine, deals with the treatment of all diseases.

Ayurvedic centers and clinics in India apply almost all forms of treatment - including surgery. It is easy to think that there was no surgery in the period of Ayurveda, the records say differently. Ayurvedic medicine is increasingly represented in Europe and interest in it is increasing.

Indian walnut; calories; Composition | Health | Aphrodisiac

Indian walnut reduces sugar and blood pressure levels and acts as a powerful aphrodisiac

Indian walnut Latin name Anacardium occidentale is an evergreen tree of smaller dimensions (it reaches up to 12m in height) that does not originate from India, as many think, but from South America, more precisely from the northeastern part of Brazil. In India, it was transferred by the Portuguese, and today you can find it in this country who is one of the world's largest producers. The Indian nut is a very healthy snack available in almost every well-equipped supermarket and it certainly needs to replace industrial chips and saliva, and to respond to unhealthy eating habits.


In many tropical regions (Kenya, Tanzania), Indian walnut is cultivated for its seed and fruit. Its fruit is called cashew and is very popular in native Brazil as well as in some Caribbean islands where it is considered a delicacy. Cashew apples are pear-shaped in length, 7 to 15 cm in length, and have a red or yellow shell covering the juicy pulp, which makes it tasty and rich in vitamin C. In Europe it is more famous for seeds than this fruits - a popular Indian walnut that is in addition to its aromatic taste very useful for our health. This fruit almost looks like a small boxer glove and is about 3 cm in size. It is available and easy to procure throughout the year.


Indian nut is full of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, phosphorus. It also contains sodium in small quantities. It is extremely nutritious and rich in proteins. In addition to vitamin C, which we have already said is almost five times higher than in orange, Indian nuts are rich in riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamine (B1), niacin (B3), vitamin B6 as well as folic acid. It contains vitamins K and E, and it is a great source of oleic acid, that provides out our body with excellent amounts of monounsaturated fat, while polynucleicides can be found in small amounts, which are very harmful because they accumulate bad cholesterol. Indian nut is an excellent choice for our health if consumed in the right way, because precisely by correct dosing we regulate good and bad cholesterol in the blood, and it helps in the prevention of heart disease, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular problems.


These are average values ​​that are taken for a quantity of 100 grams of fresh Indian nuts
From the table we conclude that Indian walnut is caloric, so do not overdo it in its consumption if you take care of your weight and plan a diet. Dose it and consume it moderately, do not overdo it. If you are physically active every day, ride a bike, you go regularly in walks you do not need to worry too much, but again, we say moderation is the most important thing. What you're most likely to notice in the table is that the Indian nut contains high amounts of magnesium in just 100 grams. This is very important to us because magnesium plays an important role in our metabolism, especially for bones, muscles, blood clotting and other. By regular intake of magnesium, we will protect the body from complications such as high blood pressure, headaches, chronic tiredness and cramps in the legs and muscles.


We believe that in the current part of the text you learned that the Indian nut is much more than a delicious food and that it brings exceptional benefits to our overall health and that we certainly need to have it in the everyday menu. All of us who are trying to resist this humorous, hustle-based way of life in particular know the role of the correct diet for our general psychophysical condition. Instant, fast and unhealthy food, especially chips, hot dogs, fried foods, artificial juices full of additives is something we need to forget as soon as possible, devote ourselves to our health in the right way. Believe it or not, the Indian nuts will help us in all this more than we expect from it.


As it contains a lot of fat, those healthy, unsaturated ones, Indian walnuts are an excellent choice for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The highest merit is attributed to oleic acid (up to 75 percent) the mentioned unspecified fats. It is also largely in olive oil, which is also recommended for heart patients. The same acid is excellent for the prevention of diabetes, and is certainly recommended for diabetics. It helps lower triglycerides in the blood and in this way protects us from complications that can lead to high levels of sugar and cholesterol. Indian nuts reduce the risk of diabetes type 2.

Indian walnut is a powerful antioxidant

In the human body antioxidants play an important role for health because we are protected from the harmful effects of free radicals. Indian nut certainly is an excellent source of beneficial antioxidants and therefore provides us with protection against diseases of the blood vessels, cancer, diseases of the joints, protects us from the appearance of cataracts, and other health problems that are all the more present. The table of the most powerful natural antioxidants you have in one of our earlier articles goji berries, which we also recommend you read.


If Indian walnut is regularly consumed, it reduces the possibility of gallstones formation. This is not a speculation but the result of extensive research, which has been conducted on 80,000 women. Their task was to daily eat Indian walnuts other nuts. We recommend that you read the text about gallstones and their natural treatment.


Gingivitis, periodontitis, gums inflammation are just some of the diseases of the mouth that increasingly afflict modern man, precisely because of the consumption of unhealthy industrial food. Indian walnut preserves the health of the gums and teeth, as it successfully destroys bacteria in the mouth that are most responsible for the development before mentioned problems and successfully protects us against the formation of caries. It also has a preventive effect on upper respiratory tract infections, prevents coughing and colds.


Many healthy diets, which are based primarily on healthy eating habits, without too much restriction, strict counting of calories, and so on, recommend the Indian nuts in their menus. Although it is caloric and requires moderate dosing, its great advantage is that it does not contain cholesterol, and on the other hand it is rich in plant fibers that accelerate metabolism, improve digestion and regulate better digestion. In many forums and portals about weight loss and diet, nuts is mentioned as a saving food, because it gives the diet the necessary feeling of satiety, but also of satisfaction, which is very important for the motivation of every person who fights with against excess weight. It is not necessary, on the other hand, to attribute miraculous and almost magical powers to this nut since it does not lead to anything.


In combination with honey and red wine, Indian walnut becomes a powerful aphrodisiac and stimulates sexual drive in both partners. It improves blood flow throughout the body - solves the problem of erectile dysfunction in men and boosts sexual drive. It improves mood, prevents depression and makes negative thoughts disappear from the head. Inspires partners to love each other and relieves us of stress. In many tribes in Latin America, the Indian nuts were used to strengthen the potency, and are still used today.


Indian walnuts can be added to almost all dishes, their flavor will improve the taste of every meal. Weather it comes to vegetable salads, porridge or if we eat them as a snack all depends on us. It all depends on our imagination and creativity to choose how we use them in everyday nutrition. Note that Indian walnut is allergenic and caution is advised.


Necessary Ingredients:
  • 2 cups of Indian nuts (unsalted and roasted)
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons of oil
  • 1/4 teaspoons of salt
  • 1 small spoon of sugar (optional)


Mix well all the ingredients in the blender for 30 seconds. If your mixture is too thick, add more spoon-two of oil and re-activate the blender until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Use obtained butter as a spread, sweet or as part of some other dishes.


It is always not good to give pregnant women any general advice on nutrition. The Indian nut is certainly an allergen and we should pay attention to it. On the other hand, there are scientific research and numerous professional studies that have dealt with this problem. One of them is from Lindsey Fraser, a doctor from Boston, who just proved that mothers who consumed Indian nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and pistachio nuts during pregnancy gave birth to children far more resistant to allergies of some kind of nut and other pitted fruits. In this way the doctor concluded that nuts protect against future allergies. Other benefit is that pregnant women had far better nutrition and have adopted healthier eating habits.

Of course, her research was not wholeheartedly accepted by the scientific community, and even today there is a lot of contradictions about everything, some suggest that the Indian walnut should not be recommended in nutrition and completely avoided.

Green pepper; spice for health


Green pepper like black and white one, are certainly the most popular spices today, which are very enjoyable in cooking and have a long tradition of about a thousand years. Pepper was so valuable in the past that the ancient traders used it as a means of payment instead of money. To obtain it you need to use dry fruits of black, green or white pepper, and their color depends on the time of harvesting. In folk medicine pepper as medicine is recommended because of the beneficial effects in the following conditions and symptoms: fever, sore throat, nausea, dizziness, difficulty in urination, rheumatism and arthritis.


Different types of peppers are actually conditioned by the time of harvesting and processing. Although there are about 2,000 varieties of this spice, there are four main types: black, white, red and green pepper. White and black pepper originate from the same plant. Black is commonly harvested when still immature or immediately before ripening, dried in the sun until it becomes black and tough. To get white pepper, ripe berries are taken, which soaked in water, so that the moss can be removed, and then they are dried. Green is obtained by harvesting seeds before ripening. Then it is dipped into salt water, and dried at high temperatures or you freeze it to preserve color. The red pepper is completely ripe, unpolished fruit. In order to preserve the color, it is processed as green. It is best to grind pepper with small hand operated mills, because they fully preserve the flavor. The most aromatic of them is green pepper, while the spiciest is black one, which is also the most represented in the kitchen.


The major constituents are essential oils of pepper: phelandren, sesquiterpene and caryopylen – which are present from 1 to 2.5%, alkaloid piperine to 10%, then starch, raisin and low fat oil. Black and green pepper foster the digestive enzymes of the pancreas, which facilitates digestion, improves circulation, acts beneficially to impotence and frigidity, relieves rheumatic and arthritic pains, cramps and muscle cramps. Pepper successfully calms nervousness, insomnia and relieves stress, improves concentration and memory, strengthens the nerves. The oil of black pepper can be used topically against joint pain, will encourage better circulation, but it is equally good for acne treatment, skin tightening and problems with orange peel - cellulite. It is praised by Ayurvedic medicine and in India it is present as a multi-ingredient in medicinal Ayurvedic recipes, in addition to healing curcuma. Green pepper stimulates our body to better absorb vitamin B, beta-carotene and other nutrients maters. It consists of phytochemicals whose antioxidant effects are a good fighter against free radicals, and protects us from the occurrence of cancer. It does not allow long-term water retention in the body by encouraging our body to sweat and regular bladder emptying.


The latest research has shown that green pepper can be used to remove weight and help on the road to leanness and thin waist. Excretion of gastric juices and enzymes accelerates digestion of food. However, the most important is the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which disintegrates the fat. Green pepper is the strongest of all the others, because it contains a lot of essential oils that successfully dilute deep fat, making it an increasingly common ingredient for removing cellulite - read an article about anti-cellulite diet, if you are dissatisfied with the look of your thighs. When we add to it strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as keeping cholesterol under control, the conclusion is drawn that pepper as a spice is simply unavoidable in the daily menu. Important note: The most important thing is that the pepper is grind manually immediately before each use, in order to reach the desired effect. Pay attention to what and where you are buying it, because the pepper bean may be of different quality, you should always choose heavier, bigger ones with the correct shape.


If you have problems with digestion try the following recipe:
  • Pour 3 grams of pepper with 1.5 dl of water, add some mint for taste, cover and leave to stand for 10 minutes.
  • Take the beverage and drink it two to three times a day.

White pepper helps phlegm expulsion 
  • In a spoonful of honey add a little bit of white pepper and eat it 2-3 times a day for the next four days. 
  • This breaks down the phlegm and helps with expulsion of the same

Black pepper oil against rheumatic disorders
  • Essential oil of black pepper it used for massage, relieves arthritic pain.
  • Rub oil in painful places two to three times a day.

Inhaling black pepper can help you quit smoking easier, this has been determined by numerous scientific studies done by some of the leading institutions.


NOTE: When it comes to white, red, black and green pepper, however much you love and appreciate it be careful not to overdo it with their consumption. This applies especially to people who suffer from gastritis, stomach ulcers or have problems with Hemorrhoids, it is best for you to completely avoid it and the general recommendation is to avoid it altogether and eat mild and pH neutral alkaline food.

Blood fat levels symptoms, nutrition and treatment


Blood fat is increasingly common problem among the population, the main reason for its occurrence is improper diet, lack of movement and lack of physical activity. Groceries that abound in harmful trans fats - are now the most accessible, and not many people avoid them because they freely protrude on the supermarket shelves.

Nutritionists and doctors across the globe indicate harmful effects of such a diet and directed us to a healthy life habits. If you have elevated blood fat levels and it is accompanied by hypertension, diabetes and elevated triglycerides it is a very serious diagnosis and such a person can be life-threatening.


For the symptoms of elevated blood lipids to be fully confirmed it is necessary to do lipidogram- a blood test that provides detailed information about what are our values ​​of blood lipids (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, etc.). But sometimes we can recognize ourselves because the remnants of tiny fatty tissue of yellowish color can appear on eyelids, but also on other parts of the body, and they are also called xantelasme. The lipidogram consists of four basic parts. The first part refers to cholesterol.

Total cholesterol level in the blood is a value that really does not say a lot about our condition. It consists of two sub groups called HDL cholesterol or good cholesterol that protects us and LDL cholesterol which is harmful and bad. It is theoretically possible that each individual has high total cholesterol in the blood, on the account of the good one, in practice it rarely occurs but there are some cases. Also we cannot be neglect the value of triglycerides. If the lipidogram is viewed individually it is certainly not good, but we need to look at all its elements.
High blood fat levels is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. In Western civilizations, the degree of heart disease is very high and what is most worrying is that heart disease is the first and leading cause of mortality today.


Disruption of blood fat levels is not equal for all people, someone who is young and has only increased body weight has no other significant risk factors such as for example, high blood pressure, diabetes or if he or she is a chronic smoker, there is no equal risk for the same fat levels for all people.

For this reason, it is quite difficult to say what the total value of fat in the blood is normal for someone. Their total values ​​depend from person to person. It is also known that people who have diabetes or who have had a myocardial infarction must have very low fat values In the blood. The desired normal blood glucose value would be:
  • 5.2mmol / l - total level
  • Over 1.6 mmol / l for good HDL cholesterol
  • 3.4 mmol / l for poor LDL cholesterol
  • And less than 1.70 mmol / l triglycerides

Make sure that you do not eat anything for at least 15 hours before measuring your blood fat levels.


Leave this decision to your doctor. None of us is skilled enough to be able to independently assess the risks. If your doctor recommends that you take a medicine for blood fat, then you probably belong to a group of people with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The prescribed drugs are not taken like other drugs for colds, influenza infections, and the like.

The drugs work only if taken without stopping, as soon as its consumption is stopped, the fat in the blood returns to the old levels. If it comes to the formation of fat deposits on the walls of the arteries (plaque formation), they become narrow, inelastic and such a state is known as atherosclerosis. Read below which diet is recommended for high blood fat levels and what kind of help can medicinal herbs provide us with.


People who have high values ​​of "bad" cholesterol in the blood must avoid pork fat, meat and meat products, yolks, butter, sour cream, whole fat cheeses, whole milk and seafood. Fish again, along with cholesterol, contains many healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids. Foods rich in fibers, especially water-soluble, are the best ally in the fight against blood lipids and LDL cholesterol, as the fibers bind to themselves and even help eliminate it from the body.

Therefore, is as much quantities as possible, you need to eat legumes and integral cereals, and when it comes to nuts cautious is advised because they are relatively rich in calories and should be consumed in moderate amounts. From the diet, completely remove snacks and sweets, and instead of fried, you should eat cooked food or roast things without fat. Product declarations often lead to confusion. For example, on some margarines it is said it contains exclusively healthy fats, but it does not state that these fats in the body are easily transformed into harmful forms.

So the answer to the question: "What is better and healthier margarine or butter? Neither one "both are evil." Namely, the butter is full of cholesterol, while margarine contains fatty acids that easily transform into dangerous trans fats. Both butter and margarine are much more harmful when they are heated, so they should be replaced with olive oil or oil obtained from nuts during cooking.


This grain is recommended for people who are allergic to gluten-find out more in the article celiac disease symptoms. It is rich in protein, fiber, vitamin B complex, as well as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and iodine. Given that the millet is wrapped in a shell that is very difficult to digest only ground grains should be used in the diet.

A porridge from proso millet, and only one bowl daily provides the body with all the necessary nutritional ingredients and is recommended for people who have problems with digestion and atherosclerosis. Also, this cereal strengthens the heart, stimulates urinating and sweating, alleviates nervousness and depression, protects against colds and cleanses the skin.


This extremely healing vegetable is also known as the national medicine for high blood pressure. Studies have shown that garlic significantly reduces diastolic (lower) blood pressure in patients with moderate severe hypertension. In order to do this, it is enough to eat a few cloves a day. Thanks to the high content of adenosine, the garlic relieves all the muscles of the blood vessels and thus expands them, which is the essence of its action on high blood pressure. It also prevents the formation of blood clots, and healthier is fresh than processed and it easily solves problems with the appearance of fats in the blood.


Italian scientists have discovered that bergamot orange lowers the level of bad cholesterol, and the study included 82 patients with an extremely high percentage of fat in the blood. Respondents took a 500 mg of bergamot extract on a daily basis, apart from prescribed medication. The results showed a significant reduction in the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, glucose and triglycerides.

The beneficial effect of bergamot orange has been confirmed in the case of cardiovascular diseases as a consequence of a high concentration of flavonoids, such as hesperidin, neohesperidin and naringen. These compounds block enzymes that are crucial for the production of cholesterol, and this is also the official remedy, such as slatin which unlike bergamot, can cause a number of side effects. However, these fruits can negatively affect the absorption of some drugs, so you should consulted with a doctor before use.


Walnut abounds with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that protect the heart. A handful of walnuts provides 5 g of omega-3 fatty acids, which lower the level of fat in the blood and prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke, high blood pressure).


Olives beneficially work on the cardiovascular system. The healing benefits of olive oil originates, above all, from the rich content of monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. Oil affects the reduction in total cholesterol and improves the ratio of LDL and HDL cholesterol by increasing the protective 'good' (HDL), while lowering 'bad' (LDL). Simply put, it lowers the onset of atherosclerosis and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease (myocardial infarction and angina pectoris) and stroke. For more information, read olive oil as a medicine.


Blood fat in combination with elevated sugar and hypertension can be life-threatening. In the previous section, we introduced you with the symptoms, risks, diagnosis and therapy suggested by official medicine. The general advice is changing your lifestyle, more movement, changing nutrition and consistency in it. There are many folk remedies for removing fat in your blood naturally, we have tried to combine all the best in this article.


Place peeled onion in the jar and cover with 2 d of cold water and leave it covered overnight. In the morning, half an hour before eating, drink the liquid, and use the onion to prepare some food. The therapy lasts for three weeks.

  • Fill 100 g of flax seed in an electric grinder, then pour into a glass jar and steam with hot water. Close the jar well and allow it to stand overnight, and in the morning, mix the flax with a grounded and grated apple, steamed garlic and 1 dl of olive oil. Eat a spoonful of mixture three times a day, half an hour before eating. The therapy lasts for three weeks.

  • Pour a cup of washed dry grapes and a liter of water in an undamaged enamel pot. Cook for 10 minutes, then remove from the stove and add 4 teaspoons of green tea, 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 teaspoons of freshly rooted ginger root. Cover, wrap it in a fabric and leave it overnight. In the morning, strain and drink three to four times a day, 30 minutes before eating.

  • Each morning, take 5 g of dandelion root grind into powder. The therapy lasts at least 2 months.

  • Pour into enameled pot 2 teaspoons of nettle leaf, carrots and grated fruit, and sprinkle with 5 dl of water and heat to boil. Then lower the temperature and cook for 10 minutes. Remove from the ringleader and leave it closed for 3 hours. Strain and add a spoon of honey. Drink three to four times a day 1 dl before meals. The therapy lasts 2-3 weeks.

  • Mix 1 dl of freshly squeezed aloe juice with 5 dl of red wine. Drink one cup of brandy every morning, half an hour before breakfast.

  • Mix 3 tablespoons of buckwheat flour with 2 d of cold water. Especially let it boil in a liter of water, then add scalded buckwheat flour. Cook at a slight temperature for about 5 minutes with constant stirring. When it cools, add a spoon of honey and drink 2 dl, three times a day, before eating. The therapy lasts for a month.

  • Mix 500 g of mead honey and 250 g of cinnamon powder, and take a spoonful of the mixture three times a day, half an hour before meals. Then take a break for three months, and prepare a new blend. Learn more about this extraordinary blend in the article about honey and cinnamon as a cure.

  • Pour 2 tablespoons of dried sage with half a liter of boiling water and cover it until it cools down. Add a chopped lemon, two chopped garlic cloves and 2 tablespoons of honey, and leave it for another 5 minutes. Treat and drink 3 times a day a spoon of this mixture. Keep the beverage in the refrigerator.

We hope that with these folk recipes you will solve your problem with blood fat levels, we recommend these articles: Tibetan recipes, cholesterol diet.

Almond milk recipe for health


Almond milk can be an ideal choice for all who want to replace cow's milk with milk of nuts. Why is that so? Just because almonds are highly nutritious have omega 3 and omega 6 acids, magnesium, a lot of calcium, zinc, so everything we need as a daily dose of vitamins and minerals.


Almonds belong to a group of nuts, they are very good for heart and blood system with important omega 3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Given their calories, almond milk is an excellent source of energy, helps boost bone strength, better skin appearance, healthier nails and hair, memory and concentration, and increases the confidence. In only 100 grams, they contain as much as 634 calories, so we advise caution in their consumption, but do not overdo it. Almonds are very rich in fat, but it is of great benefit to the heart, it is a good source of calcium, its monosaturated fatty acids maintain our cholesterol in the blood under control, vitamin E helps prevent the accumulation of plaque in the arteries, while calcium contributes to heart regulation and normalization of blood pressure and the construction of bones. Before it was thought that they contained too much fat, for it to be a healthy snack, but now it's known that 90 percent of this foods is contained from unsaturated fats and that it is very useful for a child that involves losing weight and weight loss - once again, if dosage is right it gives us a sense of satiety after consumption.


One thing to keep in mind is that if almonds are consumed in the wrong way, or if you do not leave them in water overnight, you will not be able to extract all the nutritional elements that you need. This means the following: Take a handful or two of almonds that you will need for your almond milk and place and in a suitable glass bowl, and pour hot water and cover with a cloth and leave overnight to stand like that. It takes 8 to 12 hours for our almonds to neutralize enzyme inhibitors. What we need to remember is that almonds should always be soaked even in cases where we do not have to make almond milk, but we plan to use them as healthy snacks. For our milk, date palms have a significant role to play, though you can use a natural sweetener or whatever you want. Date palms are a large source of magnesium, calcium, zinc, give caramel texture to your almond milk and are ideal in this combination. In addition to these two ingredients, we need water, and we can use cocoa powder, everything you would otherwise use with cow’s milk.


For almond milk we need: fresh almonds, date palms, vanilla stick and water .. The water is poured in proportion 1/3 in relation to almonds, meaning one cup of almonds, we pour 3 cups of water (you can use 2 if you love dense texture).
  • Put a cup of almonds in the blender and pour it with 3 cups of water, then add date palms. Make sure to remove all the pits, and also it is desirable to pre-soak them because the almond milk will be much finer in this way. What we like to add to milk from is also a vanilla sticks (cut it in the middle and add a little vanilla in the mixture with the tip of the knife). All that has yet to be done is to pour everything in the blender. After the blend, the milk obtained must be processed through the strainer. The staple that is left unheated can also be used for cakes, like almond flour and the like, so you do not even need to throw it away.

Congratulations, you have made excellent almond milk, with beautiful white color, very similar texture as cow milk. You can immediately pour it into the glass and drink it. You can also add cocoa powder to it, whatever your choice is or you can use it in your recipes.


Now that you know how to make almond milk, we will give you a couple of suggestions on how to use it for your skin and face. Although there are various almond preparations for this purpose on the market, you can also use this milk that you made. Our recommendation is to use it for face care, however, prepare the milk with a lot of denser texture (add less water) to make it more compact and better for smearing. Almonds will restore shine and elasticity to your skin, clean it from all unnecessary impurities and act preventively when new wrinkles arise. It is recommended for all types of skin, it is also good to remove makeup with it. We suggest you read these two great texts on this topic: the best moisturizing cream and oily face skin. If you find a good product of almonds that is intended for face skin, and if it is natural-free of chemistry, feel free to recommend it here to our readers. Almond oil is an even better preparation for this purpose, and we will try to give you a recipe in one of our following texts.


Like all other nuts, almonds are also recommended for pregnant women because they are genuine small energy bombs rich in proteins. Almond milk is extremely pleasant and has a mild flavor that will also appeal to future mothers and give them enough energy for the whole day, much more than cow's milk. However, you need to consult with your doctor who follows pregnancy and your condition. Make sure you do not overdo it, add moderately mentioned foods to avoid counter-effect. When preparing yourself almond milk, be sure to follow the instructions we mentioned in the text above. This means the obligatory immersion of raw almonds in the water during the night (8-12h). The proportions of 1/3 in relation to the water and the squeezing through the gauze the prepared mixture to separate it from the pulp. Pregnant women have many benefits and we recommend that you read the text about nutrition in pregnancy.


Another recipe is not for almond milk, but it's believed that this drink is even more effective and better for our health.

We need almonds, honey and cinnamon, water and some salt.
  • Fresh almonds are placed in the blender, the next ingredient that is added is cinnamon to help us control blood sugar, helps insulin work more efficiently, while antioxidant helps us fight various infections, stress and oxidation. It is useful in weight loss diets. Add the honey to taste depending on the amount you want to get. The health benefits of honey need to be mentioned here. Add the water if you like, then you can also regulate the density of the beverage later. A few grains of salt will at least point out the sweetness of the beverage. Mix in the blender until all the particles small.

You can drink almond drink as a snack, and because of the nutritional value of the ingredients, one glass can serve as a replacement of the entire meal just like almond milk. The good advice is when you drink it, is to wait for a little reaction of the organism, which probably has been used for years to a purely full stomach. It is the fact that fullness is provided from healthy foods regardless of quantity, it takes a bit of patience to get the organism back to its natural state of optimal food needs, but it is certainly possible to achieve it with some good will. Of course, if your own health is sufficient motivation, we recommend text intolerance to lactose.

Sea salt as a medicine; recipes and usage

Sea salt for hair, face and sinuses

Sea salt is becoming more and more popular in the world. A large number of people are familiar with the beneficial effects and incredible health benefits that the sea salt provides. It is obtained naturally, and it's healthier than the kitchen salt itself. You can freely consume it in your diet without any hesitation.

It is a real treasure of healthy minerals, and has long been used for cosmetic and medical purposes. It cleans the skin, opens the pores, removes toxins from the body and improves blood circulation.

Below, find out what are the benefits of using sea salt. Read useful recipes and tips for skin care.

What is salt and what is its composition? 

All salts (even kitchen ones) come from the sea or saline bodies from the water. It is a spice, and a mineral used in human nutrition. What is characteristic is somewhat mildly salty taste. The basic ingredient is sodium chloride. It is gray or white.

It is soluble in water, and has a low concentration. It is present everywhere, even in standing waters, and its largest concentration is in seas and oceans.

Sea salt has been used as a cure has always and it has a great importance to human life. We need it to survive. In the 6th century, merchants of Morocco traded and valued it as gold. With the growth of civilization, the salt continued to be one of the main items used for trade.

Solnitsata was the European earliest known city, and was built around an object for the production of this phenomenal spice.
Kitchen salt contains sources of ions of sodium and chlorine necessary for humans and animals. Na ions have an important role in all physiological processes of maintaining normal blood pressure.

There are natural, iodized and refined salts. Each of these types has certain minerals that give them a unique taste.

What other medicinal salts exist?

The rock salt is greyish in, and it comes from the salt mine, i.e. Underground locations. It's exactly where it settles down. Sometimes in these places there were sea or salt lakes.

Unrefined sea water is obtained from sea water. It is then refined in special facilities.

In the spring, sea water is released into pools that are specially designed. It evaporates and stays on the bottom, and in the autumn months it is used.

What is the composition of sea salt?

The salt contains about 30 percent of sodium and chlorine 55 percent. These are also the basic ingredients of sea salt.

Then there are sulphates 7.7 percent, calcium 1.2 percent and precious magnesium with 3.7 percent.

Unrefined sea is considered to be one of the healthiest types of salt on the planet. It is rich in iodine and minerals that are essential for the human body.
  • The most demanding and most expensive type of sea salt is Fleur de sel or "flower of salt". It got a name for crystals that look like flowers.

Medicinal properties of sea salt and health benefits

This irreplaceable spice has been used for thousands of years, and is also vital to our existence. Usual kitchen salt is considered unhealthy today, and is especially harmful if we exaggerate with its amount.

However, there is a big difference between processed kitchen and sea salt. Unrefined seas improve our health in a number of ways. We'll only give you some of its benefits:

Rich in minerals

The regular kitchen contains about 60 minerals in it, and the Himalayan and the sea salt up to 84. Certainly, they are a valuable source of minerals.

It has become increasingly difficult to obtain the necessary minerals from the food we eat, primarily because of the lack of nutrients in the salt. However, microelements are still present in abundance in the seas and oceans of our planet. From them we get various quality sea salts.

Alkalizes the body

Water follows salt, which means if there is too much sodium, water will be retained in the body. The loss of sodium leads to loss of water, potentially causing dehydration and extreme thirst.

If the sea salt is taken as a drug every day, you will provide the body with a sufficient level of sodium. It helps to balance the coefficient of sodium potassium.

Builds immunity

Minimal treatment of unrefined sea salt will preserve most of the natural mineral content. And as you already know minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium are absolutely essential for strong immunity. In the natural way, the sea salt helps as a cure for fighting against viruses, fever, allergies and flu.

Salt electrolytes have important functions - regulate heart rate. In moderate amounts, it can help to avoid electrolytic imbalance.
  • Did you know that sea salt is ideal for inhalation?

Salt from the Dead Sea is worth as gold

Preserves the health of the heart

When used with water, salt can help reduce high cholesterol and blood pressure. It is important for regulation of irregular heart rhythm. It prevents the onset of atherosclerosis, cardiac and stroke.

Mitigates rheumatoid arthritis

Sea salt from the Dead Sea effectively provides therapeutic relief to patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Studies have shown - these valuable salts have anti-inflammatory properties and have shown significant progress in the above-mentioned diseases.

Helps with muscle cramps

Potassium helps correct muscle functioning. In the sea salt there are less quantities of this mineral, but it helps the body to absorb it better than other foods. It is effective in preventing pain in the muscles and cramps.

It is excellent for memory and proper function of the brain

Of essential importance for the proper functioning of the brain, muscles and nervous system is sodium contained in unrefined sea salt. Sodium is also a water regulator in our body and transmits electrical signals.

How to use sea salt for the sinuses?

The doctor's recommendation is to take sea salt for sinuses through inhalation, especially if they are inflamed. It will help you when breathing and cleansing sinusoidal channels. In addition, it has no side effects.

Here is one recipe for inflamed sinuses:
Heat the large sea salt in the pan. When it gets a mild gray color and starts to jump, it is then ready for use. Now wet the kitchen cloth and then squeeze it well. Put hot salt on a cloth and make a pillow shape. Watch it's hot. You'll see the steam coming out of the cloth. Get another kitchen cloth and put it on the forehead and a pillow over it.
This is done every night before bedtime until the symptoms of sinusitis completely disappear.

Your teeth hurt? - We have a solution!

If you are suffering from toothache and have various other dental problems, stop them with sea salt. It contains fluoride, which is useful for the health of teeth. Protects against damage and prevents the development of caries.

Regular rinsing with lukewarm salt water softens the wounds in the mouth, tongue, bleeding of the gums and pain in the throat inflammation.

Diabetics can also use it

Did you know that sea diets are very important for diabetics? It helps maintain the level of sugar in the body and reduces the need for insulin. It is essential if you suffer from this unpleasant illness.

Use of sea salt for face and skin

The sea salt consists of a similar assortment of minerals and other elements, as well as those found on the skin cells. It is a completely natural ingredient that is used for therapeutic treatments and cosmetic products.

Mineral salts from the Dead Sea are especially appreciated and required due to the effect of skin rejuvenation. Bathing in the solution leads to freshness and revitalization.

Studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory effect is transcribed by the presence of high magnesium content. It also helps in detoxifying the body and flushing toxins from the pores and improving blood circulation.

This is also a natural remedy for the treatment of psoriasis. Treatment leads to significant improvements in patients suffering from a variety of skin diseases such as skin itching.

Do you know that our bodies contain the same concentration of minerals and nutrients as seawater? It is no wonder that the sea salt is a natural ally that protects the body and skin.

Sea salt for pimples - the recipe you have to try

People who have problems with the pimples and acne know best that they tied many things to get rid of this problem.

Mix two tablespoons of salt with 4 tablespoons of honey until you get a thick paste. Apply it evenly on dry skin and clean face. Avoid areas around your eyes. Leave them some time to rest 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse the cloth in hot water and gently squeeze out. Place a warm coating on your face for 30 seconds. Gently rub your fingers with circular movements while washing your skin lukewarm water.

The sea salt helps in cleansing the pores and stops the bacteria from which the acne and pimples develop.

Try this recipe:
1 teaspoon of sea salt is mixed with four deciliters of warm water in a small bottle with a pump. Wait until it dissolves. Sprinkle on clean, dry skin, avoiding eyes. Use once or twice a day.

Olive oil with sea salt for perfect peeling

Sea and olive oil are a great combination for your skin. Together they make a gentle scrub that removes dead cells. They contain important minerals that soften the skin and restore hydration.

Mix 4 tablespoons of sea salt with 125 ml of olive oil in a thick paste. If you want, add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil. Apply it on the sponge or palms while you shower and lightly rub your skin with circular movements.

Try a peeling that has a rejuvenation effect.

The sea salt for face softens the skin and restores hydration, while the aloe vera feeds and heals. On the other hand, lavender is a mild anesthetic that increases circulation.

Mix half a cup of salt together, with a quarter of pure aloe juice or gel. Then mix a quarter of a cup of oil and 1 teaspoon of dry lavender flowers, and 10 drops of essential oil of lavender. The resulting mixture should form a thick paste, if it is too dry, add a few drops of oil. Apply it in the shower and lightly rub the skin in a circular motion.

Here's another proven recipe for gentle skin:

2 tablespoons of cream and 1 tablespoon of large sea salt, mix well and lubricate the body. Lightly rub it, then rinse it with lukewarm water. There will be an immediate effect on the skin. It will become soft and gentle.

Hair care using salt from the Dead Sea

Do you know how to use sea salt for hair, and in what way it stimulates new hair growth?

Massage daily head with salt and improve scalp circulation and strengthen the follicles.

Use natural sea salt solution. This ingredient absorbs excess fat and moisture, prevents the growth of fungi and prevents dandruff.
Wet your hair and add one to two spoons of salt on the scalp. Use your fingers and gently massage the scalp. Wear it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse your hair and wash it in a normal way with your usual shampoo. The result will be immediately visible.
Spray with sea salt for hair

The sea-water spray has gained popularity lately because salt draws moisture and natural oils.

This is one of the simplest recipes for natural hair care made at home. It will add a large volume of cuts without the use of harmful chemicals. If you do it yourself, you can also adjust it to the type of hair to get the texture you want.

Hairspray Ingredients:
  • Hot water,
  • Sea or Himalayan salt,
  • Aloe Vera gel,
  • Coconut oil or a few drops of almond or jojoba oil,
  • A few drops of essential oils (lavender and citrus are great options),
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of vodka or alcohol - if you want to refresh your hair (lemon juice cleans hair)
  • Epson salt

Preparation procedure:

Get a hair spray bottle. Put hot water in the spatter bottle and add sea salt (1-2 spoons) and other ingredients. Close and shake for 1-2 minutes until it is completely dissolved.

Store in the refrigerator if you use lemon juice.

Shelf life is 3-4 months or longer. It is also possible to use strong tea from chamomile as a basis if you want to refresh your hair.

Eliminates cellulite and helps healthy weight loss

Cellulite is a great enemy for almost half of the women on the planet. It is difficult to remove it despite numerous preparations that are on the market. But also the unrefined sea has found its place. It can be used in the form of salted massage or baths.

Recipe for removing orange peel:
Mix with oil of rosemary, lavender or olive oil and mash on problematic places. You will stimulate the circulation in the subcutaneous tissue and eliminate all unnecessary toxins and leads to tensile skin.
Regularly use it and notice that the orange skin slowly disappears, and you will also lose weight.

You have problems with depression and insomnia?

Sea salt against depression also showed its effectiveness. If you are tired, unwilling and constantly sad, be sure to use it.

It helps preserve 2 basic hormones in your body that allow you to cope with stress more easily. These are melatonin and serotonin that will help you feel good and relaxed.

Teeth whitening is easy with the sea salt

Mix a little sea salt and baking soda, then apply on a toothbrush. This beneficial toothpaste removes stains and beautifies your smile. It contains a natural source of fluoride, which is a bonus for your gums.

Make another great recipe for dental care

Mix the salt and 2 tablespoons of baking powder and apply to a wet brush. Wash your teeth regularly. If your taste is too strong, try to mix your toothpaste with this mixture. You will get an excellent natural remedy for disinfecting your mouth because you will kill bacteria that cause bad breath and gingivitis.

The sea salt for bathing recovers the entire body 

Use healing baths once a week. To make it as effective as possible, dissolve 350-450 grams of sea salt in hot water. Add cooler water to achieve the optimum temperature. Get in the tub and relax.

Accelerate the effect - you can add essential oils such as lavender, or melissa oil for more relaxation. To stimulate the circulation of the skin and the whole organism, the oil of rosemary is the right solution.

In the period of colds and viruses, you can add the eucalyptus or incense oil.

Use a mild saline sea salt solution to rinse eyes 

Sea salt from Dead Sea is great in alleviating bloating in tired eyes. Salt complexes help to reduce the darkness and relax dark bags.

Sea salt bath and baking soda

Enjoy yourself in the right way - make a detox bath that will refresh the entire body and make you shine again.

The ingredients require:
  • 2 cups of sea salt,
  • 2 cups of baking soda without aluminum,
  • 5 tablespoons of ground ginger,
  • 1 cup of apple vinegar.

Bath Preparation:

Mix the dry ingredients and put in a jar and leave in a dry place. Use for each bath and mix with hot water a cup of this ingredient with a glass of vinegar. Enjoy your bath, spend about half an hour in the water.

This incredible mixture will remove toxins from the body and eliminate pain.

Bath for tired feet

This bath is used when you have problems with circulation, fungus, sore feet.
Refresh your legs with a cup of sea salt, 3 drops of mint and 2 drops of lavender oil. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, mix one spoon with 2 drops of lemon and 3 drops of white pine oil.

Does it cause side effects and is it allowed for consumption?

Although the sea salt is medicinal and has a beneficial effect on health, do not overdo it, use it moderately. If you overdose it will result in an increase in sodium, and then more water is secreted through the kidneys. This leads to complications with the balancing of other essential electrolytes.

Symptoms of excess sodium are abdominal flatulence, lethargy, dehydration, nausea, irritability and muscle twitching.

Hypernatremia occurs when there is an imbalance in sodium and water in your body. This condition is more common in babies who have low intake of breast milk or a formula that has not been mixed properly.

Elderly people have this condition often, especially if there are problems with kidneys and diabetes. It affects people with severe burns and those who take diuretics. Symptoms include intense thirst, headache, confusion, irritability, anxiety and drowsiness.

If you notice these signs, be sure to ask for medical help.

So far, we have heard that unrefined sea is better for us than ordinary kitchen salt. With all the different types of market, how will we know which one to choose? Are there any differences and how to spot them?

Which is better sea or kitchen salt?

Sea salt:
  • Product of sea water evaporation.
  • Minerals are intact after the treatment.
  • Very little additives (depending on the brand).
  • It does not stimulate fluid retention.
  • It is available in white, pink, black or gray.
  • The texture is rough.

Kitchen salt:
  • Product of underground salt deposits.
  • The minerals are removed by processing.
  • It contains additives such as, MSG, processed sugar and aluminum.
  • Stimulates fluid retention.
  • Available in white.
  • Fine textures.

What is identical with both types?

Both contain iodine. Whatever type you prefer, we recommend that it be within the normal range of about 2,300 ml daily.

Pregnant women who have problems with the cold can without any hesitation use a Himalayan saline solution for the nose.

You have a lack of iodine in your body - learn how to make Lugol's solution.

Experiences of users with sea salt

I had problems with the pimples during pregnancy. It looked ugly, and it was pretty bad for me. I used sea salt scrub while showering, and the pimples disappeared right away.  I.B. 
For a long time I suffered from rough skin on my feet, my heels are completely rough and cracked. I heard about peeling my feet with sea salt, I had to try it out. I put it on the glove with salt on it laid it in the tub, and slid along it like I was whipping the floor. It felt great! I definitely will buy sea salt again. It softens my skin and I'm in the sandals again. M.V. 
I like to clean old jewelry with sea salt. I have plenty of stones and crystals and it helps me in that. I mix it with a little cold water and soak them overnight. Now they are all shining and I'm really happy with the results. Try it, too. J.O.

The price of sea salt and where to buy it

This beneficial spice can be found in various forms. You will find it in health food stores, markets, online.

For sea salt, the price depends primarily on the product and the manufacturer. Unrefined and refined salts are quite different, and this largely influences the price.

Our recommendation is to use less those refined ones. As for example, the Himalayan, which is increasingly popular today.

Refined large salt you will find at a price of 1.5 dollars per Kg.

The average kitchen salt costs is about 50 cents.

The Himalayan is something more expensive and you need to extract about 3 dollars per 1 kg.

If you liked this article, we recommend an earlier article from the Diet's blog about the health benefits of Himalayan salt.

Rose water for face; recipes and experiences

Rose water for face and skin care

Rose is a well-known ornamental plant that is planted in yards and gardens in front of the house. It originates from Asia, where its traces from the period of 5,000 years ago. The variety of Rosa Damascena has a very rich aroma, and is precisely why it is cultivated in large quantities. Among other things, the production of rose water.

In the world, the biggest cultivators of roses are Bulgaria and Turkey. In Egypt, Cleopatra used water for the care of her beauty. Like Julius Caesar who used baths with rose petals. It has been widely represented in India's cosmetics for centuries. Nowadays, it is used everywhere in the cosmetics industry as well as in medicine.

Rose petals contain precious essential oils that have a positive effect on our body.

Stay with us and find out how to use rose water and how you can prepare it yourself in your home. Learn how to use this natural cosmetic product for the sake of your beauty and care.

In addition to all this, this beneficial water is used in some cakes and desserts due to its aroma.

Rose petals are excellent for various skin problems

Rose water is a completely natural product used for skin care. It does not disturb its pH balance, so it is suitable for all types, but also for all age categories. The roots of the petals from which they are made are rich in essential fatty acids, tannins, and pectin. It contains also vitamins A, C, D, E and B3.

Its medicinal power rose water best shows on hair and skin. Due to the abundance of vitamin C, it accelerates the synthesis of collagen, destroys harmful free radicals and protects us from the traces of aging. It gives the skin freshness, softness and hydration. It has antibacterial properties, and it effectively treats wounds and cuts very effectively.

As an antioxidant it positively affects the tissue regeneration and strengthens the skin cells. With its regular use, you can equalize your tension if you suffer from dark spots, redness, or if you have problems with capillaries.
It is a good ally in the fight against dark-eyed and swollen eyes. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and soothes irritation on the skin. That's why rose water for eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis is an excellent choice. Also it is used t relieve stress.

Healing properties of rose water and all the health benefits

Rose water in aromatherapy has a much bigger role. Because of its smell it has an effect on the human body, it also affects a better mood. So it's an ideal supplement for your bath before bedtime, after a busy day. You will surely have a better sleep, as it calms and frees from nervous tension. In addition, this bath will additionally have a positive effect on the skin.

Rose petals in salads have a positive effect on health, especially on digestive organs. They are therefore used for better digestion and bowel cleansing.

As for treatment, there is tea from rose petals. It acts positively on the digestive tract, heart, but also in liver disease. Lung inflammation of the urinary tract, preventing the formation of bladder infections. It is good for stomach problems, jaundice, cleansing of blood, reducing abnormal menstruation, alleviating headache and dizziness.

Tea is made mostly of three varieties of rose, namely Rosa damascena, Rosa gallica and Rosa centifolia.
  • Sprinkle one teaspoon of rose petals with 2dl of boiled water, cover and fry after 10 minutes. You can sweeten with honey, if you like it so much. Drink half an hour before a meal.

Clean your face with this effective natural remedy

Rose water for face is the best tonic do cleaning your face because of its multiple effect. It has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerating effect. It calms dry and sensitive skin, and also eliminates excess fat when the skin is greasy. Therefore, it is also the perfect means for removing makeup, even those that are waterproof. But it does not irritate the eyes or the skin, and in addition it also hydrates it.

You can combine it with coconut oil. Just add a few drops of this oil to the cloth with rose water. In this way, your face will clean up the accumulated fat and dirt, and it also has the effect of narrowing the pores.

The rose water for acne and pimples makes wonders, which is another benefit of this miraculous remedy. Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it disinfects, prevents irritation and infection, and prevents the formation of acne.
  • For such application, mix with lemon juice in a proportion of 1: 1. Half an hour after applying, rinse your face with water.

Here is how you can still use it for your face

The rose water for face can also be used in the fight against wrinkles. It acts hydrating and stimulates the growth of keratinocytes, cells that participate in the recovery of the epidermis. They participate in the regeneration of damaged skin parts. Strengthens the epidermis and does not allow excessive water ejection by sweating and keeps the skin hydrated.

Because of the essential fatty acids it contains, it contributes to maintaining the preservation of fibroblasts that play an important role in the synthesis of collagen. Thanks to Vitamin E it protects against harmful effects of free radicals.

Make a face mask with rose water and yellow clay.
  • Mix these two ingredients to such a degree that you get a mixture of suitable application densities on the face. When you apply it wait until it dries and then rinse it off. This mask cleans the pores, removes dead skin cells and excess fat. A positive effect also results in the reduction of acne scars.

As a natural cosmetics for face it can be used for the purpose of makeup foundation.
  • Wipe the face and neck with rose water or spray on them before applying makeup. In this way makeup lasts longer, while the skin looks great.

It will also not hurt if you add rose water in the face cream, so you will only improve its effect. Additionally, it will be fresh, soft and elastic.

A great effect is shown with lotion after shaving. It very quickly and efficiently soothes the skin and makes it soft. It is also used as a lotion, put it on a little piece of cloth and apply to the face with circular movements, in the morning and at bedtime.

How to use rose petals in cosmetics

Natural cosmetics is certainly better and less harmful than artificial creations. For example, in order to prevent irritation due to deodorant use, simply replace it with rose water.

Put it in a bottle with a pump and you will get a natural remedy for a beautiful and fresh body odor without any chemicals. Apply certain body parts with this product. Prepare your perfume by adding a few drops of essential oil of jasmine in rose water. It is completely natural and very efficient.

The hair straightener also has multiple positive effects. Just rub it into the skin of your head. It enhances circulation and promotes hair growth, and feeds and protects the scalp. It reduces inflammatory processes and eliminates dandruff.

It restores the hair, makes it stronger, softer. After washing your hair use rose water for the last rinse.
  • Improve your hair balm, combine 40ml of rose water, 20ml of hair balm and a spoon of apple vinegar. And mix with shampoo also has a good effect on the hair, it makes it softer and fragrant.

Here's an Indian tonic recipe that will quickly and easily cleanse your skin and provide you with excellent care. In addition, it has a protective effect from the sun's rays.
  • You need a fresh cucumber, whole lemon and 100ml of rose water. Crop the cucumber, sprinkle it with your hand and then strain through the gauze. Sprinkle lemon juice, and mix all the ingredients together. Shake well and keep it in a glass bottle in the fridge.

How to make rose water at home? 

Rose water, as well as the other flowering waters, are also called hydrolysis. They arise as a byproduct of the distillation process in the production of essential oils. They are used in cosmetics for tonics, cream ingredients, mask, gels, etc. However, why not do it yourself at home. It's very simple.

We will tell you a few ways on how to make rose water.

Of course, use only roses that are not treated with any chemicals. Therefore, when purchasing roses, make sure they are organic. Because poisons are certainly not necessary for the care of the body. It is best if you have them in your garden, then you are sure they are clean.

When preparing this product, use rose petals only from one type, preferably those with an intense scent. Fresh and dry petals can be used, we will specify both ways.
Rose petals should be pickled and washed. Then place them in an enamel bowl and sprinkle distilled water to cover the petals. Cover the bowl and place it at a very low temperature to heat. It should not boil because then the quality of the product is lost. 
It takes about 20 minutes for the rose petals to release their color in the water. When this happens, drain the water and store it in a glass bottle in the fridge. In such a way, without the addition of any preservatives, you can use it for the next week.
The procedure with dry rose petals is very similar, but without cooking.
  • Only dry petals are covered with hot distilled water (but not boiling). Cover and wait for it to cool down, then you strain it.

There are other ways to get medicinal rose water

Concentrated rose water which is later diluted is obtained as follows:
You need half a kilo of petals. Extract half with a fist, and leave for a few hours in the ceramic pot. Then add the other half of the petals that remain whole, mix well, and leave them to stand for another day. Then cook it in ceramic frying pan at a lower temperature. 
Immediately after it boils remove it from the heat, and then strain it through the gauze until you get a clear liquid. 
Leave it in the sun for a couple of days in a glass jar or bottle. Afterwards, keep it in the refrigerator, and when you need rose water mix it with distilled water.

Make it yourself with the process of distillation.
Take a bigger pan, place stone in the middle and pour the water. Before boiling add five-flower rose petals and cover the pan. However, the lid should be facing the opposite of the normal, and place the container on the stone. The pan is best to be made of porcelain. 
As soon as it boils, on the reversed lid place ice cubes. While the water enriched with ingredients from rose petals evaporates, the vapor will condense on the lid. So it will drop into a bowl that is beneath it.
You need to wait 10-15 minutes and pour the obtained rose water into the glass bottle.

How to use rose water in the diet

Besides being great for face and natural care, rose water is also present in the diet. It is mostly present in Indian cuisine and countries of the Far East.

Until vanilla flavor did not become so popular, rose water was the most popular addition to bakery products. It is still increasingly in some countries for example, for the better aroma of honey and alcoholic beverages

Rose water in cooking certainly deserves its place. It is used as a spice when making sweets. For the preparation of baklava, fills and creams of fruit or vanilla, for cocktails, fruit salads and juices. In the Middle East, it is an integral part of lemonade, goes well with teas, cakes and ice cream. For pudding, yogurt, rice with milk and the like. It can also be found in jelly candies.

If you need a handful of water for cakes, glazes, pralines and any other treats, prepare it yourself and for this purpose.
  • You need 5 dl of rose petals, 2.5 dl of water, 150 g of sugar and half a tablespoon of citric acid. Cook the petals in water at medium temperature for about 15 minutes. Cool and leave in the fridge for one day. The next day, apply citric acid and sugar, and then boil until the sugar melts. After this your natural ingredients for sweets is ready. 

How to make cakes with rose water

For delicacies with rose water, recipes vary. Those who like to experiment with aromas, need to try them.

Rose balls

When you want something sweet, quickly and easily make the balls. From this amount we can get about 12 balls.

You need:
  • One white chocolate (100g),
  • 60g of butter,
  • 2 teaspoons of rose water,
  • One yolk and coconut.
  • Pink coloring if you want it


First, dissolve the chocolate, then add the rose water with constant stirring. When it melts, you need to add butter and yolk and continue stirring until the butter is dissolved. When you get a homogeneous mass add color, mix and let the mixture cool down and tighten. Then take the scoops and make the balls that roll into the coconut.

Arabic basbus

  • 1.5 cups of farina
  • A cup of plain yogurt,
  • Half a cup of oil and sugar crystal.
  • 3 tablespoons of coconut flour,
  • A baking powder.

  • One quarter of sugar,
  • 1.5 cup of water
  • 2 tablespoons of rose water.

For decorating:
  • 6 almonds cut in half

Method of preparation:

Mix the farina, coconut, oil, yoghurt, half a spoon of sugar and baking powder. It takes about half an hour. During this time at the middle temperature, boil water with almost two cups of sugar and rose water. After cooking for only three to four minutes, remove it from the heat and let it cool.

Heat up the oven to 175 degrees, and pour the mixture into the pan, flatten it nicely, cut it to the cubes, and put half the almonds on each piece. Bake for 20 minutes, then remove from the oven and pour the syrup. Eat warm.

More delicacies with rose water you need to try

Turkish delight with rose water.
  • You need it:
  • 450g of sugar,
  • 250ml of water,
  • 25 g of gelatin,
  • 4 teaspoons of rose water,
  • A few drops of red color for cakes.
  • Bulb density,
  • About 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar and a little oil.
  • Apply the oil to the pan (the most suitable dimension is 20 with 25cm).

Recipe preparation:

Mix well in saucepan or in deeper pot, now add rose water and gelatin so lumps do not form.  Then add the sugar and heat on the stove with stirring until it melts. Then raise the heat on the stove and wait for it to boil. Then lower the temp again and cook for 20 minutes. Remove from the stove, add nutritious color, mix well and cool.

After that, put the mixture in a pan and allow it to completely cool and tighten for 24 hours. Cut and roll into powdered sugar mixed with gelatin. Turkish delight is stored at room temperature. For this reason, it is best to put the baking paper between the layers to prevent them from sticking together. The container in which you store it should be well closed.

Pudding with rose water and watermelon

It is a season of watermelon, and here's another interesting recipe. Rose water cream for ice cream, how does it sound? You will surely be delighted.

Necessary Ingredients:
  • 2kg of watermelon,
  • 150g of sugar,
  • 65 g of gelatin
  • And a spoon of rose water.


Clean and chop the watermelon for the blender, so mix and squeeze the juice. Put the gelatin with rose water in the pan, warm it up and mix well so that there will be no clumps. So slowly add watermelon juice with stirring. After adding all the juice, add sugar. When you cook, cook between five and seven minutes.

Prepare the puddings and when it cools pour it into the mixture. For decorative purpose you can do the following. With the spoon, remove the watermelon balls, put in a bowl and pour a little rose water and stir. Put it in the fridge, and when you serve the pudding, put a few of these pellets and sprinkle with chopped pistachios.

Rose water user experience 

When applying rose water for face, hair care and body care, experience is generally positive. Here are some of the comments from users.
I use rose water in the evening before bedtime, I wash the face, neck and area of ​​décolleté. In the morning my skin is soft and smooth, and redness in places that are otherwise dehydrated disappears. This is my recipe for a morning fresh look.
I recommend it to everyone, try this method of care. A couple of younger colleagues began to apply this method and they are just as happy as I am. Now I have a problem, they always expect me to bring a new great prescription to the company. M.T. 
My son loves Turkish delight with a rose aroma. Every season, I must make some rose water using a recipe I've found on the internet a long time ago. With gelatin, I will make this treat for my loved ones. Its aroma is wonderful and we all love it, and children are especially happy when I make it. R.E.

Additional advice and precautions when using rose water

It is always better to use the natural products you make yourself or from the manufacturers that have been tested. Rose water for face can be found in pharmacies and bio-shops. But this is often an artificially synthesized product, and therefore does not have the same medicinal properties as the one you make yourself.

Of course, if you are buying a finished product, make sure that there is pure water without many chemicals. That's why it's best to look for it in health food stores. It's harder to get a clean product, but it's not worth risking and using artificial, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Before precaution, apply it on a part of the skin. This way you will be sure whether this product is suitable for you and you are not allergic to it.

Note: Do not use it if it contains alcohol, in order to avoid unwanted irritation. The best is Bulgarian rose water. If it gets hot, it becomes cloudy and stale, it's definitely no longer suitable for use.

If you make rose water from fresh petals and you will use them in the diet, then use petals from full blossomed roses. Take the rose and turn it down, cut the petals out with the scissors. In this way, you will separate the basal part of the petal that has thickened and can be bitter.

One more thing that's important to know.
  • Dried petals have more essential oils in themselves than fresh ones, so they should be halved for the same effect.

The price of rose water and where to buy the product

If you are wondering where to buy natural cosmetics from rose petals, and whether it is completely safe to use, we have a solution.

In addition to pharmacies and healthy food stores, which we also mentioned, you can find it in various online stores. Sales sites are now already popular and the ordering procedure is very simplified. Just ask about the content first. It is very important to read the product declarations to get a complete insight into the composition of the preparation.

We have already mentioned, Bulgarian products have proved to be the best.

And finally, when it comes to rose water the price of water is around 3 dollars for a 60 ml bottle. There are also larger packages, for example, 230 ml costs 5 dollars and 330 ml of 7 dollars. It is obtained by distillation of flowers, containing a high content of essential oils of rose that act as a natural preservative.