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Insect bites are known to undermine our stay in the countryside and enjoyment of the good weather, but they are also much more than that as allergy to an insect bite can occur that is in some cases life-threatening. Read bellow some useful tips connected to hornet, ticks, mosquitoes and spider bites.


Most insect in European countries do not contain toxins that directly endanger the life of humans, but only where the insect bites we can found only milder reactions in the form of islands and pain, and later itching. However, some people are sensitive to these substances and have to be very cautious in order to prevent further consequences. Also a tick bite can cause Lyme disease, which, if not treated can lead to serious disturbances in the body. In addition to chemical preparations, there are, for example natural agents against mosquitoes and other insects that repel attacks and mitigate reactions to stinging.


Ticks are carriers of the bacterium - the causative agent of a dangerous lymphatic disease, and some people, though rarely, can experience the so-called tick paralysis - a weakness in the legs accompanied by respiratory distress. Tick ​​bite is painless, because its saliva contains an anesthetic and so after returning from nature you should examine your body. If you find a tick, remove it with disinfected tweezers (with flat tops), by carefully pulling up, as close to the head, in order to pull it out completely. It is not recommended to apply oil, nail polish or kerosene over the wound, which can irritate the tick, cause the cramping and vomiting (consequently, the return of blood back into your bloodstream), raising the possibility that potentially infected content enters the wound . Insect attacks - ticks can be followed by skin redness, nausea, or temperature increase, then you must contact your doctor.


Spider bite is usually not dangerous, but in sensitive people it can develop an allergic reaction to an insect bite manifested by muscle cramps, stiffness around the bite area excessive sweating, headache, nausea and stomach pains. Also, there may be a red, white or blue rash in the shape of a circle that appears in the place around the bite.


Insect bites, as was mentioned earlier often cause allergic reactions, which is not an exception when it comes to spider bites. Allergy manifests redness itching and swelling in a diameter greater than 10 cm and longer than 24 hours. In severe cases rash occurs, as well as swelling of soft tissue, throat, tongue, throat, groin, genitals. What to do? In the case of mild reactions, it is enough several times a day to apply crushed leaves of the basil and cool it with ice cubes. In the event of a turbulent reaction, contact a doctor.

Keep spiders away:
  • Dissolve water with peppermint oil and pour into a spray bottle. Sprinkle this liquid around windows and door hinges. Interestingly, this fragrance also keeps mice away.


At the site of the bee sting, intense pain, islet, papilla and itching occurs. Particularly dangerous are insect stings in the oral cavity or throat, which can cause a massive swelling and block the airway passage. Allergic people experience red spots on the body, swelling, difficulty in breathing, and if the appropriate medication is not used, there is often a fatal outcome - the most dangerous are hornet stings which can be fatal if we do not respond in time.


Place the ice on the place of the sting and using a dull side of the knife remove the sting. Wash with soap and water, and then put a pad of little apple vinegar and two drops of essential oil of lavender. Do not remove the sting with tweezers or nails, as this will dislodge the rest of the poison. If the pain and the swelling increases, and the problem of breathing becomes more pronounced, contact your doctor urgently. When it comes to natural preparations, lemon juice and cinnamon tea are the perfect means to relieve the reaction to the stings of these insects.


Insect stings


The most common insect stings are in fact the mosquitos’ stings which in some people create very big problems. When the skin breaks down, the mosquito secretes the saliva that contains a protein that encourages our immune system to release a histamine-chemical substance that causes certain reactions such as itching and redness of the skin. Scratching the place of biting will only irritate it further, the skin fires up and the site of the sting can be inflicted. Mosquitoes transmit various diseases, such as dengue and malaria.


Heat the spoon in warm water (hold it for at least a minute or two), then press the bite site firmly and leave it for a few minutes. When you remove the spoon, the itching and redness will be considerably weaker. Also, ice, or banana peel, baking soda mixed with a little water, leaves of fresh basil, tea tree oil helps in treatment.

Lavender against mosquitoes:
  • In 1 dl of olive oil add 40 drops of lavender oil, pour into a glass bottle, shake well and apply on the skin.
  • Lemon and clove – combine lemon and cloves.
  • Thyme oil also dissolves mosquitoes.


As the stings of the insect are more intense with the coming of good weather, certain preventive measures are also necessary to avoid them at all. Here are some other useful tips:
  • You will repel insects if you are dressing in a light colored clothes, and you avoid the colorful and black color that attracts them.
  • Do not use soap, detergents and softeners with a strong sent and put protective insect nets on doors and windows on the house.
  • You can cover the skin with a mixture that you can make by mixing water and five drops of oil from the pomegranate - then stings of insects will become very rare.
  • It is advisable to eat garlic, as well as to have enough zinc and vitamin B.
  • The mosquito are attracted by leafs, carbon dioxide (our body releases it when it's hot and when we exercise), lactic acid (created by hard exercise and due to consumption of some types of food, for example bacon), fruit and floral fragrances (perfume, cream, milk for the body ...), cold hands, etc.

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Inflammation of breasts symptoms; what is breast mastitis?


Inflammation of the breast during breastfeeding, often occurs due to the volume of milk, or due to a weaker sucking of a child. Then the milk ducts of the milk which accumulates and forms lumps, which can lead to the development of unpleasant and painful bacterial inflammation called mastitis. When faced with this unpleasant infection, women are afraid that it is necessary to stop breast-feeding but one should know that the main therapy is just proper breast-feeding and milking.


In the case of cancer susceptibility followed by painful lumps and redness, without elevated temperature, most likely it is the case of channel clogging. The milk cannot flow freely and this leads to its accumulation in the channel which causes inflammation of the surrounding tissue. This usually occurs in one breast and if these symptoms occur with the fever and / or flu it is possible that there has been development of a bacterial infection - breast inflammation mastitis. This condition, which favors the formation of painful cracks on the nipples - sores on the breast, can also be indicated by pus or blood in the milk, and red lines on the skin. Inflammation of breasts for nursing mothers is a common problem and it is necessary to discharge the milk especially in the beginning when the baby is not able to suck all the milk. There is a set of tools that facilitate the process, but the mother can do it herself by hand. Proper breastfeeding of the newborn is extremely important for the baby but also for the mother, as well as maintaining good breast hygiene after breastfeeding.


How to properly breastfeed is often a question posed by a young mother, because it happens that a child does take the nipple completely which increases the risk of injuries to the nipple, creating wounds which favors bacterial inflammation of the breast. Therefore it is very important to inform herself with pediatric nurses who will show proper position for breastfeeding to avoid mastitis. Important is also different positions for breastfeeding - due to the fact that milk can accumulate in different parts of the breast, it is advisable to change positions when breastfeeding, in order to ensure uniform emptying. Offer your child both breast - if the baby sucked more milk from one breast, the next time you should first offer second breast.


The mother should wash her hands before breastfeeding, while the breasts do not need to be washed before each use, but it is enough to daily shower. Warts on the breasts after feeding should not be wiped but leave the milk on them to dry, because in this way it creates a protective film. During the day, massage your nipples with creams for this purpose and wear a cotton bra. While at home, for some time you can be without a bra, it's also a great preventive of inflammation of the breast.


A sensitive red breast augmentation warns us that milk has stopped in the canal and needs to be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent infections and inflammation of the breast. Breast-feed as often as possible, and every time you can milk the breasts. First give a "problematic breast" to the baby, and during lactation, massage swollen area towards the nipple. Empty the breasts, wash the affected spot and massage it. Before showering, apply water or hold a warm coating on them for 10 minutes - in this way you will expand the milk channels and stimulate a better flow of milk, and thus reduce the pains such as painful breastfeeding.


In order to prevent mastitis in addition to regular breastfeeding, milking and good hygiene, a healthy diet is also needed. We will give you some basic guidance on this: Foods of animal origin (meat, eggs, and dairy products) stimulate inflammatory processes in the body, such as inflammation of the breast, and you should certainly avoid them. An excellent substitute is fish, whole grains, tofu cheese, pumpkin seeds, sesame and flax. It is necessary to strengthen the immunity, and the best way is to consume fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and cut juices. It is also necessary to have enough rest and sleep, which is certainly not easy with the baby, but do not hesitate to ask for help from your mother, mother-in-law, and friend.


To treat mastitis and alleviate the inflammation of inflamed breasts phytotherapy has also proved to be excellent. A number of medicinal herbs from which creams, fats and liners are made for painful breast will help in therapy, so we start in sequence:
  • Beneficial yarrow: accelerates lymphatic drainage and is very useful for treating breast inflammation. Pour the plant with boiling water and after 10 minutes apply on the gauze, tighten on the breast and leaves it standing for about half an hour. Change the lining several times a day.
  • The inflammation of the breast is successfully cured with linings of Shepherd’s purse: put a full spoon of fresh plant into a sterile gauze and place it on a diseased place. Keep it there for about half an hour and use it several times a day.
  • Wonderful cabbage for painful breasts: wash several leaves of fresh cabbage, cover with linen and iron over them to heat up. Wrap the warm leaves on a painful place, then put a gauze over and put on a soft cotton bra. Change linings every two hours.


This ointment works very positively in case of damage to the skin, stimulates skin rejuvenation, stimulates cell regeneration and healing of wounds and scars. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, and is also useful for inflamed breasts and cracked nipples.


To prevent inflammation of the breast and the formation of swollen areas, massage with a mixture of almond oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice even during pregnancy. After the birth of a baby, it is recommended that young mothers massage their breasts with a mixture of 4 drops of rose oil and 2 drops of lemon on 2 teaspoons of almond oil.


If breast inflammation occurs in any other situations besides breastfeeding period, it is necessary to go to a doctor who will examine whether it may be a carcinoma mastitis or some other form of breast cancer. It is therefore necessary that the woman, as soon as she notices the symptoms of breast inflammation, tells the radiologist, oncologist or surgeon. It is not uncommon for breast mastitis to occur in developing girls due to the underdevelopment of the canal system, which increases the risk of bacterial penetration and development of the infection. This is especially the case during the summer, due to increased sweating, there are red and swollen breasts. Inflammation of the breast in the menopause is also common.

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How to make elder plant juice without sugar

Elder plant juice; recipes for good health 

The juice from the elder plant will remind many of us of an early childhood, when our grandmothers and mothers used to prepare it. At that time, we all adored it and we were happy to drink it, but today that is not the case anymore. Fast lifestyle especially in larger urban areas, often keeps us from the preparation of beverages like this. Most of us think that there is no time for it. This is completely wrong, because it is stress, obligation and various deadlines that lead us towards the occurrence of the disease.

Syrup from elder plant will not take much of your valuable time, and you will do a lot for your health, find out how to make it yourself.


There are several ways of preparation of this healing drink; in the world of alternative medicine, a sugar-free recipe is particularly needed, as well as a syrup without preservatives and other supplements. Alternative medicine usually uses stevia instead of sugar, which is considered the best natural sweetener - you can read about it in the article about Stevia's plant.

We will give you several recipes on this occasion, because for us all recipes for the mentioned juice are more than good, especially now with the arrival of an even more beautiful and warmer weather. Everyone should drink it.

The first recipe is the most common one with sugar, so let' start:
Necessary ingredients

For this mild and extremely healing drink we will need the following:
  • 20 flowers of elder plant
  • One liter of water,
  • One lemon,
  • Half a kilogram of sugar.

How to prepare the juice: 

As we have already said, this is the most valuable and most common recipe that is made with sugar. The first thing we need to do is to immerse the flowers in cold water and let them stand for 24 hours in the dark and cold place.

After 24 hours, one whole lemon of medium size is to be squeezed in the water, and then 0.5 kg of sugar is added and mixed well together. We leave our syrup again to stand for a day, but stir it occasionally, until the sugar completely dissolves.

After 24 hours, we strain the liquid through the gauze and only after that it is ready for consumption. It is consumed by mixing 1/3 of syrup and the rest is water.

As you can see the juice from the elder plant is prepared without major complications. This light drink is next to the lemonade as one of the best drinks during the hot days.

How to make elder plant juice


Many alternative medicine advocates will not accept our first recipe, primarily because of half a kg of sugar that is considered very bad. That's why we prepared something for them on this occasion, so we give you a proposal how to make sugar-free juice and preservatives.

Necessary ingredients
  • 10 flowers freshly picked
  • Liter and fresh water 
  • One lemon
  • Stevia (as a substitute you can use domestic honey)

Preparation of the recipe:

After the flowers are picked, we sink them into a jar of cold water, preferably spring water. Leave it for one whole day in a dark and cool place. After that we drain the water and add it to the juice of one lemon.

By taste we sweeten with stevia in the absence of the same we can use natural honey. Such a beverage can be freely used by people suffering from diabetes, as well as those who are on diet, you only need to keep in mind that they always drink fresh juice (it can be kept in the fridge for at most 24 hours).


You probably already heard that this drink is harmful to men because it affects fertility and can cause sterility. Folk medicine is sometimes a little obscure and, to this day, it is not entirely clear why folk medicine claimed this without any evidence.

From the medical point of view the elder plant juice is completely safe and has no effect on the potency of men, as has been proven.

There is one version of why this drink came to a bad voice and it is very interesting for us. Namely, an old grandmother did not have enough of the juice, when sudden visitors came to her house and she could serve everyone with it. Therefore, the old woman who found herself in a crutch said a famous sentence that it was bad for males. Since then, this became a myth.

Take this with a pinch of salt, that's just one interpretation. Today it is known that it is more than a good drink for our little ones.


Although there is no solid evidence and some reliable indications that the juice is harmful to future mothers and their babies, the general recommendation to pregnant women is that they do not drink it.

Since pregnancy is a very specific period in the life of each woman, many plants, teas, juices are not recommended for consumption during pregnancy as well as during the next breastfeeding period. Read also a useful article about strawberries during pregnancy.


This juice is very useful for our health, and doctors and phytotherapists recommend it to everyone (except for pregnant women and nursing mothers). Plant flowers have been used in folk medicine for years to bring down high temperatures, as they are proven to provide better sweating that lowers temperature.

It works equally well with sinus inflammation, but also many other viruses, especially in combination with St. John’s wort. It also helps with sciatica, neuralgia and is also excellent for the kidneys as it accelerates urination.

If you are wondering whether it causes side effects, know that they are quite rare. Just take care of the amount of juice you are drinking during the day, because it can cause a lot of them - drink it moderately.

On this occasion we gave you recipes for flower juice, which is best to prepare during May and June, when the flowers are abundant in amount. In autumn you can make excellent juice from elder plant berries.

In one of the following articles, we will give you more recipes for elder plant teas. By then, we recommend you read the text about honey water as a medicine.

Intestinal infections | Diet with diarrhea | Food poisoning symptoms


Intestinal infection with the approach of summer and warmer days are significantly more frequent than usual, because due to the high temperature food easily spoils which favors bacteria and viruses that cause many of intestinal infectious diseases. Some parts of Europe were recently hit by terrible floods and the risk of food poisoning and water poisoning as well is extremely high. How to prevent problems from happening, what to do if the symptoms of food poisoning are already present, read below.


The first signs that indicate food poisoning can be demonstrated after a few minutes of consuming a contaminated food, and sometimes it takes up to a few days. Food poisoning is: cramps in the stomach, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea that can be very abundant, and fever. These initial symptoms are characteristic for every type of poisoning and are not life-threatening and usually do not last very long. Special care should be taken in the case of possible dehydration of the body in the case of elderly people and children. Initial stages of intestinal infection are accompanied by something easier difficulties, and recommended in the first few days are mild herbal teas and after that to start with somewhat lighter diet. About proper nutrition and diet, we will give recommendations a little later, because to start we need to know how to recognize the problems so that we can distinguish bacterial and viral food poisoning.


In the summer the most common intestinal infectious diseases are diarrhea and gastroenteritis, which account for over two-thirds of all registered diseases of that kind. When the cause of intestinal infection gets into the digestive tract, there is inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines and this situation lasts longer than five to seven days and generally does not leave any consequences. However, in the course of infection, a considerable amount of fluid and electrolytes, especially potassium is lost where in the cases of more severe forms of the disease should immediately be battled with rehydration. It is important to know that food poisoning that causes diarrhea should not be stopped at any cost by medications, because diarrhea is nothing more than a defense mechanism that cleanses the body from bacteria and viruses - no matter how unusual it sounds. Making up the fluids, pain relief with appropriate medication in case of severe pain and sleep should be the only form of therapy.


Viral gastroenteritis is one of the most common acute infectious diseases, especially in childhood. Food poisoning is manifested as an acute disease with a clinical picture of gastroenteritis, and the symptoms emerge hours after the consumption of food contaminated by bacteria (such as Salmonella) or bacterial toxins which are produced by propagation of bacteria (staphylococcus). Since viruses survive on contaminated objects and in water, and are resistant to many disinfectants, they can easily be transmitted. Therefore, the implementation of personal hygiene is not only the best prevention, but also reliable protection of the intestinal infectious diseases. Regular washing of hands with soap and warm water, use of disinfectants to which the virus is sensitive and cleaning contaminated objects are the only way to effectively eliminate the risk of viral intestinal Infection. It is essential to wash raw fruits and vegetables. Also thermal treatment of all foodstuffs of animal origin is necessary in order to avoid the unpleasant stomach virus.


Intestinal infections have a much more severe clinical picture, and are among the pathogenic agents of these microorganisms, the most aggressive bacteria are salmonella, shigella and staphylococci. Non-pathogenic, less aggressive, are enterobacteria of the type of echericum, and all can be found in food. Unusual restaurants and fast food kiosks that do not take into account the hygiene and quality of the preparation and storage of raw materials which are ideal setting for the proliferation of bacteria that are rapidly propagating in easily perishable foods, such as eggs, milk, dairy products, mayonnaise, meat and various creams that are the most common causes of intestinal infectious diseases.

  • The most common cause of food poisoning in the summer is Salmonella. Day two after consuming contaminated foods there is vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. The stool is initially plentiful and mildew, and then it became watery. The patient loses a lot of fluids and experiences weakness, has an elevated temperature that is accompanied by muscle aches and headaches. Symptoms of salmonella are generally calmed down about the fifth day after the onset of intestinal infection, the causes of which are most commonly found in eggs and spoiled chicken or minced meat.

  • Shigella also causes summer intestinal infections, and its symptoms include abdominal pain, elevated temperature, and watery stools with mucus, and rarely blood in the stool. Infection is also transmitted by contaminated food and water.

  • Staphylococcal toxin gives the clinical picture only a few hours after it enters the body. There is a strong urge for vomiting, severe general condition and frequent stools.

For bacterial intestinal infections, the same thing applies to viral diseases: it is important to rest, keep a diet that will compensate for all nutrients and will not irritate the digestive organs, compensate for fluid loss and take medication for stomach pains. In the case of bacterial infections, antibiotics are taken exclusively at the doctors' recommendation, by no means on your own. If bacterial food poisoning is serious then hospital treatment is necessary, which involves administering infusion solutions.


Perishable foods are those with eggs and mayonnaise, dairy products, and meat products, but doctors advise avoiding meals from fast-food restaurants where sandwiches and salads stand in warm places, out fridge. Also when buying groceries it is necessary to check the shelf life of foods. Intestinal infections may occur due to the consumption of unwanted vegetables and fruits, but can also occur if the fruits are washed in bacteriologically inadequate water. One of the most important sources of infection are dirty hands and therefore hand hygiene is of paramount importance. This involves regular and basic washing of hands with warm water and soap. Unclean water is a common cause of intestinal infections, so it is necessary to avoid unproven sources and bathing places. A special danger is the sources of water in flooded areas, which, regardless of whether they are contaminated or not, are considered unsafe.


Food can be contaminated primarily - if it comes from infected animals, or is contaminated subsequently - during preparation or storage. The most common risks of food poisoning and intestinal infections occur when using foods of animal origin without heat treatment (raw egg creams, creams, ice cream, mayonnaise) or insufficiently cooked (soft-boiled egg, grilled meat) Secondary contamination of food is caused by many bacteria and their toxins. Most common are staphylococci and streptococci, originating from the upper respiratory tract and skin of man and bacteria of fecal origin (Escherichia, proteus, Bacillus ...), which can be found on dirty hands, container or workspaces.


If the symptoms of intestinal infections are present, medicine should not be taken without consultation with your doctor. Until then it is recommended the use of a composition which will normalize bowel movements and help establish a balance of microorganisms in the digestive tract, so-called probiotics. When it comes to food poisoning they are very effective as probiotic drugs include among other things, the good bacteria, which are an integral part of the normal intestinal flora. Their primary task is to strengthen our organism when it is potentially compromised. It is advisable to recover the lost fluids and electrolytes (the solution is spilled on a spoon every 10 minutes or intravenously - infusion) to avoid dehydration.


Nutrition during diarrhea is very important in fighting infection, and includes a light, heat-treated, easily digestible food, such as slightly salted steamed rice, potato or carrot. In the first two days the diarrhea must be strictly observed. When stool becomes a little thicker then we slowly add soup and boiled chicken meat (white). Food which is rich in sugars, such as bread, pasta, sweets, are to be excluded from the main meals and snacks, because their consumption draws water from the walls of the intestines and then the situation is made worse.


In order to prevent the formation of intestinal infection, it is necessary to carry out adequate personal hygiene, especially hygiene of hands, and to adhere to the so-called ten gold rules in the preparation and distribution of food:
  1. The basic hygiene of hands, especially of those who prepare food.
  2. Maintaining the impeccable purity of kitchen surfaces, dishes and equipment.
  3. Use of safe foods (there must be no change in appearance, odor and taste).
  4. Food must be well processed at a temperature that destroys bacteria.
  5. The meals are consumed immediately after preparation because the risk of food poisoning is minimal.
  6. Store the cooked food in a refrigerator at a temperature below 4 ° C in order to prevent the reproduction of microorganisms and the formation of intestinal infections.
  7. After removing from the refrigerator, the thermo-processed food must be cooked.
  8. Prevent contact of cooked and raw foods (especially fresh and processed meat and other foods, even over the meat board).
  9. Protect food from insects and rodents.
  10. Use exclusively healthy water.
Intestinal infections


In the case of diarrhea in babies, mothers are advised not to stop breast-feeding, as breast milk will accelerate baby's recovery. If your child has a poor appetite during illness, you do not have to worry about it, it's completely normal.

Children are recommended to have mild herbal teas and non-carbonated mineral water, which is also a very good choice. The principle that needs to be followed is to use often but in small quantities. This means that one to two teaspoons of liquid is given to a young child for five to ten minutes, while older children can take several sips, but no more than 10 to 20 ml at once, with breaks of ten minutes. This method has been shown to be very effective in treating intestinal infections in children. We recommend that you read the text: how to stop diarrhea.

Black locust honey recipe | Juice | Tea | sweets


Black locust honey, thanks to its healing ingredients, is considered one of the healthiest foods and is highly regarded among beekeepers. How much is homemade black locust honey healthy and, how to dosage it and use it in nutrition, how to make tea from dried flowers and sweets find out bellow.


Black locust honey is healthy and is one of the most valuable honey types. It nourishes the nervous system and removes the effects of accumulated stress, and helps us to treat insomnia because it provides a healthy sleep. This renowned bee product can remain in liquid state for up to two years, because it contains more fructose than glucose. It has a very slight taste and is easy to digest, so it is recommended in children's nutrition for over a year. Children love it most precisely because of the mild taste and the best recommendation is to give them a spoon in raw form, as well as with chamomile tea which is also has a very mild taste. In adults, honey in addition to alleviating the symptoms of insomnia, stress, and nervousness, it has proven to be very good for regulating digestion, especially in the presence of constipation. Black locust honey as a medicine is very effective in treating colds and strengthening the organism. It is best to keep it out of the reach of light at room temperature.

Black locust tree 

White, pinkish or purple black locust or acacia, royal tree, as they call it, attracts attention with its beauty, lush crown and scent, but it is little known that acacia wood, which flourishes from April to June, has many healing properties. For medicinal purposes, a flower of chamomile, a red leaf, and a completely young crust are used, while the old bark is poisonous and should not be used. Except for the old bark, which has a toxic effect, it is also necessary to avoid matured leaves and raw seeds, as they can cause nausea, dilation of pupils, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, pulse weakening, and can cause shock to our entire organism. Severe cases of poisoning have not been recorded since these toxic substances are vomited out by vomiting. The aggressive reactions to the honey are possible because it contains pollen, but they are quite rare.

Black locust flower in cooking 

The flowers of the black locust contain vitamin C, essential oil, sugar, resin and tannin, while the seeds have about 38% of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins A, BI, B2, B6 and C and magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium. The aromatic acacia flower secrets a lot of nectar, it is tasty in fresh form, but they are a real specialty when they are rolled in a dough for pancakes and frying. The black locust flower is plucked directly before opening, while the beans can be preserved by drying and used as vegetables. Baked seeds are a good substitute for beans, and fried can serve as a surrogate for coffee. The black locust juice is prepared in a same way as the juice from elder plant and it has an excellent taste.

Black locust


Since black locust honey can remain for up to 24 months in liquid form due to the high concentration of fructose, should not worry too much if crystallization has occurred before. Simply heating the jar in lukewarm and warm water will again return it to the liquid state. The best recommendation is to buy a homemade honey and if you still buy it in stores, look for one without a metal cover. The fact is that metal and honey do not go well together because it significantly affects the ph value of this bee product. Also not recommended is taking honey with a metal spoon for the above reason. The majority of natural products that are of a high quality, have no metal hinges on the shelves, shops and supermarkets, pay attention to this detail.

Black locust as a medicine 

The bark is removed exclusively from young branches, in May and September, and it is dried in the sun or in the warm air. The old crust is poisonous due to rubella toxalbumin and must not be used. The flowers are dried in the shade and stored in a well-sealed containers, as they quickly lose their flavor. In folk medicine black locust tea from dried flowers was used in the case of colds and coughs, to lower the temperature, alleviate rheumatic pain and toothache, and in doing so, is an excellent antiseptic. It also reduces the secretion of gastric acid and suppresses the heartburn, gastritis, but also the discomfort caused by stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer. In homeopathy, black locust has a special place because it is used for the treatment of hyperacidity (increased acidity of the stomach). This beneficial drink helps in the case of migraines, as well as neuralgia, especially inflammation of the nerves of the face. Internal bark is used to clean the bowels and cause vomiting, while the root bark is used to treat nausea. If you hold a piece of young bark in your mouth you will alleviate toothache. Western folk medicine uses this plant for the treatment of cramps, viral diseases, skin diseases, for better urinary tract and digestive disorders. In addition, all phytotherapists recommend it to everyone and even small children to eat black locust honey. Adults can eat it alone or with a mild Chamomile tea, honeycomb or strawberries that even enhance its healing effect.

Black locust Latin name

Robinia pseudoacacia


If you are suffering from bronchial asthma, we recommend that you try this recipe with black locust honey, which you can use in addition to the therapy prescribed by your doctor.

What is needed from the ingredients for this natural remedy:
  • Homemade black locust honey - 1 kg
  • Coffee - 100 g
  • Rose hip fruit 100 g
  • Royal jelly 20 g

How to prepare it?

At the beginning, you need to boil the coffee and then grind it. Pour the fruit well and smash it until it becomes smooth. Mix together with a kilogram of acacia honey and finally add 20 grams of royal jelly. Take a mixer until you get a smooth homogeneous mass. Thus obtained natural remedy for asthma keep in jars and hold it in a dark place. Before consumption mix the mixture. Honey from the black locust consume with one wooden or plastic spoon before each main meal. This recipe can freely be used for bronchitis and other respiratory problems.


This tea is prepared exclusively from acacia flowers.
  • Sprinkle a full spoon with 250 ml of boiling water and leave it for three minutes.
  • Drink two or three cups a day.

It's very efficient


Washed fresh flowers black locust are dipped in a mixture made of one egg, flour and mineral water.
The mixture must be slightly denser than the one for pancakes.


Black locust flower is plucked while it is still closed. To prepare sweets, it takes 60 grams of petals of flowers to be put in half a liter of hot water and cooked for 10 minutes. Then add 1 kg of sugar and cook until the mixture has thickened. In the end, pour a lemon juice or lemon cut into the rings. Cook until the teaspoon starts to separate two heavy drops. Remove from the stove, remove the foam and cover with a wet cloth. Leave overnight and pour the next day into clean and dry jars. Close with cellophane and slide to a dry and dark place.

We hope that this article black locust honey was something you liked and that you will apply some of the recipes for your health. Please send us your request and we will gladly publish it on the blog as well as on our Facebook page. We also recommend the following texts: royal jelly for strengthening the immunity and how to make propolis drops.

Goji berries; recipes and uses


Goji berries are widely regarded as the true source of longevity throughout the planet and are classified into one of the most powerful plants in the world. How usually this little red diamond and its exceptional healing properties are often contested around the world. The main reason some countries are not able to procure freshly grown berries is because they are very quickly spoiled, and so many miscellaneous preparations of suspicious quality have appeared so far from even less known distributors. Today, the abuses are rarer and the current offer is quite correct.


It is a shrubbery woody plant that gives an extraordinary little red fruit, full of energy with interesting chocolate-berry taste – reminiscent of raisins. The bush grows to 2.5-3 meters in height and up to 2 m in width. Goji plant flourishes in the 7th and 8th months, while the grown fruits mature successively from 9th to 10th (September to October). If you are planning to plant them, make sure that you need sandy soils with good irrigation as well as placing the foil in order to protect them from harmful weeds and water evaporation.


If you fulfill these conditions, you will provide the correct yield of the fruit, as many people claim. It is best to plant it at intervals of 3 x 3 m. If you adhere to the above, berry farming is certainly worth it. Exquisitely required is Goji juice as well as many other preparations. Today, when people are more than ever interested in healthy nutrition and healthy life as a whole, such exotic species that bear the epithet of supernatural certainly find your customers.


Lycium barbarum


In the east, goji berries have been popular since ancient times, while in Europe, the public showed interest in them around the 18th century, in England, too. They used to be something more used in the kitchen, as a decoration. The right boom was experienced in the new millennium when they were proclaimed as a super food and the reason are the numerous medical research that showed a huge contribution to human health. The American ORAC scale that measures the antioxidant properties of foods shows that goji berries are far ahead on the list, while all other healthy products of nature are far below them. Here's how much antioxidants ORAC unit (Free Radical Absorption Index) found in 100 mg of certain foods:


Red diamond as often called is extremely rich in antioxidant substances, including anticancer germanium, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, which protects the eyes, zeakstin, and zinc. Besides antioxidants it is rich in amino acids including essential fatty acids, minerals, protein, complex B vitamin. Besides mentioned, goji berries contain ciperon which is extremely effective for alleviating women's problems, regulates blood pressure and helps improve heart function, then solavetivone a very powerful antibacterial and antifungal compound, fizalin an outstanding fighter against hepatitis, leukemia, betalin –helps improve liver function and treats fatty liver, calms the nervous system, reduces the risk of heart attack and improves memory. Even though it is known that these Himalayan berries are one of the richest sources of beta-carotene in nature, it is less known that they contain beta-sitosterol, which breaks bad cholesterol, and is used for treatment of enlarged prostate and problems with libido.


For thousands of years goji berries were used in traditional Chinese medicine in order to achieve a balance of "ying" energy of kidneys and ensure better hydration. Women consumed them to improve their physical appearance, while men used goji berries to enhance potency. This super food stimulates the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells to combat anemia, thereby protect the liver from toxic substances such as alcohol and heavy metals. Goji berries as medicine have very wide range of operation:
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Slow down the aging of the organism
  • Prevent the formation of cancer and leukemia 
  • Protect the blood vessels and cardiovascular system
  • Regulate the operation of the urinary tract and eliminates urinary tract infections
  • Give us the necessary energy and strength
  • They act anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
  • They protect eyes and vision
  • Improve the circulation
  • They protect against diabetes
  • Improve the quality of sperm count
  • Improve fertility in women
  • They contribute to a better tone


In order to fully enjoy all the benefits offered by goji berries, we do not need more quantities. The daily dose recommended is only 10 to 30 grams. We note that there is no upper limit for the same, so you can consume them more if you are able. Traditional Chinese medicine, for example, recommends up to 150 grams a day if goji berries are used as a medicine. What we have said in the introduction is that the most widespread are dried berries, as well as processed unsweetened pulps, juices, syrups and other variants, because it is very difficult to find them fresh. Still, in recent years things started moving, and there has been an increasing number of enthusiasts who ventured into cultivating a goji plant.


It is also very important to say that the annual berries do not cause any side effects and contraindications (not recommended only to people who take anti-blood coagulation drugs or those for regulating blood pressure), and since they have a strong tonic effect, it is advisable to consume them in the morning or early evening hours so as not to disturb the sleep. The optimal amount is two to three teaspoons per day.


Today, we can find them almost everywhere. Yearly berries can be purchased at health food stores, herbal pharmacies or via the internet. We recommend you inform yourself well before buying them. It is best to choose those that are packed in bags of materials that protect against sunlight. They should be soft and have a mild, sweet taste. After opening the packaging, they are stored in a dry and dark place.


When it comes to Europe there are many plantations where goji berries are cultivated and prices range from an average of about 18 euros per kilogram. It is also possible to find them in smaller packages and packages of 100,200, 500 grams.


We've prepared some good recipes, so let's start:


This is a very simple recipe and all you need to do is mix berries with a cup of yoghurt and add a spoon of oat or some other cereal. This is an excellent prevention against colds and flu, and we certainly recommend it.


Make this great goji juice with the following ingredients
  • Goji berries - 2 tablespoons
  • 3 dl of water
  • 1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger root
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • Fresh honey


Put the berries in the water and hold them for at least an hour in it. Put them in the blender, add ginger and other ingredients, and mix strongly until they are completely mixed. Pour the juice into the glass, add ice and lemon slices. This beverage is an excellent protection against the sun.


This recipe is given to us by Ducan's diet so we warmly recommend it to you whether you are on a diet or not:
  • 5 teaspoons of berries
  • Water - just to cover the berries - no more
  • 1 teaspoon of liquid sweetener
  • 1 teaspoon of agar agar algae (read more about them in the text seaweed in the diet)
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons of strawberry aromas or other of your choice

Put berries in a small pot, pour them with water and gently cook them. Add lemon juice and sweetener and let it boil a little. Now add agar-agar algae and, with a slight stirring, steam on the mild fire for about 7 minutes (add water if necessary). When cooking, goji berries will become swallowed and caramelized. Take off the fire and get the jam into the glass jars. When it cools, put them in the refrigerator. There you can store them for up to a few days. Take a spoon or two a day, you can spread it on bread also, ENJOY!!.

Acupuncture for weight loss | Quitting smoking, Experiences


Acupuncture for weight loss is a method by which we stimulate certain acupuncture points and we work on centers of hunger and satiety that are located in the hypothalamus. In this way, we act on some functions of organs that significantly influence our metabolism and give us a feeling of hunger. Weight loss with acupuncture and treatment of obesity are not the only topics that we will deal with at this time, but we will do our best to present to you more health benefits of this ancient method.


5,000 years ago, the Chinese knew that the human body has 12 meridians and 365 acupuncture points, which corresponds to the number of months and days of the year. Acupuncture treatment has been known in Europe since the time of the French missionaries (late 16th century), and the World Health Organization recognized it only in 1978 as the official branch of medicine, and is now used worldwide to supplement modern therapy. Acupuncture is based on the fact that the man, like all organisms on the planet, is filled with the life energy called chi, which circles the body with certain paths or meridians.


Each meridian corresponds to a certain functional area, and the channels are divided into Ying and Yang. According to this theory, all organs of the human body have the characteristics of Ying and Yang. Namely, the upper body, its exterior, and the back (back) belong to the "yang", while the lower part of the body, the internal organs and the front (abdomen) belong to the "Ying". In addition, no part of the body has a permanent characteristic of a particular element. For example, the chest is in relation to the abdomen 'yang', because it is above it, but it is in relation to the head 'ying'. A healthy organism is the one in which the energy of 'ying' and 'yang' is in balance. However, various external factors (bacteria, cold, negative radiation, injuries), as well as internal (stress, negative emotions, anger, sorrow) can cause a certain imbalance, which can disrupt and completely stop the flow of energy. Causes disorders in the psychophysical functioning of the organism, which leads to the onset of the disease.


Acupuncture points make it possible to regulate energy flow in a certain functional area by sticking the needle from precious metals. In this way, acupuncture needles restore a normal flow of energy, restoring health to the entire human organism. When modern medicine can no longer help acupuncture comes to our aid and its biggest advantage is that it can be combined with medication. During treatment, endomorphism is secreted, which works more strongly than morphine, so acupuncture is excellent for patients who are allergic to anesthetics. Cases were reported when very complex operations were carried out on the inner ear, heart, or brain, in which patients were in awake, but they did not feel pain due to the stimulation of certain points on the body.



At a time when it is recognized worldwide, acupuncture successfully cured about 50 diseases. However, today this list has been significantly increased and it can be said that this method is applied in the treatment of almost all known diseases. Thus, on the list of diseases that this method deals with, there are soft tissue injuries, muscle spasms and sprains, as well as chronic diseases of the bone-muscular system, where acupuncture is used with other physical therapies. This method is also widely used in gastrointestinal, respiratory, gynecological, neurological and genitourinary diseases, but also in the case of chemotherapy, postoperative pain, nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. It has also proved to be extremely successful in the treatment of conjunctivitis, childhood myopia, toothache, pain after tooth extraction, gums or throat inflammation, headache, migraine, and even when quitting smoking and weight loss.


Although in the introduction we talked about how actually acupuncture for weight loss works and how acupuncture needles stimulate the work of certain centers in the brain, but do not take all information for granted. Please be informed before applying any expensive treatments. What you need to know at the beginning is to know that you will not lose weight only by applying acupuncture, it will only help with the prescribed diet by the nutritionist. It helps to relax our body, because it is certainly under stress and when we are on a diet, we are much nervous. Even scientific studies that have shown that ear acupuncture can reduce our body mass index. It sounds really incredible, but after testing 91 people, whose BMI was over 23, the stunning results were achieved.  One part of the participants were tested with only 1 needle, and the other part received 5 of them. At the end of the 8 week study it was shown that the participants who got 5 needles during the strictly prescribed diet, they reduced their BMI by an average of 6.1%, while the second group managed to reduce it by 5.7%.


Motivation and the will of every human being is indispensable if he or she wants to leave cigarettes. Learn more about how to quit smoking. When it comes to acupuncture for quitting smoking, there are two methods: The first is an acupuncture of eardrums where permanent needles are placed in both ears and are changed once a week for the next 5 weeks. The second method is a combination of body and ear acupuncture. The first week starts with body acupuncture and the next 4 weeks with the ear acupuncture. Then there are also permanent acupuncture needles. Both methods yield good results, provided the patient is serious in the intention to leave cigarettes.


The World Health Organization has conducted a very extensive research on this topic. In a large number of respondents after acupuncture treatment, the number of days with mingrenal headaches has decreased considerably, even for doubled. Medical acupuncture works on our entire body in a relaxing way, which benefits migraine and all forms of headaches.


When problems are diagnosed, the first step in acupuncture therapy is the choice of an acupuncture channel, after which it is determined how much treatment will be needed, whether it is a local or systemic disease. It must be carried out under strictly sterile conditions. So, the skin is purified by iodine or alcohol, after which it includes completely sterile needles for precious metal acupuncture. The depth of the sting and the number of needles used depends on the general condition of the patient and the type of disorder. During a single treatment, the number of needles is not limited, it depends on the diagnosis and the technique of the doctor-acupuncturist. The needles strike at a depth of two millimeters to a few centimeters, and remain there from 15 to 30 minutes. During the treatment, the patient must lie completely calm because movement can cause a change in the position of the needles, neutralize its action, but also cause pain. With classic treatments with acupuncture treatment today we also have stimulation of acupuncture points with electrical energy - electro acupuncture or laser acupuncture).


Electro acupuncture is applied by stinging stimulation of the points where the needles are coupled with the electrodes of the electro stimulation apparatus. Sessions take 15 to 20 minutes a day, or every other day, and they are repeated 10 to 15 times. On the other hand, there is electro acupuncture without stinging the needle in the skin in which case the acupuncture points are stimulated only by the fused electrodes.


Laser acupuncture is a sterile, non-invasive and painless method that does not have side effects if properly applied. In this type of treatment, the laser is directed to the skin at a distance of at most five millimeters, depending on its strength, and then the acupuncture points are stimulated for 5 to 30 seconds. This modern therapy is of great importance for the treatment of children and convalescents, because they are patients who are reluctant to receive classic needle therapy, due to fear of needles.

How much is acupuncture successful?

At the beginning of the treatment, most patients feel the warmth and weight in the body, which, after a few minutes, turns into general physical and psychological relaxation. This procedure is completely painless for most patients, however, they may feel little uncomfortable. After treatment with needles, there are no permanent changes on the body, and the procedure is repeated eight to ten times, depending on the type and degree of advanced disease. Then a break of one month is taken, after which it is desirable to repeat therapy in the same way. In the case of chronic cases, sometimes it is necessary to repeat the treatment several times until the desired effect is achieved, for example, laser acupuncture is extremely useful when it comes to different aesthetic interventions, and improvements are seen already after the first therapy since it visibly tightens the skin and lightens. Also, this procedure stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, hyaluronic acid, and, accordingly, rejuvenates the skin and maintains its beautiful appearance.


Acupuncture is certainly in an advantage over other medical disciplines precisely because it looks at the man as a whole and cures his biggest problem - pain (headaches, sciatica, neuralgia of any nerve) and at the same time positively affects the entire body. Treatment with acupuncture restores the balance of the whole body, which is disturbed by a state of sickness. It is very important that acupuncture over other medical disciplines is based on the natural way of treatment. Then there is no tissue damage as after surgical interventions and no chemicals are used. Modern medicine is drug-based, it involves the use of radioactive isotopes and radiation, which are all, useful at some point, potentially dangerous after a longer use. After treatment with acupuncture, there are no complications, provided that the therapist is a doctor of official medicine, licensed for acupuncture.

It is important to know that acupuncture can be applied in the case of all ages and diagnosis, because it will certainly alleviate the pain, if not cure your primary illness. We recommend reading the texts: body massage, foot reflexology, alternative weight loss methods.

How to remove stretch marks naturally


How to remove stretch marks and cellulite from thighs, stomach and buttocks are some of the most common questions we ask ourselves these days. Removing stretch marks is nothing but a simple undertaking and believe that there are no instant quick solutions. However, in this article we will give you some basic guidance on how to alleviate these problems with the help of high-quality herbal remedies.


Stretch marks can occur at any age from puberty to old age, no one is spared. Of course, this aesthetic problem brings the greatest nervousness to a slightly younger female population, to young mothers, but also to middle-aged people. Stretch marks in men cause less stress. The main cause of stretch marks is sudden change in body weight, frequent variation of the same, as well as rapid growth (in puberty). Simply put, no one is immune to them. Fast stretching of the skin due to thickening follow the mentioned changes in the skin, which looks like cracks of different colors. Their color varies from purple to a slightly brighter shade like the skin itself. Being overweight in the stomach area, thighs, and buttocks is the main precondition for the formation of cracks on the skin. Stretch marks during pregnancy are very common and somewhat are cause by hormone glucocorticoid as well as the rapid stretching of the skin. What is a mitigating circumstance is that stretch marks do not cause serious health problems but they do look ugly.

Stretch marks during puberty

Young adolescents, especially girls, have stretch marks on legs, stomach, hands, and breasts which is a real summer nightmare. In addition to physical changes in the body, psychic life changes also follow, so stretch marks are something they really do not need. If in the whole story we include cellulite story on the thighs, increased fat deposits on the stomach, all of this can greatly affect the confidence of a young person. Our advice to these young people is - do not despair, the solution exists and you only need to be persistent.


On famous portals for pregnant women, one of the most frequently asked questions, which does not concern direct health of the baby is exactly how to remove stretch marks during pregnancy? This shows the extent to which red lines are represented in future mothers. Experience tells us that stretch marks mostly occur around the sixth month of pregnancy and equally are present on the legs, chest, buttocks and stomach. According to statistics as many as 70 percent of pregnant women suffer from this problem. They are caused by sudden stretching of the skin, which in some places is extremely thin. In the early stages of their emergence, you will feel mild itching on the skin, so it is desirable to take the necessary preventative measures. Stretch marks during pregnancy pose no danger to health, it is more important that pregnant women do not disturb their peace during this period constantly thinking about removing stretch marks after birth. The best suggestion is to immediately start with herbal creams, balms and gels that will further hydrate your skin and significantly reduce the risk of their formation. Try to maintain normal weight for 9 months, and gradually gain weight with the progression of your pregnancy. Healthy diet can help you a lot with this. Vitamin C and E are necessary in the fight against stretch marks, as well as increased intake of fluids-primarily water. This is simply necessary during pregnancy and after birth, to keep the stretch marks under control. Keep in mind that normal weight gain in pregnant women is from 1 to 2 kilograms in the first 12 weeks, then 300 to 400 grams a week - from 12 to 28 weeks and 1 to 3 kg from 6 to 9 months of pregnancy. Have a healthy diet that is rich in zinc, vitamins C, E and B6 because they help to improve skin elasticity. Today, there is a great choice of lotions and creams against stretch marks and they should be applied every day. The body massage of those places that are affected will improve your skin circulation which is also an excellent prevention of stretch marks.


If you take the necessary preventive measures, guaranteed very soon after giving birth, you can walk through the beach in your favorite bikini. Stretch marks after birth will naturally withdraw, although sometimes they can and will take longer. Some mothers do not have such problems with stretch marks although they are visible on their body, and some often joke that stretch marks are something like "medals" for motherhood. Such statements are more and more difficult to hear today because of various fashion standards. If you kept your weight under control during the pregnancy, it is very important that you do not hold a fierce, restrictive diets immediately after giving birth, because they will cause more harm than good. This will literary cause serious stretch marks on the legs, stomach, and chest. Choose a more moderate diet, which does not lose a lot of kg in a short period of time. In addition to choosing the appropriate cream against stretch marks, increased intake of water, proper nutrition, physical activity is also very important. Make sure you are physically active every day.


If you experienced intense stretch marks on your legs or any other part of the body, know that they will not disappear on their own. Often in such cases, laser removal of stretch marks is applied, which is certainly not cheap and cannot be easily afforded. What the doctor himself will confirm is that even the laser method cannot completely remove the stretch marks but they only fade to the extent that they will not be easily visible on your body. Official medicine does not yet have a 100 percent effective method of removal stretch marks. Women who have a somewhat brighter complexion, intense red stretch marks are much more visible, and many tanning creams are used to lessen the intensity of color.


This is a great balm that you can make at your house.

You need:
  • 1/2 cup of olive oil
  • 1/4 cup aloe Vera gel
  • 4 capsules of E vitamin
  • 2 capsules of vitamin A
  • A little oil of your choice (lavender, chamomile, avocado)

Mix all ingredients and then put into the blender and mix it well. Store it in the refrigerator so the balm can thicken. Put the cream twice a day on problematic and critical areas.


There is a very big supply of creams and salves that you can buy at the pharmacy, and most manufacturers claim that their products are just ideal for removing stretch marks. Take this always with a grain of salt, because creams and salves can help to completely remove unwanted red stretch marks. Also, for stretching on the feet and thighs you can also make a few interesting balms at for your own home. The creams and balms against the stretch marks are mainly composed of some medicinal herbs such as aloe Vera, lavender, almonds also olives and oils such as olive oil, coconut, and others. All this with regular skin peeling and physical activity can help soften the skin and solve this problem.


We talked about the healing properties of aloe Vera on our website and it really deserves to bear the title of queen of medicinal herbs. When it comes to stretch marks on legs and abdomen, it has showed noticeable results. It restores skin elasticity and fills damage and traces of red scars. Treatment of stretch marks with aloe gel must be done after showering every day. Aloe will phenomenally hydrate the skin and help recover the damage and will make it shiny and healthy.


Lemon juice is certainly one of the most effective natural remedies for removing stretch marks. The method is extremely simple, gentle circular movements and gentle massage of problematic sites rub with lemon in your skin. After rubbing wait for ten minutes so the lemon juice can penetrate deeper into the skin and then rinse with lukewarm water. The stretch marks on the legs and the body will be less visible after a week of treatment. The lemon is a great natural bleach and we strongly recommend that you try it before buying costly cosmetic products.


Here is another good advice for stretch marks that will not completely eliminate the problem but will significantly improve your condition. Coconut oil encourages better production of collagen and successfully restores damaged skin tissue. The principle is the same as with lemon juice, use it after showering for several weeks. For the effect to be better you can also add Shea butter to coconut oil. Try to be persistent and consistent in therapy so that the effects are as visible as possible.


Egg whites proved excellent against stretch marks on legs. It contains many vitamins and amino acids that accelerate recovery of the skin. Take whites of two eggs and whisk them until mixture is formed. Using small sponge rub the mixture on skin and those areas where stretch marks are present. Wait until it dries on the skin and then rinse with cooler water. Then apply olive oil for better moisturizing.


This oil is very unpleasant to drink and many who had a chance to try it this way, do not like to be reminded of the experience. Castor oil proved to be excellent in massages because it restores elasticity, perfectly hydrates and even eliminate wrinkles on face. For stretch marks on legs this oil proved to be very good and is used today in India and other Asian countries, where it is combined with warm baths.

We recommend that you read the following texts: body massage, nutrition during pregnancy, olive oil for the skin, fat deposits in the stomach area, dieting against cellulite.

Ayurvedic medicine and Ayurveda diet


Ayurvedic medicine has been officially accepted by the World Health Organization as a natural treatment in 1977. Ayurveda has been applied in India and some parts of Asia since ancient times and it is believed that today the population in the world is much more treated with Ayurveda than modern medicine.


Ayurvedic medicine is more than just medicine, it is actually a science of life and represents an ancient method of natural healing. It originates in India, where 6,000 years ago the first records appeared for future generations. At that time, the human life span began to shorten and the rate of illness started to grow. Rishi-wise people met in order to consider what to do in this situation.

After joint meditation in a state of heightened consciousness, Ayurveda, the treatment system, and all its principles were recognized. Therefore, this is not a product of modern science and understanding that arises from the waking state of consciousness, but the result of a deep insight into the functioning of nature, which is possible only in higher states of consciousness. Ayurvedic medicine knows eight states of consciousness, while in official medicine there are three.


Depending on the origin of the disease, Ayurvedic medicine applies an individual and very specific treatment for the diseased person. However, if we are talking about treatments there are two approaches: home and clinical. Home treatment usually consists of applying specific nutrition (according to body type and pathology), lifestyle and medication corrections, and certain exercises and relaxation methods.

Clinical treatment, known as therapeutic pancreatic karma treatments, is applied when it is necessary to reach the results faster. The patient is subjected to various purification treatments in order to establish a balance in the body. Usually several treatments are done daily, one after another, for a duration of about two hours, for a minimum of one week.
One of the main goals of Ayurvedic medicine is to achieve harmony (eliminating toxins from the body) or shamana (alleviating symptoms and calming the body's disorders), which depends on the age, sex, state of the organism and the stage of the disease.


In the approach to treating someone's condition, body types play a key role, both in determining appropriate treatment and in understanding certain habits. In the basis of the disease, Ayurvedic medicine claims that it is always a fault of the intellect which, depending on the body type, manifests in different ways.

Therefore, the understanding of your body type is vital in determining any kind of therapy. From this principle comes a very important fact: the same substance (food or medicine) does good to one person and the other bad, although it is not unhealthy in itself. However, it is not suitable for everyone.

Ayurvedic medicine teaches us that nature is governed by three basic principles – Dosha which represent energy within the body. There are three in the human organism - Vata (movement), Pitta (energy) and Kapha (structure), and they are its basic psychophysiological factor.

Body types are defined by the dominant Dosha. We all have the characteristics of all three Dosha but in different proportions. Depending on what dominates, we can be Vata, Pitta or Kapha type, then a two-body type, for example: Vata Pitta, Pitta Kapha ... Vata, Pitta and Kapha control all functions in the body, and their relationship, that is, the constitution, which we get when we are born while the relationship with the current constitution determines the type of disorder or illness.

Vata types are people of small body constitution, fast movements, active (mentally and physically), sociable, talkative, quick to understand, but quick to forget things. When they are in imbalance, they suffer from insomnia, constipation, skin dryness and the like.

Kapha types are heavy, sturdy people, while Pitta types of people are sharp, temperamental and intelligent people, good speakers and lecturers, but they have a strong ego.

Everyone can find out their type by filling out the questionnaire (Ayurveda test), which also gives an overview of the state of health in a certain life stage, followed by Ayurvedic treatment to achieve balance of the body, mind and spirit.


Ayurvedic medicine has its basic postulate: the man is a part of nature and perfect health is possible if the harmony between individual and cosmic life is achieved. In nature there are many cycles that generate those within the human organism. Consistency of individual life with cosmic cycles is very important for health.

The significance of these cycles is expressed through dinacharya (daily routine, that is, the optimal behavior of a man to maintain a harmony with nature) and ritucharya (a seasonal routine consistent with seasons). A few tips that come from dinacharaya are getting up early (roughly when the sun comes out), followed by a shower, yoga and meditation, and about seven o'clock is a breakfast, which, like all other meals, must be in accordance with the body type.

Then, a person is dedicated to the usual daily activities (work or learning). Lunch is between noon and 1 pm after which daily activities continue, followed by yoga and meditation (about an hour), dinner from 6 to 7 pm.

Before going to bed (around 10 pm) you can read, listen to music, hang out with your friends, as Ayurvedic medicine recommends. It should be kept in mind that this is a frame, it all depends on the type of activity of a person, psycho-physical condition, and disorders.


Nutrition is the specialty of Ayurveda and it is important to understand its impact and importance on health, both from the standpoint of the effect of food on the body, and both from the aspect of its preparation.

Ayurvedic diet teaches us that the course of dining is precisely the process of creating health but also diseases, depending on the way we do it, Ayurvedic medicine recognizes vegetarianism as the most supreme form of nutrition, meat is not forbidden, but it is placed in the right context in terms of quantity, choice of an adequate type and method of preparation.

Also, the meal must be tasty, as food contact has a direct effect on the body. Nutrition is individual, and in the pharmaceutical sense the principles of Guna (qualities) and Rasa (taste) are used in the selection of food.

Many spice plants have a combined effect (food and medicine) and are therefore of great importance for health. There are more than 5,000 plant species that Ayurvedic medicine uses in the treatment of various diseases, but also as dietary supplements. In Ayurveda everything is medicine, and even food, because everything that enters the metabolism organism has a certain effect.

Processing of food (Karana) changes the property of substances (Guna), and by their combination it is possible to express some of the properties of the ingredient which would not otherwise be expressed. Also, Ayurvedic medicine tells us that there are rules regarding the consumption of foods that depend on digestion and allow the food to be properly metabolized.

Ayurveda cuisine divides food by source (plant or animal), the effect on the organism, the way of consumption, taste, properties and intelligence that exists in the food, it is easy for Ayurvedic food to not be divided by energy value (calories), nor by the modern classification (protein, fat , sugars ...), can be successfully applied and adapted to modern scientific understanding.

Preparation itself requires some knowledge and dedication, fresh foods, and it is consumed as such (no freezing, reheating, and the like).


Like all instructions in Ayurveda, both are related to exercise and are also individual. Moderate Ayurvedic exercises lead to 50 % of straining and those are most often beneficial. Ayurvedic medicine also recommends beneficial massages.

All massages stimulate the Marma - the points on which meridians end up on the surface of the skin. At these points contain often accumulated stress, and almost all Ayurvedic massages are based on activating them. Ayurveda massage with oil is very useful for health, which also refers to the consumption of herbal teas, and taking Ayurvedic supplements for the occasional purification of the body. These are all ways in which a person can improve its health.


Ayurvedic medicine is a comprehensive system of medicine, and how this treatment involves a process of intense internal change, anyone who is ready to apply them can have enormous benefits. Ayurveda, like conventional medicine, deals with the treatment of all diseases.

Ayurvedic centers and clinics in India apply almost all forms of treatment - including surgery. It is easy to think that there was no surgery in the period of Ayurveda, the records say differently. Ayurvedic medicine is increasingly represented in Europe and interest in it is increasing.

Indian walnut; calories; Composition | Health | Aphrodisiac

Indian walnut reduces sugar and blood pressure levels and acts as a powerful aphrodisiac

Indian walnut Latin name Anacardium occidentale is an evergreen tree of smaller dimensions (it reaches up to 12m in height) that does not originate from India, as many think, but from South America, more precisely from the northeastern part of Brazil. In India, it was transferred by the Portuguese, and today you can find it in this country who is one of the world's largest producers. The Indian nut is a very healthy snack available in almost every well-equipped supermarket and it certainly needs to replace industrial chips and saliva, and to respond to unhealthy eating habits.


In many tropical regions (Kenya, Tanzania), Indian walnut is cultivated for its seed and fruit. Its fruit is called cashew and is very popular in native Brazil as well as in some Caribbean islands where it is considered a delicacy. Cashew apples are pear-shaped in length, 7 to 15 cm in length, and have a red or yellow shell covering the juicy pulp, which makes it tasty and rich in vitamin C. In Europe it is more famous for seeds than this fruits - a popular Indian walnut that is in addition to its aromatic taste very useful for our health. This fruit almost looks like a small boxer glove and is about 3 cm in size. It is available and easy to procure throughout the year.


Indian nut is full of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, phosphorus. It also contains sodium in small quantities. It is extremely nutritious and rich in proteins. In addition to vitamin C, which we have already said is almost five times higher than in orange, Indian nuts are rich in riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamine (B1), niacin (B3), vitamin B6 as well as folic acid. It contains vitamins K and E, and it is a great source of oleic acid, that provides out our body with excellent amounts of monounsaturated fat, while polynucleicides can be found in small amounts, which are very harmful because they accumulate bad cholesterol. Indian nut is an excellent choice for our health if consumed in the right way, because precisely by correct dosing we regulate good and bad cholesterol in the blood, and it helps in the prevention of heart disease, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular problems.


These are average values ​​that are taken for a quantity of 100 grams of fresh Indian nuts
From the table we conclude that Indian walnut is caloric, so do not overdo it in its consumption if you take care of your weight and plan a diet. Dose it and consume it moderately, do not overdo it. If you are physically active every day, ride a bike, you go regularly in walks you do not need to worry too much, but again, we say moderation is the most important thing. What you're most likely to notice in the table is that the Indian nut contains high amounts of magnesium in just 100 grams. This is very important to us because magnesium plays an important role in our metabolism, especially for bones, muscles, blood clotting and other. By regular intake of magnesium, we will protect the body from complications such as high blood pressure, headaches, chronic tiredness and cramps in the legs and muscles.


We believe that in the current part of the text you learned that the Indian nut is much more than a delicious food and that it brings exceptional benefits to our overall health and that we certainly need to have it in the everyday menu. All of us who are trying to resist this humorous, hustle-based way of life in particular know the role of the correct diet for our general psychophysical condition. Instant, fast and unhealthy food, especially chips, hot dogs, fried foods, artificial juices full of additives is something we need to forget as soon as possible, devote ourselves to our health in the right way. Believe it or not, the Indian nuts will help us in all this more than we expect from it.


As it contains a lot of fat, those healthy, unsaturated ones, Indian walnuts are an excellent choice for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The highest merit is attributed to oleic acid (up to 75 percent) the mentioned unspecified fats. It is also largely in olive oil, which is also recommended for heart patients. The same acid is excellent for the prevention of diabetes, and is certainly recommended for diabetics. It helps lower triglycerides in the blood and in this way protects us from complications that can lead to high levels of sugar and cholesterol. Indian nuts reduce the risk of diabetes type 2.

Indian walnut is a powerful antioxidant

In the human body antioxidants play an important role for health because we are protected from the harmful effects of free radicals. Indian nut certainly is an excellent source of beneficial antioxidants and therefore provides us with protection against diseases of the blood vessels, cancer, diseases of the joints, protects us from the appearance of cataracts, and other health problems that are all the more present. The table of the most powerful natural antioxidants you have in one of our earlier articles goji berries, which we also recommend you read.


If Indian walnut is regularly consumed, it reduces the possibility of gallstones formation. This is not a speculation but the result of extensive research, which has been conducted on 80,000 women. Their task was to daily eat Indian walnuts other nuts. We recommend that you read the text about gallstones and their natural treatment.


Gingivitis, periodontitis, gums inflammation are just some of the diseases of the mouth that increasingly afflict modern man, precisely because of the consumption of unhealthy industrial food. Indian walnut preserves the health of the gums and teeth, as it successfully destroys bacteria in the mouth that are most responsible for the development before mentioned problems and successfully protects us against the formation of caries. It also has a preventive effect on upper respiratory tract infections, prevents coughing and colds.


Many healthy diets, which are based primarily on healthy eating habits, without too much restriction, strict counting of calories, and so on, recommend the Indian nuts in their menus. Although it is caloric and requires moderate dosing, its great advantage is that it does not contain cholesterol, and on the other hand it is rich in plant fibers that accelerate metabolism, improve digestion and regulate better digestion. In many forums and portals about weight loss and diet, nuts is mentioned as a saving food, because it gives the diet the necessary feeling of satiety, but also of satisfaction, which is very important for the motivation of every person who fights with against excess weight. It is not necessary, on the other hand, to attribute miraculous and almost magical powers to this nut since it does not lead to anything.


In combination with honey and red wine, Indian walnut becomes a powerful aphrodisiac and stimulates sexual drive in both partners. It improves blood flow throughout the body - solves the problem of erectile dysfunction in men and boosts sexual drive. It improves mood, prevents depression and makes negative thoughts disappear from the head. Inspires partners to love each other and relieves us of stress. In many tribes in Latin America, the Indian nuts were used to strengthen the potency, and are still used today.


Indian walnuts can be added to almost all dishes, their flavor will improve the taste of every meal. Weather it comes to vegetable salads, porridge or if we eat them as a snack all depends on us. It all depends on our imagination and creativity to choose how we use them in everyday nutrition. Note that Indian walnut is allergenic and caution is advised.


Necessary Ingredients:
  • 2 cups of Indian nuts (unsalted and roasted)
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons of oil
  • 1/4 teaspoons of salt
  • 1 small spoon of sugar (optional)


Mix well all the ingredients in the blender for 30 seconds. If your mixture is too thick, add more spoon-two of oil and re-activate the blender until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Use obtained butter as a spread, sweet or as part of some other dishes.


It is always not good to give pregnant women any general advice on nutrition. The Indian nut is certainly an allergen and we should pay attention to it. On the other hand, there are scientific research and numerous professional studies that have dealt with this problem. One of them is from Lindsey Fraser, a doctor from Boston, who just proved that mothers who consumed Indian nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and pistachio nuts during pregnancy gave birth to children far more resistant to allergies of some kind of nut and other pitted fruits. In this way the doctor concluded that nuts protect against future allergies. Other benefit is that pregnant women had far better nutrition and have adopted healthier eating habits.

Of course, her research was not wholeheartedly accepted by the scientific community, and even today there is a lot of contradictions about everything, some suggest that the Indian walnut should not be recommended in nutrition and completely avoided.