Pistachios are the healthiest snacks

Pistachios - the healthiest snack that you should not miss

If we had to select the winner in the category of the oldest, nutritiously rich and healthy snacks that title would undoubtedly be taken by the pistachios.

Pistachios are still called green almonds, and they are even mentioned in the Bible. They are one of the few nuts that contain many ingredients that are strong enough to prevent the most severe diseases.

In baklava, baked, in ice cream, in cakes or as a healthy snack, pistachios are loved by all who try them once. However, in addition to the already accomplished fame of walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, the other nuts were unjustly neglected despite all the benefits. The list of health benefits that pistachios have on our organism is long, and we will list some of them.

Why have pistachios been used for such a long time in people's diet?

Although they have been in our diet for more than 9,000 years, but the popularity of green almonds has been created only in the 1940s. All this thanks to the ice cream you must know well.

Only a handful of pistachios promotes heart health, regulates weight, protects against diabetes and high blood pressure, and improves digestion. A lot from snacks which we do not have the habit of buying often?

This small green nut is known for its high number of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats. Special emphasis is placed on the amount of protein, and the pistachios are regular on vegetarian menus.
Where does this healthy snack comes from?

Everything started with the old Romans, when the pistachios arrived to many places around the world. Their journey began in Asia, in the period before the new era. Today, these nuts are appropriated by Iranians and Iraqis, but it is quite common in the United States, Australia and China.

Pistachios grow on a tree?

Unlike almonds and hazelnuts that are bushier, these nuts hang from the branches of wood. Trees need to be at least 12 years old to give the first fruits. But waiting is worth it because they are harvested throughout the year, and the seed can always give new woods.

Fruit, however, is similar to that of the nut in the shell that protects it from damage and infection. Thus, the pistachios are available in the shell, half open so you will need to put a little effort in eating them and they can be sweet or salty.

It is recommended, however, that you always take them fresh and by no means spiced, since they already have a large amount of sugar and salt. In closed jars can be kept for months, which is another advantage of this snack.

Why are pistachios good for health?

They protect against various diseases

A handful of healthy fruits will provide you with daily doses of minerals: phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper and selenium. Essential vitamins A, K, C, E, B6 can be added to this extraordinary nutritional list of benefits. In addition to these vitamins, also present are thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantoic acid and many others. The list really does not end there.

They have a considerably high level of copper that accelerates the absorption of iron from other foods. That's why it's good to combine pistachios with salads. You can also fight anemia in this natural way.

They provide precious dietary fiber that regulates weight

The more dietary fiber some food has, it means longer fat after you eat it. Certainly these oldest snacks can be added to this list. According to recent research, pistachios contain much less compared to other nuts and dried fruits.

Nutritional and caloric value of pistachios

According to research, 100g of pistachios have only 160 calories. It nominates this snack as one of the most important ingredients in the struggle to maintain or regulate weight. Only 50 pistachios have the same amount of fiber as well as full bowl of oatmeal. In addition to making you feel full, fibers stimulate faster digestion.

Try: Healthy cookies with cranberries and pistachios

  • one fourth of a cup of coconut flour,
  • spoon of vanilla protein,
  • a quarter of a spoon of sea salt,
  • 2 spoons of butter,
  • 1 tablespoon of maple syrup,
  • a quarter of a cup of almond milk,
  • half a cup of milled pistachios

Preparing cookies with pistachios:

First mix all the dry ingredients and leave them on the side. Rinse the butter and mix them together with maple syrup. Add dry ingredients and mix until everything unites. Form the balls and leave them in a fridge. Only when they tighten serve them.

Pistachios have low levels of fat that control cholesterol

The healthful fat that is contained in pistachios is lower compared to other nuts. According to statistics, 100 grams of pistachios you can give you 13 grams of healthy fats.

Daily consumption of this delicious snack can effectively influence the reduction of "bad" cholesterol. In this way you will balance your good cholesterol. In addition, omega-3 acids are also found in these fruits, which is also suitable for the heart.

These healthy snacks are beneficial to the heart

When talking about heart health, this snack is completely your ally. Research suggests that pistachios, in addition to maintaining cardiovascular health and cholesterol balance, also affect the quality of heart muscle activity. Especially thanks to the abundance of antioxidants and unsaturated acids.

They are a great source of antioxidants

Do you know that pistachios are a source of antioxidants that are also used for other foods in the industry? Imagine how much they benefit us?

Even the shell itself contains antioxidants, which makes scientists able to successfully isolate them. The amount of antioxidants that abound in this fruit successfully neutralizes toxins and free radicals from the body, preventing the onset of various diseases. Among other things, cancer.

They are the first defense against diabetes

Some nutritionists claim that this is exactly the biggest benefit of green almond - the successful control of diabetes.

In what way?

Pistachios have a low glycemic index, therefore they do not raise blood sugar. In addition, antioxidants help to regulate the existing diabetes condition.

Excellent meal - snack with pistachios after training

The advantage of green almonds relative to ordinary almonds or walnuts is a significantly higher number of proteins. In only 100 grams of these snacks there are 6 grams of protein. Except for those who prefer vegetarian nutrition, these green fruits are a great addition to salads. They also greatly go along shakes for those who train or want to recover after heavy training.

Try: Banana - pistachios smoothie

  • 1 frozen banana,
  • two thirds of milk cups,
  • 2 tablespoons of pistachios,
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut chips,
  • A spoon of domestic honey.

The preparation process is easy:

Add all the ingredients to the blender and blend until the mass becomes smooth. Pour and enjoy.

Can pregnant women eat pistachios? 

Like any other nutritionally rich food, pistachios should be on the menu of each pregnant woman. Pistachios in pregnancy can provide baby in the stomach with enough protein, calcium and potassium to properly develop tissue and muscle. Iron and fibers also control satiety, constipation and digestion.

Of course, you do not need to lose sight of the fact that you need to eat pistachios moderately because they are still rich in calories. Another problem may be the appearance of an allergy to nuts, so be careful.

How can you eat pistachios during pregnancy?
Soak chicken breasts into eggs and then roll them in raw chopped pistachios and fry them on a bit of oil. Also, you can sprinkle them over a salad or ovine porridge for a real health boost.
Do the pistachios really lift the libido?

Pistachios are considered as a powerful natural aphrodisiac, but nothing less than other fruits like Indian walnut and peanut.

Of course, the best solution is the combination of healthy nutrition, recreation and natural stimulants. Among the most famous are chocolate or fish, pomegranate or pepperoni.

Try - Baklava with pistachios and walnuts

For baklava you need:
  • 750g of thin baklava jufka
  • 250g of minced pistachios,
  • 250g of ground nuts,
  • 2 spoons of breadcrumbs 
  • 1 tablespoon of muscat nuts,
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon,
  • Orange bark,
  • 1 spoon of sprayed sesame
  • Oil if needed (each jufka is coated).

Syrup Ingredients:
  • 4 cups of sugar,
  • 2 cups of honey,
  • 2 cups of water,
  • 1 cinnamon stick,
  • Lemon juice.

Note: Before preparing the baklava, cook the dressing. Look at it occasionally because it will quickly become thick due to honey.

  1. In a larger bowl, mix minced pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, nutmeg and orange peel.
  2. Separate 6 pieces of jufka and apply oil on each jufka except on the last one, evenly using a brush. It is very important to cover every bit of the bark, otherwise they will blend in places where they are not coated.
  3. Apply a few tablespoons of the coating on jufka fold the ends and slowly roll the jufka. Repeat the process until you spend all jufka or coating.
  4. Rolled baklava place into a baking pan and cut them so that the space between them is two fingers.
  5. Bake at 180 degrees until they get a nice light brown color.
  6. Pour the hot baklava with a ready-made dressing and leave them best overnight to absorb liquid.

Why are pistachios so expensive?

On average, for a kilo of these green fruits the price goes over 20 dollars, but 200g can last up to half a month. The reason why this nut is one of the most expensive is because of the fact that the wood has relatively few fruits. Also, one tree can give slightly more than nine kilograms of pistachios.

They grow best in areas where the temperature is at a maximum of 38 degrees during summer and in winter not less than 7. Therefore, their cultivation is rare in many areas of the world. Nevertheless, they are relatively affordable in every health food store and even in markets.

healthiest snacks

Why not to overdo it with nuts?

In addition to having a very symbolic number of calories, it's still a very rich food that causes satiety and you should not exaggerate in its consumption. Although there are no studies that confirm the bad effects of eating pistachios, moderation is certainly necessary.

On the other hand, all those who have an allergy to nuts in their family should also be cautious.

Pistachios are great snack that cause satiety and they should not be ignored

If you consume a few hundred grams a month, believe us it will be enough for you. You will take full advantage of all the benefits that these green almonds offer. Pistachios are prepared very easily! Add them to a blender, chop or keep the jar, let them be at your arms reach whenever you get a desire to eat them.

Do you want to find out what other nuts can help you keep your health healthy?

Herb robert tea for the treatment of infertility - experiences

Herb robert - the best tea for fertility

Have you ever heard of a herb robert? Then you may know something about the effect of beneficial tea on tackling the problem of infertility. From ancient times, it was believed in its miraculous.

According to one folk tradition, this plant is added to the water for bathing in the morning. Thus, the family is healthy throughout the year. The origin of the name originates from the connection of the plant with health and well-being of a person.

This belief is quite justified. Namely, the use of red health is not limited to solving problems with fertility. It can also work in other areas of your health, as well as in strengthening overall immunity.

Read what the basic characteristics of this plant are and for what it can be used. Find out what recipes you can use to improve your health.

How does herb robert look like? 

The Latin name for herb robert is Geranium Macrorrhizum, it belongs to perennial herbaceous plants. It belongs to a wider family of herbs, among which there pollen geranium, forest medicinal herb, rabbit’s foot.

The diversity of herb robert in relation to other plants is that it can grow in many areas of the world. The period of flowering is from April to June, at this stage it is harvested and dried in the sun.

Although the name of this plant carries the name red the color of its flowers varies from white to pink to purple. The maximum length that the plant reaches is 30cm. A part of the roots often springs from the ground, and it is easily cut and transplanted from it.

It is not striking in appearance, it does not adorn with velvety flowers. The stem is long and thin. The characteristic strong smell does not originate from the flowers but from the plant itself. Once you experience it, you will not forget it.

The herb robert likes to grow in shade, it's a self-contained plant that most often grows in forests. If you plant it yourself, make sure that it is in the place where the Sun cannot reach it, it will damage it. It is quite resistant to cold and winter, but it is sensitive to physical damage.

Interestingly, on the Internet, this plant is often mixed with catnip. Catnip is a completely different plant, the only similarity would be that both plants are used to treat sterility.

Herb robert tea as medicine 

Herb robert as a medicinal product is most often used in the form of teas, syrups and essential oils. Tea is made from the plant itself, its stems, leaves and flowers, and not from the roots as some think.

You can also make homemade tea using this powerful plant. Harvest it in the period from April to June and use it in a dry state. A healthy beverage is made exclusively from a dried plant.
  • If you make this tea on your own, you need to know that purple blossoms of this plant are not healthy. Therefore, choose flowers that are white, red or pink.

This plant contains tannin, pectin, choline, essential oils and has an antiseptic effect. The composition also contains radium, which is in extremely small quantities that does not harm the organism in the course of daily intake.

The taste of this drink is, in fact, rather pleasant, refreshing and milder than expected. Because of the characteristic smell, there is a opinion that it has a bitter taste. The tea can be drunk both cold and warm, it all depends on its use.

Use and benefits for health

The benefits of the herb robert tea have the effect on the whole organism. Let's look at all the ways it can be used.

Namely, this healthy beverage can help you solve your stomach problems. It works soothing to your stomach and relieves an unpleasant return of gastric acid, i.e. heartburn. A few cups of tea will also help if you suffer from diarrhea.

In addition, tea proved to be quite effective in inflammation of the mucous membranes and ulcers. It is also good in preventing bleeding in the body.

Except as it works favorably on the stomach, tea from the herb robert calms the entire body. Therefore, it will reduce the nervousness and feeling of anxiety. Many also recommend it in case of insomnia. With the lemon balm the sleepless nights will become a thing of the past.

This drink has a refreshing effect. It removes malnutrition and chronic fatigue, and gives new energy to the body. After just a few days of drinking this tea you will feel that your body has enough energy for everyday tasks and challenges.

A powerful natural diuretic

It is already well known to many that the herb robert has a diuretic effect. It stimulates kidney function and regulates irregularities in the functioning of this organ. To many, this drink is given as a water substitute, precisely to solve numerous problems with the kidneys.

Removing unpleasant breath is another use of this plant. Tea is usually made from a mixture of different plants, and the mouth and throat can be flushed throughout the day. Especially effective is gargling of this liquid, no longer than a few minutes, since it will refresh your breath in the short term.

The beneficial effects of herb robert are also useful for various skin problems. It can help you cleanse your pimples. In addition, it is also great for calming the skin and eczema. Essential oils that are often used in cosmetics are made from the plant for this purpose.

Herb robert, as we can see, is a plant that brings health. Tea is also used in the strengthening of the immune system, precisely because of all its virtues and restorative effects. You must be wondering how to make this extremely healthy drink.

How to make herb robert tea?

First of all, you need to draw attention to a wide selection of recipes for tea. They are mostly dependent on the plant's purpose. Therefore, for each use there is a different recipe. We'll start with the basic one.
Put 2dl of boiling water over a spoon of dried herb robert and leave it for 15 minutes. You can drink tea three times a day between each meal. The other way is to drink it twice a day, in the morning on an empty stomach, and the other cup during the rest of the day.
This recipe is used most often for strengthening the immune system.
  • Tip: Do not make a stronger beverage than this, since larger amounts can irritate your stomach.

For the rinsing of the mouth, stronger teas can be made because they are not drunk. Usually, the herb robert is mixed with other plants.
Combine it with sweet flag, chamomile and mint. The mixture should have a total of 25 grams. Pour it with a cup of hot water. Wash mouth with this strong drink every couple of hours.
The drink for diarrhea is made from the mixture of plants.
In this case, you will need a dried herb robert, sticklewort, wild oregano and everlasting flowers. The mixture of each plant should be equal, add the plants until they weigh 10g. For one treatment in half a liter of cold water, add three tablespoons of the blend. Let it stand overnight. In the morning, boil the tea until it gets hot then cool it so it is ready to drink.

Herb robert for fertility and regulation of menstrual cycle 

In addition to all the beneficial effects that tea has on the body, it is definitely best known for its use in the treatment of infertility in women and men.

It regulates the secretion of sex hormones, has a positive effect on the ovaries, and has a beneficial effect on the prostate and motility of spermatozoa. Herb robert is more useful for men. Infertility with this tea can be solved only if both partners drink it regularly.

Important: No alcohol should be drunk during treatment. It could affect its effectiveness.

The effects of tea do not take long to start. Only 4 to 8 weeks of regular drinking is usually enough to make the drink work on the body. If, however, it does not, just continue with therapy for a maximum of four months.

It is best for women to start therapy after the end of their period. It is easy, even advisable, to drink it during fertile days.

How to prepare herb robert tea for fertility?
A spoonful of dried herb robert is poured with 250 ml of boiling water. Let it stand for 10 minutes, then process it. After that you need to split it into two cups, this is a measure for one couple.
Tea from herb robert needs to be drunk 3 times a day with a partner. A pause in drinking should only be done during menstruation.

Rudolf Counts, the most famous German herbalist, recommends that a cool herb robert should be drunk slowly all day. Larger quantities of this tea are consumed for some other illness, not for marital sterility.

Herbal remedy for menstrual problems

Herb robert tea cures inflammation of female reproductive organs. It regulates the menstrual cycle and helps with painful and abundant periods, as well as in the treatment of ovarian inflammation.

The tea recipe is the same as for tea for fertility. And breaks are made during menstruation. You need to drink it for at least three months to completely stabilize your menstrual cycle.

Experiences of users with herb robert

Couples who used herb robert tea for therapy are quite satisfied with the results.

One married couple from for 11 years tried unsuccessfully to get a child. They tried different methods and nothing worked. After all unsuccessful attempts, the herb robert tea was used. Their tea was a kind of ritual that they performed daily. After two months, the woman became pregnant at the age of forty-three. She born a healthy and beautiful baby.

The second woman was successfully pregnant after only a month of drinking this drink, although chances for natural fertilization were quite low.

There are a large number of people who can congratulate this tea on the child's conception. This is confirmed by numerous personal experiences on social networks and popular forums. Today, all this information is easily available to you - you are only a few clicks away from it. However, you must be aware of the possibilities of unsuccessful treatment, even after a few months of drinking.

Except for the treatment of marital sterility, tea and tincture proved excellent for polycystic ovaries. However, before consuming these beverages, you need a consultations with a gynecologist.

Undesirable effects and contraindications are rare!

It has not been proven that the use of a herb robert may have side effects. Pregnant women, of course, have to be cautious and not over use this beverage.

Where to buy a healthy tea and what is the price?

You can buy dried medicine in bags or measurements in all healthy food stores and herbal pharmacies. Also, you can easily order it online. There are a large number of web shops where you will get to your desired product after just a few clicks.

The prices for herb robert tea are extremely low, given its healing properties. They usually range between 2-3 dollars for 50-80 grams of dried plant.

The beverage is generally combined with other plants, and when using it, one tablespoon is used. So these fifty grams will last for a while.

If you are interested in how you can strengthen your immune system, we recommend recipes for strengthening the immunity.

Water fasting; recipes for dishes

Water fasting and how to properly do it?

When it comes to water fasting many of you are looking for answers to how to fast properly. It's not as simple as it looks. You know the rules and significant days in the calendar, you pray, and you know that every sinful thought is severely condemned. But is everything so simple?

After all, one does not simply fast for religious reasons. Fasting is very healthy and beneficial, and many opt for it precisely for these initiatives. On the other hand there are mild and stricter variants of this diet. In some cases, for example, only the consumption of pure spring water is allowed.

Stay with us and find out how to fast on the water properly, how healthy it is and much more.

Read below about the types of fasting, when and what to do in the periods of crisis. And as always we have prepared for you delicious and healthy recipes as a proposal for a menu for a water fasting.

What is fasting and what types of fasting exist in Orthodox Christianity?

Fasting is a voluntary choice to stay away from food and beverages for a certain period of time. It also represents the expression of gratitude to God for the sacrifice offered by the Son of God Himself, Jesus Christ. It is thought that a body that has enjoyed food, drink, and devotion cannot be ready for prayer and repentance. While passions are stirred up and the body overburdened, peace cannot come into our body and mind.

There is a lot of division when fasting comes in question. It can thus be complete and incomplete, day-to-day, or last only at a certain time of day. It can be personal and consecrated. Also, a one-day fasting and those who last longer are practiced.

The Orthodox water fasting includes two aspects, spiritual and physical. Hence, it implies abstaining from a particular kinds of food, but also from sinful thoughts and deeds. It is the redemption of the soul and its power. It is the time of self-analysis and re-examination, a retrospective of our thoughts and deeds. It's an attempt to become a better person.

Facilitators of wasting exist for pregnant women, elderly people and sick people, all others need to strictly adhere to the rules.

Water fasting

Interesting fact
We all heard about the great hero Samson. And did you know that because of fasting he managed to overcome all difficult this that were on his path? He conquered the Philistine with ease and found solutions to every problem. When Dalila seduced him and led him into drunkenness and chastity the great hero fell.

Why should we refrain from certain foods?

In the first place, fasting is done to calm the human passion clear the heads and cleanse them from every sinful and evil thought. It is also necessary to purify your body, because only in a healthy body can a healthy soul develop.

Abstaining from lust, gorges and malevolence in addition to attaining ultimate omniscience and wisdom is the main goal of fasting. The blessing of fasting affects our emotions and deprives them of negative energies and unnecessary passions. In order to achieve this, two aspects need to be fully united, when one understands the essence of the fasting everything else is easy. A man understands and gets the power to overcome all obstacles, both physical and emotional.

The Orthodox fasting adheres to:
  1. Dry eating (Eating only dry foods, strictly observed, only bread is eaten, and sometimes even water is not allowed, but this is done not more than three days due to dehydration. But for us, such a form of strict fasting has no rational explanation, nor is it medically correct. Some people eat fruits and vegetables during those day and some nuts).
  2. Water fasting (food based on water, no oil supplements).
  3. Oil and wine fasting (consuming food prepared on oil, and wine is allowed).
  4. Fasting on fish (the easiest way to fast, eat fish, eat dishes on oil and drink wine).

The most rigorous water fasting is the one without consuming food

A strict water fasting implies the inclusion of zero calories and nutrients in the body, or consuming only water. Such a regime is not very harmless and can be carried out only by completely healthy people, not at all by anemic or malnourished. Organism must have the reserves to deal with the lack of food and the weakness that you will initially feel.

When it comes to this exclusive way of feeding it is necessary to enter at least 2 liters of water a day. It is desirable for it to be pure spring water. An even better source is distilled water for detoxification because it best binds toxins from the body to itself. It is permissible to drain the lemon in this water.

Around 48 hours a condition called ketosis begins. The organism begins to feed on itself and burns fats. At this stage the feeling of hunger is overcome, and when it reappears, it is a signal to you that the organism is looking for food and it indicates stopping the fasting.

It is best to slowly decrease the amount of food slowly, and then only switch to this regime so that the organism does not experience excessive shock. The same goes for when you start eating food again, you need to gradually increase the amount. Our recommendation is first to start with vegetables and fruits.

How to fast on 4 Great annual fasting periods?

Virgin Mary fasting and the Easter fasting last for seven weeks, and the Virgin Mary fasting on the water lasts for two weeks. These two fasting periods are the hardest. During this time the person gives up on wine and oil and fish. Water fasting menu is quite versatile. For these fasting periods there are days of dismissals that allow prohibited foods. These days and their rules are strictly adhered to. Particularly strict rules apply for Wednesday and Friday during the Easter fasting, at the very beginning and end of this fast.

The Easter (Great) fasting begins on Sunday, and then water fasting takes place. This great post ends with Lazarus on the Sabbath. This certainly, you will have to admit is not so easy to perform if this is your first time. During that week, Great Friday is celebrated.

How to fast on the Great Friday? On that day a strict water fasting is carried out until 3 p.m, and after that, a meal can be based on the water.

Interesting fact
The Great Friday is the only day of the year when Orthodox temples do not perform even morning worship or worship in general ... only in the afternoon prayer and ceremony is carried out.

Petrov and Christmas fasting are not so strict

Petrov fasting on water is conducted only on Wednesdays and Fridays. The rest of the days you are allowed to eat food prepared on oil fish.

How and when is Christmas fasting carried out?

When it comes to the Christmas fasting, fish is eaten only on weekends, on Saturdays and Sundays (and on the feast of the Most Holy Mother of God). It lasts for 40 days, from November 28 to the beginning of January 7th, on the day of Orthodox Christmas. Believers then refrain from fasting food and sinful thoughts. On water, food is prepared on Wednesdays and Fridays.

There are also one-day fasting periods
  • The day of the Christ
  • The day of the Christ - the Day of Crossing the Cross (September 27). This is the day when Emperor Constantine raised a cross in Rome in honor of the victory over emperor Maxentius. A lot of believers on that day eat only bread and grapes. Orthodox Christians are organizing feasts on this day.
  • Beheading of St. John the Baptist (September 11)
  • Every Wednesday and Friday (the exception: the period from Christmas to day of the Christ, Holy week.)

Is fasting healthy and how to endure through it easily?

When it comes to fasting and health, everything goes in favor to abstinence from food prepared on oil. Water fasting is the fastest and best way to detox your body. Sometimes it is forbidden to eat meat, sometimes oil ... It is important to listen to your body and its needs. If you experience physical weakness, contact a doctor in advice, and for emotional and spiritual concerns, contact the clergyman.

If you are wondering whether you will feel bad if you do not eat meat the answer is no. The best animals on planet Earth are grasshoppers. One rhino or an elephant does not eat meat, so they have huge strength, so you do not have to worry about it.

It's a little awkward to adapt to these foods prepared only on water. But generally, when this first wave of weakness is overcome, the strength of your body will only be increase.
Extra advice: For immunity, royal jelly and pollen make miracles, consume them during fasting.
The experiences of the users are divided, some endorse it with ease, and some give up already at the beginning.

When it comes to a strict water fasting the experiences are different. For some, switching to shady dishes prepared on water is easily dropped. And some, especially those with low pressure, felt malicious and chronic fatigue, but only at the beginning. It also happened that in the period of adapting to this type of diet there were gastric problems.

Fortunately, there break days, these are the day we do not fast.

Can I fast on the water and begin Eucharist?

No, only small children are allowed to talk after only three days because they are considered sinless. Others have to wait for the right time.

Water fasting; what to eat?

Recipes for water fasting vary. The menu is not difficult to compose. We tried to make it easy for you and find the most delicious fasting meals for you. Fasting dishes are healthy and low in calories, and are also good for weight loss and detoxification of the body. Everyone should fast at least once a year.

We want to answer the question of what to eat during the crisis period?

You are allowed to eat peanuts in the shell, jelly candies, candied fruits, walnuts, whipped cream. Some of these foods contain small amounts of healthy oils in themselves, but if you are moderate, this is tolerated.

Water fasting recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

For breakfast we recommend you some healthy porridge, such as oats or raisins. A good choice is boiled rice on soy milk. If you like cooked bread, know that it is allowed.

With breakfast, we suggest you drink coffee with soy milk powder.

For a snack you can eat some fruit or fruit salad.

Extra advice: If you make bread yourself, do not soak baking pan with oil, but lubricate it with beeswax.

Lunch suggestions

It may be unthinkable for you to make lunch without little oil. But the meals on the water can be quite delicious. In addition, they are safe and healthier. You can prepare peppers stuffed with grain, sliced ​​peppers and much more.

Monastery beans

  • Beans (4 cups) a day before they are soaked in water. Bake it regularly. Pour water into the beans to swim in it and throw out the first water. Refill again and continue cooking. Add onion and a little red pepper. Before the end of cooking, when the grains are completely softened, add the chopped tomato head, a little bit of foliage and salt. Leave a little more on the heat so the ingredients can blend together and tomato cooks.

Trout and rice with vegetables

How to prepare it:
  • Wash the trout well and spread it on the inside and outside with a mixture of vegeta spice, salt and pepper. If desired, add nutmeg. Slightly chop onions and sprinkle over fish. Sprinkle with a little lemon juice. Bake trout in aluminum foil at 220 degrees for about half an hour. After that, open the foil and bake for another ten minutes. Prepare the rice by washing it first and then cook it. One cup is enough for you. Stir well 200 grams of mixed vegetables. Connect the mixtures and serve with the fish

Dinner should be light

For dinner you can spread a piece of bread jam or honey. It is permissible to eat chestnut puree and cooked wheat, and much more. If you are diligent, you will try to eat a meal consisting of a protein, not carbohydrates. However, it is the last meal of the day after which the body prepares for rest. Dinner should be light as possible

Kačamak recipe:
  • 300 grams of corn flour pour slowly in half a liter of boiled salted water. While pouring the flour vigorously mix with a wooden spoon so that the crust does not burn. Just cook for ten minutes. You can also serve it as a separate meal, but also as an addition to fish dishes.

Find out the benefits of polenta?

A good idea when it comes to dinner is also cooked potatoes. Cook it with its shell, and when it cools down, peel it and add salt. Serve with the tuna.

If you want to eat something sweet make delicious dumplings with plum jam. For these dumplings you need half a kilogram of flour and half a kilogram of potatoes, chopped, and sugar. Pour boiled potatoes and mix with flour. Then add a little bit of salt and make the balls into which you will insert a little plum jam.

Water fasting and weight loss are a good combination

It is understood that this diet will affect your weight. Raw herbal food is the best choice when it comes to weight loss. Leaving oil out of food will greatly help you lose weight and you will feel full of energy. Of course, after a certain period of time the oil should be reintroduced into the diet, of course, moderately. Our recommendation is cold pressed olive oil.

When you are on this diet, you can also conduct other detox treatments for health and beauty. Dry brushing of the body is very popular today, and it's much more practical than peeling. Do this before bedtime.

Supplementing diet with vitamins and minerals is also highly recommended. The goal is to free the body of toxin and boost immunity.

And digestion is a very important segment. If you have lazy bowels, it is by no means good. Poisons from the body must be ejected through the digestive tract or sweating through the skin. This problem needs to be regulated. For this purpose, natural laxatives can be used.

Although this is a more rigorous fasting, this does not mean that you need to give up and sweets. You probably cannot imagine a treat without oil or margarine, but there are cakes made especially for water fasting. But since they also contain caloric ingredients and you need to be cautious with them.

We suggest you to try water fasting. We hope that at least we have showed you some basic rules about food preparation on the water and its benefits for the body.

Not to neglect the spiritual aspects ... this diet will also affect your mental balance and peace of mind.

Clean your soul and detox your body with this diet. If you liked this article, read the article on alkaline water.

Juniper plant medicinal properties and recipes

Juniper plant makes wonders for your health

Due to the abundance of valuable ingredients, this herb cures almost every disease. It is also known to the people as a common pine. Its Latin name is also frequently used in pharmacology - Juniperus Communis.

Branches and needles have many beneficial properties, but medicinal dairy berries do not have an advantage in folk medicine. Namely, they are used in the prevention and treatment of various types of organic disorders. This exceptional plant is a true treasure trove of flavonoids, tannins, vitamin C, turpentine, important essential oils. The best-known natural remedy is certainly a tea made from juniper, which is also used for a variety of other diseases.

Juniper berries can be used to make tinctures, fats, oil preparations. In addition to its medicinal properties, they can also be used as a spice in the kitchen. It is a good complement of marinade to fish and meat. It is also used as a flavor enhancer.

The taste of one of famous beers is enriched just by these berries. The cosmetics industry has also recognized the properties of this plant, and it is an ingredient in various beauty products. Read the great recipes below.

How does the juniper tree look like?

Juniper is an evergreen and completely irregularly branched bush with a height of 1 to 2 meters. Something less can reach the height up to seven meters. The white strip adorns the front of the needle leaves, while the back is yellow-green. The smoother fruit of the opulent taste is berry, fleshy, the first year of ripening green, and the next blonde-black or dark-purple.

What other parts of the plant are medicinal?

In addition to fruits - berries, the most effective substances are found in the needles of juniper. In young shoots of the plant, the content of Vitamin C is very high. In 100 grams of shoots there is an amount of 100mg. It has high concentrations of minerals, vitamins, tannins and organic acids. Her resin is very healthy, as is wax.

Where does this plant grow?

This bush grows in almost all climatic zones and on different types of soil. It is particularly represented in the northern hemisphere. This herbaceous plant inhabits mountain and mountainous areas, forests and pastures, and is cultivated as a garden culture.

Places that are sunny for most of the days, are important. The soil, which is not densely inhabited by other types of herbs, is also great for it, because the sprawling root likes more space.

We harvest flowers, berries needles and bark 

The first flowers appear only in the spring of the second year, while the berries do not mature until the autumn of the third year. This largely depends on the site and the external conditions to which the plant is exposed.

Since her needles are very sharp and hinder the branching, it is recommended that the canvas be placed on the floor, and the wood of the dentist shaves well. The drops of berry and dry twigs are dried in a shady and well-ventilated place. It is best to keep them in tightly closed boxes.

Juniper plant

Herb as a medicine in folk medicine

It is great for stomach and stomach problems

Juniper stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, stimulates appetite and improves digestion, and in the case of gastrointestinal infections it also prevents ulcers. Also it successfully alleviates both abdominal cramps and gases that cause an unpleasant sensation of bruising.

It is also used in the treatment of infections or disorders related to the kidneys, urinary tract, bladder and prostate.

The essential oil of the juniper is abundant with the terpinine ingredient that stimulates the kidney filtration, bladder and sweat glands. As a result, it is more effective to eliminate harmful bacteria, toxins, excess salt and water.

Muscle pain disappear in the short term
  • In a glass bottle, drain four drops of essential oil of geranium, two drops of oil, a lavender and houseleek and a drop of ginger oil. Add another 30 ml of olive or almonds and shake well. Use for a mild massage of painful places several times a day.

More health benefits of this plant. 
  • The berries have anti-inflammatory properties as well as alleviate the problems associated with rheumatism and arthritis. Juniper plant also relieves respiratory problems, alleviates colds, asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis.
  • Butterfly oil stimulates circulation, however, it should not be applied directly to the skin, due to the risk of irritation and redness.
  • Due to the high content of unsaturated fats and antioxidants, this plant also preserves the health of the nervous system and improves brain function.
  • It works astringent, tightens and tones muscles and skin. All this contributes to maintaining the firmness of the body and youthful appearance.

Do you know how the ancient doctors used juniper? 

The medicinal properties of the plant were known even in the ancient past. In ancient Greece, juniper berries were consumed during the Olympic Games, as it was believed they strengthen the physical strength of the competitors.

In the Middle Ages, the dairy oil was irreplaceable in the fight against cholera, dysentery and other diseases of the poor. It is also little known that the original formula from the year 1500 for the alcoholic beverage of gin was based on juniper berries. Later, this recipe was also used as a diuretic.

In addition, this plant was consumed and used on other continents. The North American population of the North America used juniper as a spice for meals but also as a decorative detail on foods.
  • The Indians first made necklaces with berries, they had to pierce them, and they left this job to hard working ants. The collected berries would be arranged around the anthill, and these worthy animals would make a small opening through which they would enter to enjoy delicacy. After that, the berries just needed to be threaded.

Juniper tea as a cure for kidneys; recipe

For kidney problems, before using any fresh berries, you should consult with the doctor. If you are allowed, apply the following recipe.
  1. On the first day of treatment, eat four berries at once or one in the morning, at noon, afternoon and evening.
  2. In the next eleven days, increase the dose by one berry. Consume the berries evenly to three or four doses a day. After each consumption, drink a cup of lukewarm water - not cold anymore.
  3. When the daily maximum is reached - 15 pieces, gradually reduce the amount by one berry per day. Continue until you reach the initial dose (4 berries).

Practice twice a year for 24 days.

How to make juniper tea?
  • The recipe is easy to make; pour a spoonful of juniper berries (finely chopped) with 2dl of boiling water. Cover from the top and wait for ten minutes. Once it's there, strain the liquid.

Boil the beverage twice a day, full cup. Caution should be exercised by people with diseased kidneys, so consult an urologist before consuming. You can take tea in a small brandy glass, every two hours. It is very important to discontinue therapy on time, due to the constipation caused by ingredient trepetine, which can cause inflammation and irritation in the kidneys.

How does juniper help the kidneys?

A beneficial drink will speed up the kidney's work, accelerate discharge, and prevent acidification. In addition, the plant helps with enlarged prostate, infections of the bladder and inflammation of the urinary tract.

For the removal of kidney stones and sand from the urinary tract, the following recipe is taken.
  • Two full hands of crushed berries is added to half a liter of boiling water. Remove from the heat and let it stand for 30 minutes. Strain and drink. 

Juniper tea for kidneys is prepared in this way can be drunk for a maximum of 7 days. It is permitted to drink it every 3 hours, one small brandy glass.

Juniper tea is good for stomach

In the case of frequent intestinal and gastric disorders, juniper helps you to improve the condition. Make tea in the same way as in the previous recipe. The most important thing is that you do not sweeten it since it will ruin the healing effect. Namely, it will improve the metabolism and accelerate the processes of matter exchange.

If you are preparing it for the sake of airway problems, then you can sweeten it, but only with home-made honey.

I can be drunk by diabetics

In addition to the aforementioned diseases, it is used for many other problems. What many do not know is that it has a beneficial effect with diabetes.

How to prepare a tea beverage:
  • In 4 deciliters of the boiling water add 2 full tablespoons of ripe berries that you have previously crushed. Wait 10 minutes, process and drink.

We do not need to even mention that it is drunk unsweetened, do not use any substitute natural sweeteners.

A powerful natural diuretic

Prepare it:
  • 25 g of juniper berries, root of the rabbit thorn, rose hip and smooth rupturewort. The spoonful of the mixture steam with a boiling cup of water and then leave it aside for two hours. Strain and drink every eight hours in the amount of one cup. Drink it before every main meal. 

A phenomenal ointment for joints with juniper berries

  • one cup of ripe berries,
  • distilled water,
  • two cups of oil (olive, almond, avocado or jojoba)
  • two or three teaspoons of beeswax.

Preparation procedure:

Immerse the juniper berries in the water and leave them to stand overnight. In the morning, strain the liquid and crush the berries slightly, put them in a small pot and pour oil over them. Place the dish in a larger water pan, and cook for a few minutes on a low heat. Then remove from the fire and strain. The smaller dish put again in a larger one with water, add processed oil and prepared wax. Cook in low heat until it melts completely. Wait until it cools a little, then put the mixture in sterilized glass jars.

The resulting fat will help you with painful joints.

Juniper berries tincture against cough
  • Pour into a glass jar 50 g of dry pancakes, pour them in a little water, add 30 g of honey and half a liter of plums. Close and leave it standing in the dark and cold place for 10 days (do not forget to shake occasionally). Then proceed and take three times a day a spoon of tincture dissolved in a glass of water.

Juniper juice; how to make it?

Another great recipe, which is not difficult to prepare:
Get ripe berries, rinse them well over the water and place them in a jar. Then add lemon cut in thin rings. Now get the water all the way to the top of the jar and cover. Put it all together in a safe place and let it stand for a week. Do not forget to shake the mixture at least a couple of times during the day. 
You will notice after seven days that the berries are no longer at the top of the jar, but they descended to the bottom. Then you are sure that the beverage is ready. All you have to do is to pour it in the glass and drink it.
Natural juice from juniper can also be used by diabetics without adding any sweeteners. The so-made beverage will cleanse the liver and improve the blood count. It is a great help in asthma, it relieves urinary infections and calms cramps.

It should not be drunk by people with damaged kidneys, as well as a pregnant women.

Where there is juice there is also juniper brandy 
The famous juniper brandy is made in the same way with berries, you will need up to 30 berries - a quantity of 15 dkg. All you have to do is deliver them into a liter of homemade plum brandy.
Close the bottle and place it in a sunny place for 30 days, periodically shake it. After that, you can consume it and enjoy its fine aroma. Juniper in brandy is an exceptional drink, provided you drink alcohol.

Juniper plant medicinal properties

Warnings and Important guidelines for dosage

If used with the prior agreement with the doctor, the juniper will not cause any side effects. However, certain risk groups should not drink it. Thus, the consumption of juniper is not recommended to pregnant or nursing mothers, nor to chronic kidney patients.

Juniper tea during pregnancy is not allowed due to the risk it can represent for the baby. Namely, excessive doses can cause contractions of the uterus. Renal patients should be extremely careful with dosing, because if they exaggerate, there is blood in the urine.

Allergies to juniper berries are rare

Juniper berries are not suitable for everyone. In sensitive people, prone to eczema, there may be a rash on the skin, which is accompanied by unpleasant itching. There are fewer problems with the respiratory organs.

There is a belief that excessive use of juniper berries can cause hallucinations. This is not medically confirmed or proven. However, always keep to the recommended doses, which is equally valid for juice, tea, tincture and fresh berries.

Contraindications to some drugs

If by any chance you take lithium (in any form), avoid juniper berries. In combination with it, serious health consequences can occur, primarily due to the presence of foreign bodies. This volatile oil then becomes toxic and very dangerous. The first symptom is diarrhea and there are severe cramps in the intestines.

Medical petroleum; usage in the treatment of cancer

Medical petroleum as a cancer medicine

If taken in small quantities, medical petroleum as a medicine is useful in the treatment of numerous health problems. This substance allows the dissolution of fat and mineral deposits in the gallbladder, and today it is used even in the treatment of cancer.

With this derivative you can also treat various skin infections, and it even stimulates hair growth. In combination with young green walnuts, it achieves even better results.

If you feel nausea after consuming it, take medically active carbon in powder form and the symptoms will pass. Below find out how to drink petroleum and to get proper dosage during the day. We have prepared you very good recipes.

What is the composition of medical petroleum?

Medicinal petroleum used for medical purposes is a distillate of oil distilled at temperatures not higher than 150 degrees C. It consists of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. Where the aromatic should be 2 percent less than aliphatic, only then its effect will be more effective.
  • Modern methods of separation by natural ion exchangers and adsorbents can make the composition of petroleum reach the desired usable value.

Namely, our old people used petroleum gas as a cure for numerous problems. They used that derivative that they poured into the lamps and fans and illuminated them. Today is a different situation.

At the moment there is a real market competition in official pharmacy and in the alternative one. Because of this, it is difficult to recommend a specific product on the market as a medicinal one, and others just reject it.

It's a very strong disinfectant. It is good as an extract or fat solvent. It should be known that the ratio of cholic (bile acid), deoxocholic acid, bilirubin and many salts is often impaired in the gallbladder and liver.

The use of petroleum in medicine then and now

Since the man began to exploit the oil, he started the usage of it in therapy for various health problems using its derivative petroleum. This was mostly done in poor areas of the world, then during wars, as well as in cases of mass diseases.

Petroleum as a medicine was used both in the treatment of dermatological diseases and for oral use in cases of stomach problems. It was administered in the case of exacerbation and disinfection, and has recently been used in the treatment of some autoimmune diseases.

Used by the Egyptians, the Romans, the Russians. It has been used in many villages in the Morava region for the treatment of stomach problems, wound infections and skin problems. Historical documents testify that he was treated by soldiers during the Balkan wars.
  • In the First World War, petrochemicals were used for the villagers, more precisely their suppression. It is also documented that it was given to the exterminated and weakened soldiers.

Another interesting way to use kerosene in East Africa and some other countries is given. Namely, for years it has been part of dietary supplements in schools. It was thought to reduce the sexual urge of young people in puberty.

Many scientific journals deal with the topics of medical use of petroleum, primarily in underdeveloped parts of Africa. It was also used in Siberia and other parts of the world where it was. School medicine was inaccessible or underdeveloped, and folk or experiential was practiced in combination with natural resources. It refers to many plants, minerals, fats, parts of animals, as well as some elements of petroleum products.

Medical petroleum

How to drink petroleum and what is the optimal daily dose

This oil derivative provides mild stimulation, i.e. dissolution of fat and mineral deposits in the gallbladder. Therefore it should be consumed in minimum quantities, one coffee spoon or 5 ml.
  • In such a small amount, we also import significantly more toxic components than petroleum, whether through food, cosmetics or medicines.

How long can it be applied - duration of therapy!

When it comes to the length of use and dosage of the amount to be taken, this can only be determined by a medical expert. Do not take petroleum as a medicine lightly - on your own hand, because you can also hurt your own health.

By monitoring the results of blood, urine and hair analysis, your doctor will determine whether you should stop or continue using it.

Daily doses and administration
  • First you need to shake it in your mouth, a few days after a couple of drops.
  • Later, the daily amount is increased to one teaspoon and you need to shake this amount for a week.
  • The next week, medical petroleum can be consumed first a few drops a day and then reduce the amount.
  • Ten days later, only one teaspoon per day is taken, after which the therapy is interrupted.

Note: Therapy and exact dosage can only be determined by your doctor.

Can medical petroleum cure cancer or not

In our country, the long-standing medical profession and the supporters of alternative treatments dispute this issue. The first think that it is poison, while alternatives claim that medical petroleum as a cancer medicine is very successful.

Statistical or individual cases of medical or other therapy may not be a common denominator for this. Diseases like cancer are totally unpredictable and require thorough analysis, in order to arrive at a valid conclusion.

Many modern experts confirm through a large number of scientific papers, patents, theses that the cancer cannot be killed. The same thing is confirmed by experience - folk medicine.

Let's say, as soon as the first symptoms of lung cancer (or some other serious illness) occur, the possibility of healing is considerably lower. Therefore, it is recommended to strengthen the immune system and changing lifestyle in time.

Attention is drawn to the importance of proper breathing, intake of healthy foods, physical activity. Greater cure for healing is bringing the organism into a full harmony, which refers to the health of the cardiovascular, hormonal and lymphatic system. Only this comprehensive approach can disarm cancer.

What else is cure dependent on?

Treatment of cancer by petroleum and other agents depends primarily on the very immune status of the organism. People who are fast detoxicators and have a balanced respiratory and digestive system will recover faster. This implies a well-balanced barium system (liver, gallbladder and colon) with a glandular system (thyroid and both adrenal glands).

For such people, medical cancer of the petroleum will achieve a better result than in those who have mentioned the systems in imbalance. Also, a high level of natural progesterone produces greater probability of recovery.

It has been found that this derivative has a positive effect on the treatment of candida. It is also one of the prerequisites for some serious diseases.

What are the cure rates of cancer?

Unfortunately, the statistics of the deaths tell us that we must take a wider approach to modern autoimmune diseases. People take it easy for almost certain recommendations and expect recovery overnight.

Medical petroleum as a cancer medicine makes sense only when all the other parameters are met. Otherwise, the likelihood of healing in today's "modern" conditions is low.

Why is that so? First of all, because in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals there are too many additives. Therefore, this powerful derivative will not be of great help.

Also, the older generations were significantly less burdened with these additives, they lived better and the food was much healthier. At the moment, thousands of harmful additives are in circulation.

Solution for cracked and damaged hair

Many people think of this as shocking but this derivative has that positive effect. It is understood - if properly used.

So, medical petroleum for hair works by:
  • A very small quantity is applied to the ends of the hairs that have been cracked. After a few minutes, the scalp should be rinsed well.

This is also a much cheaper option than expensive preparations and regenerators, but requires caution when using.

Although it's good and effective for hair, it's not a favorite among hairdressers!
  • I have had various cases to date, even my mother was putting petroleum from a lamp to a child’s head to the hair lice. The result was a catastrophic, red, irritated skin of the head.

Another example:
  • An usual customer who comes for a hair dye came with a completely greasy scalp. First it was rubbed with petroleum, and later applied to the hydrogen peroxide, shoking. We barely saved her hair. V. G. Hairdresser from Belgrade

Mask for hair with petroleum

If your hair heavily falls out, prepare the next mask, otherwise it is completely safe.

You need:
  • Full spoon of olive oil,
  • spoon of lemon juice,
  • one yolk,
  • spoon of ricinus oil,
  • half a spoon of medical petroleum.

How to apply the mask?

Mix all the ingredients. Apply the mixture to the scalp for an hour before washing. Then rinse thoroughly. This mask will greatly regenerate the damaged hair, and will also stimulate the growth of new healthy hairs. In addition to petroleum, olive and castor oil are great as well as some other ingredients.
  • Our grandmothers have used this product for quick hair growth.

Treatment with petroleum; user experience

Medicinal petroleum is especially effective when extracts of green walnuts and other plants are added to it. Thus prepared is great for colds and viral infections. All you need is to shake it in your mouth. Prof. dr. S. Stoijković tired it many times and confirmed it.
  • When I feel a cold or possible nausea, I swallow it in the morning for about ten minutes in my mouth. In it I extract the young green walnuts, yarrow and other medicinal plants. After using it I wash my mouth with dental oil and then I wash my teeth with a clay based paste. This is my daily routine and I'm completely accustomed to it.

I also recommend my patients to use petroleum in this way.
  • If they feel sick, I advise them to drink medical activated carbon in powder. This will reduce the amount of kerosene that can get into the blood.

Experiences are positive, but ...

Shaking it in the mouth helps, because a large part of the blood flows through the oral cavity. So a part of the petroleum goes to the blood and is transported to all organs. It is very important for it to reach the lymph. Namely, the lymphatic system is the basic problem of a modern man, as it causes cancer.

It is important, in addition to its use, to operate a more extensive system of purification of the body and energy. Only then will the toxins be completely thrown out of our body.

Be careful what and where you are buying?

Unfortunately, there are so many counterfeits and untreated preparations that it is too much responsibility to recommend any of the above. Such products are often very harmful, cause side effects, they are even toxic to the body.

Always be alert, and even if you find it in the pharmacies, read declarations. Until recently, people went to Hungary, Germany, and especially praised the Albanian petroleum from Kruj. But take caution!!!

The price of purified derivatives in Germany goes up to non-returning 1500 euros per liter. German recipes of Dr. P. Ganer were particularly sought after. In some EU countries, these therapies have been approved. Legally used in Poland, Switzerland, Hungary, France where you can find it in tablet form.

The Russians still have their recipe, where they combine clean petroleum with the fruits of young black walnuts. It has a milder taste and smell and is easier to consume.

Once again, do not buy anything without prior consultation and recommendations from your doctor.

Lavender oil use for face and hair

The lavender oil calms the nerves and removes tension

Lavender oil is the most widely and one of the most frequently used essential oils today. It is best known for its calming effect, but it also has various other applications, such as cleaning cuts. It is effective in skin irritation, irreplaceable for treating bruises.

Lavender has a beneficial effect on your skin and hair. It serves even as a disinfectant, promotes better circulation, and also affects respiratory problems. It is appreciated in phytotherapy and has a very pleasant smell.

Lavender oil has a smell that calms, relaxes and leads to a physical and emotional balance. This natural preparation is obtained mainly from the flower of the plant through the steam distillation process.
Traditionally, essential oil from lavender has been used for centuries. It has also been used in making perfumes. It is very important in aromatherapy and many aromatic preparations and combinations have been made with it. Learn more below.

Lavender oil use and application for medicinal purposes

Essential oil of lavender is a mild antiseptic, analgesic and sedative. It is also one of the few essential oils that can be lubricated directly on the skin. Note: it is not recommended, however, when it comes to children under the age of five.

We will mention a few examples of the practical application of this wonderful and fragrant natural remedy.

Lavender oil calms the nerves and eliminates tension
  • Rub 2-3 drops of lavender oil on the palms and then breathe in the scent.

This will affect the glands in the brain (amygdala) that are responsible for your emotional state, and calm your mind. Then, you can rub the lavender oil to calm your tired feet, temples, joints (anywhere on the body) for the instant relaxation of the organism. This natural remedy is great for places like airplanes or metro. It allows you to build your own personal soothing oasis, which will not hinder the environment.

You can also prepare a soothing lavender bath. It will also help you to fight your muscles and relieve stress that has become our everyday life in modern society.
  • Pour 6-8 drops of lavender essential oil in the bath, also add milk or bitter salt. 

Essential lavender oil in this prepared bath will relax you, remove pain and also nourish your skin.

Lavender oil for face and hair

Lavender oil for the treatment of respiratory problems

Lavender oil has a wide use in the management of respiratory problems, including flu, cough, bronchitis, asthma, colds, laryngitis, ulcer inflammation, sinus congestion. It can be used in the form of steam, or direct application to the skin in the area of ​​the neck, chest and back. It is used in various evaporators and inhalers that are normally used in such problems.

Using lavender oil facilitates easier removal of the slime, releases respiratory pathways, and accelerates recovery. With it, the body is allowed to naturally eliminate the phlegm and other unwanted materials.

The steam of lavender oil also has antibacterial properties and thus helps in the treatment of respiratory tract infection.
  • Fill the bowl with water and add six to eight drops of essential oil to the lavender. Place the lighted candle in the space provided below the container.

This is one of the best ways to use essential oil from lavender. Apply in the bedroom and living room, and it is especially good to use this way when you suffer from a cold or you feel bad. Keep the container away from the open windows. To get the desired results faster, use hot water.

How to use lavender oil against acne

According to research by dermatologist and aroma therapists, essential oil from lavender is one of the most important products for the treatment of acne. They occur mainly in puberty, but may also be a problem in later life, although much less often. It is a very embarrassing condition, which is characterized by red wounds on the face, and is caused by a bacterial infection in the sebaceous glands.

When the sebum is not excreted properly from the sebaceous glands on the face, then acne occurs. In the puberty, increased sebum production occurs, and therefore this age group is endangered. It can lead to scarring on the skin, if you do not treat them properly. Ethereal lavender oil prevents bacteria that cause an initial infection, helping to regulate sebum secretion. It can prevent the development of scars if you treat acne that already occurred.

If you add it to other creams you use for your skin, you can prevent the formation of new acne, and accelerate the process of skin recovery. Lavender palm oil can be your natural way to fight this persistent skin disorder.

An extraordinary remedy against insomnia

In addition to this application, lavender essential oil is used as a natural remedy against insomnia. Lavender causes sleepiness, and using this preparation comes to regulating regular sleep.
  • It is used by placing a few drops of scented oil on the pillow.

It has a very soothing effect, so it can help you fall asleep more easily. It also helps you sleep better and have undisturbed sleep.

Lavender as a painkiller

Essential lavender oil is known as an excellent remedy for various types of pain. It works on muscle inflammation, rheumatic pain, sprains, unpleasant back pain, and others. Regular massage can also help relieve pain in the joints.

New studies show that by adding lavender to oxygen in the postoperative process, patients experience far less severe pain. Unlike them, patients who received pure oxygen felt pain more.

Massage is a very good way to relieve pain and relax the whole body and mind. Lavender oil is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Always dilute with water, and you also need high-quality vegetable oils.
  • Take five drops of lavender and ten milliliters of another vegetable oil. If you massage a baby or an older person, use considerably smaller amounts, you need a drop or two.

You can use lavender liners to relieve pain.
  • Add 6-8 drops of lavender oil to the hot water bowl and mix. Dip the cloth lint and place it in a painful place. It is good for muscle inflammation, or spasm.

Resolve persistent headaches

Millions of people suffer from headaches and migraines and are working hard to find a cure for a problem that has a terrible impact on the quality of their lives. According to new medical research, ethereal lavender oil can be just the solution they are looking for.

According to the study, people who are struggling with migraine came to a significant reduction in the intensity of pain when they breathe vapors of this beneficial oil. Use only fifteen minutes in the day.

Probably the most effective natural treatment for headaches is when we mix mint and lavender oil.
  • Then the resulting mixture is rubbed on the back of the neck and the temples, and it is inhaled. It is usually enough to put 2 drops of the mixture on the palm, which is then rubbed into the necessary place.

Lavender oil use for hair

Essential lavender oil has also been found in hair care, as it has been proven to be very effective against hair lice. It is also used against hair loss, in the treatment of baldness in both sexes, autoimmune diseases in which the body discards its hair follicles.

Studies have shown that more than 40 percent of people who treated baldness with regular lavender oil by rubbing it into the scalp resulted in its re-growth. This is a great solution for everyone who has this problem. Therefore, ethereal oil of lavender is also recommended as a preventive measure for male baldness.

Use for burns on the skin

In case you burn yourself in the kitchen or your skin was exposed to the sun more than you need, use this natural preparation. First cool the burns with liquid water, then place a few drops of beneficial lavender oil on them. In case of severe burns, do not wait long, but be sure to contact your doctor immediately.

Lavender oil against mosquitoes 

The specific scent that the lavender essential oil has is a powerful agent against various types of bugs. In the first place they are unpleasant mosquitoes, moths and the like.
  • Apply a little lavender oil to the skin when moving away from home to prevent irritating insect stings. If the mosquito bites you, it will help you to reduce itching and pain caused by biting. It has an extraordinary effect.

lavender oil

How to make essential oil of lavender at home

  1. Cut lavender or buy dried flowers of this plant. Cut stems together with flowers about 15cm or longer. Leaves and young stems can be used to make the oil, but the old woody stem should be avoided. You can use already bloomed scented flowers or buds.
  2. If you use a fresh plant, first wrap it in a cloth and allow it to dry well in the shade. You will get a better flavor and you will avoid it crumbling or breaking. Brush the twigs upside down in a dry, warm place. Exposure of lavender to sun will accelerate the process of drying but also lead to loss of aroma. The drying process will take about two weeks.
  3. Crush the plant with your hands, or any clean object. If you use buds, open them with a knife or hands. Make sure the bowl (jar) is completely clean and dry.
  4. Pour high-quality vegetable oil over lavender. It must cover the whole plant, but leave about 2cm to the top of the jar to spread it smoothly. You can use almond or olive oil as well. Make sure that its smell does not exceed the smell of lavender.
  5. Cover the jar and leave everything standing in a sunny place. You will need about 48 hours to get a noticeable smell, leave it for three to six weeks. If you do not have enough sun or time then go to the next step.
  6. Heat the oil on steam, but you must strictly take care of the temperature. It must be 39-49 degrees Celsius.
  7. Put the gauze on the bowl and pour the oil and the plant mixture over it. You can use the remnants of the plant in the garden as a fertilizer.
  8. If you want to get a preparation with a somewhat stronger intensity, you can repeat the process. Put in it a new plant and repeat the exposure to the sun / heat. You can repeat the process up to eight times. 
  9. To increase the shelf life, add a few drops of vitamin E.
  10. Pour oil into a dark jar or bottle and keep it in a cool and dark place. In this way it can last for months.

Where to buy oil from lavender and what is its price

Today you can easily find lavender oil in herbal pharmacies. Its price ranges from 4 to 5 euros, and that is for a 10 milliliter bottle. It is also possible to order it online, making shopping even simpler. It is assumed that you first inquire about the product and the manufacturer. It is important to get all the necessary information in order to know the extent to which it is dosed and the like.

Personally I adore the lavender smell, I feel its soothing effect. I always have a couple of bottles in the house, and it's also in pots. I recommend it to everyone because we need something natural that will mitigate the harmful effect of this crazy rhythm of everyday life.

It is definitely friendly to the skin, apply it freely to the place of insect bites, pimples, smaller cuts. Use for wounds and burns, but only after the burned spot is cooled down with running water. A few drops of lavender oil in a body lotion after sunbathing will especially refresh you.

Let us know how much you like lavender oil. Do you make it yourself or buy it as a finished product!

Plum jam recipes without sugar and preservatives

Homemade sugar-free plum jam

Autumn comes and every real housewife started preparing food for winter. We all want to surpass our mothers, grandmothers and mother-in-laws in preparing salads, aivar and jams.

When it comes to winter food, young housewives find various excuses. Someone relies on calculating, they say that it does not pay off. Others are again saying there is a shortage of time, it's a exhausting job. But is there anything better than that pleasure when you eat the jar of the jam that you made yourself. It's a pride!

As for salty winter food it's easy to get calories, but what about sweet food? If you do not know how to prepare homemade sugar-free plum berries, read the following lines. We prepared for you this time delicious recipes, and even those a little sweeter.
Imagine breakfast ... the smell of homemade bread and jar of plum and jam mmm. And only in combination with pancakes. There are a lot of recipes but all of them are very tasty. Read what are those old-style recipes for a sweet winter that have won our hearts.

Plum is a tree from a family of roses

It originates from Asia. Today, about 25,000 species of this popular fruit tree are grown.

It has a low energy value

100 grams has only 46 calories and is recommended in every diet.

When it comes to the composition of plums, they has something to offer. They contain precious beta carotene (provitamin A), vitamin C, B1, folic acid, sodium, copper, magnesium.

It contains even iron and is also recommended as an anemia medicine. They also contain phytonutrients zeaxanthin, lutein and neohlorogen and chlorogenic acid.

Plum has wide usage 

Apart from domestic plum jam and marmalade, it is mostly used as a raw material for making plum brandy.

Popular are dried fruits, or dried plums, which are an excellent remedy for constipation. They contain even more dietary fiber and mineral substances that are more digestible than fresh fruits. They are also used for cakes, or as filling in dumplings.

Plum jam recipes

What plums are used for the best jam? 

Choose always the best quality, fresh and ripe fruit. Separate the best fruits for compote and sweets. As far as making jam and conservation generally the best one is madzarka.

Not all fruits have the same properties, for example other species are used for preserving, compotes and sweets. They have a crust that does not separate from the flesh of the fruit.

Cherry plum is a species that is very fertile. It is round, and it can be yellow or reddish. It is most commonly used for roasting of plum brandy.

The plum of the Marjoram is perfectly compatible with the aroma of rum
  • In the winter you will be warming yourself warm if you prepare these plums in rum. If you want to make a larger amount of this fragrant dessert, get 6 kilograms of marjoram. Brew them on the heat until all the juice is caught. Add a kilo of sugar, stirring and ensuring that the meat does not burn. Leave everything to cool and add 6 deciliters of good quality rum. Pour into containers, close and save as a snack for cooler days.

Medicinal properties of plums and health benefits

Fresh fruits contain most vitamins, but healthy plum jam is also medicinal if you do not add too much sugar and additives. This fruit contains soluble bubbles that lower bad cholesterol. Plum also strengthens the heart and immunity and removes harmful substances from the body.

They contain polyphenols that are good for bone health. Studies have found that after taking 100 grams of dried plums within three months, blood markers are increased that show bone density.

Encourages the work of the liver. Try the following recipe for a healthy liver: Cut a few plums and dip into the water, and throw away the pits. In the morning, spill this water, get a new one and cook for 3 hours, changing the water every hour. Eat these cooked plums before meals.

If you are troubled by slowed metabolism, incontinence and lining of the intestines, put dry plums into your diet. They contain concentrated sorbitol and fibers and have a very powerful laxative effect.

Beneficial to the nervous system, and copper and zinc from this fruit are antidepressants. They act on the level of blood sugar by reducing it. And they help women after menopause to maintain estrogen needed for calcium absorption.
  • Did you know that these purplish fruits contain a line of vitamin B17 used as a supplement in the treatment of cancer? These products will be found in every well-stocked health food stores.

How to make a plum jam without adding sugar

Homemade sugar-free plum jam is made by cooking the fruits. By cooking, it evaporates water from fruit, and at the same time increases the concentration of natural sugar in the fruit.

The jam must be well cooked so the pieces not start to fall off. It should not be liquid, but rather denser in consistency.

For this sugar-free plum jam and preservatives you need 5 kilograms of fruits.
  1. Choose sweet and ripe fruits, wash them and remove pits from them.
  2. Cook on moderate fire. Mix carefully and make sure it does not burn.
  3. Cooking should be as long as the jam does not become thick and dark. It should be so thick that the mixing spoon stands upright in it.
  4. When the mixture cools, put it into the jars that you previously put on the cellophane you sterilized with alcohol. Then, tighten the jars tightly.

Extra advice: When it comes to sterilization and pasteurization, respect the rules. Make sure that the jars prior to filling are sterilized at 100 degrees. When filling them through the opening, place the cellophane you have previously sterilized with alcohol and turn them upside down. Allow them to gradually cool down and then restore them to normal. Store in a cool place, sheltered from direct sunlight.

Plum jam without sugar from the oven

For this recipe for plum jam in the oven you need 3 kg of sweetened fruits and a little bit of fat.
  1. Oil a larger baking pot (you can also use a baking dish) and sort the washed and cleaned halves of the plum. Let a third of the pot to the top remain empty. If the plums are not sweet enough sprinkle through them a little honey.
  2. Bake in preheated oven for about half an hour at 220 degrees, stirring occasionally.
  3. Pour the ready-made jam into the preheated jars and seal it thoroughly.

Instead of hot plum, try plums in wine

For it you need:
  • 5 kilograms of ripe plums,
  • 1, 5 dcl of white wine
  • a kilo of sugar.

Preparation of the recipe:

Fruits should be washed well and pierced in several places with a needle. Arrange them in a larger jar. Then cover them with sugar and pour sugar over them. Leave to rest for a few hours. Spill the liquid from the jar into the pot boil and then return to the jar. Do the procedure for at least three days. Plums have to swim in the liquid, so if necessary add more of wine. When it is ready close the jars.

The best is home-made winter food

Sugarless plum jam is not the only recipe that we will share with you. From these delicious fruits you can make marmalades, jams, compotes and more, we bring you the best recipes from the sweet world of the winter.

You must be wondering how to make plum jam at home, how are marmalade or sweets healthy? These are all questions to which every woman should know the answers. Earlier this tradition was given more attention. Somehow, by the way, all this has been lost. It is a real rarity to meet a younger woman who holds this traditional knowledge in a small finger.

What is the difference between jam and marmalade?

Jam is less common than marmalade. It is made of boned fruit, more or less grated or even whole ones, with the addition of sugar. A kilo of sugar is added to kilogram of fruit. Cooking is a bit shorter than jam, about twenty minutes or half an hour. For home-made jam, the fruit is a little bit better and cooked longer, sometimes it is smoked for 24 hours. For marmalade, the fruit is salted or spiced and then cooked. It is pretty thick.

Domestic Jam vs. a new generation of jams and marmalade 

There are fewer women who make the food for winter. Times have changed, the pace of life is accelerated, and everyone is hurrying and jure. That's why the old recipes are forgotten. Before you take out your mom and grandmother's secrets of notebooks and cooks, take a look at the part of the sweet winter food we prepared for you.

Traditional homemade recipe according to our grandmother's recipe is just one of a number of delicious sweets.

Modern housewives adore a gelfix

This gel and jam preserving agent, jam and jam helps you save time and money. It sounds tempting, does it not?

And what is the gelfix in fact?

This product is a mixture of various ingredients, among others, citric and sorbic acid, pectin and dextrose. With him your perfect plum jam is finished in only ten minutes. All of these ingredients have their own purpose, one thickens the mixture, one keeps it from deterioration.
  • For example. Sorbic acid from gelfix prevents jam from going bad, affecting yeast and mold. And the hydrogenated fat is there so that the jam would not produce bubbles while cooking.

Dr. Oetker offers an instant solution

Gelfix 2: 1 for plums is a means to help you if you do not have time to make a real home-made jam. This instant solution is ideal for the fast paced lifestyle of modern housewives.

The method of preparing jam is very simple.
  • It is only necessary to chop the fruits, mix the gelfix and, in three minutes, the spread is prepared.

This gelfix does not contain either additives or artificial colors, but only a pectin that makes the mixture quicker. You can also use it for apple spreads.

Purple plum berries for the most delicious jams

Make plum jam with chocolate and rum

For this recipe you will need:
  • 5 kilograms of ripe plums,
  • kg of sugar
  • 100 grams of chocolate.
  • If desired, you can add rum and vanilla sugar.

It's easiest to prepare it in the oven:

Heat the oven to 200 degrees. Cut the fruits and put in a deeper baking pot, bake for half an hour and lower the temperature to 150 degrees. After plums have crumbled for an hour, add sugar and stir well. Bake for another hour. Add the grated chocolate at the very end. When it melts, the job is over.

Plum jam with cinnamon is made in the following way:
  • Wash and clean 3 kg of plums and mix with 600 gr of sugar. Add the crust of a lemon, a little gingerbread, a powdered cinnamon powder, and a gelfix.

Mix ingredients and soak in deeper pot. Let it bake for about an hour and a half at 175 degrees. Mix occasionally. From this mass you will get full six jars (of 250ml each) of spread.

The digestion plums made in this way is a real blessing. They will provide you with a regular movement of bowels.

Plum jam recipes

Jams for real gourmets

Plum jam with rum

You need:
  • 2 kg of plums
  • 800гр. sugar
  • one lemon.

Preparing the jam:

Wash, peel and dry plums and cut them in half and sprinkle with lemon juice and add some rum to taste. You can also grate lemon bark. Pour them in water and cook for about ten minutes, and add sugar. Cook constantly stirring. When it is finished, remove the foam and pour it into the jars while it's still warm.

If you have white plums in your garden, make white plum jam according to the same recipe. The same applies to yellow plums.

Plum jam and apple jelly is very healthy and tasty

What you need for this recipe is:
  • A kilogram of plum and half a kilo of apple,
  • a kilo of sugar and spices.

How to prepare it:

Beat the plum, and slice the apples and clean them from the seed. Cut all your fruit thinly and sprinkle with sugar and spices (a little vanilla, coriander and cinnamon). Mix and let it stand for half an hour in order to release their juices. Bake to the desired density and pour into the jars.
  • Extra advice: if your jam is not dense enough add a little lemon to it. Then bake it again briefly and it will get thicker.

Plum jam with grapefruit is prepared very easily 

You need:
  • 3 cleaned grapefruits, which will be mixed with 750 grams of cleaned plums and a kilo of sugar.

Preparation procedure:

Mix everything and let it cook while vigorously stirring mixture. After five minutes, slice 2 cups of plums and continue to mix to the right density. When it's over, put the mixture in the jars and immediately close it.

The plums are also excellent with other fruits

Apart from homemade plum jam, a quite popular is jam with mixed fruit that is made with ripe fruits. Autumn is the time for a pumpkin, so you can add it in your healthy menu.
  • You need 250 grams of each fruit - pumpkin, plum, Armenian plum


Put the washed and cleaned fruit in a deep pot and sprinkle with a kilogram of sugar and leave it to stand for a few hours. Then boil until it is sprinkled and then quickly stir until you thicken it. Pour into the jars.

How to make a homemade plum compote

For this recipe you need the following ingredients:
  • 3kg of plums,
  • 2 deciliters of vinegar,
  • 8 dl of quality red wine
  • half a kilo of sugar.
  • For the better taste, add spices - ginger, cinnamon, cloves and anise.

Method of preparation:

Cleaned plums cut in halves and put them in jars. Add 2 dl of vinegar and cook a cinnamon sticks in it, peeled and chopped ginger, 4 anise and 4 cloves. Cook the spices in a vinegar wrapped in a gauze, so that the liquid remains clear. Cook for a few minutes.

Remove the gauze from the liquid and add the wine, then cover the plums. Close the jar well and sort everything into a larger pot. Pour water into the pot and cook for about half an hour. Leave in a cool place to cool off.

Did you taste sweet plums with nuts?

In addition to plum jam in the oven, we would also recommend other recipes with this fruit. Among them is certainly a well-known sweet.

For it you need:
  • kilogram of plum,
  • 1kg of sugar and half of the core nut,
  • lime water,
  • vanilla sticks and lemon juice.

How to prepare this recipe:

Peel plums and leave them to stand in lime water for at least an hour. After removing them, rinse them in a couple of waters. Remove the pits, dry and fill with nuts. Pour the sugar into the pot add water and let it boil and melt. Add plums and cook gently.

It's over when the mixture is sufficiently thick, or when it does not leak, but just drops. In the end, add a little lemon juice and a vanilla stick. Remove it from the heat, cover with a self-adhesive foil so that the top skin would not form on the jam. Leave it to cool, it should be at least 24 hours. After that, pour into the jars and tighten the lid firmly.

Extra advice: Nuts can be replaced with almonds.

Plum jelly recipe

  • 7.5 dl of plum juice,
  • 400 grams of sugar
  • 25 grams of gelfix

The method of preparation is simple:

Mix all three ingredients and, if desired, a bit of cinnamon, heat it all lightly. When cooked, cook for about two minutes, while still hot, pour into containers and close.

The most delicious cake with plum jam

We eat it with bread, pancakes, donuts, and we put it in cakes!

When it comes to homemade sugar-free plum and with it the possibilities of using it are really different. Someone cannot imagine pancakes without him, some donuts, and others like to merely spread it on bread.

Sweet buns are really unthinkable without this spread, and you can use it in many more creative ways. Try to place it on the back of the cake before chocolate glaze, it will fit better. Use for this jam from plucked plums.

Baked peeled plums for cakes
  • Ripe plums, peel and melt in the grinding machine. Put in the pan and sprinkle with sugar in the ratio of 2: 1, then a kilogram of fruit then goes with a half a kilogram of sugar. Cook until it becomes thick enough and pour into the jars.

Make homemade cake with plum jam. It fits perfectly with ginger tea. Preparation is light, and the cake is soft and juicy.

  • 250 grams of soft flour,
  • 120 grams of margarine (you can also use butter),
  • half a bag of powder for biscuits,
  • 4 tablespoons of honey,
  • 3 eggs
  • 6 tablespoons of jam.

Method of preparation:

First mix all the dry ingredients, then wet, except jam. Then combine them and mix well with a mixer. Cover the cake mold with oil and pour the mixture out. Pour over the jam, pulling it in a spoon, in pieces. Align it evenly over the cake. Bake for about half an hour at 175 degrees. When the cake is ready, sprinkle it with powdered sugar.

The price of the plum jam in stores 

There are a lot of produces of this natural product. Prices for plum jam quite vary.

For example Maxi offers plenty of plum products in its assortment. For example for Pioneer Plum jam with cinnamon 360g you will spend about 2 dollars. A slightly cheaper product is from Takovo (700 gr for1.5$). Grandmothers Secret Plum is something more expensive since for 700 grams you will pay about 5 dollars.

And for the end a little precautionary measure – are diabetics allowed to consume it?

Of course but moderately. It is only necessary to replace the sugar with some of the natural sweeteners, for example Stevia. Plum jam for diabetics is just as regular, therefore, without sugar or with some healthier variant. There are also purchased variants that are labeled to be a diabetic product.

In our case, however, these purchasing variants cannot replace the domestic ones. But if you do not have time to make yourself a sweet winter food or you spent your favorite ones, the one bought in shops comes in handy. Buy a jar so that the desire passes you, and when the plums mature again, prepare for making homemade one. If you liked this article, read the article - how to use dry plums against constipation.